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  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1103158358/warbands-of-the-cold-north-vi-ulfhildrs-heroes Project description: About Hello Again Kickstarter backers new and loyal, longtime supporters and fans of Red Box games! We have returned again to kickstarter in the hopes to fund our newest selection of fantasy norse figures that we call the Njorn. Our intention is to fund the production of a new set of heroes and their faithful follower rank and file troops. We also intend to fund the set up of our in house production capacity! This means buying a spin caster, a smelter, all the various periphery of safe casting, metal shelves to hold molds ( LOTS of molds ) having our molds shipped to us from the various contractors we currently partner with, and raw metal to do the casting with. Being set up for in house production will allow us to reinvest in the various aspects that will make your experience with Red Box Games more efficient and better presented, as well as allow us to manage our working capital MUCH more efficiently. We currently reinvest a disproportionate amount of our profits into maintaining reasonable stock levels across the entire breadth of the red box games line. This is a HUGE investment that grows every time we add new products to the line. It also means we have to rely on kickstarters much more because we simply cannot afford to just put new items in to the store without knowing that the funds are already there to pay for the production and stocking of said items. Once set up for casting we will be able to keep the funds of the business' success where it belongs, in the future of the business. It also has the added advantage of allowing us to afford lower prices across the board and able to take chances on items which are too risky to produce through out sourcing such as larger monsters and cavalry and Rank and File sets appropriately priced for army building. To insure that the high level of quality you have come to expect from Red Box Games is faithfully maintained, I will be training in casting with a VERY talented and experienced mold maker and caster. I wont be handling the entire burden of casting right away so there is no need to worry that this development will slow down delivery of the Kickstarter or the regular course of business for RBG. My molds will continue to be made by one of the industry's best studios as well so there is no need to worry that the burden will overwhelm me or that the overall quality of the Red Box Games product will suffer. I cannot do any of this without your help so please consider backing this kickstarter! You will get some really cool stuff for a GREAT price in a reasonable amount of time and I will FINALLY be able to set up for my own production and make some real progress in this industry! AAAaaannndddd without further Adieu...... ON TO THE MINIATURES!!! We intend to fund as many figures as this kickstarter will allow and at the outset of the campaign we have 19 figures ready to go with a few slight details needing to be added before they are ready for production and I still have several more underway which will be shown as they are completed and added to the campaign as the funding allows.
  3. Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

    Same, my local FLGS ordered one for me as well, but it's been on backorder for at least 6 weeks. Luckily enough, the FLGS in the Big City can order them regularly, though they can't keep them on the shelves. That's probably why the owner was annoyed that he was holding one for nearly a month without the customer bothering to come pick it up when the beholder is in such high demand., and sold it to me instead.
  4. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Yeah, that's me, right there. Focusing on one single brush stroke at a time in a Zen-like fashion, almost like a form of meditation. Yeah, that's me, right there. Focusing on one single brush stroke at a time in a Zen-like fashion, almost like a form of meditation.
  5. A little olive oil helps too. On the other hand, don't overdo it, you don't want the motif of the pin to be filled with goo.. Just try it out. I have used Green Stuff, Milliput and a Mix of Milliput and Plasticene. All are ok. Example: Aztec Roller Pin Egyptian Roller Pin
  6. New England Paint Day

    Okay, Boston Peeps... It has been decided that the next Paint Day should be up in your area. We need to start coordinating your schedules to see what the best date/location is. (If me and Dilvish are the only ones who show up to it at all, your NEMPA memberships are officially revoked, lol.)
  7. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    When we took our cat in it was about $150 for vaccinations, check up, and flea medicine (she doesn't actually have fleas). It's kind of ridiculous.
  8. You can also give them a thin coat of vaseline... That keeps GS, Milliput and other epoxies from sticking.
  9. ma'al drakar pathfinder stats?

    The tweaks to convert Tiamat from a 3.5 format to Pathfinder should be relatively minor if you're used to running high-level monsters in Pathfinder.
  10. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    $183 to get my dogs vaccinated for the year. And some antibiotic drops for the Aussie as she apparently has an ear infection. I'll never be able to hold her still to give them, but that's another story altogether. $183. What a racket.
  11. Black Rose Wars

    Lactose intolerance. I can have a small portion of ice cream, but will be in bad shape if I pig out on it.
  12. Progressing as a painter

    Highlight, or just add more contrast in general. Sometimes that means going deeper into the shadows with a dark color. What I am starting to notice is that my well contrasted pieces have enough contrast that I can see some definition on the figure when I walk into my painting room... and I am seeing them from a few feet away, and my lights are dim (one poor window for daylight in the room - the ottlight still off). That isn't to say I'll see every feature, but that in poor light at a moderate distance, they don't look flat. It takes a surprisingly large amount of contrast to do that. Have you explored using washes at all? They aren't the only technique to get shadowing done, but they can really help early on in giving shadows to vague areas (like the bracer). That, and you can be relatively sloppy with them compared to other methods. As the sparkly canine said, welcome! If you want some critique in general, post WIP threads and ask for help!
  13. Today
  14. 77580 Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant

    Amazing how much the highlighting brings the whole thing to life! - Great work I really want to see a wash on the metallic scales - something to darken the cracks and make them pop
  15. 77381: Dragons Don't Share - 2014 Edition

    Great stuff - good use of nontraditional colors - i REALLY like the illusion of translucency on the wings (i wasn't sure translucency was a word, but spell check likes it!) - that little bit of subtle mottling really gives the appearance of light showing through AWESOME!
  16. Progressing as a painter

    thanks for the words! Yeah, Someone once told me "when you think you're done highlighting, highlight again"
  17. They are super! Just look at the videoclips on their site how to use them. Tip: use them when the Greenstuff / Milliput or whatever is a little harder, not right away or it will stick. Apply gentle pressure and clean well afterwards. I got good results with my Aztec and Egyptian one, still need to use the Greek one. I also have a plain one for flattening. There will be more in the future..I know I need more...
  18. Sparrow makes a paint swatch journal

    Have not organized paints yet as I've been trying to finish up a few projects. I've also misplaced the brush that I've been using for everything in the book so I'd have consistency. So I either need to find the brush or one similar enough to use. So it's on pause until further notice.
  19. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    If this doesn't help...
  20. Enigma Oz-Zuh, Moon Face Inspired DIMS Variation

    Coming along fine! I like the vulture/buzzard he adds to the feel of the place.
  21. tnx @Sanael, sorry for the late respond i m little bussy on personal stuffs and have like no time to paint or check the forum, by the way i got some advances on this proyect on weekend :P Im also trying to paint the mo knigths diferent than the regular panos, advices are welcome, this the color test of what im trying:
  22. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    because (If i remember correctly) it was made specifically for you. That adds a whole new layer of attachment to it. Even if you have painted other figures better, that one is yours. And unique in all the world. yeah painting engages the flip side of my ADD (non hyperactive) Hyper-focus. the tuning out the rest of the world. and at the end we get ART! rather than a slightly better score on a video game or something. Or in a worst case scenario a slot machine. I took one trip to Vegas, and while I broke even, I decided it was easier not to start feeding machines than it was to stop. My actual winning came from a single bet on a roulette wheel, then walking away.
  23. Progressing as a painter

    Welcome to the forum! Browse the forum for more tips ( Painting and Advice thread) look at other people's WIP. Make a WIP ( Work In Progress) thread of your own and people will give advice, tips and it is fun to see how someone paints. We all learn from each other. I agree about the bracer, it needs more work, but I guess you asked for help since you're not done yet. You are improving! It takes time and practice, but most important, HAVE FUN while doing it!
  24. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Big enough side to side that you cannot fit it in your mouth, with a depth no greater than 25% the width. If it is too deep it becomes ladle or bucket .
  25. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    How big does a spoon have to be before it becomes a shovel?
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