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    After 6 months of painting 4-10 hours a week on this monster, I am finally finished with Reaper Bones Ma'al Drakar 77580. WIP Here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/78573-citrine-tries-to-tackle-maaldrakar-77580/&tab=comments#comment-1668344
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    Or should we say, Lord Sans-Tusk since one has to sculpt his tusks back on due to manufacturing being unable to mold them on there. Ah well, pretty happy with the TMM and skin.
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    Here’s my take on “Dragons don’t share” It had sat in the box for much too long. Ive seen a lot of extremely well painted versions of this model pop up on the forum, but I don’t recall seeing a winter-ish version. So I gave it a whirl. It takes away detail from the ruins but all in all I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. I hope you like it! As always C&C are welcome
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    Another quick paint up, not quite a speed paint but close. I quite like these giant sculpts over all. I'd love to hear what you all think.
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    My last few postings have had the employees and patrons of a bar I crafted for my son. I was asked to put the whole scene together so here you go. Included are some patrons that my other sons painted to contribute to the set. The figures used by them are: 60169, 60017, 60046, 60154, 60136, and a Wizkids barbarian.
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    Hi guys, so here's a figure I just finished, an old Ral Partha Saturday Night Fever Samurai, who I'm going to go out on a limb and say he's based on John Belushi. Pretty straight forward figure to paint, and I wanted to give him more of a five o'clock shadow (thanks Patrick for the advice) but I just gave it to him where it was actually kind of sculpted in. I looked at a few reference pictures of John Belushi in his Samurai suit, but eventually went a slightly different route to give a bit more color to him. I tried to get a little bit of heat from his cigar too, don't know if you can notice a bit of red and yellow by the ash? Anyhows, I hope you guys all enjoy this little blast from the past!
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    Here is a warg for my D&D campaign. He can be a direwolf, stand in for a pack leader wolf, etc. I love this mini! Lots of detail and fun to paint!
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    I've lurked for about a year - finally got up the courage to post. I've returned to painting after a break of many years. This is a recent figure I'm proud of (my photography skills however....) - hope you enjoy
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    I painted this figure as a white 2 years ago, it took about 6 weeks of painting individual scales. When I was done I thought it would probably look just as good if I drybrushed it. I got the second one from a mini exchange or goodwill box, Dry brushing the body this time took 3 days. For the wings I was inspired by a bearded dragon. The nest was added per MiniSpawns request. It was a stretch goal freebie from Oathsworn's Sensible Shoes line. I have 2 bronze hatchlings as well, on TMM like the mother and one NNM.
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    Hello everyone! Last week, I posted pictures of one of the two D&D adventuring parties I am DMing (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81365-my-dnd-adventure-group/). These were minis I painted about a year ago. As there is a second party, I wanted to post some pictures of it as well. I painted the second batch of minis quite recently, I hope you like them. Here they are : "60071: Eccardian Drovenge" is Alrune, a Tiefling druid who was raised by Ents. Taking a step back from it, I think tha the blue wasn't the best choice, I should probably have gone for brown on those blue parts. I love the mini but with all those little details it was quite a challenge to paint : "03828: Crusader Champion (Sword and Shield)" is Guy Saint-Hubert, a human butter maker who decided to become a paladin of the goddess of death, justice and night to avenge his family : "03476: Kasham, Reptus Wizard" is Kigozaloph Jeanpatrine, a Silver Dragonborn necromancer. I was worried about the metallic paint to make his skin, but i'm happy with the result : "14567: BSG Hok Sergeant" is Miroslav Bulldosex (sigh), a Halfling fishmonger who decided to quit the civilisation and chose a barbarian life. All the pink marks on his skin are supposed to be scars but I didn't manage to make it obvious : "14553: Arthrand Nightblade, Wood Elf Sergeant" is Polodriell, an Elf ex-soldier. He lived in a jungle, that's why his arrows are made with parrot feathers. I couldn't manage to make his eyes look good because of the cloak :
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    So here's another homage figure I just finished. Ral Partha back in the day did a few figures based on popular figures of the time. The dwarf samurai I did recently was one, and here is another one, Elvis, King of the Bards. So hard to choose colors on him, so ended up kind of with a red, white and blue motif, kind of close to Fourth of July. He has some really small circular eyes, but they turned out surprisingly well. When I was editing the photos and got a good look at them, they were actually pretty decently laced. Anyhow, another great old Partha figure to enjoy!
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    Good evening folks, So here is one I just finished up, a really old school Partha Piece, don't recall her original name, but she's some kind of sorceress or Dragon Lady. Sculpted by Tom Meier, this one didn't have a year on the bottom, but I think this was probably sculpted originally 1977-1979 or so. I did the base as just one flat blue color, that as I look at it, I'm regretting. I might go back and do a little something with it. I didn't want to do a natural, grass and dirt base, because I didn't want to hide any of the dragon, who is not too large.
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    I've noticed a disturbing trend around the forums lately; there seems to be a growing amount of combativeness here. Perhaps 'combativeness' isn't the correct word, maybe saying that there is an underlying tension is more appropriate. In the past several weeks, I have noticed an increased amount of moderator involvement in various threads. Warnings to cease a certain line of conversation are being made (sometimes more than once), posts are being removed, and reminders to be nice to one another are being made with more frequency than I have ever seen since joining the forums 5 years ago. The mods ask us to keep things family friendly/PG rated; I have seen an increasing number of cases where this is pushed to the very limits. People have posted saying that they're 'looking for a fight' (not in those exact words), there have been instances of one poster making an inappropriate/highly snarky reply to another posters' comment, or even making an attack on another poster. These things aren't going to make this a better place; quite the opposite, in fact. It used to be that the mods were mostly invisible; they'd make an appearance to edit someone's post because they posted a commerce link or goofed and posted pics of a nude figure, sometimes they'd prune a whole bunch of off topic or excessively silly posts from a thread. Every once in a while they'd need to step in and remind us all to play nice, but it was quite infrequent. It hasn't been lately. (No, I'm not going to cite specific instances, the point of this is to hopefully make things better, not call people out. If you hang out here with any regularity, you've probably seen some of what I'm referring to.) I've made a fair number of friends in my time here, and I've seen too many of them leave because of the previously mentioned things. ( I asked some of them.) That's sad, not only because they were my friends, but also because they were very talented painters. That's a loss to the community as a whole, IMO. When I migrated here, it was after already having been a member of several other internet painting/modeling forums; this place was DIFFERENT, and I mean that in a good way. Even though there are award winning painters here, everyone was ( and mostly still is) very welcoming and inclusive. There wasn't any 'you're doing it wrong' (not in a negative fashion, anyway), 'that's not good enough', or any of a plethora of other negative comments that I saw posted elsewhere. The people here wanted to help each other get better and find more enjoyment in their hobby. That, at least, hasn't changed. Now, I'm not saying that this place has turned into a wretched hive of scum and villainy; it hasn't, but I see it heading that way, and it scares me. I don't want to see that happen here. I'm guilty of some of the above; for that I apologize. I'm going to do better, and I'd like to ask you to do so, too. ---Keep political/real world highly polarizing issues in BeeKeepers (if you don't know, BeeKeepers is a special area of the forum for discussing sensitive topics. You need to have 100 posts and specifically request access to it. Even then, the basic rules (be respectful of one another) still apply). ---Express your opinion, but don't bludgeon us to death with it. Saying it 67 times isn't going to make me more likely to agree with you. It's ok to disagree with each other, but keep it civil. ---It's hard, because we're all separated by hundreds of miles and all we see is an avatar on the screen, but before you type out your response, stop and ask yourself if you'd say that to the person's face. If you wouldn't, you probably shouldn't type it, either. ---if you're being a smart-alec, purple is your friend, it denotes sarcasm/silliness. The smilies work pretty well for that, too. If you think you've overstepped, apologize. I've sent PM's to several people to do exactly that. Thank you.
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    I actually finished this in December, but I didnt want to get out the photo equipment just for one mini. Since I finally finished my biggest project ever, this guy also got some photo love. Very fun mini to paint and a great sculpt from Oathsworn:
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    A fun speed paint, and a bit of an experiment with the unusual skin tone. Love to hear what you guy think.
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    Hi all, I thought you might like to see the Mordheim gang I just finished, particularly because it features a bunch of Reaper figures. It's hard to believe I started this over ten years ago. They sat around for years with a good portion done, and lately I've had my old projects in my sites and am finishing them off. Mordheim Undead Gang I wrote about them and shared more pics in a blog post here: https://belchedfromthedepths.blogspot.com/2018/06/mordheim-undead-gang.html More pics of the reaper ones: Reaper Matthias the Twisted, Vampire I shared the vampire already here, so you may have seen him already. New backdrop with this pic for consistency. Reaper Gravedigger Reaper humans are too tall, IMO, to mix in generally with Mordheim figures, but the vampire and gravedigger are conscious exceptions as they fit right in towering over their fellows. There was no way I wasn't going to have this Reaper monkey in the crew. He's from a familiars pack. Reaper Ghouls and Ghast Reaper Hellhounds Last up are these Reaper hellhounds, or dire wolves, in Mordheim game terms. I was and am thinking of them as black dogs of yore like the barghest rather than wolves.
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    Darksword Miniatures Otter Ranger with Bow DSM8089 by Dave Summers
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    I am fairly new to painting; I started last fall, but I feel like I've made a good bit of progress in the ~3/4 of a year that I've been at it. I decided that I needed to finally bite the bullet and post a finished mini. This sculpt was perfect for the campaign that I'm DM'ing and it released on my birthday, so I decided he would be the first! Let me know what you think!
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    Figures include: 77208 the Flutist, The two lutist and violinist are from 3 different Wizkids bard packs, and 50070 the Drummer
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    I’ve been working on this guy for months, off and on. Finally pushed him through to completion last night. I hope you like him.
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    Presenting Grace (Leaping lady) and Benediction (Big scary dude), church enforcers in the game of Guild Ball. Had a lot of fun painting this pair, their highly patterned armour came out better than expected, but I think I dialled back the highlights on the purple capes a tad too much. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    Darksword Miniatures Ari Birdman DSM4620 by Dave Summers
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    Stuff I've painted recently.