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  2. SparrowMarie

    Happy Birthday Sylverthorn!

    Happy birthday!
  3. Doug Sundseth

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Larger than life? Hmm, does that implicate the threefold nature of god? "One body in three hypostases!" "Similar substance!" "Union between the Flesh and the Word!" ... "Break all the graven images!" "Dude, that's so last week."
  4. SparrowMarie

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Not just you, doesn't happen constantly but it does happen.
  5. Just went and bought some makeup brushes to use as dry brushes. For $1 a brush it was a pretty good deal. Also, got some distilled water for the wet palette because the water here is weird.
  6. buglips*the*goblin

    Happy Birthday Sylverthorn!

    Gd lck. Try pcktlnt, h mght hv sm.
  7. SparrowMarie

    Minivember 2017 Show Off

    Totally forgot about those. They were last minute swaps.
  8. Strips of heads on a sprue would be a very good idea. They would probably have to be molded in a harder material than the figures or handling would be difficult. Spare heads would have saved a lot of time on the repairs I did on some of the earlier Bones with smooshed noses
  9. Check. Check. So that implies to me that the odd # of figures rule is more about how asymmetry often looks more visually appealing. Um, sort of. Oval base, and the figure placement ended up being odd. I think it works, but we'll see what you guys think at RCon (if I finish it). But that leads to my question below. Check - that was a major factor in my placement of the figures on the base. What about having a "dead space" on the rear of the base? With my placement of the knight and dragon, and the build up of the terrain to make a scene, I have this dead space at the rear of the diorama. Visually, from the front 270 degrees, you don't see it, but if you turn it around to the rear, there is this dead space. I call it dead space, because there is nothing going on there, other than the rear of the wall the dragon is sitting on and some flat terrain. I couldn't back the dragon up any further on the base without it looking wrong (placing the dragon further back would have ended up meaning the two figures were opposite each other on the oval, which didn't look right.) I will still detail/paint it so that it doesn't look unfinished, but it is definitely the rear. In retrospect, I should have positioned my wall differently, but at the time I thought my dragon was going into a different place. My reasoning for it is this piece is that at my house, it will be sitting on a shelf where it can only be seen from the front side, but I'm wondering how that would affect it at RCon where it would be seen 360 degrees. I'm wondering if I might be better off putting a small Easter egg there. Oh, and that leads me to another question. What about details that hang over the edge of the base? One of my dragon's wings is going to hang over the side of the base, and I'll be building out a little bit of detail underneath that that will also hang over. I felt that would be more visually interesting than trying to contain the whole scene upon a larger base. Other than the issue of making the piece more fragile, is there any reason I shouldn't do this? ETA - thanks for your input.
  10. Sirithiliel

    Citadel dragon WIP

    for a smooth-texture dragon, i find a spine-to-belly gradient works fairly well. A dark green at the spine, and blend it down to a lighter green near the belly plates. The dragon i am working on below isn't entirely smooth, but his tail is. it's the same concept where i started with purple and worked my way into the orange for his feet and belly. you can also experiment with having his feet a lighter (or darker) shade than his body, and perhaps his face / snout too. It adds some interest to a dragon that might be lacking in details in the sculpt itself
  11. Gadgetman!

    Take a hike!

    Here's a short video I filmed with my CAT S40 phone in a rather wobbly holder on my dashboard a week ago. What's really special about it is that it was filmed just before 11pm. https://youtu.be/R0z6_8EGJSI Again, sorry about the quality. A proper dashcam is on order.
  12. mvincent

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    Ah: I hadn't used their rules, I just really liked having alternate sculpts (especially for re-use in RPG's), and it seemed like an excellent option for miniature games in general. It's too bad that the associated rules in that case didn't live up to the potential, but I'd like to see more innovative uses for miniatures, like: Representing a condition (binary state) via an alternate sculpt Representing gear with snap-on or magnetic bits Representing resource attrition (hit-points, ammo, crew) on larger models with removable bits (or even movable bits... just something more aesthetic than click-bases) Representing combos (kinda like the Small-World races) via a snap-together method (upper/lower? alternate bases? Chimeric creations?)
  13. Evilhalfling

    Minivember 2017 Show Off

    that is a great month of work. im just starting into Bones3, and its nice to see someone else work. you do have a few from other sets - the thing with 4 arms and a lure, and the frog wearing a skull helmet are both bones 2
  14. Warlady


    Yet another character from one of our D&D games, this one for my son. He's a deva, hence the purple skin. Alas, he met an untimely end, dissolved by a gelatinous cube. That was a particularly unlucky party - my son's next two characters also perished, along with two other party members. By the time we finished the campaign, only one PC was from the starting group! And apologies for my thumb in the one photo. I was trying to get a good shot of his face and had to tilt him back, as his head is down and covered a good bit by his hood.
  15. I have bought so many belts over the last six days. Buying a belt as a fat man is v. hard.
  16. Yeah, Dredd's failure to launch was very disappointing.
  17. Marvin

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Woooooooo, Vacation Bible School. Everything's smaller than I remember 25 years ago. Except Jesus. He's still to scale.
  18. pcktlnt

    Atlantis Miniatures Ogres

    Oh man. I thought that ogre rhino boss was a rhinotaur or something.
  19. A couple of aquisitions... On friday I got hold of a pair of extensible painters handles, added some elastic cord, M8 bolts and zip-ties... Yes, the car is a bit messy inside... but now at least my fishing rods and hiking staves doesn't have to rattle about in the back. And yes, my car actually have slots to fit internal roof rails. The painters handles cost me about $10, the rest I had laying about. At the bottom you can also see part of a wheel of my brand new folding bike. (Aluminium frame, 20" rims, disc brakes, and a total weight of 9Kg) On saturday I picked up a new pair of hiking shoes, the Alfa Lyng Perform GTX M (Lyng = heather. gosh, now you learned another Norwegian word) They're made by the same company that makes the M77 Army boots, so I know they're good quality. They're also half the weight of my M77, but still sports Vibram rubber soles. They weren't cheap, though... around $250.0 Today I got a package containing the adapter I needed for my Badger airbrush, a 200ml bottle of airbrush cleaner, and a roll of Artool Ultra Mask sticky foil. (Translucent and comes on backing paper so it can be cut with a vinyl cutter. Probably time to actually learn to use my Silhouette Cameo now) And today I ordered a proper dashcam for my car...
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  21. Warlady

    Barnabus Frost - Bones version

    Here is Barnabus Frost, the Bones version. Once again, I had a couple of spots where the paint simply didn't want to stick. I also have the metal version of him, which I am looking forward to painting at some point.
  22. Pezler the Polychromatic

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    He could have been somebody! He could have been a contender! My herring, not @Glitterwolf.
  23. Kheprera

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I have found a thing exists... A Sean Connery thing. I must own this.
  24. paintybeard

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    .. Worse than that, I now realise that I must have watched Apollo 13 at least three times and never realised Kevin Bacon was in it. Mind you, he is looking a lot more wasted than he did in 1995.
  25. Saw a Double Feature of that and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. This pretty much sums up my opinion of the latter, except I didn't cry when [redacted] because it was painfully obvious that they were just laying it on thick as a cheap emotional ploy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy7JkZ7m8wM
  26. Bughouse


    Did you sculpt this guy? His pose is awesome, and the paintjob is sweet.
  27. Warlady

    Reptus shaman

    Another character from one of our D&D games. Sorry the pictures aren't so good - I'm still getting used to taking my own, instead of having someone else do it for me. :-P
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