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    So… a speed freak on his first 'trip' to Disneyland? :)
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    My friend just came back from Brazil and he had lots of pictures of him with beautiful women (it's a hobby of his). I'll find out what part of Brazil he was in so you can move there. I'm always happy to help a friend ;)
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    No matter what title the forum gives you, to me you will always be know for the ugly Brazillian women jokes.......
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    You actually get two bodies in the pack, and a separate sprue with two different heads and three options for the right "hand" -- either a gatling-type weapon, spinning blade (pictured), or pincer claw (pictured). I love this pack, as it seems to fall right down the middle in terms of what could be passed off for steampunk (a la Deadlands), or for "rocketships-and-rayguns" sci-fi (a la Slipstream), with some simple differences in painting scheme. (That is, bronze or dark iron and glowing chest-furnaces for steampunk ... and for sci-fi, treat that "grill" in the middle as a place for blinky-light readouts. :) ) Plus, it's fairly easy to slightly bend the arms at the elbows, and add slight variety to the figures by head positioning and weapon choice, so if you get several packs of Automatons to make an army of robot-men, they won't all look exactly alike.
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    A few hundred? It gets that bad? I've only been painting for like two years, maybe. Is this what I have to look forward to?
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    Steampunk battlesuit. Something Bioshockish, maybe.
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    SPOILER ALERT - In the first one "THE HOBBIT", brave hobbit Bilbo meets some dwarves, fights trolls, meets Gollum, kills a dragon, does some other stuff. In the second one, "THE HOBBIT 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO", a developer tries to bulldoze the Shire's community recreation center. The dwarves and Bilbo become breakdancers and have a dance contest/concert to raise some money and try to stop it. In the third film "HOBBIT 3D" (oddly enough NOT in 3D), the tricksy hobbitses build a water park with underwater tunnels and lagoons. As it prepares for opening, a young great white shark infiltrates the park from the sea, seemingly attacking and killing water skiers and park employees. Once the baby shark is captured, it becomes apparent that it was the mother, a much larger shark who also entered the park, who was the real killer. Snape kills Gandalf and Bella becomes a vampire.
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    Welcome back! She looks very nice! (You neglected to mention that you have two very good -- and growing -- reasons for not painting in the past 3 years!) If I were painting a figure and I knew I wanted a smooth-topped custom base made out of green stuff, I would do this: 1) leave the figure separate from the base and cut the figure's tab down to a little "spike" under each foot; 2) put some green stuff onto the base, smooth it out with a piece of stiff plastic (piece of milk carton, expired credit card, etc.) 3) while the putty is still workable, add some texture (cracks, wood planking, etc.) 4) when the putty has cured, drill holes for the figure's "spikes" 5) attach the figure 6) paint the base But here, since the figure is already glued in, I suggest a simpler approach: spread glue on the dished top of the base (being careful to avoid getting glue on the feet), sprinkle sand (and maybe small rocks or pieces of cork) over the glue, and then paint the sand dark brown with some lighter brown drybrushing to pick out the texture. Dark brown will harmonize with the other colors, and will not draw too much attention to itself. You could even do this all with paint (no glue or sand/rocks). Just apply the paint thickly with an old brush to let the texture of the paint itself simulate a rough surface. Start with darker brown, and add lighter browns with a stippling motion of your brush. That's what I do for my snow bases (starting with blue paint and working up to white). Derek