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    • List updated 4-27-2017  New additions in bold   Ok guess I will have to do my list over as I cant find it on my computer.  Since Bones 4 is coming soon.  I want to give time for Reaper to plan ahead to meet my demands. 
      1. Tieflings male and female (People who say Dragonman and hellborn...just shush) 2. Dragonborn male and female (to man a note.  Reptus minis don't count Looking for guys along the lines of this Dragonman and NOT this Dragonman who looks like a chicken...
      3. Lizardfolk - That are armored and not savage caveman types. 4. Various townfolk - One can use some noble hostages or an old crone 5. Hill Giants - male and female I'm hopeing for a size increase and a redesign.  I like the pot belly giants.  6. Storm Giants - Male and female Don't think these were done I like D&D's take on them with a roman style armor to them.  7. Golems/clockworks - Any shape any size really.  8. Colossal Iron golem - I'm thinking something perhaps the size of Kahnjira.  Perhaps a bit smaller 9. Giant Ants - I really need someone to do these.  Larva, Workers, Soldiers, King and Queen.  medium, Medium, Large, Huge... 10. Wasps - Same as ants 11. Half-orcs  - male and female
      12. Akuma  - Street fighter...(yes I know wizkids has one but I want one to paint) 13.  Zerglings, hydralisk, Zealots  Just because 14.  More wizards that are not old men.  15. Undead everything Zombie/Skeleton versions....Animals, Giants, Orcs, Goblins, Yuan-Ti  (small, medium, large and huge size) 16. Huge sized giant crab 17. Dire animals, Lions, Tigers and bears oh yea!  18. Huge sized Elementals!  (air elemental could double as tornado terrain....) 19. Elven and Dwarven Army troops from warlord. Examples: Vale Warriors, Elven Royal guard, Shield Maidens, Dwarf Swiftaxes, Dwarf piercers.  Using those sculpts or all new ones is up to you. 
      20. Arabian Nights-inspired heroes and villains 21. More Asian (especially Chinese) swordsmen and -women, sorcerers, assassins, and any heroes and villains one might see in a Kung Fu movie 22. Wyvern 23. Ba ha not (not Bahamut)  really big 1 headed dragon  
      Terrain terrain terrain!  (I would also say if possible to test the height of said furniture against dwarven forges CBS.  To make sure they fit so you can stack stuff.)
      1.  warship - multi floored so we could unstack them and maneuver minis inside
      2.  airship - same as war ship though I'm aware that these could be interchangeable. 
      3. Various furniture,  (Medieval/ Victorian couches chairs, and such that look fancy.)  4 Steam punk style Dwarven Tank... 5. Cannons (smaller ones) 6. Giant weapons (to mod our larger miniatures) 7. More weapons perhaps themed to each race (elf, dwarf, human, etc 8 catapult, springald, ballista, battering ram anything else that fits in a medieval siege weapon category 9.Wizad lab, Crystal ball.  (You know that one you already have with the dragon claw) 10. Wings and other creature parts for modding.  Adding giant ones too to mod larger minis 11. A hedge wall about 2" high with various straight, curve and corner pieces to make a hedge maze.  12. Star gate like portal 13. Firearms, such as muskets and blunderbusses 14. Hive terrain like bug eggs etc...nothing too fancy.
      15. Terrain specific to race.  Example: a Dwarven Forge, Elven ruins, Dragon ruins,
      16. Barricades, themed to each race: Elf, Orc Dwarf etc.... 17. Ziggurat 18. Mimic Gazebo 19. A Train!  An engine with say 3 cars (cargo, passenger, sleeper cars) 20. Levers
      21. Ships wheel to mount on walls or use as a standalone item must like a lever. 22. A "battle wagon"* as a traveling headquarters; maybe several varieties with platforms for the driver(s) and archers 23. Traps, Spike pit, spear wall, spiked cylinder that rolls down hall ways... 24. Clear plastic see through force walls that could be used bridges or walls and cut into different sizes (could be fantasy or scifi)
      Starfinder:  Sci-fi RPG from Paizo
      Anything and everything that could be used

      I would like to point out that not all these ideas are mine.  They are the ones I like.
    •   What do you mean by sealer? Varnish? 
    • I have been following your work for years and its amazing to see that it keeps getting better and better!
    • Things I learned about myself with this kickstarter: I'm really easily excitable for stretch goals. Doesn't bode well for my wallet with the Bones IV kickstarter on the horizon, but at least I'll be in good company.   Both of the bards are unlocked, as well as the female version of the ranger, currently going towards large cats and the male ranger. And well, I do like cats ...    I really hope we'll see the Necromancer Stephanie Law posted on her facebook page.
    • So I just started to wonder, and this could be a bad thing for my group.   How much easier of a conversion to 5e would say, Slumbering Tsar or Rappan Athuk be if one were to start with the Swords and Wizardry versions rather than the Pathfinder ones? I know Swords and Wizardry is a 0e clone, and, while I don't have any experience with anything pre-3e, I've heard that 5e is closer to the old days in feel. I looked at trying to convert Pathfinder stuff over, and my head started to hurt because of how certain things changed.