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      Discussion area for all things Reaper. Do you have an idea for a new figure you'd like to see? Have a general company policy question? Do you want to gush about how cool you think we are? This is the forum for you.

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      A forum for Reaper's new cross-genre everything-but-the-kitchen-sink miniatures, where by "kitchen sink" we mean "fantasy."

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      We could have called it "Sparmytop" painting, but we're not sure that would have scanned right. DIscussion, questions, and help for your tabletop quality jobs in here.

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      Don't know a macro from macaroni? Do you regularly forget to take the lens cap off? In general, do you have photography questions? How about some tips and advice? This is the place for such things.

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      Talk about your latest projects, ask questions, discuss articles, and generally share in the subtle art of conversion and presentation.

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      Use this space to organize your games.  GMs: Define your scenario and rules when gathering a game.  Interested players:  Post your character and their stats in reply.  When you're ready to play, come see Bryan.

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      Once your game is gathered, GMs check in with Bryan to gain access to start their games in this forum.

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      A place to post writing, essays, poetry, collaborative writing projects, and other such things that you don't have an outlet for anywhere else. Standard disclaimers apply, be sure to read the rules.

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    •   Games I want to play? Well, alright ! In no particular order:   After the Horsemen by Two Hour Wargames - Post-Apocalyptic game that's the backbone for my own game I'm working on. All Things Zombie by Two Hour Wargames - Zombie game that has been ported to an actual board game instead of just a ruleset. 5150: Star Army 2nd Tour and Urban Renewal by Two Hour Wargames - Sci-Fi games. The first is about fighting other races in space and the other is about life in an urban setting... in the future! High Moon by Two Hour Wargames - Western-Horror game. NUTS! by Two Hour Wargames - WWII game using THW's excellent system. Legends of Araby by Two Hour Wargames - Game set in THW's fantasy realm situated in an Arabia-esque land.   Wow. Now that I look at the list, I'm starting to notice a trend about who's my favourite games producer. Could it be Two Hour Wargames ? Perhaps. THW is a ruleset producer that makes Solo games that can also be played Cooperatively or against each other. They're just the best. Funnily enough, I don't get paid for endorsing them - I just think they're that great.   Other wargames would include the following:   Kill Team Shadow War: Armageddon Inq 28 Age of Sigmar (on a smaller scale) Bolt Action Test of Honour   Boardgames would be:   Carcassonne (my all-time favourite game) Agricola Fields of Arle Talisman   What would it take to get me to play this weekend? Nothing short of a miracle. I'll let you know if one of those happens .
    • In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice.    
    •   If the material is like their Dungeon Saga terrain you shouldn't have anything to worry about. It might break if you hit it with a hammer, but I doubt it. Honestly, I wish Bones terrain was made of this material. This holds details, and its shape, but still has some give. Mantic's terrain material is one of it's best selling points.
    • I mainly use paper towels with the draw and twist method. Once a corner gets wetted and dried, whatever paper lint there was pretty much merges with the rest of the paper.