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    Here are some pictures of my painted version of ReaperCon 2017 Sophie. Talin came up with a wonderful swamp witch concept that Bobby Jackson did a terrific job bringing to miniature life. Sophie is separate from the base, so you can use the swamp wyrm in a game or for a different character if you wish. (His head is a different piece, and look at the two connector bits for a fun Easter egg if you get one of these.) Those not going to ReaperCon need not despair! You can order her from the Reaper site from Thursday, October 19 through Sunday, October 22. I believe the cost is $17.99, but that's not my department, so don't quote me. ;-> This is a hunk of metal, so that's a fair price.
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    Whew. I finished him. I have to say, this was a fun project. The idea came to me sometime last year, but it took awhile for me to get around to working on him. I've decided that monochrome relaxes me. It's just easier somehow to take color out of the picture and just work on shadows and highlights. I think I need to vary my levels a bit, but overall, I wanted it to read as a night scene, so I'm happy. I like the idea of an accent color. I've been wanting to try that for awhile now. Though looking at him, I could probably pop the osl on his face. the pumpkin in the back worked out better- most likely because it has larger opening for the eyes. I tried to find his sku number in the catalog and failed, but this was The Headless Mousling from 2014, sculpted by Gene Van Horne.I used a bones rat, a pillar from the graveyard set, and 2 pumpkins. Anyway, enjoy and Happy Halloween! I'm using my new Iphone and seem to have issues editing, so pics may be a bit funky...
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    When I got my Bones III Obsidian Crypt I had a little idea. https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/crypt/latest/77637 I put Kaladrax ( now Discontinued) on it. She made it her throne! I also included some pieces of the Bones III Graveyard Set, and a few other pieces I had laying around. One statue is broken because Kaladrax swung her tail when she landed. I made some roses with the basing stuff @knarthex had send me a while ago. Also my first real attempt at marble. I made red marble and white/yellow marble for the Crypt. WIP here if interested. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/75896-kaladrax-on-mausoleum-by-glitterwolf/& So without further ado here is Kaladrax on her Mausoleum! Hope you like it. Feel free to like, comment and praise. Any complaints...talk to the Dragon!
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    How would Medusa feel if she couldn't help turning everyone she met to stone? Julie Guthrie sculpted this Sad Medusa figure. It was a special giveaway at the Hall of Fame dinner at ReaperCon in 2015 (...or was it 2014?). I painted the figure earlier this year, and she was my entry in the Painters category at the ReaperCon painting contest (Master Series Open). I think it was the first resin figure I've painted. Julie sculpted a rattle at the end of the snake tail, so I looked up the colors of diamondback rattlesnakes and took my inspiration from them. I glazed and stippled a lot of colors into the stone areas. They kept looking too much like skin or simply too dull. I hope the snakes are placed strategically enough to let this pic stay here.... Enjoy, Derek
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    This was a very personal project for me. Five years ago, the summer of 2012, I found my gaming group and played my first ever game of D&D. That was also the night I discovered this crazy, black hole hobby called miniature painting. I had noticed the minis everyone was using and asked about them. They told me the basics and I ended up purchasing a mini and some paints that night. I was also handed this mini, Reaper’s 14058: Lorielle Silverrain and was told I could have her if I thought I could attach her arm. While she ended up being the second mini I ever painted, I consider her to be the one that started it all. I remained at just the base coat stage until January 2014, when I joined the forums. After that my interest and investment in the hobby exploded. I really had no idea what I was getting into that night five years ago but I believe it was one of the best things to ever happen to me. And so, with that out if the way, I present to you Mile Marker Five. The original is included in the first photo for comparison.
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    I painted this lovely lady over the last week as my first project post-Reapercon. I wanted to apply some of the things that I learned but also have fun with her. She was a really great learning experience, thanks to everyone who gave me great feedback in my WIP thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/77557-01450-all-hallow’s-eve/&page=1 This was my first experience “flying blind” with NMM, as on previous attempts, I’d followed the highlighting of other painters’ examples. There is no painted example in the store yet, so I had to just wing it. @Kuro Cleanbrush gave me some much appreciated advice that I’m definitely going to keep using moving forward. This was was my first attempt at OSL, it’s not perfect by any means, but I’m pretty pleased with it. Let me know what y’all think, criticism is always very much wanted - it helps me learn and improve!
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    I taught my 2-hour class on Monochrome Painting again at ReaperCon this year. In my class, I discuss how to compose a figure using differences in value instead of differences in color, and how to simulate materials (such as cloth, leather, metal, and skin) through the contrast of values (highlights and shadows), and then I paint a figure (or at least part of one) to demonstrate the principles. I painted the lower-front and right sleeve of the robe, the mace, bottle, and right hand during the class. I finished painting her back at home last weekend. The painting time was about an hour in class and another hour or 2 at home. Colors were black, white, and Reaper Master Series paints Imperial Purple and Amethyst Purple. And here's the shot from my camera, with my color-swatch card in the frame: You can also check out my other threads that have the "monochrome" tag. Enjoy! Derek
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    I've been collecting minis for almost 30 years and finally getting around to doing what I've been wanting to do which is actually paint them. Started a couple months ago with a few Dark Sword Critter Kingdom minis and an old Grenadier dragon. And now this, which is my first Reaper mini and an attempt at NMM. C&C welcome.
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    I'm just really proud of this, my first work with an airbrush ever. Maybe it's not the best skill & craft work out there for finishing a figure, but I think I win some points for originality. What I learned... Sometimes, inspiration comes when you think your finished (my son said "I thought you were going for a nebula") Sometimes, your wife says "It needs something iridescent" when you think you're done and she's right. Sparkling Amethyst on the spines Airbrushing means mixing and getting your consistency exactly right - I got lucky on my first try Airbrushing base colors is insanely fast, uses almost no paint and produces something much more even than I could dry-brushing Dry brushing is great for aging/leathering a piece - airbrushing is all about consistency of coverage. Trying to add red-shifted & blue-shifted stars to the star field looked like birthday cake sprinkles. Nature always has better color schemes than I can come up with on my own. I still need to figure out how to layer/thin/build up my colors. After initial airbrushing with Violet Shadow and Clear Magenta and maybe a mix with aged bonne for the belly. First pass at layering for the spikes. I've got some learning to do. Another angle at the "ready for detailing" stage. My son said "nebula" and I broke out the clear blue and thinned it, but probably not enough. Here's the "finished" product. I detailed so many stars in the blue areas. Then my wife said "iridescent" and I added Sparkling Amethyst to the spines. It's a great touch and highlights the raised part of the body instead of leaving it the same as the rest. For scale against another recent work, my lizardman army.
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    I like to speed-paint. This past year, I spent a lot more time on other projects and didn't do much painting, but I got in a few rounds of speed-painting at KublaCon (in May) and at Origins (in June). I don't know why I didn't post these photos months ago, but here they are now. At KublaCon, the speed-painters get to use sets of about 30 little plastic pots of craft paint, like you might find in a paint-by numbers kit -- joined in rows of sprue with flip-off lids, and all set into a routed piece of plywood. I don't know who makes the paints. The range of colors is pretty good, but some colors just don't cover well. KublaCon first qualifying round: big medieval zombie. 45 minutes. Man, was I rusty. I didn't have a strong idea about the colors, other than green skin, for whatever reason. David Diamondstone was in this heat with me, and he won. He pointed out that my paint-job was too clean for a zombie, and he was right. His version had more dirt and blood. I stole that for my next figure. (David has won the KublaCon painting contest, and gold medals and Sophie Trophies at ReaperCon. Check out his work in the ReaperCon galleries if you haven't already.) I painted a second coat of black around the edge of the base. KublaCon second qualifying round: modern zombie. 45 minutes. Win! It had less surface area than the first zombie, which meant more time per square millimeter and a more deliberate paint job. I had a better plan for the skin -- deep purple shadows, then green-and-pale highlights, plus zombie-riffic blood and bone -- then thought about the rest of the colors while my hand was putting on that paint. I also painted a second coat of black around the edge of the base. I couldn't attend the final round of speed-painting because I was running a game at that time. Three weeks later, at Origins, Reaper's own LadyStorm was running the speed-painting tournament. The paints were a 12 Reaper paints (black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, Tanned Skin, silver, gold, and ... I don't remember the 12th color). Origins qualifying round: a Bones sci-fi trooper. Small and simple. 45 minutes. Win! Three lines of freehand on the chest make for a basic rank insignia. I haven't done any more painting on him beyond those 45 minutes. Origins semi-final round: Bones deva (#77363). 45 minutes, maybe 50. We all thought it was a cruel joke to give us such a big figure. Cruel yes, but no joke. Still... win! I got at least one coat of paint on almost every surface. (Those few feathers behind the shield eluded me. Because this was the flexible Bones plastic, I could pull the wings back to paint their inner surfaces.) I started with the wings: brown at the base and wet-blended to Tanned Skin. If you squint hard enough, they actually look OK. I chose the aqua-green skin and yellow-gold sword to fit the image of a planetar angel from D&D. I haven't done any extra painting on this one, either, but I'm wondering how much better it would look after another 45 minutes! Final Round: we had our choice of 2 figures -- a bigger hippo-man or a smaller rhino-man. Both will be part of the Bones 3 release. 60 minutes. I chose the hippo because I had a vision of the gray and brown-pink skin gradations, but I couldn't do them as smoothly as I imagined. Not a win, but still fun. I think his big mouth and teeth turned out well, and his bright tropical fruits look yummy. No further painting on him. Thanks for looking. Derek
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    On the Monday evening after ReaperCon, Joseph Wolf (ReaperWolf, author of the Dreadmere setting and the faction adventures at the convention) ran a role-playing adventure for the painters and sculptors still present at Reaper HQ -- 10 of us.* Before we could play, each of us had to choose a figure for our character and paint it in about 2 hours. I chose this figure, Bobby Jackson's "slug hunter". (Imagine his bottle to be a salt shaker, and he's sprinkling salt with his left hand.) My character was a rogue with a magical bottle. I did most of the painting in a monochrome brown gradient (Brown Liner, Woodstain Brown, Driftwood Brown, Creamy Ivory), but added Aged Bone on the boots and base and dagger, and then Light Blue and Mint Green and some other blues and greens on various areas. I also glazed some pink (Rosy Skin, maybe?) on his face and hands. Back at home last weekend, I spent a couple of hours smoothing and glazing and doing touchups. I also trimmed off and touched up a few mold-lines that I hadn't noticed. (The game was a lot of fun. We had a group mission but chose individually whether we were going to help or hinder it, and the eventual infighting and scheming led to amusing hijinks.) Enjoy, Derek * Around the table: me, Chris Lewis, Julie Guthrie, Bob Ridolfi, Angela Imrie, Michael Proctor, Bobby Jackson, Tim Hill, Gene Van Horne, and Jason Wiebe.
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    So... To set the scene... June of 2016, Guindyloo, Buglips, and myself are starting out on the Google Hangouts, talking painting etc, pretty much every night... so one evening, Buglips says he won't be around tomorrow, as he is "playing wing man for a buddy in Cougar Town..." Needless to say, we teased him about it for a while, then forgot about it... Fast forward to ReaperCon, and Guindyloo and I are shopping, and I see a Kabuki mini of a goblin berserker... I say to her, you should get this guy, and sculpt little tasselled pasties on his nipples, ditch the shield, paint him up and give it to Buglips... She thinks it's a great idea, buys the thing, and as we are walking around more (Any guesses about what happened next?) She hands me the mini and says do it... Fast forward to spring, and I find a Valiant Miniatures figure of a kobold strumpet... Then, from Scenic Express, I find a light up sign with options for motel and lounges... This is the result of my big mouth.... We will see how it does in the diorama contest... what do you all think? Thanks for looking! George
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    I've been on a painting tear since ReaperCon. Here's one from last week. Pathfinder's "Iron Gods" Adventure Path crosses over into science fiction, including robots and androids, such as the android priestess Meyanda. Wayne Reynolds painted the cover of the Adventure Path where Meyanda appears: click for link. Bobby Jackson sculpted the character. I like what he did with this delicate sculpt. I decided to give her a sci-fi-styled base, not my usual rock/grass/leaf palette. I started with a piece of plasticard shaped like square floor-tiles, gouged out some scratches, and added some debris (a robotic "piston" of two brass rods, a "cable" of brass wire, and a few chunks of rubble that I carved from the plasticard). Enjoy, Derek
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    This one is cool, IMO. Ever wished that Shadow Demon came in a different color than Purple? Once again, presenting my experiments with translucent Bones and Tamiya Clears. Warning Pic Heavy First off, an untouched Shadow Demon: With Tamiya Clear Gloss: Untouched next to the one with the clear gloss: Tamiya Clear Red: Tamiya Clear Orange: Tamiya Clear Yellow: Tamiya Clear Green: Tamiya Clear Blue: Tamiya Clear Smoke: All of them, in all their glory: As you can see, the Tamiya clears can actually change the color while maintaining the translucency on the smaller and thinner parts. The only one that doesn't do this to the same degree as the others is the Smoke. Hope people find this useful.
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    Here are pictures of my ReaperCon 2017 Diorama entry, "Wrong Turn":
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    So I decided to at least try to not nitpick something. This is the fastest I have ever painted an item. It took prpbably 30mins - 1hr, mostly due to paint drying before a wash. Paint was determined by "fits purpose and is in reach without seeking". Not my best by far, but it is an achievement for me to NOT nitpick things!
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    *Insert shameless self promotion here* I just finished this months long project and I think it is my best mino to date. I don't have a fancy photo set up yet so forgive the lowbrow photos. This was my first attempt at textured fabric and dark skin tones. If you have any constructive criticism I am happy to hear it.
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    Greetings! Presenting a favourite mini of mine, painted a few years back but not shown until now - Forgeworld's Warpfire Dragon. Thanks for looking!
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    Among the classes I took at Reapercon this year was Shaded Basecoats, by James Wappel. For those of you unfamiliar with his painting style, it basically breaks all the "rules" of painting miniatures in all sorts of awesome ways. He uses huge brushes, doesn't rinse them out, blends most of his colors together, slops paint on all super messy in the early stages, it's quite the mind-blowing experience! I had SO MUCH FUN in his class that I decided to give a try at home, using a Bones werewolf that MrBoot needed painted before Friday's game. Here's the brush I used for 90% of the work: Yes, that does actually say Size 8. The other 10% was done using one of my trusty Size 0's for claws, eyes and teeth. And here's the final result! (I had to tweak the color balance of the final pictures to get the reddish skin/fur to show properly) I only spent just a little over an hour on this guy, and yet I'm just as happy with how he turned out as I would have been had I spent 4. Perhaps even happier! And even better, I was so relaxed and just having a lot of fun painting with this huge brush and not even caring about being careful. After looking at the pictures, I can tell his fur could really use one last highlight, but eh, I've got 20 other minis that need painting, so I'm not going to worry about it. List of paints used: Violet Liner (special thanks to @Guindyloo for the suggestion) Redstone shadow (fur, skin) Earth brown (fur) Rich leather (fur) Golden shadow (fur) Chestnut brown (skin) Oiled leather (skin) Aged bone (claws, teeth) Splintered bone (claws, teeth, eyes) Violet red (tongue) Big top red (tongue, eyes) Clear red (eyes) Solid black (eyes) Blackened brown (base) Jungle moss (base, claws) Highland moss (base) Stone grey (base) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    When our Ms. Boot arrived at ReaperCon, she was greeted by a little birthday present from me, delivered to ReaperCon by none other than Dilvish... the Deliverer, lol... I found this little plastic toy (the top of its head is about the same height as the top of Sir Forscale's helmet) at the Goodwill Store and It immediately reminded me of a certain someone's forum avatar. At the time, it was white with black spots and yellow eyes, but I knew I had to pick it up and throw some paint on it at some point for her. Fast-forward a couple weeks to me seeing the Happy Birthday, OneBoot! thread and going "Oh, <bleep>!"... Then I realized that not only was it just recently her birthday, but that she was going to be at ReaperCon a few days later and I could have her birthday present handed to her directly... So I slapped paint on this as fast as I could (thus the "Made In Taiwan"-level paint-job, lol) over the course of about five hours or so (there is a lot of fur and I vowed not to just drybrush it) and dropped it off at Dilvish's doorstep the night before he left for the con. Now that she's seen it, I can post the handful of crappy pics I quickly snapped just before I packed it up and ran like hell for the door to drop it off. So... The Many Moods of OneBoot:
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    Cat dragon by Juli Guthrie
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    To those of you at Reapercon, Came to the con to RPG and hang out with friends, ended up so impressed with the level of artistry possible that I came home with loads of paints and an itch to learn to paint proper-like. I'm really impressed with what I saw in competition. Great work, all of you! I've always looked at painting minis as a way to get them into an RPG setting, nothing more, so anything ive done is marginal at best. But to shoot for something truly beautiful and artistic? I never knew! That's the goal! Your works were inspiring. Also, I really enjoyed how friendly everyone was. I was preparing myself for an elitist attitude from the 'higher level' painters. I was so wrong! From @OneBoot and her encouraging painting tips, Ludo's insane speed paint (curse you hecklers!), a very approachable artist's row, all the Reaper staff, Kevin's board game library (Terraforming Mars FTW!), and @LordDave with hands down the best display of DM craft I've ever seen (I've thought about that game all weekend), I thoroughly enjoyed the con. I look forward to painting and soaking up the knowledge on the forum and hope to tap into the collective brain for some tips as I begin on a painters journey. I know nothing. Kenneth, if you're on the forum, let me know so we can keep in touch. Well met, all. P.S. If any of you find River Tam, let me know?
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    So between the Swag/VIP bags, paints that I bought at the convention and raiding the $1 paint bin at the Reaper Factory, I came back from Reapercon with around 40 bottles of paint. So the first hobby related thing I did after returning was to reorganize my paint racks, especially since they were a ridiculous wreck because I’d torn them apart while repainting Ma’al Drakar and then even more packing up paints to bring with me to Reapercon (which was pointless since I only painted in classes lol) While doing so, I discovered that I also hadn’t sorted and put away my Malefic and Fairy Flesh Sets, which are Vallejo paints branded for Nocturna. I felt really inspired looking at those paints and that’s how I got going on painting this little lady. Something that I’m really prone to doing is making what I’m painting really laborious and it takes so long that I get sick of painting it and it either ends up on the Shelf of Shame or I slog through it and end up unhappy with the results and/or end up taking a long break from painting. I don’t want to do that to myself anymore. So what’s the least exciting part of painting? For me, it’s laying down basecoats. It’s boring, it takes forever, and so more figures than I’d like to admit have gone on the Shelf of Shame during the basecoating process because it just took too long and I didn’t feel inspired anymore. So something that I’ve seen done a lot by painters who are far better than I is to paint sections to completion or at least near completion before moving on to the next part. That seemed beyond my capability because I thought I’d be too messy and ruin a completed part with a sloppy basecoat or just a slip of the brush. Then I realized, first of all, don’t be so sloppy then, dummy. lol Then I also realized, it’s just paint, it’s ok if you make a mistake that you have to fix. I try very hard not to be a fearful painter because I see people being fearful and it cripples progress constantly. You get stuck because you’re afraid you’re not going to use the right colour or the right technique or whatever and you end up not painting because of it. So I told myself “It’s just paint, if I make a mistake, I’ll just fix it.” Let me tell you, letting go of that fear has made painting this so much more enjoyable and I have made more progress on her in one day than I normally would have done in a week. Elf being a fearful painter. Sure there are mistakes and some of the blending isn’t 100% where I’d like it to be. But my good friend Skeletor knows already and I need to remember “Progress, not perfection.” So here’s where she’s at right now: So, as usual, my lighting situation and my picture taking are terrible, so things are getting a little blown out colour-wise. Her skin is a little less grey than that in person, but it is meant to be a non-human skintone. Now Im going to try to remember what paints I used. Bear with me because I was just mixing things and not worrying about it. Skin: All paints were from the Vallejo Nocturna Malefic Flesh Set and I was following their “Blue Tones” instructions. Basecoat was Cold Flesh, first highlights with Pale Flesh, shadows with Frozen Flesh and then final highlights with White Flesh. I went back and forth a bunch of times doing half step mixes to blend. Eyes: Good lord. These eyes weren’t easy. Her right one is 25% covered by her hair and her left one is like 65% covered by her hair and that made it pretty difficult to do much detail. After doing the skin basecoat, I blocked in the eyes with Brown Liner, then filled in with Warcolours One Coat Beige, then I did the iris with MSP Lava Orange, Pure Black for the pupil and then only on the right one I used P3 Morrow White to put a tiny reflection dot. Lips: MSP Fresh Blood mixed with I think a touch of the base skin colour and then probably a bit more of the base colour to make a lighter mix to make a highlight on the bottom lip. Dress - Purple: Basecoat of Nocturna Purple Shadow. Deepest shadows were MSP Red Liner, I also did mixes of the Purple Shadow and Red Liner to blend. Then to highlight I did mixes of the Purple Shadow with MSP Retro Elderberry (one of the new LE paints from Reapercon) and the highest highlights had MSP Spectral White added in, but I did glaze that back with Purple Shadow. Dress - Green: Basecoat of Nocturna Deep Forest Skin. Deepest shadows were MSP Blue Liner, with mixes with the base coat to blend. Then I did mixes with MSP Brilliant Green and eventually added very small touches of MSP Ghost White. Chainmail: Tiny, tiny chain mail dots. I had to take my glasses off like I was painting eyes for this. lol I started off with a basecoat of MSP Nightmare Black (all of the blue you see on her right now is Nightmare Black and will be silver NMM like the chainmail) then I used MSP Afterburn Grey (OOP Heavy Gear) mixed with a touch of Pure Black, then straight Afterburn Grey and then straight P3 Morrow White. Lastly I just have some of what’s going to be gold NMM basecoated with MSP NMM Gold Shadow. So what do y’all think? I’m not bothered by hard critique and always welcome constructive comments, so really let me know what you think.
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    I painted Coraline for ReaperCon. I entered her in the Open Division since I am her sculptor. Here she is (looks like maybe I should get the dust off of her though and retake the shots, but I am too tired now; just got home). And the brag spoiler if you are interested:
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    Made it home with daughter and Siri's dragon. Left auction a bit early once it was obvious the 1800 reaperbucks we had were not getting anything and she got a bit bored. We tried to get tickets for raffle with them but once we got in it was too late and they were out of yellow tickets. I told her we may do it different next year and say our goodbyes on Sat night and pass on the trip out for Sunday. We will see how things feel next time and go from there. On a different note. She enjoyed her medal last night!
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    After returning from ReaperCon, I caught a wild hare and decided to reorganize my paint rack. I was previously organized by SKU; now it is organized by color. It's not perfect, but looks pretty cool. I'm only missing a couple colors, which are mostly special edition colors. Behold, the Reaper MSP Rainbow. Reds through purples with black/white/grey at far right. Bottom two rows are pearlescents, metallics, liners, washes, and additives.
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    Working on getting back in the swing of things!
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    Started doing NMM again after almost half a year painting my Skaven AoS army. What do you all think? Thanks in advance for any advice or criticisms.
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    Queen tiamacrab overseeing her minions.
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    Here's my rendition of the tengu warrior (or samurai) that I sculpted for Reaper. You can see my very short WIP (final adjustments, really), here: link to WIP thread. He is a much flashier dresser than his "brother", the tengu rogue, but I still used a mostly cool-color palette to go with the green-purple sheen on his head feathers. In case you were wondering what's on his shoulders... They're different kinds of tengu! I found this image in the entry for "sode" (shoulder armor) in George C. Stone’s A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and All Times (1934) ... "Iron plates embossed with tengu heads". I changed the shapes a bit. Enjoy, Derek
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    Haven’t painted in a few months but here is my 3rd attempt at any mini’s. This is the Yeti from the D&D Icewind Dale collectors series. I started with a grey primer, then white base coat. Washed it with nuln oil then dry brushed a light blue and white over the whole thing. I need to add horn detail still and base detail. Any tips on painting realistic horns would be greatly appreciated as well as any other feedback! Sorry, in advance for poor lighting/picture quality.
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    I managed to finish this miniature just before I left for RCon 17. While she wasn't the one that got judged, I though she came out ok. Though the photo not so much.
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    Hey all! Finally finished this mini. This might be my favourite from the line so far (heavily biased because I love otters). I actually used a picture as reference that I have taken from an otter myself at the zoo! Please excuse the phone picture quality. Still some learning to do with gems and I really want to try nmm but I chicken out every time :p oh well I actually really like his shiny armour!
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    Pictures from Michael proctor's desk and Jason wiebe's desk
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    Where is my cow? is that my cow? it goes 'moo' i have found my cow
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    Want more WIP threads like this one? Check these out! 01614 Con Crud Hello again, friends and neighbours! Several years ago, after the Bones I kickstarter, I made a thread to help people who had just signed up for a ridiculous amount of Bones minis get used to painting and encourage them to just jump right on in! This thread was even more successful than I thought and, much to my astonishment, brings new people to our hobby even today. I thought it was time for a fresh update that might be just as helpful, and maybe give us something to point new people to when they first decide to pick up a brush and become One of Us. Often when new people come by and have no idea where to start, the first general question is: what are your aims and requirements? This basically breaks down to: do you need pieces done for a game, or do you want to paint just to paint? The idea behind this WIP is to give us something to show people the difference in practice. So with the able assistance of Guindyloo, I will be painting Thanis in my usual fast-but-decent method and she will show us how nice things can be when you spend some time on them. There are, of course, many ways to paint a mini so this thread is just an example of our present working methods and by no means serve as the only way to do it, or the final word on the matter. Those of you just joining our hobby may have your own ideas about how to do things, and by all means you should use your own best judgment! All we do here is just give you some things to think about. So on to the mini you came in here to see, and I hope this thread proves useful! Here's my Thanis, fresh from her blister pack:
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    One for my Patrons that is the first model from PP's Minicrate subscription model service. This one was a fun paint, and a pretty nice model. We'll see if they can maintain it!
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    I started working on Kitty about 2 years ago. I decided to bring her along to ReaperCon where I got in the zone with her and finished her off. Lots of greens and yellows, but it's all centered around P3 Wurm Green, which is mixed into nearly everything. (I think I had just bought a pot of it right when I first started the mini). Helpful suggestions from other attendees and teachers (Cathy Wappel and Rhonda Bender in particular) definitely improved the quality. The base material is from a tub of stuff I received from Frontline Games in my swag bag.
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    @TaleSpinner doing his thing.
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    So I have had this guy painted for a little while but thought I would take some pictures with my new phone to see how the camera works. I have an idea for a base for him so you might see him pop back up in the future. I think my layering has gotten better it can still improve but its getting there. It was my first attempt at painting jewels (top of crown and end of sceptre) and I am pretty happy with how they turned out. C&C would be greatly appreciated!
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    So I’m going to be doing the “painting for display” portion of this shared WIP. As Buglips noted, there are many ways to paint a mini and my way is not, by any means, the “right” way, there is no right way to do your hobby as long as you’re having fun. We're all on a painting journey and just like anyone else, I make a lot of mistakes, but I try my best to learn from my mistakes and move toward improving all the time. If someone else finds my mistakes or my approach or my thought processes helpful, then I’m more than happy to share. I think it’s also worth noting that just because I'm calling my method “painting for display” doesn’t mean that you can’t take my approach to painting and apply it to figures that you intend to use on the table, especially if you happen to be much faster at applying these techniques than I am. I’m just sharing with you my approach as someone who’s in the hobby solely for painting, so I come at it from an artistic approach rather than for utility. You’re going to notice that obviously my method is much slower than Buglips’ method. That’s multiple layers – On top of the differences in our methods, I’m also a pretty slow painter and he’s a very fast painter. As a result, he’s going to finish long before I am. That’s something that we have expected from the start of formulating this idea to do a WIP together. For transparency sake, I started a day and a half earlier than he did to combat that and as a result, my next couple of posts will be catching up to where I'm at currently. I did this so I hopefully won't fall quite as far behind. It’s obviously not a race or a competition of any sort, we’re just both very interested in helping and supporting people in getting the most out of painting miniatures, no matter what their desired end result is. We’re also both very passionate about promoting the fact that there is no wrong approach to painting. This is YOUR hobby and you should get out of it whatever you’re looking to get out of it, whether that’s to get figures painted up as quickly as possible to put on the table or painting for display or competition or somewhere in between. There are certainly techniques to learn and “right” ways to perform those techniques, but even in that, there’s multiple techniques to get you where you’re going and there’s no “right” technique to use, there are just personal preferences and techniques that you may be better at from the get go. Please note that while I'm approaching this as an instructional WIP, I want everyone to feel absolutely free to not only ask questions if you should happen to have any, but give feedback and criticism on what I’m doing. If something doesn’t look right, let me know! If you think my highlights aren’t high enough, my shading isn’t dark enough, my blending could be better in areas, colours clash or whatever it might be, don’t be afraid to speak up. When you’re painting for display and actively working toward improving your painting, criticism is an awesome tool to see things from someone else’s perspective so that we’re not just stuck in our own view. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we’re doing that we miss our mistakes or we get some kind of attachment to the work we’ve put in that we blind ourselves to the fact that things could be improved. I cannot recommend more highly that if you’re actively working toward improving your painting, you should set your feelings aside and ask for honest criticism. We all like to be told that we’re doing everything right and everything we paint looks great. It feels good to be complimented. But the brutal truth is that compliments won’t push you to better yourself as a painter and if you get too caught up in them, it can actually prevent you from improving your skills. I love to encourage people and I think that encouragement is something that we should actively do in this hobby, but if you’ve seen me talk about this subject before, you know already that I think being too soft on criticism is detrimental to painters that are trying to improve…however, if improving your skills isn’t your goal, or even if it’s your general goal but just not for that particular figure (for whatever reason – you happened to paint this one just to relax or you were shooting for a “tabletop” paint job or the figure just has too much personal meaning for you or you’re just not feeling up to it that day) it’s ok to not ask for criticism. Know where you’re at mentally, know what your ultimate goals are and know where your skills are currently. Alright, enough rambling, here's my Thanis fresh from her blister pack: Obviously her staff came a little bent, so I just used my fingers to apply gentle, even pressure to straighten it out, and voila:
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    Finally getting around to posting my ReaperCon 2017 entries. This is the one that was selected for judging, and was awarded a silver (low silver). Received great, actionable feedback from @Kuro Cleanbrush. Comments and Critiques welcome.
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    Entry four of four at ReaperCon. Another great sculpt from Greebo Games. I had a lot of fun with the flames, and was my first go with wet blending. Comments and Critiques welcome.
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    So, I came home from work today to find a package from Reaper on my doorstep, addressed to my forum handle. Obviously, I'm confused...I didn't make an order, and if I did I would use my real name. I opened it, and I am now crying. Other than the Lysettes, they are all different mouslings. This...is just amazing. I can't even put words to my thoughts...
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    A picture of what I made as a gift for Reaper Pic courtesy of DixonGrfx
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    Greetings! I kind of finished this diorama a few years ago but have recently finished it for good with some newly aquired basing materials. I originally bought Isabella Von Carstien just to paint up as a single miniature but as her pose seemed to infer a commanding stance, I decided to expand things into a diorama by giving her an elite skeleton guard to command using a pack of GW skeletons that I had. For the actual terrain, I was inspired by a favourite old Ray Harryhausen film of mine, "The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad" where Sinbad swordfights a skeleton on a spiral staircase (which, famously, doesn't go anywhere!). It's a great scene & I wanted to create a spooky ruined spiral stone staircase for Isabella to lead from. The stonework is made from air-drying clay. I made the staircase by cutting out rolled flat wet clay "cookies" using the plastic cap off a deoderant can to create circles. I then scored lines into each wet "cookie" to create quarters & when dry, I snapped the clay into 4 quarters & tidied them up. I then glued each quarter on top of the last one leaving a eighth of the previous step showing, I repeated this until I got to the required height - I'm very pleased with how this worked out! . I then filled in all gaps between the steps to make them look like they were carved out of the stone & added some sand for texture here & there, I also pencilled in then scored some fish-scale tiles into the base. C & C are always welcome - Thanks for looking!
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    The Bones bookshelf, painted to what I hope is a decent tabletop standard. Let me know what you think.
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    @OneBoot Sophie! She also promptly threatened @ub3r_n3rd.