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    Sculpt wise - if the figures match the digital art - the figures are much, much better than the wild orc KS from a bit back - which had incredibly bad sculpts. There are a few that I rather like - but then you have the one carrying a banner while her trous drops. But the Hussar, and the Centurion... actually useful miniatures. The Auld Grump
  3. @Reaperbryan How many?
  4. Happy birthday!
  5. I didn't know Oxyclean was an ASOTV thing; we get ours from Costco, and it seems to work pretty well. Other than that.. no. I don't trust most of those gadgets, and I don't have the space to waste on cheap, non-working crap. ^^;
  6. I know I've bought one or two things that had an "As Seen on TV" Label on it at Walmart but that's it as far as I can remember. I don't even remember what those things were.
  7. Alright, last photo. This piece is done but I wanted to put in the base. I added some texture to it. sprinkled on some flocking. This photo is not great as I want the final show-off ones to display it better.
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    wow sad that I missed this KS completely - minis look really good :o(
  9. You can do that!? Mind. Blown. I'm actually just about due for an eye exam...
  10. Morning, all!
  11. I'm traveling this week, so I have a few figures and a travel paint kit with me. The ca1974 Minifigs Mythical Earth Rider of Rohan and Gandalf were well along when I started last night, but the 1981 Broadsword ranger-bard was just in primer. I have a captain to go with him along, and a handful of archers at home, which will eventually form a little Dragon Rampant unit.
  12. I will give it a go and report back to you, thanks for the response.
  13. So it's been a very long time since I touched this piece... No idea why but I picked it back up and "went to town" on it! Worked on the jacket and duster. Unfortunately, my camera didn't capture the coloration i added to the duster as well as I would like. It pops a lot more than the camera lets on. Although you can see I have improved it. Funny thing about this, I think my skill at painting has increased since last I touched this piece. haha. I re-did the color on the jacket and did highlights and lows. One thing I attempted to do is make the brim of the hat reflect like it was a glossy military hat.. What do you think? I primed the buckle and hat piece yellow... still not sure what to do with it though. The duster got a brand new coat of browns and washes. I'll update this later with the exact paints and what not. I have forgotten what I used. (I think i'm just going to take pictures of the paints..hahah) What you guys and gals think?
  14. Let me help. First, I suggest you try to straighten these via boiling. if that works, then please report back, so we know and can help others in the future. If that fails please e-mail me directly. let me know your shipping address, and remind me of this conversation (by linking to it would be grand). Also include your Bones 3 order number or login email. At that point I'd be happy to replace the part. I would normally suggest instead of myself, but I kind of want to see what happens myself.
  15. I keep my house the same temp in summer! In winter, we drop it down to 72 to make my hubby happy. Yeah, I get repeating anxiety dreams, including the Going Back to School For Some Reason at my Current Age dream. Also Final Exam Time & Never Went To Class, My Work Desk Has Been Moved Somewhere Horribly Public, Wait No One Is Driving The Van, and My Family's Graves Have Been Moved To A Mausoleum & They Won't Let Me In. ... Ok, that last one is probably strangely specific to me.
  16. As far as I am aware moon moon will eventually be available at retail. And my Facebook friends will get to see me use the test sample bottle in the next week.
  17. Saskatchewan's known for it's extremes but we don't seem to get much "average" temperatures lately. Either way hotter or way colder than norms. On the plus side of global warming I was looking at maps of predicted sea levels for when all the ice melts. I live pretty close to the geographical center of North America about as far from the ocean as you can get. My wife is a coastal girl and misses water. Once the big thaw is done and the Mississippi and Missouri basins fill up we'll still be out of the water and near the coast! Feel sorry for anybody living under 2,000 feet of elevation though. This came up because my mother in law saw a show about how the world will flood and got worried about us. All I need to worry about is enough ammunition to keep the lowlanders from moving in.
  18. Will look forward to seeing it. Hopefully also available at RCon in some way. Buying the RCon pass almost makes it feel like it is here. Looking forward to my drive and saying Hai to my Reaper friends first hand again.
  19. It took me a while to realize that the very strange, abstract dreams I have when sick are just a kind of symptom. Once I realized that I could just relax and enjoy them. They are kind of like screen savers, silent slowly changing veils of color.
  20. It's such a corner case that at first your like, "Do what?" but after you've seen it once! It's pretty cool!
  21. Greeeeat. I just had to have the household tech person zap the NVRAM on my computer so it would boot up. I do not like that I now know what "zap the NVRAM" means (for a highly charitable definition of "know," to be fair).
  22. We've out-clevered ourselves in the past. today is not that day. Although Anne is developing a new color just for me, and although she has given it a name, we both just call it Moon Moon. I worry that we will forget the real name. (Moon something. I kind of already forgot)
  23. i appreciate that. I'll be on the road the last part of July and a heads-up will allow me to plan to be somewhere where I can sign up for classes.
  24. Ah, I was assuming something more cryptic and not so easy!
  25. Sometimes I wake up in trouble with my wife, because of something that happened in her dreams. It takes a while for it to wear off... and I didn't even do anything! Also, I have lots of vivid dreams, but don't remember most of them. It took me a long time to realize that the weird colorful ones were my normal dreams and that my nightmares are always sepia toned black and white. Every now and then I'll remember something, but don't write it down and forget by the time I get to a place I could write them down.
  26. When a cat rubs up against your leg, she should not be able to bodily move you. You're right, I'm worse: I'm middle management.
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