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    Well, time to sacrifice some people to the skydragon.
  3. In my experience a glance is ok. Hurts tho. The problem is twofold: One, most people don't feel pain due to sunlight (I do) so they don't feel limited to a glance. The first glance was fine, let's look again. And again and again and why's my vision wonky? Two, those little glances add up over a lifetime to blindness in old age. A glance alone won't blind you. A lifetime of glances will. Also staring for 2 hours will screw you up. Note: don't stare at the sun and claim a rakshasa said it was ok. That's exactly what a rakshasa would say to mess with people. Because we're evil.
  4. Froggy box sent out to Epimys time now: 8/21
  5. We have thin cloud cover obscuring the sun. It's still way too bright to look at but pinhole devices can't get enough light for a good projection. :/ Although the cloud cover is only light, the darkness outside is commensurate with thicker clouds and ominous weather, so there is a little psychological weirdness.
  6. Thanks Pingo! I'll have to look it up then. And Froggy box is away!
  7. Looking good. I'm sure the camera is not doing it justice. Take a look at my first attempt at OSL torch light. What helped me was using a small LED light I had and shining it on the guy from the point of view of the torch. Additionally, as you move away from the source it begins to dim, obviously, and that color is different from the one at the origin. From my studies of what other people far more skilled from me said is that red and orange are your go to for torchlight. Yellow would only really be super close to the source. Unless the source is super close to the object in question then yellow is all over the place. But the same rules apply for a more realistic approach. I found that if I didn't have bright enough colors in my collection I would glaze the area with white then reglaze it with the color i had... after it dries of course. If you don't let it dry you get a pink color from the white/red. Dilute the white and build it up. The farther you get from the source the more the color of the tunic or what have you starts showing up. Lastly, contrast (as TheOldGuard said) is what sells the illusion. darken the spot around the bright spots and the bright spots stand out more. If you have a fear of messing it up, do it in diluted layers until you get to what looks good to you. Again, I'm no master but It was far less scary once I started doing it. I now look for ways to add it to miniatures. Here are some links that Ub3r gave me when I started trying to learn it. You came to the right place... Here you go:
  8. No deterioration on mine thank god. Note that is Superfluous "Perf" the Wizard from "Journey Quest". It's a decent figure if a little out of scale.
  9. He looks fantastic! I'm not great at OSL but how about painting the next goblin in much darker tones as if it's night or he's in a cave? That way, you can achieve a greater contrast with the lighting against his body & how far it raidiates outward.
  10. Any plans on updating this for Bones III?
  11. Side note....So I went to seal it this weekend....and I had to use a new can of army painter anti shine half way through.....I don't know if I didn't shake it well enough or what but it frosted the back of the model.....ARRRGH! I spent most of Sunday touching up the back of the figure to fix it.I got it back mostly to what it was but there is defiantly a rough texture to some of the back of it now. Sigh. If you didn't know what happened you wouldn't know but I can tell when I look close. Too embarrassed to post a pic. It looks fine but I think I lost a little detail on the back.
  12. There is something strange afoot at the Cemetery of St. Lascivious...stranger than normal if that is possible. "Did you hear something?" "NO! And I didn't see it either!": ...over there something moved: ...It is coming to get us!: There now that wasn't SO bad; now was it? With the story told here is a better look at the Reaper: AND with The Ritual: ...for continuity & size comparison. Sweet Dreams!
  13. screengrab from the live stream i'm watching
  14. Having not paid any attention to any of this eclipse stuff so far, I have a question about the dangers involved. Does one risk injury for glancing at the sun/moon/eclipse , or for staring at it for the whole 2 hours? If it's just a glance, how am I supposed to drive home from work?
  15. Just be aware that it is going have to do the boiling water/ice water method to straighten out some of the parts. She's a little warped out of the box. Also she needs some gaps filled. Otherwise it's a great model and I love it.
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    so, we either unlock monique, OR the world ends:( Let's all pray we get monique!
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    Calm down doggie, don't make me get a rolled up newspaper:)
  18. Stunning!
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    But... but... What if I'm at the South Pole?! [Curse you ~23.5° planetary axial tilt!]
  20. Well, looks like I wasn't so diligent about updating this thread. Sorry! Anyway, the piece is finally finished. Here's a look at how he turned out. I've entered him into the Eadbanger Competition Master's Category over on Eavier Metal and I'll be bringing him along with me to NOVA Open next week. Perhaps I'll see some of you there!
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    Numbers Based on 1100-1200 Reaper time today: Total Gain Today: $16,517 Total Gain 24 Hours: $33,433 Current Goal: $1,520,000 Total to Next Goal: $26,350 New Backers This Hour: 2 Gain in last Hour: $1,578 Current Average Pledge: $131.04 Average Hourly Backers Today: 3.8 Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours: 4.4 Average Hourly Pledges Today: $1,376 Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours: $1,393 Hours to next goal based on gains this hour: 16.7 Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg: 18.9 Current Total Pledges: $1,493,650 Current Total Backers: 11,398 Previous Hour Total Pledges: $1,492,073 Previous Hour Total Backers: 11,396
  22. The moon has blotted out the sun, so my little gobbo pal here needed to light a torch. How does he look? I'm particularly curious about the lighting, since I haven't tried anything like this before. There were three more of him on the sprue, so any advice you can offer will definitely be put to practical use! Thanks, guys!
  23. There were a couple of figures in the contest entries at Gen Con that I particularly liked. It'd be nice to try my hand at them, but I don't know where to get the figures. I took pics. Here's the first: I love the dynamic pose of this egyptian dervish-like figure. The second is NSFW, so here's a link. It's a large figure of a medusa -- I'm guessing 54mm scale. I love her insouciant expression. "Oh, that guy? Yeah, he thought he was a big kahuna. Now he's my sunning perch." I'm pretty sure neither of these are Reaper figures, but I'd appreciate it if anyone happens to know which company made them.
  24. Yeah, I'm getting similar results from it, myself. Disappointing. It gives me -something-, though, even if I have to go in and add them all manually. Which only took me about a half hour for the 'immediate access' kit next to my workbench.
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    Who knows, they may have added a milk bone to your box...
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