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  2. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Yeah, a bit of a shame, but... There's always next year... ;-)
  3. Ral Partha Female Fighter in impractical armor

    I once had a 2e barbarian dude who took a dead wizard's bracers AC 0 and ring of protection +5. Given he already had a Dex bonus and a ring of warmth this made him AC -9 completely unarmored... so I made him buck naked on the grounds that this was more intimidating to his enemies. Somewhere out there, Thorvar the Unclothed still wanders the frozen north.
  4. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Yup, that's basically my situation. No real way to know if I made the cut or not until I receive my order. It's a shame that the winter elf was on the very last day of the 12 Days of Reaper.
  5. Today we had our Christmas lunch at my mom's. We've been having it the Sunday before Christmas for a while now because of how hectic my older sister's Christmas Eve and Day are with 3 sets of great grandparents, and 3 sets of grandparents to take her kids to. I walked away with an electric blanket, a Zojirushi insulated lunch jar(kind of like a thermos shaped bento box), a doweling jig, and a six pack each of Heineken and Strongbow cider. I'm bummed about the doweling jig though. I wanted one, because I want to make my own tables and I don't want flimsy pocket holes or biscuit joints but don't have the ability to do full mortise and tenon joints either, but the one I got is not self-centering. Which will make for a much more difficult time using it. I'll have to be super precise in positioning since it only allows for one dowel hole to be drilled at a time before having to reposition it, and because it doesn't self-center it will be extremely easy to have dowel holes not line up correctly. The one I had specifically mentioned was a self-centering jig, but it was also about 2.5x the cost and couldn't be bought at the local hardware store like this one could. I'll probably try making a doweling T-square, basically a T-square with holes in it to allow for quick doweling along a flat surface, with this doweling jig to see how well it works. If it doesn't go well, I may just be buying a self-centering jig in a little while and just telling my mom that I used the one she bought me...
  6. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Finally placed my order. They posted that they were out of stockings before I did, but it looks like the automated message still says I got one. I'm pretty sure that I won't (and I'm fine with that though I did want an ornament), Reaper may want to remove that bit of code sometime soon, otherwise there will be people complaining they it was on their receipt and that they did not get it.
  7. 30+ Year Old Figures to Paint!

    Please post these in the Show-Off too!
  8. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Nauce. You are definitely nauce.
  9. Naga from Bones 3, just barely 40 mm tall and wide.
  10. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    They posted on the website that they are now out of stockings. I wonder if the order I placed early this morning (1:00 am CST) will have one included. Don't worry, we all know.
  11. Didn't see any boxes as we left, though I suppose there could have been something under a table or something. No messages from Torin, but he'd probably send any such to @SirLarpsAlot or post them on the FB page anyway.
  12. Today
  13. Elven Lords, Relaunching

    Last hours for this one. Added a few Euros for some swords.
  14. Advice on starting a painting group

    Set a time and day and keep to it. Do your best to avoid recurring events that sweep up the people you want to come, but realize that painting will always conflict with something. Over time, if you're consistent, people will schedule around the painting. If you move around to miss stuff, you won't become the go-to that they schedule around. Don't be discouraged if you have limited attendance for the first year or so. When Kris started CMPA, he just kept scheduling and coming to the store and eventually other people started showing up. The same thing happened when that store closed and we had to move the group meeting elsewhere. Persistence is key. I would recommend that you schedule the event over a mealtime and then go out for food in the middle. Talking over food will make it more of a social event. And getting up after a few hours and moving around can make RSIs less likely. Discourage music or audiobooks or whatever. Talking is likely to be more interesting than whatever somebody would like to play. Try to maintain the kind of tone that we have on these boards. No politics, no religion, no personal attacks, and be really open to new painters. Whenever somebody wanders by and looks interested, we tell them what we're doing and invite them to join. They basically never do that right then (though we could accommodate them if they did), but over time you'll build a rep as welcoming and people will plan to be there the next month. Be nice to the store (and I do recommend meeting in a store, for exposure). Buy stuff there when possible, even if it's a bit more expensive.
  15. Progress!!! Still think this is a great idea!
  16. Shub Niggurath

    Very creepy! Great job!
  17. 06028 Plague Zombie

    Well done! Papa Nurgle will be proud!
  18. Chain Mail wizard

    Very nice! I had one of those but I believe I put it in a BOGW a few years ago.
  19. Hackmaster/Ral Partha Human Female Ranger

    Wonderful job!
  20. Ral Partha Female Fighter in impractical armor

    Great! I'm sure she will be distracting the enemy long enough to strike first.
  21. Grenadier C'thulu-esque monster

    Awesome! I couldn't find this guy in my Grenadier catalogues..I have them from 1982 till 1994. Must be older or nit photographed back then for these issues.
  22. I'm GUESSING they were digitally sculpted; the pictures on the box look like renders, and to some extent, the PHYSICAL FIGURES look like renders. This isn't a BAD thing, necessarily, but I agree; Commander Riker doesn't look a lot like Jonathan Frakes, and he looks for all the world like Captain Morgan swatting someone with his phaser. You could well be right about the bodies, assuming they could just repose them digitally.
  23. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    WOOF SCIENSE DEPARTHMUNT **** Biological weapon deployed, it seems to have affected at least one target **** **** Needs further study to see how useful this is **** Awesome!!! WOOF BOMBER COMMAND **** You FOOLS!!! Report to HQ at once!!!!**** **** Confess!!! Who held that map upside down during the briefing? ****
  24. Grenadier C'thulu-esque monster

    IIRC it is from one of the monster manuscript sets.
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