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  2. May 25th anv order in today! 77088: Townsfolk: Grandmother $2.49 x177261: Bat Demon $2.99 x160139: Aravashniel, Elf Wizard $7.29 x150052: Professor Laura Pringle $6.99 x177306: Translucent Slimes (2) $4.99 x177308: Boar Demon $8.49 x177335: Hordlings (3) $2.99 x177299: Female Antipaladin $2.99 x174036: 2" Round Plastic RPG Base (10) $4.99 x1Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 1x Eli Quicknight Kinda feel a little guilty ordering during the Bones 3 fulfillment but Reaper is a company & companies do like to make money. Other then a few odds & ends stuff this order will fulfill my RCon games needs. What am I gonna order next month!?!?! Also did a couple ebay auctions as I wanted to try out 4Grounds products: C16-C17 Strong Box Cart Double Wood Bed & finally Bentwood Rocking Chair Also appears that my Bones 3 shipment will arrive on the 31st of this month! So there is hope it beats out Paizo this month!!
  3. I like how everyone around here is willing to be very open about themselves. Confession: My crippling depression is kicking me hard today. I miss home, I miss my family, I miss my friends, my school friends are gone for the summer and I do not do well with non-structured living. I am stuck in-doors too much, not eating healthfully enough, and not engaging in enough physical activity. These may sound like simple problems to fix, but when you suffer from really bad depression, it is hard to pull yourself up. Yes, even we Icelanders suffer from depression.
  4. Thanks for the kind reply, X. I'm glad you are still enjoying the stuff. The Goblin is one of those pieces that winds up creating a new gang of hooligans for the place. Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Thumb. Scale is always in question in these parts; i.e, which is out of whack, the flora/fungi or the fauna? I'm looking forward to some progress on this & the other background pieces. I'll try not to disappoint us.
  5. There're a lot of legit close-up gifs et al of Trump handshakes and -holds. It's its own subgenre now. That one's still fabulous if it is fake. Meanwhile. Proto-metal and killer album covers, thy name is Thursday.
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    FYI- Bryan is traveling to Seattle for Paiziocon or something con that I probably spelled wrong. We probably won't be seeing much activity from him.
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    And there's her post.
  8. Ladystorm corrected ReaperBryan's statement and is asking that you do contact them at the with this question. She does read them everyday and responds but it may take longer to respond than normal.
  9. Fulfilling

    Just a few posts below, Ladystorm mentioned that she is checking email. I think you can go ahead and send an email to
  10. I wasn't feeling like you're challenging my authority, I'm just trying to assure you that I am in contact with Reaper and their paint mixer regularly, and have worked with them on paint related matters. So when I'm telling you that the intended mixer for Reaper paints is water, I'm saying that with both personal experience and the backing of the company. The other products made available are offered as a convenience for various uses, they're not intended to be the only mixers. I have answered your questions following both of those principles - you can use water, if you're having various issues with only water, here are some other products you can use in small quantities as an alternative. I haven't looked at paint mixes under 50x magnification. I do regularly paint at 3.0 magnification. Only rarely have I seen paint fall out of suspension detectable at that level. That is only with super thin mixes like washes and glazes, and only with a few colours. So I generally do mix those with 1:1 water:medium just in case, but I have also on numerous occasions mixed them with just straight water, or on some occasions with just wash medium or brush-on sealer. When working with paint over extended periods, yeah you'll have to stir now and then to redistribute the pigments, binder, and water. That's just the nature of paint. Some pigments or colours seem to do it more than others. I've heard of more problems with that in a few paints in other brands, where you have to stir pretty much every time you want to reload your brush. But I'm not sure if that's a medium/water issue or more a case of some pigments don't play as nicely together. Many years ago, not long after the introduction of the MSP paints, another painter and I noticed that a few colours of paint would not look the same painted over dry coats of themselves. This was visible to the naked eye as well as with the 3.0 lenses. It was also noticeable in layering mixes. Noticeable to the two of us, at least. Thousands of people had been using those colours with no complaints, and it took a bit of detective work to figure out what was going on. (Which was a combination of the two of us starting with darker basecoats than most people, using the layering and feathering techniques, and the base medium mix that was used in those colours, which Reaper changed after we noticed the issue.) I also noticed when my eyeglass prescription focal point was off by 1mm, so it fell within government ANSI standards, but not mine. I likewise cannot wear contacts because the correction is not precise enough. And I can see screen door effects and the like on projectors that don't bother the majority of people. So I have pretty fussy and fine-tuned eyes. When I take pictures of the figures I've painted, they're at 3-4x the size they get posted. They won't look as smooth, but I'm not seeing any kind of roughness like you're worried about from pigments falling out of suspension. (Also I paint mostly via layering, so the appearance of blending is a visual illusion not a literally blending, it will always show at some level of magnification.) What I'm saying is - I do not see the problems you mentioned in painting use or in my results. I'm not questioning that you might see some differences at 50x magnification. I'm saying 50x magnification is not intended use. 50x magnification is not how we paint, and it's not how we look at figures that have had paint applied to them. Tens of thousands of painters over decades of use have used paint mixed with water to paint miniatures and gotten results that depend a lot more on their skill, time input, and techniques used than they do on whether they're mixing in water or medium. I have been answering your questions as an artist, not a chemist, because I am not a chemist. :-> I think you're talking about chemist level precision at this point, so I'm going to have to tap out on trying to help you further. I just ask that you please not reply to other people's questions/threads suggesting that there is any problem if they add water to their paint. I'm sorry I couldn't answer your questions to your satisfaction, hopefully you'll find the answers you seek at some point. (Obviously metallic paints are a slightly different case, the large mica flakes will noticeably fall out of suspension and use of medium is helpful if one wishes to dilute them much.) Edit to add reply to additional question that you posed while I was typing: Reaper brand additives are intended to be used out of the bottle, they're not concentrated versions of those products like the ones sold by some art store paint brands.
  11. Fulfilling

    Bryan, I was in the forlorn pile of Canadian orders that didn't get sent along, and in wave one... and I still don't have a shipping email. My address in the backerkit is definitely correct and shouldn't be generating any errors... was I set aside because it's a Canadian order? Are things going to be sent along soon? Should I send a formal email? I figured not since you're already aware of issues. I hope you don't see this as bellyaching, you guys are doing great but you did indicate that our orders would be sent in our wave order... and we're on to wave two without any indication my order has been processed. If something on my end is holding things up I just want to know and correct it if at all possible. I don't mind the extra wait but I'd prefer less of it rather than more!
  12. So is the one with trump asking why the pope keeps throwing water on him and saying "the power of Christ compels you"
  13. Fulfilling

    Mine was just delivered and i am at work plus i have to work tonight.
  14. I would not trust any video which switched from a long shot of two real people to a close up of unidentifiable body parts, no matter how similarly dressed or situated they may appear. (One way to identify fake videos is to stop and think, why would anyone have a camera focused and pointed just there, anyway?)
  15. Fulfilling

    I was a lot later in wave 2 than i thought xP
  16. My package has arrived in the state - 4 hours away but still in the state and scheduled for delivery tomorrow!
  17. I knew there was a reason I like you so much OneBoot!
  18. Pre-launch

    Our lady of brush safety would not approve of that.
  19. Decisions descisions... Take tomorrow off and work half of a planned day off next week, or leave as is?
  20. Proper hourly update, 112 orders were processed between 10:09-11AM CDT. A total of 335 wave 2 orders have been processed so far.
  21. Still just dnd.
  22. I saw SW around the time it came out. Seen it on a local, tiny theater in Parma, Idaho. Thou, most likely a month or so later as Parma wasn't high on anyone's list then & isn't now either. My mom & my grandmother went with me. I instantly fell in love with it. My grandmother on the other hand was asleep even before you first see Vader!! My love for SW took a serious hit when the pre-equals came out. The last couple movies have helped restore that love but I'm still not sure it's as it was back when the original trilogy came out.
  23. You're not alone! For me, my very favoritest part of painting a mini is all the fun fiddly details! I love getting all the wee little bits just right, even if they're hidden by a cloak or behind a shield or whatever. It doesn't matter if nobody else sees them, I know that they're there. It really turns the mini from just a figure to an actual character. Also, the eyes. As frustrating as they are, I love that moment of getting them both juuuust right and lined up, so then I can look at the mini and see it looking back at me! It really brings the figure to life, and it's just the best. Prepwork and shading and highlighting and blending are all just the stuff I have to do before I can get on with the fun details. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  24. Thanks for the tips, all. I will have to think about what I'll do with the base. I think in the end I will leave khanji and the base as separate pieces since I can see using the base as scatter terrain occasionally. Maybe mounting it on something stiffer will allow me to extend the terrain part a bit more. I may have to hit the spikes again as I look for white spots. I took almost an hour this morning to cover the base. I actually ended up using pokorny paint (dwarven forge brand) since I think of it as paint for terrain. About 3:1 base gray to black. I've done this before with DDS2. It's a little tricky since you have to dilute it since it goes on thick, but too much water and the bones material repels the paint. At the right consistency though it has excellent coverage and goes pretty fast. And for terrain I don't mind losing a little bit of detail. I would not recommend this for a figure where you want to see all of the detail. But this way it might match there color scheme of my other terrain.
  25. Pre-launch

    That's going to be a lot of spit to clean your brush...ewww
  26. Sadly none right now. Frostgrave, Star Wars Imperial Assault are two I'd like to try someday.
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