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    Well, since Ron has posted pictures of her on FB now, I suppose I'm free to share Mina with the world! She was a very fun miniature for me, though she provided a couple of challenges along the way. First, I originally worried that her attire would look a little too dressy on top/ragged on bottom, but I hope that the striped pants (which are always quite enjoyable to paint) help tie her together and make her the right level of ragged-fancy all around (like a pirate is supposed to be!). Second, believe it or not, this would appear to be one of the darkest skintones I have ever attempted, so I didn't have a tried-and-true recipe to fall back on. Nonetheless, I think things turned out okay, though (with all skintones) I really need to push my use of different shades of blue, green, and etc. to really bring life into the shadows. Better skintones have been something of a quest for me recently, and so I'll have to continue to practice, but each new miniature seems to be a step in the right direction! I hope you like her!!! And remember, even if you can't pick her up in person at ReaperCon, she should be available during the convention through Reaper's website! Thanks for looking!
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    Well I'll call her done! I had fun with this project and it sort of evolved as I progressed. I like that about painting. Sometimes I start with a fully realized idea but other times as I paint new things occur to me. I feel like I'm falling into a rut with these mirror effects, but no jezebel would be complete without some vanity! Oh well. I'll try to branch out in the future! At any rate, my wip is here and I'm happy to answer questions and whatnot. Enjoy! see everyone in Texas sooooooon!!! I broke out my specs on this one to do the face. My eye doctor says they're fine but I swear my eyes are going... this whole turning 40 thing sucks, btw...
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    So just a little thing that I finished on Monday. WIP thread is here if you missed it: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76415-guindyloo-vs-maal-drakar-in-7-days/&page=1 These are just some of the pictures that I took after I finished when I was half dead. If you want to see something specific, let me know and I can take some more. Most likely, I will be working on this some more post challenge, so I wanted to get a show off up before I change too much....if that's a thing that I do.
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    Drizzt and Guen from the Galeforce9, D&D Collector's series. Does anybody know if that series is now defunct? Those HD minis may have taken their place I think. I painted Guen to look like she was being summoned or returning to the Astral Plane. At least that is what my brain and brush pictured it looking like. Instead of using the one base, I thought it would be more useful in gaming for them to have separate bases.
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    It's been a while since I posted any work. I've just finished the Temple Dragon by Julie Guthrie, and I'm quite happy with it... so let's show it. The sculpt here is amazing, the creature has an unusual look and it's pretty small for a dragon but it has been a lot of work. I decided I wanted a "jungle" palette so I used different greens for body, scales and wings, with lots of highlight. Then I decided to paint the wing spines with that black-reddish color, with some orange; with the almost radioactive green, it looks poisonous to me and that's what I wanted. And it catches the eye better than the usual black, or bone white talons. How do you think it looks? Finally on the base I used a couple of the new Citadel's "barbed bracken" to reinforce the exotic looks with a color palette that I think both combines good with the dragon and also screams "poison!" and I finished with some skulls from unfortunate adventurers. Sadly, it's also unfortunate that I hadn't been able to improve my photos yet. I bought a "white box" for stock photography, but I wasn't happy with the results. The next step will be to buy a compact camera with a decent macro. Sorry because the photos are really amateur but it's the only way I can get a good view of the miniature right now...
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    Magically Distracted She sat on her favorite stool, having gotten mostly undressed and relaxed, gently swirling the goblet of red wine in her hand as she read through the grimore in her lap... closing her eyes she gently concentrated on the spell that was before her... suddenly the books piled around her lifted up in the air as if they had minds of their own and were caught in a small windstorm. She giggled to herself and took another long drink of the wine from her goblet and continued to study... --------------------- This was a really fun project that I started up in April of this year. My goal was to get her done in time for the 'eavier metal online contest (Facebook) and see if I could place or perhaps get a random draw. I ended up uploading her about 10 minutes late, so I have no idea at the time of doing this post if she will be considered in the contest or if she will be disqualified. Either way, I had fun, I had tons of amazing feedback during the WIP and a lot of people cheering me on to get it finished. I present to you "Magically Distracted" a NSFW Kingdom Death figure in the 54mm scale, she is a limited edition resin release. Please feel free to give your comments and critiques. I'm going to check and see if I am allowed to bring a nude figure to ReaperCon this year for entry into their painters contest or not. If not, she'll stay home as I do have plenty of other things to enter as well. A few firsts on this one, I did some elaborate tattoos, magical floating books, writing in books in freehand, a completely nude figure, texturing pattern, Venus dimples, and last but not least sheer stockings (which were a lot of fun and a lot of work!). First - pics that are SFW and then I'll post some NSFW links (special thanks to @Thrym for hooking me up with his site for hosting as Facebook links expire) and for helping me out with the really cool title placard). NSFW Links One Two Three Four Five ETA: Better pics after a bit of clean-up to the OSL and added red ink to the drink.
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    This is 01-151 Sea Dragon from Ral Partha, re-released by Iron Wind Metals under the same SKU. I got mine from the Chaos Wars Kickstarter they had a while back. I decided I would be more daring and colorful than I usually paint, and paint this up as a tropical coral reef dragon.
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    Hey all! Just finished this little guy. Really fun to paint and I quite like the way it turned out! I really love the line!
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    So, I have a whole bunch of Reaper heroes to show off. Is it against the rules if I don't look up the number on every one of them for posting? . And then there was one that was topless (with purple skin).
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    Greetings folks! Sssssssssssss, tabletop quality paintjob of the Giant Cobra from the Bonesssssssssss 3 Kickssssssstarter! Thanks for looking!
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    Hi, I painted "Eric, the Paladin initiate" as a random mini from Bones 2. I like his contemplative look and pose... So I decided to make a little vignette/diorama by adding one of the graveyard statue from Bones3. I call it "Time to Reflect". The base is an Orange juice cap, and the tree is from Woodland Scenic. C&C Welcome
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    Sometimes I come across a mini I just adore the concept of. This is a golem or contruct made out of gravestones, broken bits of mausoleums, bone fragments and skulls and with Nightmare before Christmas -style cast iron gates for wings! A useful construct for when Necromancy does not make hard enough minions! From the Bones 3 Graveyard Expansion, here is the Graveyard Golem. Or whatever it's official name will be when they release it into the wild some time in the future. Cemetary Golem from the Bones 3 Kickstarter, Graveyard Expansion. Reaper miniatures Bonesium PVC 60mm base
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    Polished and based, looks a lot better now "Once upon a time there was a evil wizard, who through various nefarious means captured 5 dragons and fused them into one through a devious, powerful spell. He called the resulting creature "Ma'aldrakar", however was unable to be controlled by him and broke loose not long after the joining. Each head retained its personality and individual mind, and this resulted in a creature constantly at war with itself. Once free in the lands, away from the mage who had done this to them, the true horror of the situation became apparent. Before long, two heads rose to dominance over the others…. Rezatharnithaza the gold and Nazarangamar the black. Their wills were much stronger than the others, and they wrestle constantly for control of the body. The other three heads bicker amongst themselves, with Sirathiamora the red being the most dominant of those three, bullying the other two but submissive to the gold and black. Bazarthian the white dragon stays out of fights, being rather neutral and calm, and often will actually defend the bullied copper dragon from Sirathimmora’s abuse. The movements of this creature are erratic and jerky, for the black wants to destroy the world he hates so much, while the gold battles to keep the shared body away from civilization. The only time the creature moves in a unified manner is when in self defense or hunting food. " --- The Dragons: Rezatharnithaza (Gold)– Living in an ancient, lush forest, she guards the surrounding towns and lends her aid to any heroes that require some wisdom and guidance. Her capture came through trickery, with hired mercenaries posing as people in need of aid and luring her to an ambush. Nazarangamar (Black)– Dwelling in the deep, thick swamps of the south, he is ruthless and often harasses the nearby settlements, devouring their livestock. He has a large appetite for cattle especially. Any knights that would venture into his dimly lit home to find him would find themselves watched, and eventually driven mad as he used his magical skills to cast illusions and diversions, wearing their sanity away and taking delight in watching them lose their minds, lost forever. His capture was a mighty feat, only possible with great magics expended to subdue him. Sirathiamora (Red) – In her mountainous home, she spends much of her time in a human disguise she carefully designed and established in the royal court of the nearby kingdom. She greatly enjoyed toying with human politics, egging on arguments and inciting fights among the court nobles. Her downfall came when she was discovered by the mage and lured into a trap while disguised, and captured. Bazarthian (White) – In the frigid frozen north, this quiet and rather neutral white dragon lives with his mate, keeping to himself and leaving the humans and races that live nearby alone. As long as his preferred food of arctic cod and squid were around, he did not much care what the smaller races did. His home, carved into the jutting peak of a sea-side glacier, was unreachable by them anyways. Much enjoying swimming in the frozen waters that would kill in moments one of lesser tolerance, he was a challenge for the mage to acquire. In the end, it was the carcass of one of the smaller whale species, laced with a drug. As soon as the dragon devoured the free meal, he was asleep and captured. Chronovaxian (Copper) – Preferring the hot desert, this cheerful dragon would often frolic in the cloudless sky, engaging in many chats with travelers and caravans that passed through his sandy home. His capture was the easiest of all, lured into a trap and taken by brute force. The joining had negatively affected him most of all, turning his joyful demeanor into one of despair.
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    Finished my Bonehenge last night. Need to take a final close look at it to make sure everything is up to snuff and then seal it. All in all happy with how it turned out.
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    I remember when, during a dungeon crawling AD&D session a lifetime ago, we entered a part of the dungeon where the corridors were spotlessly clean but for a sign saying "Meet the Cleaner" or something to that effect. And a transparent, quivering wall moving towards us at speed... It ended badly for our party even though the Gelatinous Cube was defeated in the end, it's acidic jelly eating away at all our armour and favorite equipment, leaving our party drastically reduced both in capabilities and hit points going foward. And at last a proper miniature of such a Cube! Made in clear translucent Bones. I 3D printed a custom base for it, 8 cms in diameter. The middle piece is a part of the Cube and consists of a bottom "plug" and leftovers from some of the Cube's earlier meals. I tried for an oilslick rainbow-ish effect on the cube, dribbling on an assortment of inks and quickshades and then dabbing at it with some tissue paper to prevent too much colour pooling. I just wanted a hint of colouration to stain the clear rubbery plastic. An experiment, but I am rather pleased with the results. Apart from the orange/yellow being a bit too strong. The Cube it self is hollow and can fit a miniature inside completely! 77305: Gelatinous Cube from the Bones 2 kickstarter Reaper Miniatures Unknown sculptor Clear Transparent Bonesium PVC 80mm base
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    Goblin Agent 1 Goblin Agent 2 Dwarf Agent 1 Dwarf Agent 2 Orc Agent 1 Orc Agent 2 WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76692-massive-darkness-agents/
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    Changing picture forums. And since I am enjoying the KS bones 3 alot! And backing Bones 4... Reaper is the logical choice, so i would like to share some miniature painting, some old and new, of mine her. Thx for your C&C. Big fan of the work from Tabletop world....
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    Here's a commission i did for a client's 8 year old daughter! He wanted lots of pink and purple and a rainbow somehow. This is what I came up with.
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    Well, I finally got around to finishing this young fella. Didn't see table use but the two fighter types did for a quick encounter in Hero Kids (Light) to introduce my two nephews to gaming while babysitting them. Maybe next round. Here we go with the Kid Wizard from Reaper's Adventuring Kids pack #1. Thanks for looking and any C&C you feel like sharing. Always appreciated.
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    Whoooo, I can finally share my journey with the Chaos Toads (included in the Fan Favorites expansion of Bones IV) with you; I feel like I've been holding my breath for a year. I've had to be mum about these guys since last year at ReaperCon when Ron gave me the commission. That was very difficult, because I have seldom been more excited about a project than I was about this one. Throughout the project, I shared progress pictures with a couple friends of mine who were "in the know" having been present at ReaperCon. As a result, I have pictures of much of the sculpting process that I can share with you all. It started with Ron and I having a conversation about my sculpting and where I wanted it to go and what he wanted for Bones IV. During the discussion, we realized that Reaper really didn't have good representations of these creatures, just a demon that was similar, but not quite. He set me up with Izzy to design some concepts, and away we went. Let me tell you right now, working with Izzy is a real trip. She is awe inspiring and amazingly talented. We only had about 30 minutes to talk and sketch, yet she came up with the most awesome concepts. It was amazing how, with just a few strokes of her pencil, she had concepts looking at me from the page. Even more fun was our conversation as she drew, where she explained her ideas, I added mine, we blended them together, and had discussions on what in her art had to be there and what I could/should adjust. It was my first experience working with a concept artist and the highlight of ReaperCon '16 for me. I drove all the way back to MN in an excited buzz. But enough talking, I'm sure you want to see the art Izzy drew. Chaos Toad Savage: Concept: Pose: Chaos Toad Brawler: Concept: Pose: Chaos Toad Sorcerer: Concept: Pose: No pose for this one, we ran out of time, but she explained to me the pose she envisioned, which is pretty close to what I did in the end. Reference Art: I based the brawler on a horned lizard, the savage on a marine toad, and the sorcerer on a bull frog and bull dog, plus a dose of Izzy's art. Here are just a few of the photos I drew inspiration from: I'll keep posting the progression as I get time. Let me know what you think. Andy
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    So, the Czaristikallian is done, unless someone sees something I should fix.... so what do you all think! If anyone is curious about stats for a purple dragon, pm me... (It is first ed AD@D... but....) (thanks for the eye tutorials, @Guindyloo) anyone care to guess what the backdrop is?
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    Hello all, so here are two figures I just finished recently from Ral Partha. The first one is from the Larry Elmore set Bones of the Past, I think sculpted by Jeff Grace, which was based off a painting Larry Elmore did I think perhaps for a book cover. I tried to actually use the same color scheme on my mini as showed up in the painting, but I ended up changing up the belt because in the painting it was red and she already had red details and pants. I did the other figure a wile back ago, the gal with the purse, loincloth and little else. Here's the link to that one: I think, that linked up okay. Then here is another figure I did, Jee-Anna the armored warrior priest (ess) a figure sculpted by Jim Johnson quite a while back ago. I really like this figure and wanted to give her just dark, blacks and greys, so hopefully with this color scheme I ended up getting what I wanted. With the base, I ended up sculpting some more stones because it was one of those stone floor bases. Anyway, hope you enjoy them!
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    This was an experiment in HQ speed painting using thinned, semi-opaque paint over zenithal priming. In all it took about 8 hours including the base (damn chipped vase already!). Pretty happy with the results, and now onto the other 30 big monsters...
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    Here is another Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals. DSM8046, Hamster Cleric with Mace. It was sculpted by Dave Summers. As suggested by Robinh I chose classic colors. I went with blue rather than red because I already painted the Mage in red; Bluish chainmail, white tabard with golden freehand, linen colored pants, leather boots and dark metallic bracers and helmet. I hope you like it! As always, comments and critiques are very welcome.
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    This one has been sitting on my desk begging to be finished for awhile now. After taking the pics I fiddled with the face and changed the color of the stained wood to a walnut which I like better. I'll try to get a photo of that up at some point. I had a wip on this with all my colors and process but the evil empire of photobucket ate the pictures. I used some of the bright skin triad and for the shadow colors corporeal shade. The basework is made from the firm sculpey (the gray type,) a stick and etched brass foliage. The spider shield and barrel are from reaper's bones line. The crystal I did with a few real ones and then just made the rest out of sculpey. I had fun with the idea of someone emerging from shadow so painted the back with the shadow colors and then blended the front to back which gave me a very nice green I used also on the foliage. I made that using a combo of chestnut brown, corporeal shade and linen white. Enjoy! C&C welcome and feel free to ask any questions! I can try to dig up some of the old photos, but having lost my hard drive, it may take time to find the right SD card. Also, I have clearly been playing too much Skyrim...
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    Really like how the Gold turned out on this one. I am a big fan of the Reaper Dwarven Gold paint.
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    Greetings! I don't seem to have as much time to paint miniatures as usual at the moment but I have been working on this beastie here & there lately. I really like this sculpt & I couldn't resist painting it purple. I did have a bit of a nightmare trying to paint the areas between the base of the worm & the (worm)hole so, if I was to paint another one, I would definately paint the parts up separately & glue them afterwards. Thanks for looking!
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    Well here are the major portions of the graveyard expansion "terrain" that I did up.
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    A commission for a forum member. I've been affectionately calling him "Skittles"
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    Hello again, everyone! I know I've been something of a ghost around the forums lately, but that is in no small part because I've been doing some painting for Reaper recently that I can't show off until Ron says it's time! Hopefully (with that excuse) you all can forgive my recent absence! But I have had some time for a few little quicker projects, and one of them is my version of Roland from Red Panda Miniatures! I wanted to paint up another one of their minis in time for their new Kickstarter (so I could play with at least one painted mini once my copy of the game arrives), but I didn't have a whole bunch of time to spend on him. All in all, I think I spent about 12 - 15 hours on him, so my blends aren't perfect. However, I had fun with a couple little conversions, and I'm quite happy with his face! I hope you all like him, and thanks for looking!!!
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    This past week I completed the last of the four hero figures from the Bones 3 Kickstarter Wild West Wizard of Oz set: the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and Dorothy & Toto. (Still have the Wicked Witch and the Flying Monkey to do) This was a really fun set to do, and it had some interesting interpretations of the classic characters. Also, I was lucky enough to get a chance to already use them as my gang in a post-apocalyptic game of "This is Not a Test". For the full painting articles and more photos, please see my Bones painting blog linked in my signature.
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    These 3 were supposed to be speedpaints, but I ended up dinking way too much on all the little fiddly details. I didn't do a good job trimming mold lines either..... The spearman got his spear straightened with boiling water after he was painted, no ill effects on the paint that I could see.
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    Another one for my LOST WORLD PROJECT. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/&page=93 CADIRITH, Demonic Spider. I used a Web Stamp for the base a gift from @knarthex, as was most of the flock on the base. Added some venom with Vallejo Water Effects, Base is made of foam. Likes and Comments welcome. Negative critique, talk to the Spider first.
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    As my first finished bust this one was an adventure, some mistakes were made but lots was learned. It was commissioned by a friend as a gift for his fiancee now wife who is also a really good friend. He did not have many requirements, just a similar color scheme to Ben Komets's version. The only variation I wanted to do was the shield design but my friend was ok with changing it. I still almost went with that design but found my way to the one that I ended up using and I am so happy with it. Any feedback is most welcome! WIP thread here: Shieldmaiden Bust
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    So this is my first forum topic on reaper. The photos where taken on my phone. This is the WizKids human female rogue, I painted her using artist paints. Any feedback would be helpful and appreciated.
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    New Chronomancer warband. Left to right: Angel Angelo, Angel Stephen, Angel Benedict, Angel Bob (Wizard), Angel Marco, Angel Christian (Apprentice), Angel Philip, Angel Pedro, Angel Octavian, and Angel Alistair.
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    I had finished my Arcadia Quest a little way back and thought I should present to you the whole cast. And so here they are: The heroes (and heroines): And the villains: Thus another project finished. Thanks for looking.
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    I have finally finished something big! My previous max size was a big spider that I managed to fit on a 4" base, this though... this is proper! This is 77110: Deathsleet (Bones) in a white dragon paintjob. I had a lot of fun painting it and I even used some of my n00b airbrush skills on the wing membranes. Overall I am very pleased how this one came out.
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    Me going through the Pledge Manager...
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    SO I decided to inflict some of my Mushrooms on Our Own canuckotter. I took a few photos in the Spooky Woods before sending them off to her in Darkest Ottawa. Taking photos guarantees they arrived safely...I have found unphotographed stuff gets lost. This time there are only a few pics: I LOVE doing Mushrooms & sending packages; SO I am not all that altruistic. I do, however, hope you enjoy the post...Herself says she like the Mushrooms.
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    Turned out OK. I have a tuff time doing Bright colors that don't turn out dirty. I don't know if it's the wash (well I am pretty sure that the wash is a contributing factor) or what. Any ideas as to wash bright colors without getting this effect? Had to post this one as it is another great example of Puff running for his life again. Also now that I look at this I think I am going to add a brown wash to the stones to tone them down a bit. These aquarium stones are just to bright for me.
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    I have 3 of this figure (Reaper Bones 77174 Leisynn, Mercenary Mage), so I decided to remove a bunch of the skulls and make him a druid instead. Since he looks a lot like Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I decided to name him Tim the Druid. Very happy with the freehand on him, not so happy with the mold line across his face.
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    My 5th bust. Forged Monkey - Shaâ un Ram Warrior painted as a Slaangor. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72600-sha%E2%80%99un-ram-tribe-warrior-bust-by-xherman1964/ Hope you like it!
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    I really liked doing these. Results are not all that I hoped for but it was fun assembly line painting these.
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    I had a week this summer with the family out of town so I did what any self respecting hobbyist does - broke out the paint! The goal was to try a number of new techniques and get a few minis up to tabletop quality. Overall, some successes and failures. I'm pleased with the way the clay golem and the beholder turned out.
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    Finishing out my last set of hobgoblins. I started painting these guys and it reminded me of a desert theme so I used some sand on the bases and went with it. (You can catch up on set 1 here and sets 2 and 3 here). Pretty happy with how they turned out, these are really fun and detailed sculpts. Thanks for reading!
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    Forgetful, Tricksey ReaperBryan, Reaper Miniatures 6-time creator 2 minutes ago Did I forget to mention that in that Fantasy Scenics Set, the Ritual Circle, Well of Despair, and Ruined Doorway are designed to fit into the Dragons Don't Share Tower and Stairs?
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    Did Storm wing in silver....Actually citadel lead belcher with silver highlighting. Think he turned out ok. I glued the base of the tale to the back of the base to make sure he get the droopiness. I really like how the wings turned out on this one.