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    Diorama using one of Reaper's Big Box dragons fighting off a party of adventurers.
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    I think you have good eye for color and with reading theory and practice you will be quite a good painter. You just need to focus on some basic techniques. In general it is usually a mistake to use solid black or pure white on large portions of your mini. If you were to look at how gw players do their skellies you will see they usually do a dark brown base and work up to a bleached bone highlight (often drybrushed). Pure white would be used sparingly on the highest of highlights. Also, if you thin your paints you wont get such noticable brushmarks. Read the craft section of this site, they helped me tons.
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    I made a short video demo-ing the Song of Blades and Heroes skirmish game using some Reaper figs. Enjoy! Sorry the text goes by so fast. I was trying to keep the vid short/small enough to email to my brother when I decided to upload it to YouTube.
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    Use Haldir's idea, but change it to match the 2013 theme: have the dragon be in the main ring of a circus with a "Dragon Tamer."
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    They look great... though, with the first two pictures, I thought this was gonna be some kind of version of Toy Story:)
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