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  2. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Is there a chance for you to get a job on a base? Maybe as a civvie? We have civilians working here as well.
  3. Very nice velvets, and the face really works out.
  4. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Those are the usually the best kind. Every once in a while I wish I was back in/still in the Navy. No snow here! Well, no NEW snow, we've still got the old stuff that is slowly melting away.
  5. My First Miniature!

    I think this is great for a first mini. Kudos to you for going right at black and white - probably the 2 most difficult colors to layer/blend with. As has been said before, you show some good brush control - the techniques will come in time, but the brush control will help with just about every skill.
  6. Kev!'s Mantic - Dungeon Saga - Maw Beast

    Kev! I know you love your scenic backgrounds but please try to pick backgrounds that are a different colour from the miniature you are displaying. It is extemely difficult to get a clear look at most of the minis you are posting. On close examination I can tell your painting is improving, but the staging of your photos with the scenery is not doing your minis any favours. Try taking pictures against a neutral coloured background and you will see your minis look totally different.
  7. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I learned to drive at 15 thanks to school sponsored drivers ed. and living in the country, yesterday's (or was it the day before's now? ) bike was traded in for the trek to town for school. Currently, a 13 explorer and I prefer manual to automatic, but an resigned to not being able to find them anymore (and my knees are going, so the extra clutching probably wouldn't be as fun anymore) No really funny stories, but there have been a few harrowing ones along the way - for instance, I rolled my mom's minivan at 25mph .. was a graceless slide across the road on a black iced corner, then a flip when we hit the snowbank, followed by a much more graceful slide into a cow pasture - where I was ticketed for trespassing (I had the nearest "No Tresspassing" sign under the van when the wrecker flipped it back over).. My 8yo brother and I walked the 2 miles home so mom could call the sheriff and a wrecker ..
  8. My First Miniature!

    Your placement of the gold, red and green paint shows rapidly improving brush control and is a very good sign that you have the potential to be a good painter. This is a very good start so keep at it.
  9. Here’s the first of the general purpose human units ready to go: And, as listed above, here is the Northern allied war band ready for a fight: Now I need to fill out the orcish ranks...
  10. A 1/72 scale A-10 model was the first model I put together, way back in the early '80s. It's not my favorite plane (that honor belongs to the Tomcat), but it comes very close. For those who don't know, since the plane was designed to attack tanks and other things on the ground, the designers knew it would attract a lot of enemy fire. So the pilot effectively sits in a "bathtub" or titanium armor. And that big gun under the nose? It's offset from the centerline - the 3 o'clock position fires, and that position is on the centerline, because the force of that beast firing needed to be distributed straight back or the plane would pull to one side. It's a Big Gun^TM.
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  12. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I don't However my girl has named our robotic vacuum cleaner Harry for some reason..
  13. 77586 Avatar of Rage (Hippo)

    Great job! I have this one, but I hadn't notice the fruit on it's belt until now.
  14. Adventurers - Barbarian and Wizard

    Looks good to me. I think the osl just need a touch more brightness to it to sell it... maybe a bit of yellow in some very small spots.
  15. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I don't actually name machinery, but I most certainly do talk to it. As most people who work regularly with pumps, boilers, motors etc. will tell you; nearly all mechanical devices work much better if you have a little chat to them and encourage them to behave nicely. If you don't do this they will almost certainly refuse to run properly when you vitally need them. Most machinery has an individual character. You might have, say, 2 compressors, that are the same make and the same age. One will run sweetly whenever you want. The other will be a complete piece of brocoli that refuses to start, wipes its bearings and gives every sort of trouble.
  16. 77586 Avatar of Rage (Hippo)

    You need to create a boxing bag for him! Looks great!
  17. 77586 Avatar of Rage (Hippo)

    My 2 year old is currently fascinated with hippos so that inspired me to pull this one out of the mountain of Bones and paint him. Perhaps I should add some gloss, but I need the brush on kind.
  18. Happy Birthday Rogue1138 !

    Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  19. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Question the 22nd of March: As inspired by yesterdays tales of named cares and domiciles; Do you name inanimate objects? If so, what have you named and why?
  20. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Yes... A pickup truck... 16 or 17.....? (Summer in-between school years.) Funny as in Surreal: I have driven to West Texas a few times. There is a place**** out there near a town called Snyder where one can get out of the car and look at flat horizons in every direction. AND all the way out to those horizons there are row upon row upon row of windmills literally as far as the eye can see, in every direction. (Don’t let anybody tell you Texas is not into clean energy...those wind farms are big enough to see from Orbit.) ****Place being a four lane blacktop major highway.
  21. This is an awesome plane, basically a flying tank with a lot of firepower. One drawback though..friendly fire is a very serious risk when this thing starts strafing. Accidents have happened. Still when pointed in the right direction it is a very effective weapon.
  22. 25th anniversary Dain Deepaxe

    One Dwarf with a grudge! Looks great!
  23. 03712 Ogre Guard

  24. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    They key was to admit nothing — deny everything.
  25. DSM3103 Glenraven female rogue with sword and dagger

    This is excellent work! Awesome work on those blades! One little nitpicking..touch up the rim of the base. Some paint has flaked off there. It does distract a little. Aside from that, competition winner piece!
  26. Adventurers - Barbarian and Wizard

    Well done! The rogue works pretty well as a wizard !
  27. Kev!'s 77348: Barrow Warden 3

    Creepy dude!
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