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    • My take on each race, from the Rule Book, other published material, the nomenclature of the CAVs , tanks and aircraft, discussions on FB groups and general assumptions is slightly different than Club's.    It all has a "WWI thru  WWII in space"  vibe to it .   Adon -  England   " A race of merchants and shopkeepers" Almirithil-  Pre Revolution Russia, They have Fulcrums, Hinds, and Bears.  " For Mother Russia!" Malvernis - Definitely some Jihadi "schtick" going on there. Ottoman Empire crossed with the Inquisition Ritterlich-  Germany/Prussia. It's the Wermacht Rach -  This one I totally agree with Club on , Mongol/Orc/Klingons/Khorne..... Terrans- The US in WWI ,or  II,  or Korea....  " There was Dallas, from Phoenix; Cleveland - he was from Detroit; and Tex... well, I don't remember where Tex come from."   and the Templars-  self explanatory , an obvious evolution if the Crusader States had survived   " FOR  Temple! God! and the Grand Order!"     Or I could be totally full of crap and missed the mark completely. :D  
    • Yesterday's shenanigans included:   -The parking lot being invaded by an army of dust bunnies -You had one job, Bryan. One job -No leprechaun this year. I was prepared with the readhead paint triad just in case, though -Killer jester clown is a go!  -The lady painting next to me is an art person too!  -Her mother works with lots of plastics at her work, and I learn many fascinating things about Bonesium (which I will share elsewhere)  -Bryan introduced me to someone as a commission painter?! Oh...I guess it's technically true. It sounds way too fancy though -Suddenly, Girlblin! Hi Sylverthorne and husband! -Bryan is signing things with paint. Because this is a paint and take.  -Cosmo squealing like a fangirl in anticipation of killing people with clowns. Also, crazed giggling -Pictures of Sir Forscale next to gigantic things never stops being hilarious  -We are attacked by Mayor McCheese, the Hamburglar, Ronald McDonald, and Grimace. This is alarming and cause for concern -I am sad that I was not murdered by clowns, and recieve a clown nose as consolation -Language lessons from a couple who flew in from the Netherlands! Also, a drinking song -Invisible walls still hurt when you run into them -Hiding under the pile of dead bodies is always an option. Unless the building is on fire.  -Goblin brains for dessert, mmm...    Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
    •   I wish.   Actually in our big cities we also have really dangerous areas.   And we have problems with Soccer Fans AKA Hooligans, and people who fight over political issues, some even fight about political issues from their country of origin..( please leave your wars and fights at home) Crime rates are mostly low, but in several areas in the bigger cities we have problems with certain youths and gangs. In the more rural areas we have problems with roaming gangsters from Eastern Europe and yes we also have criminal bikergangs, So no, it is not always peaceful and sunny here.   I was born in Rotterdam, big city, moved because of work and later love. lived in several places. Now I live in a small town called Venray, more of a rural area, and that is so much friendlier! Here people greet each other instead of being aggressive. A big difference from the place where I was born.   Anyway taking it all in consideration, the Netherlands is still a good place to live. Some places are bad, but that is something you will see all over the world. Some people are bad, also nothing new. Overall, we have a good life.   And you know, most Dutch people speak English, a lot speak German too and some even French or Spanish. So when you visit here, we are usually prepared to talk to you and help you out if need be.