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    This lizardman will be part of the big Bones release. As with my rendition of 77094 Trista (link), please note that the figure in these photos is actually made of metal. It is a first-generation "metal master" made from Gene Van Horne's original sculpture. I got the metal copy at Reaper HQ after ReaperCon in April, when there weren't any copies available yet in the plastic Bones material. You can read the debate over metal and Bones in the thread about Trista. I really liked Michael Proctor's rendition of the other new Bones lizardman (link) with the bright greens and the blue and purple accents. Rather than copy that, I decided to keep the spearman more drab. I painted the scales on his chest/belly with freehand, based on some reference images of alligators that I found online -- the sculpted figure is pretty smooth there and I thought it could use the detailing. The rest of the figure has a variety of nice pronounced scaly textures. I attached the figure to a square plastic base and sculpted some additional ground texture with Green Stuff. I used etched brass for the jungle foliage (with epoxy glue for the stems) Enjoy, Derek
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    Since it appears that I am incapable of organising myself enough to put together any kind of WIP thread, I'll just put my mini progress for this month in one place. Its been a milestone month for me, I don't think I have got this amount of painting done since my student days when I had all the time in the world. Mostly now its done in a couple of hours between my wife going to bed with my 3 month old son and when my eyes can't stay open anymore First up I finally got around to finishing the Grenadier Spectral Dragon 2 that I managed to pick up from Ebay for £5. There was a lot of filling, pinning, bending and tweaking to get it into shape, but I got there in the end. I'm sure the heads are painted in the wrong order, but my players will never know, if they even live that long! Next I made myself see past the mould lines and assembly gaps for my Super Dungeon Explore heroes. I wanted to get them finished quickly so didn't want to get bogged down in filling every gap or filing everything perfectly since I get a bit OCD about it and then it would take me weeks. *its only for a board game, *its only for a board game* Of course, now I have to get the monsters done, and that will probably make me want to get the 2 expansions, but I like to think of 'Miniholicism' as a blessing and not a curse (?) Finally I got around to painting my first ever Reaper mini, to round out the PC's for my D&D group. I've been painting for 30 years on and off and yet still hadn't breached the Reaper lines, as it were, for no other reason than it just never happened, I had admired from afar but never taken the next step. I'm very impressed by the level of detail and I can't wait for my Bones to ship and wait weeks for Uk customs to let them through... I'm not 100% happy with the paint job as I rushed it alittle to get the mini ready for game night, but as a game piece it will do. Shinyness on the pics is due to the gloss varnish and the fact my dullcote ran out and I'm waiting for a huge container of it to arrive. Its so hard to get hold of over here, compared to any other options.
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    Kala gaps.. joint plugs probably need some trimming. two legs dont actually sit on the base..
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    I figured I'd open one, since Samurai Jack had the other big ones covered. He fit together quite well. I don't anticipate any need for boiling or gap filling. He's also quite resilient, as befitting an Elder God. At some point during the night he decided that hanging out on top of my display cabinet just wasn't cutting it, and leapt 6 feet to the floor. Not a scratch.
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    I hope it's somewhere quiet and comfortable that's never heard of UPS. Washington DC with the Family, for a week. The Smithsonian, the presidential monument thingies, the scorch marks on the White House from the first Kickstarter that delayed Canadian shipments back in 1812....
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    Wyrmgear isnt standard Bonesium.. he's a much more rigid resin/plastic. As such, i'm a little nervous to bend the broccoli base part of his front plant foot... The tail is flexible and gets soft after boiling. Here is the gap difference between the shields: I got the shield off. Apparently its a combination of sprue left over on the end of the plug and the hole in the leg not being big enough so they sort of stuck it in there.
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    By my estimate, we have about 5,000 (give or take) unprinted US packing lists, 1,000 ROW packing lists unprinted, and all the Canadian ones are printed. I'm unclear whether the Canadian shipments we have to redo are counted in the "orders remaining" or not. I think they are not counted, but I have never actually remembered to ask Kit. As of now, I'm seeing about 8330 orders remaining - ~2500 ROW, ~750 Canada. I'm hoping we can get our crew to actually show up for work in the next few days so we can be finished by July 4 like I had planned. I would like to have my vacation... :S
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    My family was incredulous that I didn't take the opportunity to go public ("If ever there was a time for it it's this!"), so, at their behest, here's a link to a gallery of my work.
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    Today saw some more painting by my daughter. We were even able to rope Mommy into painting (she painted a brown and black spider, but refused to let me post pics of it. So, I am listening...for now). My daughter loved the idea of a blue troll and a pink spider. She picked out Sky Blue and Clear Magenta. I tried to up the difficulty a little and let her pick a color for a wash. She picked Clotted Red (that was ironically blocked up - probably related to the heat in shipping from RAFM to Phoenix). She washed the spider all over and was going to wash the troll all over, but stopped partway through due to it being the last thing and her not wanting to paint any more. It looks great as is, though, since it seems like the troll has blood all over or something. Sorry for the poor quality of pics. I can take some under better lighting if someone requests it.
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    I paint carousel horses that my father has carved. They definitely fall into the large scale of things. http://www.wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/p/carousel-horses.html For the most part techniques I used to paint these don't translate down to smaller miniatures. Miniatures are hard to paint with a two inch brush.
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    Flesh, hair (such as it is!), white done. First pass at the main coat color (not cuffs) and chest wood. I struggle with the happy medium between speed and blending via layering, not really compatible goals :) For the coat, I think I'll have to do a pass with a lighter tone to pick out some highlights, it's just too subtle. Goal will be to keep it strictly limited to still read ad an almost black purple. For the chest wood, ye gods. I can't really get in there to drybrush, and the relief is a bit shallow for washing to provide decent shadowing...so it's almost a freehand deal. Results were decent enough I didn't throw it against the wall (heh) so like the coat, I think picking out a few highlights and call it done. The skin I did pretty stock quick job (although it's cool to have a stock skin tone in my trick bag now!), with the addition of flesh wash to roughen him up a bit. Not a lot of hair so pretty quick-n-dirty on that. Whites...ecch. They're there. I'm going to have to put some serious study and practice into white one of these days, thus far it's utterly my bane.
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    Jasper's friends come over to find him curled up sleeping on a huge pile of bones. He cracks an eye and says, "I smell your air, thief." My friends are likely to come over and find me unconscious under my slightly less huge mountain of Bones.... My girlfriend got hers today, we will be, umm... 'inventorying' her haul tonight. (We just got home after a night of Celtic music and Guinness....) If I have any missing from my small mountain I intend to place an order with Reaper so that they may include the replacements with another order - save them that little bit extra on shipping. The Auld Grump
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    I managed to use a narrow exacto blade and a screw driver to get a bunch of it out.. fits a lot more snug now.. just got done boiling.. here are the gaps after a dunk in hot water:
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    Not sure where else to put this, and I didn't want to start a new thread. So here's the big 3 and a vamp (plus a giant skeleton to boot). Haven't inventoried the vampire yet. That comes next. No missing or broken pieces with the big guys.
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    My kids don't seem to think that. Funny.
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    I can't get any painting done because I keep thinking I see Kaladrax moving out of the corner of my eye, so I have to check and make sure he's not coming to kill me.
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    Our flag and anthem? I'm confused. Is there a Hockey Game about to start?
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    Just watered down black, and a steady(ish) hand. So after the PCs had to make a noisy, obvious exit after burglarizing a wealthy estate they were sent out of the city on a sand barge, a ship that could sail on the Sea of Silt, headed for the city Tyr. On the way their boat was ambushed by a group of giants (giants are tall enough to walk through the silt) I decided to make a custom D&D Floor tile in lieu of using a wipe board. Here's the boat I made for a fight on the Sea of Silt against a band of giants. A better top-down view. Most of the giants had an attack that could shatter the deck, so I also created "broken deck" tiles to go along with it. If a player was knocked onto a broken tile they fell through to the cargo hold, and had to run back to the top. As it turns out, the giants were attacking cargo ships under the orders of a defiling wizard. They took a pit stop, and decided to apply the boot to him, medium style. This is Cazalet, Plague Priest, and painting him posed an interesting challenge since he's clearly wearing chain & plate mail. I painted the plate as though it were leather (I gave it the same design as a desert animal, a Crodlu) The chain was a slightly different task. To me it looked a little like knit, or crochet, so I figured I'd try to pull off a cloth look, and chose green to tie the sickly pallor I was trying to go for. ~Muninn
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    Final inventory: Not missing anything, thank goodness, and everything's in good shape, meaning no missing limbs or parts. I also got extras of each of the NOVA corps except the female. They were in their own little separate baggie outside the main Vampire box, which makes me think the bag got chucked in by accident. Ah well, thanks for the extra minis! :) What's funny is that on the shipping invoice, there's even a note about extras: "If you received more than you ordered, congratulations! You now have a nice something to give away to a friend. (We don't need to know.)" Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Jasper's friends come over to find him curled up sleeping on a huge pile of bones. He cracks an eye and says, "I smell your air, thief."
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    Figured now that these are going out, I'd get this started. I'm having a bit of trouble getting the front planted foot in the slot (I think i need to trim down the plug)
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    Here she is! I sculpted the base. The WIP is here in my running thread. I had a lot of fun with this one. C&C always welcome! (I think I will take it to a competition, so if it needs a lot of work, let me know!)
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    Not that I want to turn down a free ego-massage, but we probably won't have everyone fulfilled 2 months early - we picked up about a third of the cast dwarfs from the mouldmakers on Monday, and we'll pick up more at the end of next week, but the last batch probably won't be ready for 2 to 3 weeks, so it could be a month before the last of the dwarfs arrive with the backers. That'll still be early though... it's been a reasonably problem-free run though; we'd made allowances for possible difficulties that didn't happen, so we were lucky really. cheers Michael
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    More work for tonight: cleaned up around the eyes and painted the larger spines red. I also basecoated the belly scales in gray. I intended to paint over this later, but I think the gray turned out pretty good! When I decided to keep it, I went ahead and lined between the scales in a mix of Carnage Red and Walnut Brown. (Eww, image compression does bad things to red...)
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    I put some time aside this morning to get back to my L2PKs and did the base coat for Tsuko's skin as well as his eyes:
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    I think you actually WILL be able to take a bath in your minis, good grief. Oh, sorry, I said the "b" word, didn't I? I mean, um, bury yourself in Bones. Okay, so now that I have all my shiny new paints, it was time to put the final touches on Gramp E. Bugbear. First, for his tongue, I mixed half a drop of Blood Red (huzzah for having primary colors!) with a toothpick tip-ful of sapphire blue to darken it up a touch. It ended up too dark, so I mixed back in tiny amounts of the Blood Red until it looked right. (no separate pic of this step, sorry) Next, I used straight Yellowed Bone with the 20-0 brush to go over his teeth and make them a more natural white. Unfortunately, I wasn't as steady as I was the other day, and he ended up with huge front teeth (I wish I'd taken a picture, it looked kind of ridiculous). So, I pulled out Pure Black and tried to patch up the edges with my 30-0. It took a lot longer than I'd expected, since unfortunately my Pure Black is on the watery side, but eventually I was able to get his teeth looking decent again. Since one of the paint kits I got included a bottle of Reaper's Brush on Sealer, I did a lot of reading about how glossy it turned out, how many coats, etc. since I was a little uncertain of the durability of the craft paints I used. I used my trusty 5-0 and started out with a very light coat of undiluted sealer on top of his head. The result was...extremely interesting. As I painted the sealer over him, I noticed that it left colors...deeper, somehow. Richer looking. Particularly the dark colors, and especially the black. The result was that his skin and bandage look better, but his loincloth and fur look a bit worse, since the highlights on the fur aren't as obvious now, and the shadows I painted on the cloth are now even darker. His mace also got a bit less shiny, since the black under the drybrushing shows up more now. On the other hand, I'm a lot more comfortable handling him now, since he has what feels like a thin layer of plastic all over him now. Also, he has just the faintest sheen, but it's not too bad. If he weren't going to be a tabletop grunt, I'd make the effort to find some sort of matting agent, but I'm okay with how he looks now (even though I think he looked a bit nicer before the sealer). Here he is, all finished! Lastly, I kind of wanted to take a picture with Sir Forscale just for laughs, so I dug through my Vampire twice before thinking to check the list. Sadly, he wasn't included, so I had to settle for his friend, Wizard Forscale. Huzzah! My first mini is finally done! So, should I do my Vampire Bones WIP here, or make a new thread? I'd like to change the title of this one, but I can't figure out how to do it, and I figure all the Reaper peoples are way too busy to worry about something like that. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Here's another update. I worked on the left side of the base. This time I'm sculpting the stones while the putty is still fresh. I intend to add housing like that all along the walls. I will then add some decorations inside, namely skulls.
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    Hi Gang--just thought I'd post a pic of my sculpts in progress. I've never sculpted mini's in my life but, I was so inspired by a certain mini I was forced to try and make my own. They will be a set of 4 - 28mm Viking Berserkers. I'm learning as I go. I'm working with reaper armatures--green stuff--and toothpicks. I think that so far they are coming along pretty good for a first try. However, I could give you a very long list with things that I'm not happy with. The thing that's driving me nuts is trying to figure out how the pros get their sculpts sooooo smooth.(?) I've ordered some better tools so that may help. I would love some feedback...(hurt me please)....I love critics....bring it.... I'm not too easily offended. :)......the thing is I really want to get good at this....so a little advice would be greatly appreciated as well.
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    I've turned my attention to what I think of as the captain's cabin. The more I work on this ship, the more it looks like they deliberately sculpted it to look like really weathered wood. The stairs seem like stacked logs more than smooth architecture. If I were painting this like plain wood, it would I think be pretty easy to get a weathered effect. However, I'm doing weirder stuff than that. A lot of this is underpainting, prep work for what's to come. I started in painting the door to the cabin in the blue I mixed above from phthalo green and quinacridone magenta, lightened with a bit of white. Then I layered darker and lighter blues (lighter over darker gives luminosity, darker over lighter gives intensity of color), deliberately mottling the texture, and painted lighter blue along the upper and left edges of the door shapes. I was originally going to layer the shadows using nothing but deep blue, but life is too short. I used straight black instead. Here's the door more or less done (not the handle yet), with more intense medium blues layered over in an effect I call not-at-all-TARDIS-blue. (And this is the blue, remember, mixed from phthalo green and quinacridone red.) I also started painting the frame around the door with a pale cream yellow and blacklined the intensely deep gaps between the door and its frame. I think I would like to paint some sort of decoration on that frame, but I'm not sure what yet. I'm tempted by Bassho's famous haiku about the frog and pond, but I'm afraid that may be a distraction from the meaning of the ship overall. In the last pictures I have cleaned up the doorframe and underpainted the roof and stairs black and the planks above and below the cabin brownish wood color. The accidental glowing-coals effect on the wood is from burnt sienna (it really does have bright orange undertones). There is a sort of tentative foggy effect on the fence above the back of the cabin, but I'm not sure what goes there yet.
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    Cough. Sorry, I've been busy. Hi. Um, yeah, I paint ... other stuff too. Actually I find a lot of painting techniques translate well from fine art to minis and back again. Except for washes to bring out detail. That never works on panel paintings, darn it. I've worked with oils, acrylics, egg tempera (my primary medium), watercolors, fresco, airbrush, and most drawing media, making paintings, illustrations, playing cards, comics, book covers, and portraits. Oh, and one six-foot fiberglass globe. I also do textile art, designing and making and painting clothing and costumes. I am a little uneasy about using oils on minis because, unlike acrylics, oils are acidic and over time acids are pretty brutal on anything which contains lead. This is one of my book cover paintings, for a book released last week (so I'm a little woohoo about it at the moment). Stacia Kane is a pretty cool urban fantasy author, and this is a novella set in the world of her main series.
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    Yeah, that's pretty much the problem. I've got Wyrmgear, Nethyrmaul, Kaladrax and all the other Reaper KS dragons coming. This looks like its about big K's size but its 4x the cost of Big K for me. When I look at what most KSes have supplied me for the entry fee of this one I'm really twitchy. People talk about KSes "not being preorders" but its hard to see how this one is anything but a preorder when the video talks about already having the tooling done.
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    Sure. Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, eaves, doors… sadly, nothing terribly artistic. Although, the one crossover with minis painting is the importance of cleaning one's tools when the job is done.
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    I've painted a number of things, in various mediums. From posters and canvases to many a model car. Honestly, for me, very little in the way of skills learned have crossed over. The only thing I have picked up from my other experience that has translated over to miniatures is how light and shadow work, and how we create the illusion of them with colours, but the techniques are quite different, with no folds and crevices to take a wash, or bumps and such for a drybrush. Still, there are a few people on these forums, with lives heavily involved in art. One in particular comes to mind when it comes to painting (never thought I would actually use this more than once)
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    As predicted, I didn't get any painting in tonight, so nothing has actually changed since Wednesday evening. Still, here are some shots of the status quo. I may get a little more time in Thursday, and I'll try to finish up over the weekend. One thing I am considering is placing some kind of free-hand on the back of the cloak to break up the sea of Grey, but we'll see. There is something to be said for simplicity too. As you can see, I have painted the base. I don't know if I made the best choice, but I wanted to experiment with a marble texture that I found on the web - advice for improvements are certainly welcome. It's late... I'm gonna go sleep now.
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    just buy more skulls of a more human size and add them to the base, make old Kaly seem even more dangrous
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    Well I hope he didn't tell them anything.
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    Hey all, Now that I've got my Kickstarter Bones, I decided to start a separate WIP thread to help motivate and inspire me, as well as share my discovery process, flubs, thoughts, mistakes, and accidental successes with everyone. I'm brand new to this whole painting miniatures business, so any and all comments and advice are most welcome! I'll try to be as detailed as I was with my first (and so far, only) mini WIP, since a lot of people seemed to appreciate that; however, with roughly 250 minis to paint, I may not have the time to be as thorough. Unless noted otherwise, all paints used are Reaper Master Series paints, and all minis will be Bones figures from the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter. For the record, my pledge included a single Vampire box and one There Be Dragons add-on. The rest of my pledge was paints and a figure case. I look forward to learning and growing along with the rest of you talented people! Index of WIP figures: 77015 Bugbear Warrior (non-KS) 77016 Rats (scattered across many posts, but this is the beginning) 77195 Mr. Bones (started here), finished here in my WIP thread; also 74021 1" Square Skull Bases, his base (non-Kickstarter metal) 77018 Skeleton Archer (1) (Group WIP) 77018 Skeleton Archer (2) (Group WIP) 77164 Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard (conversion) 80013 Nova Corp: Female 77136 Well of Chaos 77149 Damien, Hellborn Wizard 77040 Satheras, Male Warlock 77116 Colossal Skeleton 77016 Rats (single figure) (modified) and 74021 1" Square Skull Bases, its base (non-Kickstarter metal) 77039 Janan, Female Dragon Slayer 77001 Skeletal Spearmen (5 of them) 77017 Skeletal Swordsman (4 of them) 77017 Skeletal Swordsman (1 of them, separate project from the one listed above) 77149 Damien, Hellborn Wizard (conversion) (different project from the one mentioned above) 77073 Freja Fangbreaker 77034 Male High Wizard (separate thread) 77162 Yephima, Female Cloud Giant (separate thread) NOTE: Since I tend to have multiple minis in progress at a time, most of these do not have consecutive posts. The link will take you to the beginning of when I started working on each one, though. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I actually painted them about a year ago. Figured I should share me WiP pics. These three were painted with reaper rust paint. I found the coverage to be much better than with the GW paints! If reaper really expands their selection I'm going to have to shift my paints collection away from GW paints to reaper paints. Now, I don't have any of the foundation paints, so I'm not sure how well those would work. The other 3 were primed with GW black primer. However, I found that painting the unprimed minis with the reaper paints was a much more pleasant experience! I was shocked, but pleased. Painting over the reaper rust paint with GW paints was easy, and a bit more pleasant than painting over the primer. Now, that may have been because in my haste I didn't give the primer a good long time to dry...
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    About twenty years ago I painted this Thunderbolt Mountain Miniature. Its big the size of most giants.To help sell minis I put lot of my stuff in a local comic store (I had a big ego and thought my stuff was the bomb How wrong I was). Anyway under his one I put a small story about the guy in the blue helmet escaping some dungeon after being whipped and killed the jailer on his way out.Fast forward and after having this guy on my self forever and a day I finally got inspired.The guy in the blue helmets returns with this Reaper Mini
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    We may be past the halfway mark, but there's still a BUNCH to do. I have a vacation planned flying out July 4, and I hope I can make it!
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    Nope. I'd definitely stop and get some hot wings or something before heading back.
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    *does his best J. Jonah Jameson impression* These people don't need thanked! They're menaces to society, and I won't believe they've done anything good until I get my shipment notification as PROOF! What? I already got it? When? More than twelve hours ago? Well what the #@&%?! Why didn't anyone tell me this? Really? You sure? I already knew and posted about it? *clears throat and adjusts tie* Well then, I've just been informed that I did get my shipment notification, and that these guys have been working their butts off, and that I should probably issue an official apology. Reaper rules! WOOO!!! Keep up the good work, fellas! And Parker? You're FIRED!
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    Hmm... I wonder if the xp you would give is related to your post count... ;)
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    Fully assembled. The green stuff for attaching the far side wing is still setting up which is why it is propped up. The near side wing was attached yesterday.
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    Two brush blending EXPLODED ONTO THE REAPER FORUM in this EPIC ONGOING WIP: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45525-firebrand-drone-studio-mcvey/?hl=%2Bfirebrand+%2Bdrone
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    Wow! Thanks for all the kind words, everybody. I've been working on basecoating Flit today. The body is Carnage Red and it is taking more coats than I expected for even coverage. I think I have it worked out now. The dorsal spines are in Walnut Brown. I'm not sure whether to go with the brown for the belly scales or to do the belly in yellow or orange. Unfortunately, were I to do that, the belly would have to wait until my new paints arrive with my Kickstarter package. (Currently, I'm working within the confines of L2PK1 paints.)
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    Poor guys. I'm so sorry. Hang in there, Flood victims, Bones victims, victims of Circumstance...
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    Bryan said this on the Kickstarter comments about half an hour ago. It must be very frustrating for them over there, and I hope they're not too headachey. Oi, folks, we know you're doing a huge amount of work and things happen. We're grateful and we understand.
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    Finished up the base coat more or less, still a bit of clean-up but I'll catch that as I go. Trying for a more subtle eye than I usually do, I hit the sockets with a little flesh wash and liked it, so I slapped in some rudimentary shading with it. I'll go back and bring the base coat for the flesh back in most spots the wash covered. Then the eyes, looking off to the same side as the wife is looking (where do you think that pesky canine will be?). Definitely tougher to eke out painting time in the summer! I'm pretty worried about the deadline on this one.