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  2. I have done some modification to the "winging it" section of the Chem Plant module.The landed tank that was tied to the tank on the tower, has now been put on an elevated stand. This tower with the multiple redirect components is presently being glued to the tower it rests on to hold it's position when connections are being made to the fourth elevated section, which has eleven possible connection points. I think the pipe runs around this component will get a bit crowded.
  3. Giving my eyes a rest as I'm working with tiny tiny pins and modifications to my figures for the diorama that I'm trying to finish for reapercon this year. All together (with the 7 figures in the diorama), I need to paint 10 total figures along with building the bases before October. Wish me luck
  4. The wizard came in a set of paints. Kind of like Reaper's learn to paint kit. If I had to guess I would say it was Grenadier. buckyball
  5. Alternatively you could pop him off his stand and check out the bottom of his base. That will tell you pretty quickly who the manufacturer is.
  6. Thanks will go looking.
  7. I remember the "Destruction of Jared Zinn"! I might still have the VHS... Oh and Megaforce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Guindyloo? Condolences... Judging by his outfit, he's a samurai who's using a loaner while his sword is in the shop.
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    My wife actively threatens to kill me over my figmentia. She DID let my kids get me Khanjira for a Father's Day gift, tho...
  10. I have my grandfather's hat that exactly matches the top middle hat of that pic... He was born in 1910....
  11. I am not sure that is supposed to be the type of gamebeson you are thinking of. This appears to be a Varangian guard. My guess is that the manufacturer is RAFM. Their old historical line had those really bulky miniatures. If you search for them look under Late Byzantine. The Varangian guard were a mercenary Norse unit that fought for the Byzantine empire. buckyball
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    My boyfriend's mother said that to find a gift, look at what a person has a lot of and get them something like that. And lucky for me (maybe unlucky?) my boyfriend has a serious interest in me painting. Unlucky in that he's a bad influence when I need will power to not get more, and save my wallet! Lucky though... he picks some up too. I return the favor by cooking nice things.
  13. I'm hovering just on the far side of 100 kg and I might possibly have that many kg of hobby stuff if you count games. Throw in books and I know I do have. The concept of enough is difficult. My wife tried for years to explain it to me. I think it works this way. If you want to buy something your spouse isn't interested in you already have enough. If they want to buy something you aren't interested in they don't have enough. I've spent more on hobby stuff this year than I have in a very long time. It's nearing my idea of enough, at least for awhile. Luckily the wife has been supportive. Newer vehicle for her, hundreds of dollars of paints and minis for me. Everybody's happy as long as I pay for it all.
  14. Khai the Huntress, now a true ranger! I realized after looking at a lot of my other rangers/archers that not very many had actual arrows in hand. Most are reaching back for an arrow as if they are getting ready to fire a shot. So I took a page out of that book and added the quiver to her waist at her back, repositioned her right arm and drilled out the pole arm she was holding. What do you all think? Nice conversion?
  15. The Texas Fedora is hilarious. Needed to be about 4in taller though.
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    Yeah, I know. I don't get this 'enough'. but he was just really cute. He was cleaning out the fridge and found the bottom to the 9" springform pan and asked "did you want to use this as a base?" See he gets it, but just has this delusion about "enough".
  17. Sorry to hear that Guindyloo. Thanks for letting us know what is going on. No rush. Take care of yourself and family first.
  18. Numbers Based on 1900-2000 Reaper time today: Total Gain Today: $30,230 Total Gain 24 Hours: $43,173 Current Goal: $1,340,000 Total to Next Goal: $2,346 New Backers This Hour: 6 Gain in last Hour: $1,690 Current Average Pledge: $123.26 Average Hourly Backers Today: 5.0 Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours: 5.3 Average Hourly Pledges Today: $1,512 Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours: $1,799 Hours to next goal based on gains this hour: 1.4 Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg: 1.3 Current Total Pledges: $1,337,654 Current Total Backers: 10,852 Previous Hour Total Pledges: $1,335,963 Previous Hour Total Backers: 10,846
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    I'm pretty sure I have my body mass, and I almost hit 3 digits in kilograms. Nope, not enough.
  20. I've been doing mostly drudge-not-worth-taking-photos-of work. Today I started the Grim Reaper Mushroom's base: ...more tomorrow...maybe.
  21. I can't speak to the creator of the image, but I intended that as a joke. (I can identify a Homburg, Trilby, Bowler, Alpine, in addition to the top hat. And there are no fedoras in the picture, which is kind of what makes the joke.) (Though "Texas Fedora" does have a certain ring. Or it would have a ring if that were a silver hat band, anyway.)
  22. I've been doing mostly drudge-not-worth-taking-photos-of work. Today I started the Grim Reaper Mushroom's base: ...this may very well be done tomorrow...or not.
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    I don't understand. Enough minis? I don't even have my body weight in minis and I barely hit three digits on the scale. Clearly, not enough minis.
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    Please don't use the B-word. Enough ... minis? How does that work?
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    Blasphemy! No such thing. My retirement will be spent doing crafts and painting minis. And like my mom I am stocking up on non perishable hobby stuff a little at a time while cheap, so I will have it when I'm not able to go out as much.
  26. Coffee - with milk and no sugar. My favourite used to be tea but the problem is that I can't stand Hong Kong style milk tea so I tend to only drink tea if I'm drinking it at home. For those who don't know, HK style milk tea is made with evaporated or condensed milk instead of fresh milk and is a horrible abomination.
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