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  2. Very nicely done! I never thought to paint this one as a black dragon, but it worked out so well. I'm tempted to steal your idea.
  3. I like P3 paint. I only have 6 of their colors but a couple of them I use on most of my minis. I transfer the ones I use often into dropper bottles. They're definitely worth trying out. One thing I've noticed about them is that they don't separate quite as much as many other paint lines.
  4. Hey there, I've a problem with a few of my paints. I'm using Vallejo game colors and I'm happy with them, but some bottles just keep separating, even though they're all stored the same way. Greens seem to have the most problems. I'm already shaking them quite well, but I don't seem able to get those colors out of the bottle the way I want to. At this point I'd really appreciate some pointers.
  5. Something about this message board is still making the scroller thingamajig on my laptop's touchpad doodad short out with some frequency. Not happening anywhere else. Confounding. Meanwhile tho, feeling pretty lazy. Finished a little short-short piece I started the other day in a fit of do-something-else and shot it off to a mag. Thinking about totally vegging out the rest of the day. Found out they brought back my favorite goofy silly flash-type-whatever game at my erstwhile terrible cheesy teeny Internet stomping grounds, so I may go try to kill stuff on it. Because why not.
  6. Live

    Looks like Midknight Heroes is still having difficulty getting projects funded on the first try. I'm sure this one will be back though.
  7. Much better. I light the transitions even more when more visible. The mix of natural and artifical light can cause some issues. Try using indirect natural light or take pictures as night with artifical light.
  8. A woman in a classic trench coat and fedora, à la Carmen Sandiego or Agent Peggy Carter. Would prefer unarmed, but if economic reality says otherwise am okay with it.
  9. nice stuff! I have the platform / walkway box around here somewhere......
  10. That dino is looking pretty great!
  11. I've got a +4 Str mod so I can be the primary if need be.
  12. Just a couple quick questions. First, how do you guys feel about the P3 paint? Seems like it is decently priced on ebay, so I was wandering if its worth the money at all? Second, whats the difference between dry brushing and over brushing? Is there a difference?
  13. I did manage to do that for a couple spots where I saw immediately Igot paint on the wrong spot. what's visible in that picture I only just noticed today when I was showing a coworker what I did over the weekend :D I think the technique I had the most trouble with was the dry brushing, most of the time I think I wiped too much paint off and in some cases not enough.
  14. I hear ya. I struggle with brush/paint control quite a bit. Doing one area at a time to completion has helped with this, though I do still need to go back and fix mistakes from time to time, you just hope the mistake isn't too major that it can't be painted over. One thing to do that I find works really well is to keep a clean brush handy. If you get some paint where it doesn't belong, grab the brush, wet it down, dab it off on a paper towel (not completely dry) then run it over the area that has the newly applied problem paint (i.e. you got some paint on a previously painted portion). This will usually do a pretty good job of wicking up that paint and letting you proceed. You may still have a tiny bit left even after doing this a couple of times (doesn't take long for the paint to dry) but it will be a lot easier to fix at that point -- and may be small enough that you'll only notice it under a magnifier or on your camera.
  15. I just have my son use craft paint and let him go to town. I don't know about your son but if I had him using the reaper paint he would have the whole bottle used after one session. I love him but he has no concept of conservation! I think the craft paints help him get an understanding of how to paint with less expense. That way too if he decides he wants a new color its not too expensive and I can get a couple chores out of him and can buy him 4-5 new paints for just a couple bucks. This also gives him a chance to spend some of that chore money on a mini as well. So where he could maybe earn a bottle or two of reaper paint he can get several colors and a mini or two. But I guess this depends on your budget. Once he's knocked out some more minis and learns a little self control with paint amounts I will up grade him to the better paints. Also remember kids this age are still developing their fine motor skills, if your son is like mine, I feel like the written instructions would only frustrate him and maybe discourage him if he doesn't do it exactly correct (which he might not be able to physically do at this point). We watch YouTube videos to get an idea of what to do I think this is a lot less pressure on him. That's just my two cents though. Either way having your son interested in something that you are interested in is priceless.
  16. extra dabs with the wash? I'll give that a try when I get back to him. As for the other ares where I've clearly missed spots or ended up with some of the Harvest Brown on the already-painted fur I know I"ll just have to touch up as best I can. This guy was a bit harder to get at certain areas than the skeleton Archer. Not really frustrated by this, I wasn't expecting to do a perfect job my first time, I was just curious as to how best to try and make corrections :)
  17. Dragons are always normal and somehow i am glad to not be the only one who knows who he is
  18. I may have posted this before, but here it is again, to the best of my recollection. I used to work at a call center way back, when there were rows upon rows of tiny cubicles. Management had offices made of cubicle walls, so it was a fairly open environment. One day one of our ops managers decided to take a couple of days off; some of the supervisors under him figured that they needed to teach him a lesson for taking time off, so they taped off the entrance of his office and started filling it up with balloons. When the ops manager came back he was most definitely surprised, and he had to pop them all in order to get back to work. Then a few weeks later he decides to take a few more days off; apparently he didn't learn his lesson. WE all got together and figured that the punishment for this egregious sin must be more severe, so we all got together and went to work. What we ended up doing was to buy aluminum foil ( a lot of it), with which we proceed to wrap EVERY SINGLE ITEM in his office in the stuff, up to and including the pens, erasers, and thumbtacks on the wall. We all gathered around to watch when he came back, and when he came around the corner and saw his office, his jaw dropped. I don't think I've ever seen someone look so stunned. Eventually he had a good laugh about it and then set about removing all of the foil. He managed to make a ball that was over 18 inches wide with all of it(!), and he proudly displayed it on top of his filing cabinet for all to see. He had a good sense of humour, and he appreciated all the effort we went through to torment him.
  19. It's okay, they're not hiring right now anyway... unless you want to be a border guard/security theater actor.
  20. Ah, you prefer the private industry world then? We'll need your TPS reports by the end of the day.
  21. Details on Bones are sometimes soft, I don't think you've done anything wrong. Try another pass with the wash. Also sometimes with any figure I put extra dabs in the eye sockets to bring out the depth before painting the eyes.
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  23. 3/27: We had this one guy who was all talk and not actually able to write any reasonable code; but he was really loud and bullyish, and somehow being loud and obnoxious was enough for him not to get fired. He'd come to code reviews and chew you out for 20 minutes while you were trying to get through the code and end up by saying something that you'd clearly already accounted for and he'd have found out if he hadn't spent 20 minutes making you feel 2 inches tall in front of the rest of the team. He was the recipient of an annoy-a-tron. Funnily enough, when he asked me, I had not heard the sound he was referencing. Also, I never made it a specific task 2 or 3 times a week to move it to a different part of his cube.
  24. There's a couple of options you could take. 1. Simple Green works pretty well. Soak the model in Simple Green for a few hours (or overnight), then give it a good scrub with an old toothbrush (like you did before you started painting it) and it should strip the paint right off. 2. The other option is to simply leave it as is, touch it up where you can, but otherwise leave it. The plus side for this route is that if you are a beginning painter, you can hold onto this mini as an example of one of your early minis. Then later on down the line when you are starting to feel frustrated by a mini or your general progress, pull this little guy out and take a look at him and see how far you've come. It can be a real eye opener to see how much you really have improved. We all improve steadily over time even if some of us won't ever get to the level of competition painter and the like. Just practicing makes us better so when you get frustrated you can look back and see where you started.
  25. Immediately crosses government work off possible future job list.
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