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    Another favourite of mine (to be honest I think all reaper miniatures are my favourite). The last time I painted this model I went with white armour. This time I thought I would see how black armour would turn out. I had to be careful not to make it too sinister looking so I off set the black with white ribbons and filigree. I like the result. Do you?
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    These two bruisers were painted up to represent a pair of Half Orc Brothers. I've never been a big fan of artwork showing Half Orcs with very green skin. I needed make sure that the human side was visible. This meant a lot of glazing with lighter flesh tones over an Olive Drab base. I think it worked?
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    So just finished this one last night, took a slight detour from the Ral Partha I've been working on for a while (or forever?). With the last Partha Elves I did from the TSR D & D series, I really got into Chris Fitzpatrick's work, who sculpts beautifully, and got some of his new Olympus figures from his company Crocodile Games. This one is the Oracle of Delphi from his last Kickstarter, where he is adding on to his Olympian Gods series. Beautiful figures, and a bit larger than what I'm used to painting. I'm not complaining though, bigger canvas is a little bit easier to work with! Anyhows, enjoy!
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    Straight from the depths of hell, it's.........Devil Girl, Supervillain! (cue scary music!) For a change, instead of painting the eyes looking straight on, I painted them so that she was looking to the right as if she just spied a do-gooding superhero & was about to lob a fireball in their direction. The base was created using the Basius "Dungeon" stamp with the river part painted up as lava - I imagined that wherever she walked, the ground morphed into fiery molten goodness. Thanks for looking, comments & criticisms are always welcome.
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    "Hell's Vengeance" is a recent Pathfinder Adventure Path, in which the player characters are evil. This is the first evil-PC Adventure Path that Paizo has produced. One of the friendly non-player characters (NPCs) is a young woman named Cimri Staelish -- a troublemaker in the little town where the adventure begins. She is supposed to adventure alongside the PCs for a while, and let the GM advise the players on how to be evil, if they don't abandon their usual heroic inclinations fast enough. I am running this Adventure Path for some of my friends, so I decided to convert a miniature to represent Cimri. She uses a kukri, wears leather armor, and has a bobbed haircut. Adventure Path #103 has color artwork for her. The Warlord miniature Saramonde (14299), of the Crusaders faction, came to mind as a base figure for a minor conversion: link to Saramonde in Reaper gallery ... so I chopped the sword and scabbard, mashed the sword with flat pliers into a wider blade and carved it into a kukri shape, and sculpted longer hair with Green Stuff. I attached her to a round base and sculpted some dirt and rocks. Here's how the conversion looks. She appeared in the first 3 sessions of the game like this, unpainted. Last week, I started painting. I used brush-on primer and then spent about 2 hours painting almost everything with rough colors: The next day, I painted for another 2 hours, giving higher highlights, sharper lining, and smoother transitions. She is ready for the Forum, and ready for her first full-color appearance in the game next weekend. Enjoy, Derek
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    Well I spend so much time on it I figured I better at least show this off. I typically only post WIPs in my blog, if you are morbidly interested in the progress the links are listed below. http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2017/02/reaper-miniatues-shipping-container-prep.html http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2017/02/reaper-miniatues-shipping-container.html http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2017/02/reaper-miniatures-shipping-container.html http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2017/02/reaper-miniatures-shipping-container_23.html http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2017/02/reaper-miniatures-shipping-container_27.html http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2017/02/reaper-miniatures-shipping-container_28.html http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2017/03/reaper-miniatures-shipping-container.html http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2017/03/reaper-miniatures-shipping-container_3.html http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2017/03/reaper-miniatures-shipping-container_6.html
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    This is the second figure from Blood Rage the Boardgame, the Fire Giant. Again I have followed Sorastro's tutorial (link) and it was a blast. The OSL was especially challenging and not half as I wished it would turn out. But still, progress was made and that is what matters I guess. My photography is very much lacking but here's another shot with a white background: I think it looks better with dimmed shadows :) Anyways, thanks for looking and C&C is always welcome.
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    A pair of really fun Dwarfs to paint. The Ranger was particularly enjoyable. I think I need to try and paint dwarf hair something other than red. It always seems to be my go to colour when I paint them. I like that the red has a certain "pop" to it but it might be time to expand on my palette choices a little. Maybe next time...
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    1978 Monogram Colonial Viper from the original Battlestar Galactica. The almost 40 yr. old decals were ruined so I had to hand paint the striping.
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    Hi all! I learned how to paint minis in February of last year and I've been told I apparently have a knack for it. All I know is I really enjoy doing it, so I do it whenever I can :) Here are a few of my favorite pieces I've done so far. 77078: Astrid, Female Bard 02831: Olivia, Halfling 03547: Juliette, Wizard 02518: Deenah, Female Barb 77131: Finaela,Female Pirate 77045: Orc Hunter (Spear) + 77015: Bugbear Warrior + 77042: Orc Marauder (Sword and Shield) 02462: Isabella (cloak modified to look more like bear skin) + Raven familiar from 77176: Familiars 89018: Sajan, Iconic Monk 60146: Kassata Lewynn 77314: Golan, Hill Giant + 77064: Kavorgh, Orc Warboss + 03547: Juliette, Wizard
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    Things have been a little rough for me lately and I haven't been painting, but last week my dear husband got some paints out and I started working on random stuff. This is the original Ellen Stone with no face, from the Vampire box. I'm pretty happy with how she came out.
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    So, using this new version of the forum, very exciting! So just got these two finished last night and photos taken this afternoon. Two pretty simple figures, I actually chose them because they were simple, kind of a "between projects" little paint job, and the added bonus was that they were mostly skin and cloth, very little armor, which is somewhat traumatizing. Reasonably happy on how they turned out. For the thief, her eyes were very deeply set, like some of Dennis Mize's figures are, so once I was actually able to get an eyeball into her, I didn't try to add an additional color or anything And the thief looks a little angry, but I think it's more the sculpt than my paint job, but who's to say for sure? and she has darkish skin and Dark hair, so dark brown eyes weren't too much of a stretch on her anyway. These two came from an old Silver and Steel Partha set from Ral Partha, the sets that were full of Larry Elmore beauties. For the mage, I didn't really go into it with any preconception of colors, so who knows where the reds and pinks came from, but I think it turned out kind of nicely, with vibrant colors instead of blah ones. So anyways, enjoy!
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    I'm getting excited for some new Deepwars models and I've been rushing to finish as much of my backlog as I can. these Garks (an Abyssal Gark and an Abyssal Gark Mangler) needed a few finishing touches to get them off of the shelf of shame, and once I got back into it they were actually really fun to paint - greens and purples always look nice together. They will be some much needed troop muscle for the small Scaly Horde warband I have. These guys are pretty formidable size-wise, so I rebased them on some larger 40mm bases rather than use the base inserts they came with. I included a load of pictures, for your viewing enjoyment. These guys make a pretty great pair, I think. I was pleasantly surprised with the effect on the back of the crystal trident, but I was a little disappointed with the way the greens photographed.The sandy bases were a bit of an experiment and I really liked how striking the ripples in the sand turned out. I'll definitely be trying this effect again in the future. As always, I'd love some comments and constructive criticism.
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    I painted a metal version of this guy awhile ago but decided to toss some paint on my Bones version. It's got a few flaws that I didn't spend time on correcting too much, but I've already had a friend ask to buy it for a D&D character so I don't feel so bad about them.
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    I have started painting Blood Rage the Boardgame's figures lately. The first two are the Frost and Fire Giants. For both I have followed Sorastro's uncanny tutorial to the letter (Youtube link here). It was a joy to follow his splendid instructions and I have learnt a lot. The snow was made from baking powder (using baking powder + pva glue + vlc dead white) since I did not have the means to procure any snow effects where I live. Comments and critique is always welcome. My photography skills are still lacking but thanks for looking.
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    For the January/February RPChallenge, one of the bonus challenges was: I immediately knew what figure I was going to use but unfortunately she caused me quite a lot of trouble, especially her wings. Fortunately, Jessica Rich very kindly helped me out with some great advice and thus released me from my downward spiral. The base is by Scibor miniatures and was a lot of fun to paint. I've been very pleased with every resin piece I've ever gotten from Scibor and this was no exception. There weren't even any mold lines to clean up. Anyway, I hope y'all like her! (Pics are a little washed out...I probably should've used a darker background. Oh well. .....and I just realized that the jar she's sitting on looks like it's part of the base....it's not, I just should've put the jar under the background fabric. I just paint things, man, I'm not a professional photographer. )
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    These are Giant Ant Soldiers from Otherworld Miniatures. I made a scenic base with Milliput and used the Greenworld Stuff Aztec Rolling Pin on it. Then added a Lizardman Skull from Ristul's Extraordinary Market. WIP here for those interested. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-xherman1964-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/ I painted them with a mix of Scale 75, Reaper and Vallejo paints, From Vallejo I used Fluo Red and Fluo Yellow to give that fiery look. Enjoy, Likes and comments welcome. Thx for watching.
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    Since the hubby started building models again, we've been to the hobby shop more often than I'd like to admit. I saw this beauty and I felt it needed building, so I bought it. It looks really cool lit up so I bought a lighting kit. I've never tried to light anything before...I've my dang mind. So far I've painted the salon. Tiny tiny salon.
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    I'm working on a few different projects right now, so rather than start threads for all of them, I'm consolidating. I'll use this thread until June or so and then switch to a summer one. Or slack off some more, whichever is easiest! I need to get crackin' or I'll be in super trouble come Reapercon. First, I need a dark sword project because, having cleaned the hobby room this weekend I discovered I had too many unpainted pretties. I decided I need to work on my OSL and color balance this year, so I want to make a cave and have the mini emerging into sunlight from darkness. It'll give me a chance to work on monochrome transitioning to color. So, the dual wielder: I've sketched in the colors and started some of the shading. I need to branch out my colors choices for skin, so I'm playing with bright skin and bright skin highlight. It's more robust than rosy skin- much pinker and bright skin highlight is creamy yellowish. the highlight is linen white for both the shadowed and sunlit areas. The browns are mahogany and chestnut gold. I used corporeal shade and solid black on the dark side. I love how the mix of the blue and chestnut gives this deep green shade. I'll be glazing a sunlight effect in with yellows and oranges, so I need to make sure the colors I use can work in that range. Plus, the deep blue on the backside will be a nice complement. Next project is Bombshell. I found my stash of these when cleaning as well. Hooray for cleaning! Again with the playing with skin colors... I feel a need to get funky. I wanted a red skin for demon princess lady. Red skin is problematic, since the brain reads a variety of tan or neutral type colors as synonymous with skin. Anything too saturated and it looks alien or unreal. it throws the brain off. So, with red, I have to avoid the pink or orange trap while making sure it's desaturated enough to read as skin. Once again, the bright skin triad comes to the rescue! This time, I used spattered crimson as the base, with layers of bright skin shadow and bright skin. Bright shadow is pinkish, bright skin is orangey but not too much so that is looks "wrong." On this mini I haven't figured out what I want to do with the eyes yet, so they're staring blankly at me! I had some olive green leftover on my palette, so I used that to test-highlight the black. I think it'll work. I'll probably work the red into the hair as a highlight though. I want to put a kalladrax head in front of her as some sort of weird altar piece. lastly, I need color! More color!! Awww, rats! I'm playing with complementary colors to demonstrate they really can be used together and play nicely... Plus we seem to have been running into a lot of rats lately in our game, so I want to be prepared!
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    Baba Yaga Hut Company: Eastern Front Studios Painted by: ME (Iron Bristle Studios) I have more photo's on my website but I didn't want to clog up Reapers forums with them all. There is already a lot here. Finally finished this beast! What a project. I really hope my fellow Forumnite friends enjoy this. I did OSL and new shading techniques. I attempted to do better with my photographing in many ways. I even bought Hanger 18 back grounds. The big ones though... I didnt have a back drop large enough so I had to use a black sheet. Here is the WIP if you would like to see: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/73078-baba-yagas-hut-by-eastern-front-studios-picture-heavy/& ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    I don't even know what this model is in Oldhammer, let along Age of Sigmar. But I liked it (part of a big army deal with rats and elves, I play the rats) and wanted to paint something not Undead, not rats, and to help build my KoW collection (my opponents now use him as a Drakon Lord). My NMM gold always turns out a lot better than my NMM silver, so I decided my elves, when I eventually paint them, will have gold in their scheme.
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    Harrison Gibbs for Warmachine. I went with purple to focus more on his Laelese nature. And as a result of the need for complimentary colour contrast, the cat ended up orange.
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    I normally wouldn't buy from Privateer Press as the minis are just too pricey, but i found these second hand at Half Price Books for under $8. Anyway, they make a fine troop of Wraiths for my Undead Kings of War army, and painted up really quickly. Tried out some fog effect too (shredded cotton ball). Took pictures with a two different light setups as I'm trying to figure out my wife's camera phone (mine is junk), I liked 'em both so you get to see 'em both.
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    Merryn Elmshadow, Female Elf Thief (Reaper SKU 2590) is a classic Sandra Garrity sculpt. Other than the studded leather, I really enjoyed painting this one.
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    WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72886-talaes-first-mini-contest-sde-herald-of-vulcanis/ This mini was painted for a the first paint competition at my FLGS. Everyone bought in for $10, received and painted the same mini and had the month of February to do it. No mods allowed. Roughly 60 competitors from what I understand. This is planned to be a monthly competition. It was my first competition and also my first serious attempt at a chibi mini. I would love feedback. Thanks!
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    They are the Tzak. Although they will readily share their culture, history and beliefs to any who will listen, they seem to possess an uncanny inability to grasp the concepts of non-Tzak grammar, and as such very little is really known about them, other than the fact that if one is willing to spend an hour or three listening to a steady stream of disconnected thoughts laced with copious "tzzzz" noises, one can manage to squeeze an entire happy hour's worth of free drinks from an average Tzak. Outside of what can be deduced from the Tzak's disjointed and at times ferocious collisions with other species, all that has ever been officially recorded of Tzak culture is reproduced below: The Tzak are sworn to uphold the values of Tzor, and to defend the sacred Tzorinabar with their lives. This is the way of Tzor. Twice before the suns set to make the Tzin before the Tznab. To take the Tzer with the Tzum and to keep holy the sacred Tzob. To know the Tzititar, and to speak the Tzile with each word and deed. This is the way of Tzor. The above tract constitutes the total result of no less than forty five years of years of research conducted by the University of Regulus Prime on Sea, and over 75,000 interviews with various Tzak and the examination of no less than 15 trillion "words" of Tzak literature. Figures by Reaper Miniatures. Alterations and paint by me. Background story by Ironhammer.
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    So Theshunter issued a little challenge http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72805-80036-shipping-container-unofficial-painting-contest/ I decided to do a WIP http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/73245-area-51-container-breach-by-xherman1964/ And came up with this diorama. Someone didn't sedate ERIFNOGARD the Elder God as he should have...
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    This is "Achik" my Aztec Warrior from the Lost World Project I'm working on. WIP HERE: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-xherman1964-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/& She is on a Micro Art Studio Base, and I added a resin spider from Ristul's Extradorinary Market. The mini is Tepeyolottla from Bombshell Babes.
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    I like to keep a stock of painted miniatures available for the D&D crowd at my local game shop, but I always struggle to keep enough male adventurers on the shelf before people snatch them up. Logrim here was a fairly quick project intended to fill the ranks somewhat. I decided to stick on true metallic paints for him to save time, and didn't do anything crazy with the tabard. Still, I'm happy with him and I'm hopeful that he'll be smiting evil on a tabletop soon!
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    I must admit that I have quite a fondness for things that are at once creepy and cute. That makes the Grabby House the perfect spawn point in Super Dungeon Explore It turns out I have a bit of experience painting zombies. I went with a different skin tone for each of them. I also added a little touch at the end with some gloss (to make the cuts seem more fresh.
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    I play in an RPG group that has been meeting weekly for a good long time. Our favorite setting is the Iron Kingdoms- we started back when it used the D&D rules and we've kept playing with the new system. The new system hasn't been around as long, and we often have to convert the old statlines into the new system ourselves- especially for some of the epic monsters that Privateer Press isn't ready to explore yet. Here is Chilon. He is a Giant of Bemoth who was captured by the Skorne and forced to labor for them. Last he was seen in official cannon, he refused to fight for the Skorne, but we felt that it was only a matter of time before his will was completely broken. I converted this mini from the Ultraforge Giant to match the IK artwork- so he lost his nose, and had to have his hands rexculpted. I also replace his weapon with something that looked a little more Skorne. So here he is- mounted on a CD (120mm base)
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    Another lazy painting day with my wonderful husband produced this. I grabbed this guy out of the Vampire box not really knowing what to make of it. Even after boiling it didn't seem to stand well on any combination of the 6 legs, so I posed it on 3 of the rear legs that touched the base, kind of like it was rearing up in front. I wanted the legs to be black and beetle-like, with some blue green sheen, and I wanted the upper portion to reflect the "oxidation" part of the name. I just started dabbing paint on until it looked good. Since it has a little of every color in the spectrum, I refer to it as the the eastern lesser rainbow bug.
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    I painted this guy as a commission for a friend a few weeks ago. Apologies for the poor lighting and background in the pictures - I finished it away from my usual setup before handing it over. I was told to make the clothing a bit off for an adventurer to showcase the character's inexperience.
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    Another attempt at clearing the backlog, I painted up a bunch of lions. Reaper Bones lions on bigger square bases (Reaper Bones 77341) Classic Lions from Ral Partha (31-031): Another really old miniature that I thought was a Grenadier piece, but its actually from Ravens Forge (SKU CON1013). It is one of a pair of lions, I have the other mini somewhere.
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    One of the Conquistadores from my Lost World Project. This is a Gamezone Imperial Halberdier Champion. In my project he is Leon. WIP here http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-xherman1964-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/ The base is from Tabletop Art Studios. The bugs are from Ristul's Extraodinary Market Skull is from Greenstuff World ( a gift from Erifnogard..thx!!!)
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    This evening I finished up painting the mini with the best character class, "android princess".
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    This was a rendition of Maleficent
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    A piece I did today in between working on a commission piece I have going. Excluding the priming, she has about 2-3 hours in her. My wife picked the colors to represent one of her characters from WarHammer Fantasy. She's a female Runecaster. This is also one of my favorite models. I tried to catch the expression in her face. The hammer and chisel are magic; hammer being cold steel, and the chisel being mithril. As always, C&C is welcomed! Thanks and enjoy! CAH
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    When posting pics of two paintings I did to my facebook account found this pic in a folder of Wormpile from the Hell Dorado mini line. Love how the gooey, icky slimy feel really worked on it. Planned to use it in my Modern D20 game I was running. But the game ended before I got a chance.
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    As suggested by @Pezler the Polychromatic and @Xherman1964, and inspired by ultrasquid's design, I present to you all my rainbow landshark... $kittlez! Soon $kittlez will be sent out to hunt down a party of foolish adventurers in my 5e campaign, but before he does he wanted to stop by the forums to say hello! -E.E.
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    Painted for the Spring 2017 Reaper Exchange - Nicole of the Blade. She's on her way to HerzogBrian.
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    Happy Spring Northern Hemisphere! Here's Gus the Mousling Bartender sculpted by Gene Van Horne.
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    Am in the process of doing three of this mini. All based upon Poison Dart frogs. Am pretty happy with the first result.
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    Finishing up my Otherworld Miniatures so I can get back to my Reaper stuff. I wanted my gnolls to look really dirty, so dirty that their fur is greenish brown. DM5b Gnoll Warrior II, DM5d Gnoll Chieftain, ME3a Evil Magic User I
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    Painted up a couple of my columns for the Resolutionary Painting Challenge this year. Pictured them made out of metal with real cloth and skulls hanging from them like some evil cultists had set them up. Anyways, thanks for reading!
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    So my OCD has gotten the better of me, I am rebasing everything that is on a square base (my early 'work') and putting it on round bases. This here is Hellborn Troll (the metal version of the model that was later Bone-ified), who I painted as a Ice Troll in ... I think 2012. I ripped it from its base and made a nice rocks with snow base for him. And this is the picture I took of him in 2012.
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    This poor tribe of gnolls has been sitting on my desk half finished for well over a year. I decided I needed to clear them off, so I did enough to get them up to tabletop. I'm not happy with the coloration on the fur, but I still have more to learn there. Luckily I have a big pile of Bones to practice on.
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    Woooot! Got offer on our house and we countered and they accepted!!!
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    This was my very first commission! One of MrBoot's coworkers was wanting a painted figure for gaming purposes, and my husband volunteered my services, for a small fee. I was more than happy to oblige. This was a (for me) fairly quick and dirty paint job. I spent maybe 4 hours total on it, with the first hour spent just prepping (washing, drying, trimming mold lines, priming, waiting for primer to dry, etc.) My goal was "decent tabletop" since it was intended for gaming, and the guy only gave me $15 for the mini+paint job. I did email him pictures of a couple of my other quick paint jobs to let him know what to expect before I started, and he said that he was happy with that level of detail. I'm happy with my color choices, and I at least made an attempt at highlighting, so while it's rough in these close-up pictures, it doesn't look half bad at arm's length. I wish I'd taken a close-up of his face, though; since it's so shaded by his hood, and won't even be visible on a gaming board, I didn't bother painting an actual face face. It's more of an impressionistic shaded blobs sort of face, but it looks surprisingly decent from even a short distance. You might notice some bubbling here and there, and that's because I did a gloss sealer coat (Reaper) for durability, followed by Brush-on Sealer to make it look nicer. I've done very little with gloss sealer, and didn't discover that it bubbles a bit more than the brush-on until it was too late. It's not super obvious unless you stare at it closely, though. I also want to note that gloss sealer is...super duper glossy. Like, seriously. In fact, I was worried that the brush-on sealer wouldn't be able to tone it down, but a slightly thinned coat (with two coats in a few still-shiny spots) did the trick far better than I'd expected! Overall, I'm quite pleased with how he turned out. He was a very fun sculpt to paint, and I enjoyed employing a "good enough, git 'er done" mindset. Main colors used (since I was focused on going fast, I didn't do my usual "take notes as I go", so I'm recreating this from memory + the bunch of paint bottles still on my desk) Robe: Ritterlich blue, Ultramarine blue, Ultramarine highlight Cloak: Rich green, Christmas wreath, either Leaf green or Grass green Skin: Leather brown, Elf flesh, Caucasian flesh Various leathers and woods: Mahogany brown, Oiled leather, Golden blonde? Boots: Brown liner, Dark elf highlight Hair: Coal black, Powderburn brown, Golden blonde Arrow fletching and gems: Carrot top red, Lava orange, Explosion orange Various metallic objects: Tarnished steel, Ancient bronze, Dragon bronze Ground: Drybrush of: Highland moss, Pale lichen, then either Leaf green or Grass green I admit to being rather astonished at just how many paint bottles I used on this one simple project, but in my defense, since this was my very first commission, I wanted it to look at least somewhat nice (in the hopes that others in his gaming group might be interested in the future ). Plus, I really had a whole lot of fun painting this guy. I looooove Bobby Jackson's sculpts, he always has so many fun details to play with, without being exceptionally fiddly. After it was delivered, MrBoot reported that the recipient was very pleased with how it turned out, and was "super surprised at all of the details" I'd painted on it. Apparently, he's used to prepaints. We actually ran into him at the grocery store a week later, and he again expressed how much he liked it, and how detailed it was, and that other people in his group might be interested in getting painted minis for themselves! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    thanks everyone! It feels good to paint again, but I also tried to get in a pinch of sculpting as well. This weekend was funky. I was on call, so I ended up stuck at work for a bunch of it. Didn't get as much done as I wanted. Painted some, then took a break to start on her base. I want it to look like she's emerging from a cave into the sunlight, so first, make a basic rocky shape. I'll put in more details then likely cover some of it in foliage and grass. Inside the cave from the back (second pic) I want to do something to show she's been there. Maybe broken skeletons, torn spiderwebs... not sure. I like the blue and brown together, but I'm not sure I'm happy with the greaves. I may change the brown to all steel. Also, this mini has some of the peskiest mold lines on the inner arm I've ever had. I might have a fit. So, I took another break and painted rats. Rats relax me. More soon!