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  2. Given how much XP you get for combat vs how much you get for treasure, and how fragile low level PCs are, it's actually far far better to avoid combat.

    Thanks for the quick answer, i suspected they was the case but i hate to assume. Always best to ask and be sure. I'll save myself the heartache and not look to see what i missed
  4. Ruined??? Not at all! Looks great. I've got two dragon models on my table that I'm intimidated by... hope they end up 1/2 as good as yours. Great job on the scales, mind sharing your technique?
  5. What about sparkling? In sunlight that is?
  6. I am just curious to see how long people generally spend painting when they actually sit down to paint? I have been dying to paint lately but I can't invest a long time span. Sometimes I feel like I have to "Set Up" and that it takes a long time, but tonight I decided that I just needed to paint, even if it was just some lining from my current project from the Layer up kit. I guess I surprised myself because in my mind I always assume I need a lot of time to paint. It took only about 30 minutes, cleaning up and all.

    At this point it is too late. You'll have to wait to get them when they eventually become available at retail.

    I apologize if this is a silly question but, is it too late to jump on the bones III bandwagon? If so i guess I'll have to wait for the next one..
  9. We are NOT prone to bursting into "flame"....
  10. Now before you folks have visions of Wearing this stuff, be aware it is something that you spray around you pools, patios, etc that keeps the bugs far away, and depending on the weather, can last as long as 60+ days!!!! Now when I was first told about this, I looked at the person telling me about this as if he was insane.... But it really really WORKS!!!! Mix an equal amount of BEER (Cheap is fine) and BLUE mouthwash together in a bucket. Then add Epsom Salt and stir / shake the holy living heck out of it! I mix the salts a bit at a time until the solution becomes as saturated as it will get... and I know that by there being some sludge that will just not dissolve.... Dump the mix into a garden sprayer, leaving the sludge in the bucket!, and spray around the area that you wish to keep the bugs away from.... Now before you think I live in an area with n place for said bugs to breed, there is a rather extensive wetland area not 500 yards from my house, So much so that I get RIBBIT ninjas all over the place all warm season long, as well as the occasional Turtle, and Crayfish.... I tend to spray this stuff about 3 times, before Memorial Day, Before the 4th of July, and around Labour Day... Not Saying that you will see NO bugs, But you will see a lot less Mosquitoes especially.... Hope you have the same experiance that I do! George
  11. Really cool idea and well executed. They look ace.
  12. Knock Knock! Very cool piece!
  13. Redwall was about the little mouse chosen one, i loved the redwall series with my only complaint being how often his stories followed a specific predictable formula. Aside from that redwall and a few others in the series had some real gems... Ps. Never forget Basil Stag Hare.. possibly one of the most memorable characters I've ever encountered.. a true role model
  14. Why are your RIBBIT ninjas sneaking around SNORKLE territory again?????
  15. So, I finished the other two shadow boxes over the weekend and hung them all up. Here's the result, with a few (mostly unfinished) figures put up: I can put in about 8-10 human sized figures per shelf, and the weight of the Bones minis is negligible, so perhaps about 32-40 figures can be displayed on each of these, or 100-120 figures altogether... Here's what the shadow boxes look like in context: : Those black borders are perhaps a bit bold against the background wall. If I find they bother me too much, I may spray them a lighter color, or even white. Cleaning the rest of the room will help fight the cluttered look. Not pictured of course, was the shoebox on the floor that held these minis, and that I was finally able to pitch in the trash. This is much better looking! That's all the foam core projects I can think of for now. If I think of anything more, I'll be sure to post them. But for now, I'm going back to more traditional projects for WIP.
  16. It was. I have the first book, but have to admit that I don't remember what it was about.
  17. That is because I was cooking stuff with Alsnia, and only just got on.... we prepped a stir fry for tomorrow, baked cookies, and made taco meat for Talespinner's Potacos, as well as some other things...
  18. If she turned out to be expensive, then I wouldn't be able to purchase her in any case. However, in cases such as that, I always ask myself WWFTGD? Speaking of he of the most wonderful frogness, I'm truly digging your new avatar! Does your hat count as a Magic Helmet?
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  20. Noble Knight "generally" uses the mid-range of what stuff is going for on EvilBay as their price guide for their sales, more or less, and depending on the condition of the items... You might want to search their site for the particular item you're selling to see if they already have one for sale in order to get an idea of what they might give you for it (assume about half their sale price, or slightly less). You'll get more if you're trading it in for store credit. If you want to get rid of the stuff in a timely fashion rather than having to wait around for it to sell on EvilBay, Noble Knight isn't too bad. You'd send them a list of what you have for sale, and within a couple days you'd get an offer for it. If you accept their offer, they'll mail you shipping labels so you can box it up and send it in. Then once they have your merch and inspect it, they'll send you your money by check or PayPal. Overall, it usually takes about a week and a half to two weeks for the whole process, depending on the speed of the US Mail and whether you want store credit/PayPal or a paper check.
  21. I have not seen the Drow post his usual night time alert that he is there...I fear for the worst - such as he may have encountered sunlight and burst into flame.

    When Bones 2 was being fulfilled, there was a site that (more or less I think) listed the last city shipped to on a constantly updating basis/fulfillment tracker of sorts. Might we see something like that for this go 'round or no?
  23. Live

    The Kickstarter just broke $150,000. And that means…you love Fritz Leiber, Lankhmar, and DCC. It also means everyone gets another supplement (specifically Random NPCs in Lankhmar), but underneath that is a profound appreciation for this crazy little game and its crazy little homages to Those Who Came Before Us. Why do we do this? All of us: the writers, the artists, the publishers. Why? Because we love it. Some of us were born to RPGs, and we will always be “doing this” regardless of terms. We are The Band. And The Band is bigger than any one of us. The names that follow, brave backers, is The Band who will bring you your stretch goals. The six adventure modules, the NPCs of Lankhmar, the Locations of Lankhmar: they come not from faceless minions, but from real people who you can meet and game with. Join us at Gary Con, North Texas RPG Con, Gen Con, and the many other cons. Come playtest the modules you’ll eventually receive. Come understand why we do this: it’s in our blood.
  24. Kid: Redwall (I assume this series was available in the US?) Teen: Dune Adult: For Whom the Bell Tolls
  25. Well, oookaaaayyyyy... I suppose I'll stop down there tomorrow and inquire about whether or not they'll have room for us... (I'll probably be there regardless, although I may well leave my painting stuff in the car and just game...) If there's no room at the (Red Dragon) inn for us, how is the first weekend of next month looking for people?
  26. Sent this out about 3 weeks ago. Tracking said received so posting photos here.
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