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    Just the one picture, sorry. I actually need to get to work again.
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    I really like Julie Guthrie's rendition of the peryton, a monster (part deer, part eagle, all vicious) that casts the shadow of a human instead of a bird, and eats the hearts of its victims. Reaper released the peryton in metal (03702) and in Bones plastic (77392). When I taught my "Fur, Feathers, and Scales" class at ReaperCon 2018, I used the Bones version of the peryton to demonstrate techniques for painting feathers, inspired by real-world birds. And recently I decided to paint the whole thing, as I had intended to do all along. I ran a WIP thread about it -- read it here. [edited link 3/29/19] This is the result: (No, I didn't paint in a humanoid shadow under it. I just think it wouldn't have been legible on this small base and rocky terrain. Idea for a diorama, free for the taking: 1 or 2 perytons attacking adventurers on a plateau, with the humanoid shadows of the rest of the flock unseen but implied above.) Anyway ... Enjoy! Derek
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    These two were painted up after a discussion with Rhonda Bender (Bird With a Brush). They will be raffled off at a Tennessee con called Save vs. Hunger to support the Second Harvest chapter locally. The con is April 12th-14th, so if you are in the area, check it out! As always critiques, comments, and questions welcome!
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    Hi everyone, here's the penultimate Cat Critter, Brave Sir Robin in its shinny golden armor. This three-piece model was sculpted by Dave Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms Anthropomorphic Animals line. I've fixed the tail to the body before painting it, but painted the shield before gluing it to the model.
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    This is 77057: Juliette, Female Sorceress, a Bones mini sculpted by Bobby Jackson. The WIP thread is over here. Juliette was originally intended to practice some colors for another mini (02643: Diedra Dark Willow) but she took on a life of her own. Painting her took about a month and a half elapsed time, which I need to improve on. (click on the pictures for larger versions) Overall, I'm happy with how she came out. While I'm still not quite happy with her nose, she has the best eyes I've done to date. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome. I won't be doing further work on this mini (except maybe sealing) but I can always use advice to improve my next mini. And I've got another five copies of Juliette, between Bones and metal.
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    I wish my phone camera could get better photos of this mini, but the contrast is so wide that it just doesn't want to cooperate. I wanted to practice some OSL, and I chose violet. I also wanted to try building a different kind of base, and the wraith seemed like it would look at home in a bog. I think the back turned out better than the front. I may go back and deepen some of the front shadows at some point. Tips on OSL and other things are welcome!
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    I helped out at the Reaper Paint-and-Take at Adepticon last weekend. Reaper Ed suggested I try the new Bones Black since I hadn't yet, so Sunday morning I painted up a #44002 Rock Troll using the Paint-and-Take paints and brushes. I painted it over a four hour period while also tending to the tables. Most of the troll is mixed from the green and the purple that were at the table, lightened with the bone-cream color and shaded in a few places with pure black. I believe the colors were Turf Green, Twilight Purple, and Pure Black. I can't recall which cream-bone color it was. I also used the brown (Muddy Brown, I think it was), skin color (Tanned Flesh), and a few other colors on the creature's belt and accessories and highlighted its crystals with pure white (Pure White). This is way faster than I normally paint, but I think it came out usable. It's way cruder too, and I didn't deal with any mold lines before I started. As a painting note, Bones Black does not seem to have the water-repellent qualities as strongly as regular Bones. My first layer on this was thinned down and it took just fine.
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    Another of my ReaperCon metal trade finds! I didn't know that she was supposed to have wings and a cauldron, so I just thought she was a cool little witch chilling on a pumpkin. Either way, it seems like this one is kind of hard to find these days.
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    I recently finished painting Borin Ironbrow! I started out just wanting to paint a simple dwarf. I recently discovered and really liked the blue/green color of the cloak so that's where I started. I then did most of the cloak and NMM and then got to the shield and I didn't know what to do. Someone suggested painting it copper/bronze/... so I thought why not do SENMM copper!?!? This is the result! I hope you like it!
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    Look what I found in my Reaper box!! And the divvying up process has begun...
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    i slapped it together looks pretty nice only real issue i had was the two arms didn't line up so had to heat up the arm to pull them together also they are roaring at each other cheeks instead at each others face
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    The second gnoll I painted with inspiration from the gnolls of World of Warcraft. This is the Bones Toghra.
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    This is an awesome sculpted bust by Creepytables Miniatures. I painted her in a DIas de Muertos style with a Diamond Back Rattlesnake. Did the skulls on the plinth as sugarskulls/luchador style skulls
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    Kingdom Death make such strange and interesting miniatures. It is really refreshing how much their line doesn’t look like things we’ve seen so many times before. This is the Lion Knight- in game terms, he’s an actor who comes into the settlement with his entourage to perform a play for everyone. He casts settlement members in various roles, and then sets out to kill or rescue them (depending on whether they were cast as villain). The women on his base are part of his story- they seem to work as hosts, techies and dramaturges for the play (none of them are actors). I love the expression on the lion’s face, but with the whole story, I can’t help but think that he’s really hamming it up.
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    Last year's main mini project.
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    Picked up the pair of Thri-Kreen from the FLGS last week. Decided to paint them up for my DND game as a pair of bounty hunters set to capture the group running in my game. They are, as of yet, unaware that there is a bounty on their heads.
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    This figure has been sitting partially painted on my shelf for about half a year while I haven't been in a painting mood. But yesterday I finally pulled out the paints again and finished her. As usual, the camera is cruel. So many poor blends. The underside of her hair ... and oh dear, I think she may have a cataract in her right eye. (I did that one five times before I finally gave up). She's a bit better in hand than in the photos, and will certainly do for tabletop use. Her lips came out pretty well, her left eye is great, and I'm very pleased with the base. But I think I'm going to declare victory now and just move on with my life. EDIT: Oh crud, I didn't give her eyebrows! O_O
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    Hi everyone, here is DSM8028, Miss Bean the Cthulhu Cat Ninja. This six-piece model was sculpted by David Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms Anthropomorphic Animals line. I glued all the pieces together before painting the model. The different parts are; the body, the tail, the scabbard, the arm that holds the katana and the two wings.
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    Took a random Chronoscope fig over to the painting room to get some better pics to show what the detail is like. This is #314 on the KS page. I didn't shrink these pics at all so they should show everything.
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    And friend and I split a pledge from the recent Killer Rabbits Kickstarter from Skull and Crown, which launched a range of rabbit miniatures based on the margin art of medieval manuscripts. It arrived earlier this month, and I've been working on them the last two weeks to get them cleared off the painting desk before Bones 4 arrives. Here are the results. Done to a tabletop quality.
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    Hello everybody! So last night finally finished this little lady, a very petit mage sculpted by Julie Guthrie in the early eighties. With this one, I kind of felt that her shoes were so petite that I didn't want to put neither grass nor cornmeal (for dirt) in front of them, as to not completely cover them up, so I just did a super simple base without anything. I really like this figure and didn't realize how much detail she has until I got her primed and really started working on her. I had no idea she had a rose on the top of her staff for example. and all the bangles she's got on and with the chains on her left hand, couldn't really appreciate it in her unpainted state. Before I primed her, she kind of reminded me of the Julie Guthrie Hill Giant I painted recently, where you couldn't be sure how her face was going to really look, but when you got her primed and painted she looked a lot more decent. I thought the highlights on the cape were going to pop out a little bit more, but oh well. Next time I'll do deeper shadows and higher highlights! So hope you all enjoy! Mark
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    I thought I would give modifying a miniature a shot and decided that Gris Knotslip would be my victim. I replaced the axe with a dagger, the lamp/sword with a sack, chopped off the top of his head to remove the little hat and gave him hair and new goggles from Victoria Miniatures. It came out okay. The sack looks a little too bulbous. Looking at it with the naked eye it looks ok, but like usual the photos make the paint look very chunky. I tried to go with this cracked earth over red on the base, but it didn't work as well as I hoped and I would up covering it mostly over with other stuff anyway. I couldn't find any other examples of this mini painted, so I did my best to try and pick out all of the little details. There are a lot of things really recessed and hard to get to. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks.
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    Hi everyone, here is a picture of the Cat Critter Group. I'm taking a short break and I'll be working on these guys base. I will mount them on 2 inches square base and then build a diorama with inserts to display them. The same kind of display I made for the Fox Critter, except I won't be using magnets. My plan is to build a ruined castle throne room where nature has regained it rights. This why I can manage to blend the miniatures base in the scenery. Let me know what you think about this idea.