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    Because not every dragon has to be one solid color he's a vegetarian. His favorite food is mango . Tropical dragons spit a citrus smelling acid. At least it smells good while you die. and it's good for cleaning floors
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    Hi all, so I painted this one for a friend who is going to be retiring next week, sculpted by the incredible Dave Summers. As always, so hard to decide upon colors, especially when you don't have a theme in mind, just to paint for a friend. The incredible painting done on the Dark Sword page (painted by Marike Reimer) I didn't want to copy, even though I kind of accidentally gave this lady a similar fur color. I tried to also stay away from the studio model version's brass/gold metal, and did metal, which for me is so hard to make look decent, so hopefully at least partially succeeded. There's also a few odd mold lines that I ended up painting into something. The button on her hat I think was some kind of odd casting, and that long pin as well, but I didn't scrape them exactly as well as I should have so had to make them into something. and I hope the red came out okay, I'm not sure if it went exactly as deep as I wanted it to go, or quite frankly as highlighted. Oh well, she's sealed and finished too late to worry about that now. Upon hindsight I should have made her goggle lenses another color, maybe green, instead of blue as they don't seem to differentiate themselves as much as they should from the metal. Oh well, maybe on the next guinea pig.... . and as a side note, her rifle kind of reminds me of a super soaker! So anyhoos, enjoy!
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    Sigh. I'm calling her done because I'm out of time, but to be honest, I'm still not happy with her. I could work on her for years and not be happy, just because the theme is so close to my heart and I want to do her justice. I may work on her a bit while I'm at Reapercon if I get a chance. There's some blending that needs love and the hair ornaments need some darker shadows. But at least she's, er, mostly done! Yeah! Whoooo! I get to check her off my Habitica list where she's been lingering for 6 months... This is the original bust: It's a nice cheap plaster piece made by a company called owfeel I got on amazon for less than $20. It's huge compared to most minis but good practice if you want to work with eyes and facial features. And here's what I did with it: Here's a close-up of the front and back: I sculpted most of the bits, but the fox is darksword's, the cat from Reaper's cat lady collection, and the bat from the bones familiar pack. One sneaky trick I worked in is red shadow in the face and hair. I love using complements to shade a color. It adds so much depth. I also did a good deal of glazing on the chest to blend in the freehand. Leaving it drawn on would make it look more added, rather than part of the whole or sunk into the skin like I wanted. She was a challenge to blend because of her size. Thus the super sneaky trick of covering her with freehand to avoid large areas of smooth blending. I think I hate blending now. I need a break from blending. Her colors are red shadow, walnut brown, peacock green, viper green, fair skin, sun yellow and linen white. I can't remember what red I used to make the pink but I think it was fire red. Please feel free to ask any questions! She'll be coming with me to reapercon for closer inspection! Thanks, and see everyone soooooooon!
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    A desert oracle, he's a fortune teller. He dwells in the desert at an oasis, and people travel the blistering sands to reach him and hear their future, bringing gold and treasure offerings to pay for it now whether he actually CAN tell the future is uncertain, but no one dares call him a fake. if the predicted future doesn't come as promised, he has a ready excuse: 'well, you see, the future has many options. I just chose the most likely one. But every action you do can change that, and you must have done something to put you off the most probable path onto one of the less likely ones' it's all so potentially true, and yet potentially a lie WIP thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/77471-kyphrixis-wip/
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    Re-posting my diorama contest entry here, to gather some feedback and advice! Wyrmgear is my first Reaper mini. Before that, I've only painted the Dark Souls board game minis - next up are Marthrangul and Diabolus dragons from Reaper. The story I tried to tell with my diorama is the creation of Wyrmgear in a steampunk-style factory. 59003 Dr. Darius Hellstromme and 50046 Dr. Ervin Friedman, Mad Scientist play the part of the bold victorian inventors that assemble the wondrous clockwork beast. It was a fun but long piece of work - now seeing the pictures I've taken, there are lots of details I've added that don't really show/stand out in the diorama, so good lesson already I think - don't go too crazy! Looking forward to get some opinions and especially suggestions on how to get better
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    Just a table-top paint of it
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    77015, Bugbear Warrior Dark Heaven Bones model sculpted by Tre Manor.
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    Picked this lady up after My GlaveWraiths. Love this sculpt A lot of fun to paint if a but finicky to build. Wasn't sure how the dress and Vail but I think it works as old linen rather well. Hope everyone enjoys it.
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    Converted from a Froghemoth mini during REaperCon 2017. Adustments include: - removed toes and sculpted webbing between the remaining toes - tongue reduced - eyestalk removed and eyes / head spikes sculpted in - tentacles not put on and small wings put in instead, sculpted in to fill the tentacle gaps - tail fin removed and armor plating / thagomizer put in instead WIP thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/77370-fat-wyvern-rcon-2017-conversion/
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    Look! It's a wild sophie.
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    My reaper con competition shelf is getting full
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    I found myself alone at the melt table at one point. All alone. There’s the ^ pic. It happened.
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    This Bones Lizardman with Spear was a gift from @Paradoxical Mouseduring a candy exchange where he and a few others guarded the candy. After an expirement in pink of which we shall never speak again, @malefactus gave me some advice and I went for a red with orange and yellow. The spear is still bendy, I don't mind the end of it, since that's a crooked branch, but the tip is a bit floppy as well. Anyway. Here is the latest warrior of my Lost World Project. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/&page=132
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    some pics from today.... My daughter painting in Tish's Kids Painting class. What she was painting... My proudest moment all night!
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    Little diorama about not getting drunk and trying to crawl a dungeon
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    Well I have never painted a dragon and am trying to gather my courage up for it, don't own many large pieces but found this one laying around so thought would practice on him.
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    Here's 07001, Rictus the Undying from Reaper's Dungeon Dwellers Special Edition Figures sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I'm curently running "The Vanishing Blackguard" adventure so get ready to see a load of painted models in the next couple of weeks. Sir Rictur is the main evil character in "The Vanishing Blackguard" adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 3-5 by Joseph C. Wolf. Check out the free Vanishing Blackguard.pdf adventure on Reaper's website.
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    Here's the last one of the group 77233, Kegg Bugbear Hunter Dark Heaven Bones sculpted by Tre Manor. And, a blurry group picture.
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    Found a table full of weirdos: OneBoot is Artist's Row this year:
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    After a looooong hiatus from painting, I’m trying to get back to it! Here’s the Shadowsea Sea Dragon or mosasaur I finished yesterday.
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    I think class went well! They all said they had fun at least =P
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    Here's a very old Reaver Titan that I got to do recently. It was made by Armorcast way back in the day- and was essentially just an up-scaling of the old Epic scale titan from the time. That makes these old titans into a bit of a challenge. Just the size of the rivets and general lack of smaller details makes it hard for them to fit in with more current 40k minis. They can very easily end up looking like an old action figure more than a 40k mini. The trick I've learned is that having some small details added in the painting- especially with the battle damage- goes a long way to making them fit in with a force. http://www.gardenninja.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/titans-collossals-and-gargantuans/Invictus-Nova-1.jpg?i=1348178213&width=753&height=514[/img]
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    So I haven't been active much lately. I also haven't been painting much either. So in order to break that I sat down and speed painted these little critters up from my pile of oldies. I probably spent an hour total, including primer and sealing on them. They aren't painted up to be award winners. Just some slump breakers. For a scale they are probably half as tall as sir Forscale. Which I really need to paint up, since I have 2 copies, so I can include him in future projects. I thought I would include a comparison shot, side by side, of one I had painted up years ago for a reality check to me on how far I've come with speed painting. Thanks for looking and any C&C.
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    Hi everyone, it is with great pleasure that I present you today my latest project. I just completed the display base for the eleven Fox Critters I painted at the beginning of the year. I used Woodland Scenics ready-made fall colors trees and Bachmann Scene Scapes spruce trees as well as various undergrowth foliage, turf, natural stones, sand and realistic water effect. The base itself is made of wood, masonite hardboard and putty. I made the benches and the tente frame with real branches. For more details see the Fox Critter Rogue Camp Diorama WIP. The camp fire, the two chest and all the Fox models are magnetised to the base and can easily be removed. Every Fox are from Dark Sword Miniatures and were sculpted by Dave Summers. Your comments are very welcome.
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    A player character for my fiancee. And with a medium sized mini for scale.