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  2. The one time I got picked to be on a jury they didn't ask the right questions. I was an art major woozy from what would turn out to be a mild case of food poisoning. I probably looked badly hung over. They asked us if we had or had any relatives who had had trouble in the then-dodgy post-worldwide economic crash housing market, which I hadn't. What they should have asked me was was I an art major who knew an awful lot about the architects they were going to be discussing and had a low opinion of them as regards the sturdiness of their construction overall. It was an interesting case.
  3. Thanks for the comments. That Ali Sparrow came from someone at Reapercon. Figures in the Swag Bag aren't always everyone's cup of tea and I am happy to take them and redistribute them.
  4. So we should see the October miniature this week right?
  5. Well, I'm going to be cutting up your childhood to make paving stones...
  6. Good work. Looks like you got your money's worth from the ltpk.
  7. I thought he meant you were inspirational. I thought he meant you were inspirational. On now...
  8. Yesterday
  9. The bogw arrived.... as well as this:
  10. are you sayin I talk to much?
  11. Going to try jumping in as well. Got too much painted yesterday just listening to George.
  12. Sometimes the water effects take up to 3-4 days to cure completely and clear up, so you may need to be patient and let it do its thing unless you want to actually color it.
  13. Do the cards look better?
  14. Not going either, but if I qualify as a recipient, I'd be happy to throw in some cash towards the shipping.
  15. There's probably a lot of books that could get similar results. I figure any work that's go that dreaded combination of being relatively old and cerebral would work, though the appearance of the book as some kind of hardback tome probably helps too. Marx's Capital, a collection of Plato's dialogues, a collection of Julius Caesar's memoirs, the full Divine Comedy by Dante, Marcus Aurelius's Meditations, anything by Nietzsche, the Tao Te Ching, etc would probably all do well. They also don't like people who know what jury nullification is or who have the understanding that they're allowed to personally interpret the intent behind a law when weighing guilt or innocence, despite what the prosecutor and judge may want you to believe.
  16. About the only games I'm currently playing at the moment are mobile games: The Simpsons: Tapped Out! & Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow* *Also games that offer free premium currency in FWoT but only to the goal & then they get deleted.
  17. Look for black cat bases on noble knight.
  18. water sculpting done. but now im out of milliput. I tried the local Hobby Lobby and all they had was baking clay, no epoxy. so I got some to try.. the thing under his claw is supposed to be a fish, cause the claw is pearched oddly on the rock, and a mermaid would be too gruesome. @Darcstaar what might heighten that effect? ah shoot its probably higher highlights. Not 100% sure how to attach water spray / droplet - but i think ill paint the sea first the water spray is cotton fibers and gloss sealer.
  19. If only....
  20. Thanks for the kind reply, NecroMancer! I sometimes wonder if my colors might be a tad too bright...I go for the bright colors anyway, but I wonder. I am happy you like the minis AND the setting. The morale boost is appreciated!
  21. I think I might be stuck with the cards. I ended up supergluing them on! As far as gold goes.... What I do need is a set of small goblets and mugs...
  22. These are so cool! I love the colors you use and dioramas are so cool! What a crazy wold you are creating!
  23. Sniff Sniff -- Can you smell that? ReaperCon is almost here. Wait... I think I just peed myself with excitement. :( But ReaperCon is almost here!!!! cant wait!
  24. Card my in.
  25. Thanks all! Pingo, the colors are all Reaper: Body and wings: 09419 Tropical Blue 09304 Copper Verdigris 09280 Nightmare Black 29920 Gem Purple 09024 Amethyst Purple 09264 Light Blue Plus white Belly 09303 NMM Gold Highlights 29826 Desert Tan There might have been some others, but these where the primary ones, if I remember right.
  26. This is great! I'm so excited to finally see you paint her. Mine is based, but still bare primer. She's in the queue for my lunch-break painting, though, so she's closer than she was. I still want to enter at Reapercon eventually. You showed me that picture from TPR at a RCon a few years ago, I like your basecoat choices to get something similar. Definitely watching to see where you take her.
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