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    • I like this Victims in Spike traps add-on but I have to be honest when I first scrolled past them, I asked myself "why are there dead people on chocolate chip cookies?"   
    • I would like to see Mephisto (02729) and Nephal (03086) in bones.   I like the male human-like demons/devils, but there aren't many of them and I would like to see more of them in bones.
    • That just sounds like a terrible DM rather than a Monty Haul. Though to be fair not every item has to have a use. We just got really lucky that our DM rolled these items. He was rolling them on the fly, and as they came up he was actually groaning. When the Belt of Cloud Giant's Strength came up at the very end he actually said "I just elfed myself with this one." And spent a minute debating rerolling it before he said "Screw it, I gave everyone else exactly what was rolled so I might as well do it here too." And so we've now got a Goliath Fighter5 /Barbarian 1 with a strength of 27, a Goliath Barbarian 6 with a cloak that turns into 6 angelic wings for an hour at least twice per day, and a Dwarf Wizard 6 that has a cloak of protection.   In general Monty Hauls can be extremely fun, though they do get boring after a while as players can, and probably will, get super overpowered to the point that they're killing things that are way above their level without breaking a sweat. When nothing is a challenge except designing a challenging encounter, then the game isn't fun for anybody anymore.   Since we're doing a DM rotation and carrying the same characters around, I'm currently wondering how to plan around these various items that we just got for my next stint in the chair. The Wings of Flying take a lot of danger out of multiple of White Plume Mountain's traps, because they rely on players being very limited in their movement types. And the Belt of Cloud Giant's Strength has the potential to muck up a lot of things from here on out, as it's the type of item that you'll probably never have a character get rid of unless they come across a Belt of Storm Giant's Strength instead. But I'll figure things out. After all, I can't be angry at the players for using things the way they're meant to be used.
    • Lot of good stuff in there. Real impressive.