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  2. Adrift

    Thri-Kreen Wizkids

    Thanks! They're going to get some character levels added to them to REALLY threaten the group.
  3. I wouldn't. It would have affected ONE person (whomever got your spot), and either way, you would have been ahead of them anyway. Had you not moved, you would have retained that Wave 1 spot, and they wouldn't have it. And since you moved, even though your stuff will technically ship sooner, chances are you'll still get your stuff AFTER whomever would have been lucky enough to grab your empty spot anyway.
  4. I once released a starling that had been captured by The Kate Monster. While it's true that the starlings are an undesirable invasive species from the British Isles, so am I. Also, Kate Monster never really got the order correct on "kill and eat", so I wasn't comfortable handing it back.
  5. Doug Sundseth

    Tell me about your favourite spooky place

    When I was hired in my current job, it was at the end of the last depression and we had a company shutdown for a couple of weeks about a month after I started. I didn't have any vacation time built up, but fortunately we had plenty of technical writing work for me to do, so I was able to keep working during the shutdown. Our campus is about 500,000 ft2 (around 47,000m2), and there might have been as many as five people in the factory. One morning I went wandering about, just to see the place without people. The factory has movement-activated lights and only a very few windows up high, so as I walked between the 30' (~10m) high shelving units and various large pieces of machinery, the light overhead would come on (with a clunk) and a minute or so after I passed would turn off again. Wandering through these giant, dark buildings with limited sightlines and lights turning on and off was pretty creepy.
  6. Mushu_Green

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    It does seem to have stopped for now. Probably switching between warehouses?
  7. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    You know, this MAY explain why we had wave 1,10,11 and 12 (14 was verified by Reaper as the late backers) orders at the END of the hubs, this may have been exception orders such as address changes or (as in your case) Country changes. Just an assumption as there were not that many orders in those waves.
  8. NecroMancer

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    any updates on FB?
  9. I like the tracker, but can't help but think that the waves listing on it on the non-US sections is largely irrelevant. And if Canada ships before US, I feel a bit guilty for being in "wave 1". Granted, I placed the order while in the US, but still. Someone else could have been in the first US round in my spot.
  10. TaleSpinner

    Tell me about your favourite spooky place

    When I was a kid there was an old, late 1800's farm house that had been abandoned many years prior to my time on Earth. It was a American Foursquare style, 2-story house. It wasn't very large, maybe 25 feet on a side. It stood alone in a field, no trees or anything, set back from the road by about 75 yards. There was no driveway, the land around it having been reclaimed as farmland. The porch had fallen off years ago, so the front door was a few feet above the ground and the door was missing. There was a window on either side of the door and matching windows above them on the second floor. It hadn't seen life for years, but typically no one went there at all. There was no graffiti or anything you'd expect. The place always seemed menacing, and sad, very, very sad for some reason. I'd often ride my bike past it and it always scared me a bit. Almost everyone in the area had a ghost story about the old place, though few had actually been the original people in the story, so I always took that with a grain of salt. Also I never met anyone who knew why it had been abandoned in the first place. Anyway, one night when I was in HS, my buddy and I were driving along the road by the old house when he suddenly stopped the car. "Someone's in there." he said pointing to the house. Through one of the upper floor windows we could see a faint light like candle light and it was moving, like someone was walking around in one of the upstairs rooms carrying a candle. The light could only be seen in the upper left window, the other three were dark, so we figured someone was messing around in one of the upstairs rooms. Still, we were pretty unnerved, I mean, who was it, how had they gotten there, where was their car, why were they in the house with seemingly only a candle? It was the middle of the night (like 2:00 am) and a 1/3 mile to the next nearest farm. We were a bit freaked out and left. The next day my buddy and another friend sneaked up to the house in the morning to see if they could see anything (I didn't go with because I had church; it was Sunday). When they got to the door they were shocked at what they found in the house; the upper floor had collapsed years ago, with only some of the staircase remaining. Even the attic had fallen and some of the roof in the back too. So what had we seen? No one could have been walking on a floor that didn't exist with a candle whose light didn't travel to the lower or right windows, even though there were in truth no walls or floor to block the light. It remains one of the unsolved things in my life. I suppose my buddies could have been pulling my leg about the collapsed internal structures, since I never verified it for myself, but I don't think so. They were really freaked out by it.
  11. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    So they have now rolled back to wave 1, if that's accurate, this is what happened JUST before they finished UK hub, so another good indicator they MAY be on to the next hub. I love the tracker.
  12. Well someone from Success AU has just had their pledge successfully go by on the tracker.
  13. Today
  14. Glitterwolf

    Thri-Kreen Wizkids

    Those look great!
  15. Pegazus

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Had the sudden urge to dig a hole in order to have some fresh dirt to sink my hands into. Think I’m having a stressful day.
  16. Marauder

    Hackmaster/Ral Partha Human Female Cleric

    This is great. What is the trick to getting the colors to be clear, smooth and bright like that? No matter how thin I make my paints, they still look chunky to me. Todd
  17. FireImp

    Frostgrave female thieves

    Those look really good. I got that box as soon as it was available, haven’t cracked it open yet.
  18. Glitterwolf

    Reaper Radio

  19. Mushu_Green

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Almost there... i can almost smell them... Come on papa needs his baba yaga's hut for his curse of strahd campaign soon !
  20. Adrift

    Thri-Kreen Wizkids

    Picked up the pair of Thri-Kreen from the FLGS last week. Decided to paint them up for my DND game as a pair of bounty hunters set to capture the group running in my game. They are, as of yet, unaware that there is a bounty on their heads.
  21. Adrift

    Female Efreeti

    For a table top, I love it! My only critique would be that those awesome swords deserve some more love than mere tabletop!!
  22. Doug Sundseth

    Pinning aids

    Heh, I pin and then use JB Kwik (the 5 minute JB Weld product) to stick the parts together. Suspenders and belt, man.
  23. This arrived! Just making sure I have something to paint for a while...
  24. I would be happy to support this as a separate category in the competition. Keep in mind that it might not be eligible for a manufacturer’s award, that would be at the manufacturer’s discretion.
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