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  2. If Mr. Thorne and I attend next year, I may make a note of that; we ... have our own reasons for not being thrilled with the Hilton chain. ^^; This one has been quite pleasant, mind; I'm not getting any of the nasty vibe I've had from others in the chain.
  3. I think everybody should have a cardboard Kev's head for photos.
  4. Yes. I'm confident that anybody who sees your amazing entree will agree. you need the challenge.
  5. If a rock has none of those restrictions and no further definition, then "rocks" is a superset of "minerals". Therefore, it is always incorrect to answer, "Whoa! are we still talking about rocks" with "Certainly not. I am talking about minerals" since every conversation about minerals is also, by the quoted definition, a conversation about rocks as well. Just sayin'. That's a large part of the reason that there is life on the planet. The ice acts as an insulator and keeps a significant amount of energy from radiating away during winter. That energy would be lost were the ice to sink to the bottom of the lakes and oceans. And since the ice is on top when summer comes, it melts rather than just lurking in the depths getting deeper over time. It tastes like rattlesnake?
  6. My hair is waist length and I find it looks cute when it's all windblown. Of course, I do have to oil it afterwards in order to brush it...
  7. I'd believe it, although suspect that most of us don't have shnozzes good enough to sense it. Some of the greasy feeling minerals are used as lubricants for machines (graphite and molybdenite). They feel slippery. Bauxite also has a smell. Borax as well. Fluorite is also funky in that it is responsible for people having good but ugly teeth. Regions with high fluorite near rivers and streams end up with minor dissolution, raising the fluorine content of the water for locals. It causes brown spots on really durable teeth. Pike's Peak area had that happen historically, and a dentist noted it. Then he found other similar regions. It became a dentist + geologist effort to figure out the cause. Now fluorine in city water is modulated.
  8. I really need to reread my Elfquest stuff, it's been a few years. Still one of my favorite comics and takes on how elves/fae work.
  9. Truth, as someone who used to have hair long enough to sit on, just walking around can cause massive snarls. Had a super hero char once that I had written in that one of the effects of her powers was a constant detangling of her long hair. As for dignified and just wearing your hair, Timmain from Elfquest seldom wears more unless you count when she's a wolf
  10. I wonder why @ub3r_n3rd's AMA has the fancy schmancy AMA tag and none of the others do. Maybe @Froggy the Great can splain?
  11. They do feel different, to those of us blessed to be perceptive enough. It's the chemical formula, in my semi-professional opinion Fluorite is slightly soluble in water and hot acid. Skin has a slightly acidic pH (5 to 6.5 depending on the person). The waxy feeling is the single atom thick layer dissolving as I rub it. That also accounts for the smell as well, ions going into solution and aerosolizing. Copper and silver also have unique smells. No seriously. And gold has no smell. Unless you done been conned, then that's not gold and that's why it smells like brass.
  12. Congrats~!
  13. He now has a shirt and tie. The tie will get interesting.
  14. But a useless person will get thrown in jail for public nudity. A hero whose awesome weather powers saved the town will be thanked, and nudity forgiven. Nudity laws also vary by region significantly. Around here, technically all that is required is a speedo (for any gender). That only seems to get tested at the Farmer's Market. Mine tangles before I can start cursing at the wind.
  15. They do feel different, to those of us blessed to be perceptive enough. Ice is pretty darn ridiculous. Even before you get into the many different permutations of it, the fact that solid H2O is less dense than liquid H2O is amazing. Obsidian, because I like it more and know where to find pretty obsidian. It also can get surgically sharp. @NebulousMissy, check out Olivine, Wadsleyite, and Ringwoodite. Mantle mineral structure changes get weird. And they can accommodate OH- ions up to several percent.
  16. Horseshoe theory application yet again: Likewise, being useless and having no ability to affect town has allowed me never to wear pants.
  17. Sure the super tornado thing is impressive but her real superpower is having hair that long that isn’t irredeemably tangled given that she flies by being carried on the winds. I walk outside on a windy day and am usually immediately smacked in the face by my hair.
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  19. The ability to flatten a town with super tornados means never really having a dress code.
  20. Can't speak to chemistry, but molasses are delicious and nutritious, anyway. Om nom nom.
  21. I just spent the past ... twenty minutes? Half an hour? Combing out my pigtails and separating out the extensions. I might need to refine this process, and figure out a better way. Ouchie. ^^; Weirdly, bright screaming orange is not a bad colour against the dark red-brown that is my actual hair... but my hair is longer than the extensions. o.O
  22. I took his sculpting faces class...
  23. Molasses is the sludge left over from sugar refinement. It's like sugar tar (and tastes like it ). Maple syrup is what happens when you take maple sap and boil away most of the water. It's like freeze-distilled booze. They are both sugar solutions with very little water and a whole pile of impurities. Most of the defining flavors come from those impurities. Blackstrap molasses is the tarriest, where the vast most of the sugar has been refined out and it's almost purely impurities. [shudders] I would say maple syrup is closer to honey in terms of chemical and physical relation. They're both unrefined and concentrated by evaporation.
  24. Welcome! If you are having fun painting you are doing it right!
  25. And now an army approaches to suppress any miscreants.
  26. Trying to get gold with a big mini seems pretty impossible until you have many many years painting and are an amazing painter who can easily get gold with small minis three years now, the only people I see get gold for a big mini are the professional painters who get gold all the time anyways, so I think if I want to actually improve as a painter and get gold one day I need to give up on the Big minis and force myself to work on small humanoid minis that are infinitey less fun to do
  27. Chemistry question: are there chemical similarities between molasses and maple syrup?
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