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    With all the black on the model, contrasted by the stark white hair, this was very difficult to photograph. I need to dig up a good mid-grey backdrop for something like this. edit 12/15/13: new pics! Damn that speck of dust on the shoulder. I'll take another round of pics once I get a better backdrop. The blacks really do go right to Pure Black and the hair has some interesting blue shadows that are pretty much lost. I think I'm also hobbled a bit by my ancient camera, the dern thing is 8 years old now! I'm quite happy with how it came out overall. I feel my gold getting better, I'm starting to get a feel for where to lay in the highs and lows. A few stumbles here and there, but as usual I learned a lot painting this one. I think it does a pretty nice job at portraying Storm, too! [url=WIP]http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47459-60129-chelaxian-infernal-binder-ororo/]WIP thread here
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    14092: Khong-To, Reptus Warlord, sculpted by Chaz Elliott Entered in the Reaper Painting Excuses Winter Wonder Contest (Single Figure).
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    Picked up this set a few years ago from Splintered Light. It was called "fantasy villagers" or something unmemorable. You literary types might be able to figure it out. :) From left to right: Mr Rabbit, Mr Mole, Mr Toad, Mr Badger, and Mr Rat.
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    Just finished this guy from Learn to Paint Kit #4. This dude is one strength potion away from exploding. C&C welcome.
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    been wanting to paint this one for a while now, and the exchange gave me a good reason too, Ill pack it up this week, I hope whoever gets it likes it :)
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    And here's the Taipan to round out the set - these guys were great to paint, I really understand why everyone is going the big worm, snake like creatures are fun and you can be really different with their colouring. And all three snakey fellows together.
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    Bertokk the Anabolic (from LTPK4). One strength potion away from exploding :-) By the looks of his axe, roid-rage appears to be in effect.
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    Ok #2 wip as promised. I really need to get away from all these bright colors. I think that Im suck in some sort of anime color kick.
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    ok, here is the deal. The Post Office has a congressional mandate to deliver mail 6 days a week, Mon-Sat. Something is happening in March where the upper echelons in the USPS thinks they can just cut out Sat delivery. Now, I have been a USPS mail carrier for almost 12 years now, and for the last 9 ir so years they have been talking about cutting Saturday delivery. While most americans could care less about mail being delivered on Sat, the special intrest groups that do care are loud & have lots of little politicians listening to them. I honestly think this plan from the USPS is going to bomb, and your mail will still be delivered on Saturdays when August comes around. I could be wrong, but thats what I see happening. & the Post Office wants your buisness guys. If you don't like the rate your getting, tell your local carrier you want to speak with someone in sales. they will pass that on to the PM supervisor, and if that person has half a brain (it's a gamble) they will pass it on to marketing and someone will come out and work with you to make you happy. It's not a garentee you will get a great deal, but all the effort is on us, the USPS, not you guys. As for customer service, I am sorry to say but it sucks in the USPS in general. This is the product of a generally unhappy workforce that is kept stressed out and in constant wariness of the changes coming down from up high. It's not an excuse for poor customer service, and it's something I wish was different. All I can do is try & give it to my customers and help where I can.
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    To keep myself encouraged, and to keep track of my skill (or lackthereof) for Ashardalon, I'm going to chuck them all here while I await the Reaper Surprise in March. Here's the first one done, I haven't spent a massive amount of time on it (for me) it was about an hour all told I think. But it's also a simple model. As it's just a generic monster it's not quite as good as I could have made it.
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    Not sure how this posting mini's in the show off thread works but here's a shot at it. Ok the Zebracorn was painted by me and the other three were painted by my wife. C&C welcome
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    Lots of NMM gold on this one, so I spent the morning going over other details. Pouches, scrolls, lips and...what's that? That's right, true believers...you're looking at freehand! And setup for NMM gold trim, no less. The back of the model was just a wall of black, so I wanted to break it up with gold. I felt wrapping the trim to the front would be too much gold, given all the gold already on the front of the model. For our next exciting chapter, you're going to have to tune in to the astonishing http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47574-60129-chelaxian-infernal-binder-ororo/'>Show-Off! (because I forgot to WIP the NMM gold)
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    I'll just second/third/whatever the calls for More Dungeon Dressing (a HUGE win if it is in BONES as well - cheap & awesome! - cheaesome!) Centaurs! Male & Female with and without bows. Dragon-men - all kinds. With wings, without wings, tails or tailless doesn't matter just bring on more of them! Catmen (not that i don't like lady catpeople too there just seems to be very few male cat people out there) and last but not least one of the rarest minis out there Duck People ala Runequest (think Howard the Duck comics for size vs. humans please don't ever look at that horrid movie)
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    It's the extra abdominal muscles that separate the boys with the 18 strength and the men with the 18/00 strength. Yeah, skin shading looks good but I really like the gauntlets and the sword scabbard, nice job.
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    Nothing wrong with brights. Paint what you like, not what you think will get you more points at CMoN.
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    Undead Santa (inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas). WIP here.
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    @badoctor, yeah I've had a look at your guys, I'll be doing my legion devils in a very similar colour :) @Vutpakdi I agree, the snake is actually a black snake and in normal light the blue is very gentle, until you put it under a glaring white light. Highlighting and shadowing is definitely something I am working on though... highlighting is so hard! And here is Snake #2 Randy 'The Viper' Orton. This little bugger took about 1hr40mins... the reason it took an extra 40mins? The gorram gold spots. I did them in scorched brown to provide a base and then went over them with gold. It took me 40 mins to get them all done! With the red bellied black snake up above I just drybrused it and the dots came out nicely, but as you can see it made the rest of him look a bit rough. I love these snake miniatures though, they're easy, have some nice detail and are fantastic to practise highlighting and shadowing on.
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    Hi everyone! After seeing Seer of the Pitt Bridge of Sorrows WIP I thought I should share pictures of the one I painted back in 1995. Fortunately, the owner took great care of it and kept it in a display behind windows so it is still very clean. He had the kindness to let me take these pictures last weekend. As you will see on the last pictures, I had to carve two blocks of stone out of green stuff to support the Wyvern because after some time it started to lean on the side. It amazes me to realize I did this diorama 18 years ago.
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    Ive told my self every year, that i am going to need to paint more of the minis that i have sitting around or in drawers. I am trying to stick to my guns and paint as often as i can. Here are the 2 that i was working on over the week end. Hopefully there will be more to come. Seems that i get a model about 80 % done and i lose interest. Im trying to not let that happen. Lets see how this goes.
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    I would like to see some arctic goblins and orcs. You know, dressed in furs with snowshoes and other cold weather gear.
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    Something akin to the Well of Doom... but using a toilet. (When was the last time you cleaned the john?) The Auld Grump *EDIT* A refrigerator might work as well....
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    Yeah - you know how with a wash you load up the brush and let it go all over the place? Well with a glaze you're sort of in between that and the amount of load you'd use for a layer. It's a bit less under control than a layer, not quite as runny as a wash - so you have to wick some of it off the brush before you apply. And it's real thin because it's just slightly altering the colours underneath. I use it most often when I have to correct for bad transitions - like on my Bones flit where his wings are too starkly defined. I'll make a glaze of the midtone and then apply that over the offending area to tone it down and see if I can make the transition a little more easygoing. Everybody will learn glazing eventually, because highlighting black is one of the most evil things to attempt and it's so very easy to overdo. When that happens and somebody looks at it, thinks it looks wrong, and then corrects it by using very thinned black to tone it down they're pretty much putting glazing into action. You can do other stuff with it, too, if you want to get all fancypants with it.
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    Zebracorn! I must borrow this idea, and use it to kill players. Or possibly help them . . . ha ha ha, no. Ha ha ha, oh wow. Help them. *wipes tear* No, their agony is my ecstasy.
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    Catboys with muscles. I'm referring to this kind, rather than this kind. Although, there's really not a whole lot of male cat-people either way.