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  1. Reaper Discussion

    1. FAQs 'n Stuff

      Gosh, we have a lot of pinned topics having to do with FAQs. Most of them are in here. Many questions have been answered already. Why don't you take a peek in here first?

    2. News

      What's happening. Company information, industry information, things that are important.

    3. Reaper General

      Discussion area for all things Reaper. Do you have an idea for a new figure you'd like to see? Have a general company policy question? Do you want to gush about how cool you think we are? This is the forum for you.

    4. Chronoscope

      A forum for Reaper's new cross-genre everything-but-the-kitchen-sink miniatures, where by "kitchen sink" we mean "fantasy."

    5. Bones Miniatures & Legendary Encounters

      Questions and discussion about the various Bones ranges or Legendary Encounters line can frolic happily here.

    6. ReaperCon

      Find roomies, find rides, ask questions, get answers. That sort of thing.

  2. Craft Corner

    1. Show Off

      Do you have a piece that you painted that you'd like the world to see? Stroke your egos: Post your pictures in here.

    2. Painting Tips & Advice

      Have a tip to share?  Need advice?  Jump in here.

    3. Works In Progress

      We love watching you work. If you have a piece that's incomplete that you simply need advice on, or if you want to take us on a step by step journey through your process for your new dragon, all WIPs are welcome here.

    4. Speed / Army / Tabletop Techniques

      We could have called it "Sparmytop" painting, but we're not sure that would have scanned right. DIscussion, questions, and help for your tabletop quality jobs in here.

    5. Shutterbug

      Don't know a macro from macaroni? Do you regularly forget to take the lens cap off? In general, do you have photography questions? How about some tips and advice? This is the place for such things.

    6. Conversions, Presentation, and Terrain

      Talk about your latest projects, ask questions, discuss articles, and generally share in the subtle art of conversion and presentation.

    7. Sculpting

      We know you've been playing with the green stuff. It's practically flying from the shelves. So share your work, share tips, and get advice here.

    8. Mini Exchanges and Paint Contests

      We like 'em, they're fun, so here's the spot for them. Organize and communicate here.

  3. Reaper Games

    1. CAV

      A discussion forum for the CAV Miniatures and Gaming community.

    2. Warlord

      Discussion area for the release rules, faction strategies, the region of Taltos, and the miniatures themselves

  4. General Discussion

    1. General Fantasy

      The place to go for rants, raves, and otherwise general discussion regarding the Fantasy universe, especially as it relates to miniatures.

    2. General Sci-Fi

      A general discussion forum for things related to Sci-Fi miniatures and gaming.

    3. General Modern / Historical

      Discussion about Modern and Historical miniatures and their games.

    4. Kickstarter

      A place for discussion of all things Kickstarter. Review the Guidelines before Posting

    5. Off-Topic Rampancy

      How about a place to file all of your off-topic posts? What should go in here? (Tasteful) jokes, back-slapping, general randomness, stuff like that.

  5. The Sandbox

    1. The Gathering

      Use this space to organize your games.  GMs: Define your scenario and rules when gathering a game.  Interested players:  Post your character and their stats in reply.  When you're ready to play, come see Bryan.

    2. The Playing

      Once your game is gathered, GMs check in with Bryan to gain access to start their games in this forum.

    3. Fiction, Poetry, and Other Abuses

      A place to post writing, essays, poetry, collaborative writing projects, and other such things that you don't have an outlet for anywhere else. Standard disclaimers apply, be sure to read the rules.

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    • I'm still enough of a newbie that it's all new to me. ;) My main need is to just paint more honestly as finding time is the biggest challenge. That said, I do want to try osl at some point. Won't be this weekend though as none of my current projects have a need for it. Soon though!
    • That's because the first one was really meant to show off the features of the engine and serve as a base for fan-made campaigns. Which it did a good job of, but it lacked things like the ability to quicksave mid-mission. And that resulted in a lot of frustration when you had gone through the majority of a mission only to have a couple mishaps result in you having to replay the entire thing. Thankfully, that was remedied in the Director's Cut and Dragonfall. Dragonfall also added in side missions to an official campaign, which was something that the first one lacked. It still made for a good game though.   Work was crap tonight. I had some guy go off on me because I had the gall to ask him if he needed help after he doubled back and began walking in my direction just as I parked and got out of my car. He got about 3 inches from my face and was screaming at me, so I was getting sprayed with his spit the whole time, and he started jabbing me in the chest with his finger repeatedly. He's lucky I have a very good handle on my anger or else I probably would have played a game of "squash" with his head on the side of the car. By procedure, I would have been wholly justified in using pepper spray on him the minute he started jabbing his finger into my chest, especially given the preceding hostility he showed by getting in my face the way he did.   But I still don't carry spray, because the police department still hasn't "certified" me. Which is just them spraying me then making me "fight" 4 officers and adequately point a can of spray of my own at a particular person. And the whole thing is recorded. And everyone there laughs at you because they all know how much out spray hurts. It's so bad that going through an area where it was sprayed half an hour later can still leave you coughing and tearing up. It's been known to get sucked into ventilation systems and clear whole bars when it's sprayed within 50 feet upwind. The bars really hate when street fights break out nearby and the cops get called, because if the fight doesn't break up when the cops start yelling, the spray comes out and the bar's night is pretty much over.   That guy got arrested, though. A couple officers heard his yelling from a block away and came to check it out, and he went off on them, too. It was apparently the second or third time they had dealt with him in 10 minutes, so he was out of chances to go home and stop being a drunken broccoli downtown. And it turned out he had active warrants both through our department and through another county in our state. Ours was just a failure to appear, but I don't know what the other one was.
    • I'd like to learn non-metallic metals, you can get some really nice effects with it, but I've tried learning it before I don't have the patience.
    • Expect the first few hours to be a bit...surreal. I had no idea what I had been missing until suddenly I could see the individual leaves on the trees in the parking lot outside. I couldn't stop boggling at them. It was like someone had suddenly flipped the HD switch on my world, lol.   Huzzah!  --OneBoot :D 
    • I'm down to just Legends of Tomorrow out of the CW superhero shows, going to make next years crossover interesting and possibly a little confusing.