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    As a paid Reaper employee, there is a non disclosure agreement I am bound to. There are many things that I would like to tell yall to help calm things down. I am not authorized to do so. I have expressed my concerns to the powers that be that communication at this juncture is just as important as every other stage of the process. I would like to be able to share where we are in the process of fulfillment, but it isn't something I'm willing to become unemployed over. I would like to be able to share that there were a few changes we didn't expect, like Canada because shipping notices have it public anyway. I would like to share that when we spend our entire work day getting orders pulled we are not on the Internet monitoring comments. I'm on my time right now, I don't have to be here now, but I am, after my 60 hours work week, I'd like to just be a person and enjoy my life. I am aware yall thought you'd get an update by now. I am aware yall are wondering what is going on. I'd like to share but I'm not authorized. I know no one who has authority to share will do so on a weekend. This is not a promise for them to do so on Monday, I can't promise any action by anyone, but myself. We are ALL frustrated with this project. Tempers are escalating on all fronts. Please respect our forum rules and keep your posts here appropriate. I am unlocking this thread after removing the worst of the post flare up. This is the one and only reminder to follow our rules or this thread will be locked down again indefinitely. I would really like to enjoy my family this weekend, please play nice here. Edit: it was pointed out that some of that made things sound like dire things happened. There was no dire this week, no bad things happened*, changes were made and everything is rolling. Updates would be nice, it makes my life easier, but again, I'm not authorized to do that. This was the best I can give yall. *except I did accidentally cut myself with the box knife enough times to have it removed and I have fun bandages with super heroes and dragons.
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    Sana from Hasslefree Miniatures. I'm rarely ever completely happy with any of my paint jobs. This one is as close as it gets to satisfaction. I painted her up to look like Red Sonja for obvious reasons. What do you think?
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    I painted this guy over the weekend to toy around with the LED Blue paint I haven't gotten to use much since I got the MSP 2014 expansion set last holiday season. I'm not terribly happy with the OSL, and could have spent hours more doing more glazes and highlights, but he's going on a shelf for sale at my LGS and I made myself limit my time for extra details since I've found there's an upper limit on what the local D&D players are willing to spend. Anyway, I really liked the sculpt and had a lot of fun with him. Here's hoping he sets something on fire on a gaming table soon!
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    So I for the Fall Exchange of 2015, I got @Keianna as my partner. She requested something she could use in gaming, and let me know that they were running through Wrath of the Righteous. I looked through the types of monsters and characters in the PDF I snagged (with some free money from either Reaper or Gen Con or something) and looked for something in my collection that would fit the bill. 02923: Princess of Hell was a great match for one of the NPC's, a succubus by the name of Vellexia. That as part of the module, the adventurers have to find a way to entertain, one way or another. In the module, she looks like this: And here is my interpretation of her in miniature form: More pictures below the cut (The same really, but with different exposure settings) I hope you all enjoy her! She has a good home with Keianna.
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    Finished this guy up finally
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    Hey everyone! Brand new to the hobby, been painting for a few weeks now and loving every minute of it (except for those stressful parts). I got the LTP Kit and think it was the perfect way to be introduced to mini painting. If there are any lurkers out there reading this and thinking about taking the plunge I highly recommend picking up the kit. Anyways, I still have a ways to go to match up with some of the amazing stuff I've been seeing here on the forums, but I'm really excited to keep painting and hone my skills. I took some photos of my first four minis and was really proud of them and wanted to show them off. I'm working towards painting my D&D party up. We play over video conference so they probably won't make any tables, but I thought it would be a fun thing to have on the desk. Hope you enjoy and as always C&C is very welcome. First one was the Skeleton Archer from the LTP Kit. He came out of the kit doing a bit of a Neo lean... I tried he hot water trick but it didn't stick, so I propped him up with putty. Big time learning experience, but I think he turned out okay. I had the most trouble with the quiver, but it ended up being my favorite part in the end: Next up was a Skeleton Warrior. The second time around I thought I got a smoother looking bone color. I had the idea to paint the blue stripe on the spear to tie him in with the archer. I think it worked: The third I painted was a mummy (undead theme anyone?). He was pretty monotone, so I tried to mix it up a little with some dried blood and creepy glowing blue eyes: Finally, I jumped to the LTP Kit and painted the Orc Marauder. I tried to ignore most of the color instructions and mix up my own colors to test myself a bit. I'm really proud of him! I'm beginning to realize that the details make the mini, so I added some small touches like rusted chainmail and fingernails. I was brave enough to paint the teeth, but chickened out a little on the eyes. I personally think the black eyes look better on this model anyways. I think if I googly-eyed him right at the end it would have crushed me: Thanks again for checking out my post and for all the inspiration and tips I found reading the forums. I'm sure you will hear from me again soon. Like I said... a little bit obsessed:) ~WhatsEcstacy
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    Lich with Wand by Otherworld Miniatures. The more I look at this guy, the more it seems like he is trying to fence with that wand. "En Garde!"
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    Hey everyone. I painted this about 3 or 4 months ago, and just finished the basing, so I though I'd share. Missus MKCS bought this for me a few years ago. It had been sitting sealed in the box for quite some time, just staring at me, taunting me. Originally I thought I'd leave it alone as a collector item, but I grew tired looking at the box... Anyway, here it is. I hope you like it. Excuse my booger-hooks in the last picture. I was trying to get a picture of it's belly.
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    When you want fish men on the table you can never have too many of them. Here are two more tiik warriors, with spawn in tow, and a champion. I painted the champion in predator fish colors, dark blue and grey, kind of shark like. He is on a Bag of Crap base with a ruined stela. The warriors are on swamp terrain bases that I built.
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    Delicate piece. Glued a swordhand, head, tail, wings and a dagger. Wish i had more time, but i had to call finished at this point. Spent about a week more than usual on him. So much going on with him.
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    I have had several folks wanting to see pictures of my Sister's of the Blade Warlord army that is dedicated to all the women that I know that have fought Breast Cancer and survived. Painted by my friends, Reaper mini-exchange partners, and with a handful from me. In honor of the Race for the Cure today, here they are. If you click on the photo, then click FULL SIZED in the lower left corner you can zoom in very close. That said, I will try to take some smaller group photos so that it is easier to see the various individual takes on the same model.
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    Here's some stuff from the Conan Board game by Monolith. Sorry they don't have numbers. Thak (apeman), Skuthus, Amra (Lion), Conan the General, Conan the Warlord.
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    Take it easy on me, this is just my seventh mini to paint with three of them being a set of identical orcs. First time trying green stuff any tips for improvements or things you think I did well would be much appreciated. Trying to figure out what worked and what didn't. This is Archon the Aasimar Warlock and his familiar (which has yet to be named). He was taken as a youth by a fiend for his celestial blood. On the brink of corruption he was rescued by a paladin of the Raven Queen. The Raven Queen then took over his pact and he now serves her hunting those who would defy the natural process of death.
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    So I have a way of grabbing some terrain items for a 'quick' paint job, and it turning out to be not so quick. See what I mean with the Bones book cases, and barrels, some cows, and the Bones 1 caskets. I should have known better when I sat down to knock out just a couple of beds. Well... maybe they don't look as good as I think they do, because I know how much bleeding time I put into them, and maybe I've gotten some Stockholm syndrome towards them. I'll let you all decide. And just because, Here's a Pig to wrap in all those blankets. Let me know what you all think. Thanks for looking!
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    So my girlfriend and me finally got our big-elf-table (BAT). It is really big, so big in fact we had to get it in through the balcony... Unexpected. Now that it is inside though I had to christen it by building a dungeon! See below the results of my efforts! Some bits not fully painted (or at all, I am looking at you caverns). Most of my dwarvenforge is in there, though I have some bits leftover. Overview of the table Lair of the venom cult, summoning some snake thing! A waterhag, doing something with watery creatures (and her bat familiar) Entrance to the dungeon defended by tieflings with a summoned devil and fiendish centipedes Meanwhile it is on between a Otyugh and a swarm of rats A dwarven expedition holing up in the barracks. The king keeps an eye on the hallway, while the druid's bear companion keeps an eye on the king Undead rise up to stop an adventuring party A rustmonster that took a wrong turn A red dragon (and his hoard) lairs in the caverns, with his minions Adventurers versus kobolds and a troll in the main corridor A roper blending in with the cavern Beware: Giant ticks In the ice caves a frost troll attacks a ice witch and her frostworm The lava room with fire elementals and the fire giant queen Pirates, lounging in the store room A back entrance, defended by stone creatures
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    Client from my Facebook page commissioned this big sucker. 10 hours later and he's completed. Lots of over brushing, washes, and then going in with the detail brushes to tidy him up some, and do some lining. Thanks. for looking!
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    Cute puppy found near the corner of Crown Street and Wharf Road. Very friendly and energetic, seems to like people. Brown and grey markings and a long tail. No collar.
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    As requested, here are some break out pictures of my Sisters of the Blade Warlord Army. Dedicated to all the women that I know that have survived breast cancer. If you are interested in contributing your paint, I will happily exchange with you or simply send you a figure, just PM me.
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    Here is my finished "spirit of the forest" diorama. Including a bones bird familiar and metal squirrel familiar from 02756. (The axe was from a Frostgrave plastic sprue - cultists or soldiers?) wip is here Pics Oops - meant to put his in show off. How do I fix it? Mod help?
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    Just a bunch of run-of-the-mill undead. Anyone got any brainzzz? Oh, and I couldn't resist doing this:
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    I've had this guy since the first kickstarter and have put off painting him due to his distinct lack of a nose in the bones version. A couple nights ago I decided to perform some rhinoplasty with green stuff so I could put him to use in a D&D game. I went with metallic paints rather than spend too much time blending NMM on his armor, and it doesn't hurt that he'll look shiny on the table. The design on the shield is the symbol of the Forgetten Realms deity Tempus, but it also works for the Red Knight (whose red horse chess piece is a less exciting design to paint).
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    I got the Arena of the Planeswalkers boardgame over a year ago and hated the factory paint jobs, especially for Nissa. For those unfamiliar, she is an elvish nature mage with facial and not, as the stock model might suggest, a twisted demon monkey. Finished pictures first! I gave her staff a blue glow to match her latest character development in Amonkhet. The model's detail wasn't great, especially around the face, but I'm decently happy with it. Now brace yourself. Here's the "before" image. Plastic surgery was required.
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    I apparently never uploaded this one. He was a commission for a D&D friend at my local shop awhile back. The use of metallic paint and the color scheme was requested, and I suggested a griffon on the shield since the character rides them.
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    OK...I couldn't help myself. Got Ma'al built. My little show off just had to jump in the pic.
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    Aaaaaaand IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always love you
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    here, happier note. Pictures from Facebook
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    Hi all, I've been reading the forums for a couple months since I've started getting into painting miniatures. Here is my fourth one that I just finished up. Comments welcome!
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    I made more progress on my Zombicide Survivors. Here is number 4: Amy. I wasn't comfortable with painting up the fishnets from the artwork, so I went with lite pink. Otherwise I went for close to art work. As with my other models, I went with no blood on the survivors. Only problem is the blade couldn't be straightened perfectly, but she is for gaming, so good enough. Here is Amy: Thanks for looking and any C&C you feel like giving.
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    My Exchange Mini has finally reached the destination point so I can show it here Robinh wanted a non-human mini with a shade of orange added here and there. After going through my box with Bones minis I decided to paint a stone golem with orangey NMM. Apparently, copper is the only way to tame the natural power of stone Hopefully it looks like an ancient guardian of even more ancient temple, as this is what I imagined it to be.
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    Hey everyone, I finally found time to tickle a few animals with a paintbrush... Fingers crossed I'll find time to do a few more next week... Also, here's a pic of part of the display piece we made for Salute; I think it's really cool, but then I'm a little bit biased! cheers, Michael
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    One of the late, lamented Exalted range, for which Reaper no longer has the licence. I don't actually know anything about Exalted, I just thought she was a cool sculpt.
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    here's Playboy's Terrorgheist finally done!
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    Hey everyone! Just checking in again to show off another paint job. This is the first of my group of 5 player characters that I am painting for my RP group. First off is Twynblade the Rogue, I was able to use the Eli Quicknight figure that came as part of the anniversary promotion. I hope you enjoy! This is my 6th figure and I feel like I'm starting to develop a style. I like going for the gritty realism which is why I like adding details like muddy cloaks and dented/rusty armor and weapons. Because he is a roguish type and the guy who plays him is always hanging out in the shadows I went a little heavy on the dark wash for this character. I'm going to work on being more subtle with shadowed areas for my next piece, but I like how he turned out. I took my first real stab at eyes and boy was this a hard figure to start out on, With the hood and bandanna there is very little room to maneuver the brush. I got the whites of his eyes and liked the effect. There is no way I'm getting pupils in such a small area with a brush. I was wondering if anybody uses pens to apply pupils on any of their figures? Suggestions on that front and any other comments are welcome. Thanks again for taking a look. ~WhatsEcstacy P.S. A lot of my figures came with really bent weapons including this one. I was able to straighten the dagger out a little more after taking the pictures, but any suggestions/tips on good ways to straighten out bent figures would be appreciated.
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    A little distraction that I've been working on for a while. It actually sat on the shelf primed and ready for quote a while before I decided to tackle it in full. I'm also trying out a new photo background. Seems to be helping. Comments and Critiques welcome.
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    The person I was painting this for gave me loose guidelines on colors and I interpreted them. Not super happy with how he finished up, but if I don't stop fiddling with him I'll just make things worse. C&C welcome.
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    It's not a reaper mini but it is painted with reaper paint. C&C welcome. Human mini for scale.
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    Couple things for Patrons: Anson Durst: Zaal:
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    I don't know that I need to say much here
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    I don't like green gnomes. or gnomes at all actually, but I was considering her for a exchange, before deciding to finish her at a later time. apparently the later time was this month.
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    Custom Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild inspired Paint scheme on elf warrior. The model is a 3D printed model and was brought to me by a customer She requested a Legend of Zelda inspired paint scheme based on a photo she provided of her character from the game. I really enjoyed doing this and translating the original art on to the model and I cant wait for a customer to bring me another challenge like this again. As allways if you liked this I post more pictures like this on my FB Page. Facebook.com/TabletopGlory
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    After a number of months, and a few hiatuses (hiati?) I finally finished the largest mini project I have yet undertaken. It's a depiction of my Pathfinder character, the halfling druid Witten Greenwood, riding his faithful mount Storm. The gryphon itself is inspired by a combination of a peregrine falcon and an ocelot; I wanted a small, fast creature and the patterns and colors of the two creatures wound up blending very well together. It was my first time converting something on this scale: I sculpted the saddle out of clay and putty, as well as the stump on the base. The rider is removable, so I will probably make a separate base for him at some point. Also this was my first time basing using things found in nature: pieces of bark and little acorns for the mushrooms. I'm very proud of how it all turned out! Lots of progress pics and discussion in my WIP thread. Please share your comments and critiques!
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    I will have an Update when the informaton we wanted to share in the update is available. We will also take the time in that update to review changes that have been made to the process. I am at work today on a Saturday to try to resolve some of the issues that these last-minute changes caused, and to further try to resolve other ones before they become yet further problems. In the meantime, we are focusing all of our efforts on shipping and processing as many orders per day as possible - thousands of Zone 3 are done, and Zones 1 and 2 are simply waiting to be loaded onto their respective ships. Right now, I have a fair degree of confidence that I may be able to make an Update Monday or Tuesday. I will clarify the confusion about Canada Shipping notices in that Update, and am not authorized to say anything further at this time. And to answer Smokestack, Yes, we really would get in trouble for speaking without permission. I may have slightly more leeway than she does, but I'm not willing to risk it.
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    I'm slowly building up a gallery on my FB. Hope you don't mind me sharing some of the old stuff along the way Reaper minis were shown earlier, now I will probably upload other companies in alphabetical (or almost alphabetical) order. So, Andrea Models and Black Scorpion Miniatures first (though there is something Reaperish on one of the pics )
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    Hello again everyone! It's been a little while since I've had anything to show off, but I've been busily painting nonetheless, and I hope you all enjoy my latest piece: This awesome little chibi is one of Scale 75's Smog Rider miniatures, and you can rest assured that (with such awesome sculpting and casting on their part) I'll be looking to paint another mini from that line before too long! Thanks a bunch for looking!
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    I visited Rome last year, and ofcourse also The Colouseum. It is an amazing place, huge building. But also a place with an extremely violent history. Back home I wanted to make a gladiator scene. I found these two guys from Avatars of War. So here they are, The Gladiators. The blue guy represent Poseidon, Greek god of the sea. The red guy is the Thraex, representing the Thracians, who is a tribe from south-east of europe. I am pretty sure these minis are not historical correct! This was also my first attempt at painting gems, I'm mostly happy with the result of these, and in general these two are by far my best painted minis yet. As always I'm happy to hear critiqs and comments.
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    Ok this took me a very long time to do. I hope you enjoy but some background first. Mashaaf is one of my favorite miniatures from bones 2 and I was eager to paint her up. I couldn't settle on a color for the skin and nothing looked right. I ended up repainting her 4 times and figured I'd go down with the ship this time and this is how she turned out. Not to bad if I do say so myself.
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    Here's Clardy the Mousling Flutist sculpted by Gene Van Horne. He's part of Reaper's 10034, Mousling Tavern Boxed Set.
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    Hi, they wait three years for painting. When I started miniature painting i fell in love with rackham miniatures but I thought I was not enough skilled to paint them. Now I think I am:). I want to make a freehand on shields of last two skorize warriors but I have to rest a while. Making bases was super fun. All comments are welcome.
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    I painted this a while ago but am just now getting around to taking/posting photos. He was too big to fit in my light box so I had to deal with the less than optimal lighting in the apartment. I'm really happy with how he came out now that he's done. I had about a week where I wanted to throw him in a bath of simple green and start over but I got over that and called him done. I am really really happy with how his eyes came out though.