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  2. AutumnHare

    91006 Prarie Tick Queen - Bones

    That is disgustingly awesome.
  3. Gadgetman!

    Canada is closed (well postaly anyway)

    The rotating strikes is supposed to be as disruptive as possible without actually taking down the service altogether. Not certain how it is in Canada, but here in Norway, if a 'critical service' was taken out completely it wouldn't take long before it resulted in a compulsory salary committee. So the trick is to cause enough havoc that the opposition is forced to negotiate again, but without completely disrupting everything. Also, there's rules as to who can 'take over' the tasks belonging to someone on strike. (In some countries, only the direct supervisor can take over. ) So taking out someone who has a 'moderately critical' position can force the immediate superior to have to take over that task, or risk everything getting even more swamped. And that impacts his normal duties. Incidentally, my old boss(retired now) was a member of the same union as me, and during the last conflict we both ended up picked to strike at the same time. It was weird... Anyway... Not all services are on strike, so this will only affect anything that is being shipped with Canada Post on the final leg of the journey.
  4. Corsair

    TAG question

    Simple question her but I can't find the answer. Can any unit use a TAG lock for firing if it has the LOS to a Tagged unit [target] or does it have to be TAG equipped? Thanks
  5. Just to make sure it's clear, the new paint rack is the mostly empty 6-tier shelf style one. The rack that is full is the 6-tier corner that I already had, and the empty dropper storage was already owned as well. They're all very nice pieces, though. The brush rack definitely needs a dab of glue, because the top plate likes to fall, but the paint racks are pretty tight fitting and sturdy even without glue. Also keep in mind that part of that cutting mat is underneath the paint racks. Almost 8 inches of it is under the racks on the side, and there's a couple inches under the racks at the top too. So the exposed portion isn't the whole mat. But it is the 47" desktop. All told, with the paint racks and everything it's a little more cramped of a workspace than what I'd like, but if it comes down to it I can always pack up the spray booth. As for the question about the booth, I don't have any ducting to vent it towards the window like some people do(some are sold with it, too). It's just a straight shot out the back for me. And yes, you will get some paint escaping through the filters and coming out the back. I really don't care about it much, but if I did I'd just put some thick cardstock or poster board up on the wall behind it. I could always get some dryer exhaust ducting and throw it out the window, but until I start working with lacquers and enamels more often I won't really have toxic fumes at a level that they worry me beyond wearing my respirator. A little bit of lacquer thinner vapors from cleaning out an airbrush once in a blue moon is manageable just with good air circulation and the window being open.
  6. Maledrakh

    Claustrophobia 1643 kickstarter by Monolith

    I would wager that ending the campaign so close to black friday also might have something to do with this game not selling out. This really is not the time of year to be running KS campaings.
  7. TheOldGuard

    77135 Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate - Bones

    Yes, it would appear so....... I've been desperately trying to get them all painted for the last few months!
  8. strawhat

    Kev!'s 77552: Crusader Justifier - InMiPaMo d12

    It's probably not to keep things out...
  9. TheOldGuard

    77276 Sea Hag - Bones

    Many thanks! Generally, I don't bother priming "Bones" minis, I do with metal ones however. I have been known to give "Bones" minis a thin colour wash beforehand to give some definition.
  10. Sylverthorne

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    WDAC <==must remember that one. Me too. ^^;
  11. Keianna

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    So, apparently when I wasn't paying attention I leveled up to Super Stealth Soup Skill. My boss didn't notice that I had made soup until he went to put his soup in the soup spot.
  12. Ratmaster2000

    91004 Texas Ranger Female - Bones

    Another nice job! I really need to get to work on my 20 mini's
  13. Today
  14. Ratmaster2000

    77135 Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate - Bones

    Nice Job, another I need to paint:( Did you get the same free mini's I did in last years reaper stocking
  15. ttuckerman

    Happy Birthday Mengu

    Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  16. ...I'm not sure what the sculptor had in mind. There is something of Saturday Night Fever about him. In the grouping, he may be trying to hide /blend in among the Mushrooms. Thanks for the kind reply, Cicciopiu. I'm looking forward to what I will come up with for a color scheme also. Right now I haven't a clue....that always makes it more exciting for me. Thanks, Glitter...glad you like them thus far.
  17. Ratmaster2000

    77276 Sea Hag - Bones

    Very well done, now I feel the need to do mine. Do you prime your mini's before painting them? I find that brings out the details and makes painting somewhat easier.
  18. Ratmaster2000

    77207 Dub Bullock - Bones

    Looks more american indian too me (In a good way). Nice job.
  19. TheOldGuard

    77276 Sea Hag - Bones

    Thanks! It was quite difficult working out what was seaweed & what was clothing. There's actually a lot of details to pick out on this mini - octopus, crab, starfish, tiny barnacles & even the little bladders on the seaweed! Many thanks! I almost gave the octopus blue rings around it's legs.
  20. Ratmaster2000

    Ghoulie Bags

  21. Okay, I strongly suspect I'll be getting my paws on some of those racks now... Once I have a bit of extra spare cash to do so, because those look rather lovely to say the least! ...And the brush holder too. I need more paint storage anyways, plus with upgrading to a new desk in a few months I'm rather tempted by the setup you've showcased there, doubly so because that's an 18x24 cutting mat ~AND~ an airbrush spray booth on what I'm guessing was the 47 1/4" wide tabletop. Out of curiosity, with that booth, are you venting the air any particular direction after, or just out the back like those ones are usually built, and if so, any issues with excess paint particles making it out the back?
  22. Unruly

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    For the 3rd time this week I've woken up after only 4-5 hours of sleep and not been able to just roll over and go back to bed despite feeling the exhaustion still. After about the first 45 minutes of trying I said screw it and started doing other stuff. Now I'm still tired, but very much unable to go back to sleep. My friends who are moving wanted me to go to dinner with them last night but I had work. I offered to (mostly)take them to dinner tonight at one of 3 places around here, because I have $75 in corporate gift cards that have been languishing in my wallet unused since I got them, and I haven't gotten a reply. I'm wondering if the thought of eating at Darden-owned restaurants offended them. I thought everyone was willing to go for some largely free Olive Garden or Red Lobster, though I can sort of understand if they didn't want to go to Longhorn Steakhouse...
  23. Beagle

    Black Friday Deals

    You're already a diamond I know, I know, but I couldn't resist On CMON, I also asked and received a refund (after being prodded by @Glitterwolf), I've regretted it ever since, there was some really nice 2000AD pieces at crazy prices
  24. TheOldGuard

    77207 Dub Bullock - Bones

    Greetings! I felt that "Dub" had something of a "Sinbad" feel to him so I painted his baggy pants & shirt in vibrant colours & contrasted these with a blue/green cloak. I kept his skin tone tanned but in retrospect, this does seem to be a little too close to his leather armor & braces for my liking. He does have a mold line right down the middle of his face which is unfortunate as it makes his nose & mouth look a little strange...... Thanks for looking!!
  25. Crowley

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Waffles were yummy! This calls for Moar Coffee!!
  26. LittleBluberry

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I miss lazy Saturday mornings. Ah well, spent last night socializing with friends and got my younger girls to karate. Tonight we go see Crimes of Grindelwald.
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