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    • I painted her dress with pure but thinned Carbon Black.   I started laying in the whites with pure Titanium White. Eventually I plan for the trim to be red with gold decoration, so I am painting it white to be bright under that.   It starts out very messy.     I took back the black with layers of pure Carbon Black. No mixing!         Trying for a soft furry effect on some of the smoother surfaces. I am not doing anything special with all of the lovely little sculpted details in the fabric, sorry.     Day two: Smoother, smoother, smoother:         I think she's ready!  
    • Thank you all for the help!! I am blown away by the responses.   I probably do want something pre-painted. I didn't realize that this was mainly a painting forum. He does need a new hobby, though, so maybe a clean one would give him some inspiration because he does like to draw and is artsy.   So many awesome suggestions! I definitely went to thinkgeek dot com and already found a couple cool, tiny things to add.   I do not know if he actually had miniatures when he played, but I'm pretty sure he mentioned getting together with friends and how there's an actual game to it besides just a computer game... I'll have to do some sneaky investigating.   Pretty sure that he's mainly a healer if he has the choice. I don't know how it works in DnD, but he was a cleric or mage healer in the game where we met.   Dice is a great idea! Are they the same kind as the ones from that Magic card game?
    • Velvet update!   So ... An idea came to me the other day of how I might be able to paint a velvet effect, and I thought this would be a good figure to experiment on.   The thing about velvet is that its appearance is a matter of optical effects. The way the fibers of the material catch the light change its appearance in a dramatic fashion.   Velvet was originally made as imitation fur. It is woven with an extra layer of fibers which stand out from the base fabric at approximately 90 degrees (Not perfectly, which is why velvet has a "nap", which is to say a direction with and a direction against the fibers, as with a dog's back. This also affects the appearance.).   Where the fibers are pointed more or less at the viewer, light gets trapped and swallowed in the spaces between them and the fabric appears darker. In the deeper jewel-toned velvets I'm working on here, that part of the fabric appears dark and intense, sometimes even light-swallowing black.   Where the fibers are pointed at right angles to the viewer they catch the light like the highlights on hair and shine at their brightest.   Because of this, velvet appears almost a photo negative of the standard way we shade fabric, darkest in the broad flat areas and high points, lightest at the edges and where the fabric curves away.   Photo examples:   There is no way to duplicate the effect of the changing optics as one moves around velvet (much like it is impossible to paint sheer stockings in the round), but with judicious application one might be able to produce an effect that is convincing enough from various angles.   And here's my idea for the technique for painting deep jewel-toned velvets:   1. Paint all shadows and lights of the velvet in pure black and white first. Do not use grays. Layer the black and white if you need to to shade, but do not mix them. Pay close attention from real life examples to how velvet looks at seams and edges, shadows and wrinkles.   2. Perfect everything in the black and white stage. In painting this is called a grisaille.   3. When the lights and shadows are arranged to your satisfaction, glaze over the entire garment with a single completely transparent color. Do not do a single layer, but two or three thin ones instead. Phthalo Greens and Blues are excellent for this.   Next: The actual work.  
    •   You are correct.  I had intended to, but I didn't attempt it in the end because the pattern of the chain mail on the sculpt isn't lined up uniformly.  It changes directions in several places.  I've indicated some of the direction changes with arrows on the photo below.       I attempted to do the highlight dots as discussed with Sanael above, but as predicted it looks really messy.  In part because of the direction changes in the mail, but mostly because my eyes, my hands and my paint thinning were not up to the task last night.  I'm going to work on some other parts of the mini for a while while I ponder what to try next with the chain mail.  I'm not averse to starting again, or I may simply say 'good enough for this mini' and try a different approach on the next one.  Here's a photo of how badly the dots turned out.      I appreciate your comment about the ground colour.  I need to adjust the earth colour on the senmm plates to make it more of a logical reflection of the actual earth colour I use on the base.  I will ponder that one as well.    I'm also trying to plan out how I'm going to finish the base.  I'm going to make it look like a muddy track through a field where there are still plants growing to the sides of the track, but the track itself is a churned up mess.  The plants will need to be relatively dark to avoid having too much of a tone change from the rest of the mini.
    •   What with this being 8 hours ago now, I volunteer my services for this current time. I'm not quite sour, but I guarantee that I'll have some conflicting viewpoints that will deeply confuse any child under the age of 10 as they try to process things, and annoy children over the age of 14 as they've already formed their own opinions. Plus, by virtue of the difference in work schedules, I'll (hopefully)introduce your children to the concept of day drinking!