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  2. The previous artwork is from Jim Holloway, but that's the AD&D 2e artwork. The older 1st edition artwork is this one: The tail is more scorpion like, even though it had no particular ability. You can also say that the classical Greek chimera has been copied by later artists with their own touch (goat's head next to the lion's head, or laying on the middle top of the back and/or composing the read end of the beast). Even the description of it in the Iliad makes reference to fire breathing and a dragon/serpent head (though not necessarily breathing fire *from* the dragon head, but somehow the goat head or lion head could). The wings probably *are* a recent addition as the classic Iliad chimera couldn't fly (defeated with the aid of Pegasus). The ancients: Modding beasts since Antiquity.
  3. The guy in green and the girl in red in the top picture are the primary ones I'm working on. The ones in the back in the first picture and the ones in the bottom picture are things I work on on the side. The bottom picture has animated swords that I've been trying to deal with for a while. Spell effects are annoying.
  4. Thanks for the reply! So, in a 3000 TVP game 3000 is a hard cap. The software allowed me to add another 300 points of units and I didn't see any error messages. I probably overlooked it. I found the rules about 'Force Specialization' on page 42 and 128 - 141 (in case anyone else else finds this thread with a similar question). I have not found the flexible spending part but I'm still looking. J--
  5. I spent most of yesterday at the FLGS for Tabletop Day. My 4 hour Adventure League session ended up being a 7 hour session, so I only got the one game in. I then played Mystic Vale, an AEG deck building game about druids clearing corrupted land. The nice thing is that you deck is only ever 20 cards. All of the additional cards you buy are overlays that modify your original starting deck. It was quite fun and I Am considering getting to play at home. Also lick was with me for the raffle. My tickets got picked 5 times out of the basket. Not bad for only having 10 tickets. Due to self limiting I only ended up with 3 prizes; the New pre-primed DnD minis (dwarf wizards and female rangers) and some sort of game book that I passed off to Aard. I also had a MadJack sighting but I was in my game and didn't get a chance to talk much.
  6. Weird cans accumulate there. There's Bruce Campbell's Cream Of Darkness soup, as well as his Bisque 'O' County, a can of Jolt Cola (souvenir of a trip to Qwik-E-Mart, when the Simpsons Movie was opening), a can of Romulan Ale, a can of Resident Evil T-Virus Cure... and my current brush wash cup is a mini can of Canada Dry with a goblin face on it.
  7. Riiiight..... It's definitely not an attempt to take over the world with a secret army of mentally-programmed guinea pig assassins. Not at all.
  8. Great work !!!
  9. ....and takes twice the labor and time to complete!
  10. I would want to stick moss and vines all over this! Looking great!
  11. Yup. For the last... half dozen or so years I've been taking in 1-3 guinea pigs at a time that have been given up to the local shelters/rescue organization. None of the shelters around here are really equipped to deal with anything but cats and dogs, so private rescue organizations handle the other animals. In this case it's the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue. I house the pigs, spend some time holding them, keep them fed, watered, and healthy. It isn't really much, but it's been a little way that I could do my part to make the world a little better until the pigs could find their forever homes.
  12. I like it!!! Well done! As for the pics, I think the 3rd pic is the best off them. Need more focus..
  13. That turned out very nicely!
  14. He is a cool looking Space Lizard. You did a SPLENDID job with the paining. The base enhances the miniature nicely. OUTSTANDING WORK! I think the last two photos present your creation in the most favorable manner.
  15. Shouldn't you be painting his ears, too? You're making very good progress on him, Knarthex!
  16. Aha, constrictor. That makes sense then.
  17. Just 'cause it's not much work doesn't mean it can't be expensive.
  18. Looks great. The purple is a perfect choice for the skin (& it's what I would have done too ) I like the cream & green robes with the metallic trim - great colour choices all round.
  19. We're all hoping for the best. He sounds like a real fighter, I respect that.
  20. Turned out really nice!
  21. Sligg soldier I painted up a few days ago. The base is from Secret Weapon.Tabletop work as usual,I hope you like him. I'm trying to work on my pictures more; which set looks the better, the first three, or the last two? Front Back Showing the base a little better
  22. That's quite a busy dungeon you have there. [Secretly wishing I had enough room for a ping pong sized table full of dungeon tiles]
  23. Good Start! Nice Progress!!! Good Result!!! There! I fixed your WIP! Well done!
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