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    As a change of pace from my fantasy miniature painting and fantasy terrain building; I work in the modern era in areas that deal with modern mercenary models and figures. This is a (Congo Keel Boat). On the river it is known by the common name of (river taxi)...the version depicted here is (23'6") with a draft of (2'4")...used for moving just about anything on the Congo river system. The most famous version of this boat (a longer version) was depicted in the 1951 movie (The African Queen) with Humphrey Bogart. The model is 97% scratch built in the 1/35th scale area and in the " princess " line of such boats that were common from about 1928 to current day on both the Congo and Nile river systems. My figures (in the works currently) are a modern day (5 man) mercenary team using converted pieces/figures from the 1/35th scale U.S. Ranger team produced by (Shanghai/Dragon). The 3% non-scratch built items are all items from my parts box...all lumber used was scale hardwood...As you can see, the cabin section can be removed.
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    This is one of my favorite Bones Mini's. He has a lot of detail work left to do, but I think he's coming along fairly well so far. More to follow in a few days.
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    03514, Exotic Idol sculpted by Jason Wiebe. It was painted as if it was made of volcanic and marble stone, ornated with jade and gold. I carved the stone tiles on the base, added plastic plants and static grass. Comments are very welcome.
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    During his quest to Bring 'Em Back Alive, Frank Buck wandered deep in the jungle. There, he discovered untold treasures from a lost civilisation. At the heart of the wild, he came across a strange Exotic Idol. It was carved in volcanic and marble stone, decorated with jade, ivory and gold. Silently guarding ancient artefacts, warning foes not to pass. I painted them using only the Master Series Paint available in the Kickstarter options. I hope you'll enjoy. 03514, Exotic Idol scultped by Jason Wiebe 50204, Frank Buck the Adventurer sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
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    50204, Frank Buck the Adventurer Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I think he turned out to have Mark Ruffalo's face playing Bruce Banner in the Avengers movie. Maybe he's looking for rare medicinal plants in the jungle. But then, would he really need guns? Or could it be that... We meet again, Dr. Jones. Anyway, this model was a blast to paint. I used only Master Series Paint and added plastic plants on the base. As usual, Your comments are always very welcome.
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    Since my current postings deal with older figures (vintage, if you will) and display my very early figure painting attempts (which began about 18 months or so ago)...I decided to post the (very 1st fantasy miniature that I ever painted). He is a chaos lord/knight from the old Citadel figures...I have no SKU data on him...This was/is the 1st miniature gaming piece I painted for my RPG group. Prior to using metal miniature figures (I used Steve Jackson card figures for both the adventure group and all enemy)...He is finished in a heavy gloss finish so that he wears well during all the heavy game play handling. The figure was named (by me) The Dark Lord " Vazar of Darth "...all of you can guess who the figure was based on.
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    Ok, so a brief run down on this guy. I painted this entirely with craft paints except for a couple of washes that I keep pre-mixed. I started off intending to layer shadows, and highlights, but I got pretty tired of fighting the paint. I had a lot of trouble getting the paints to thin down thin enough for layers without going too thin. I eventually gave up. My bad. All the metal was base coated with Craftsmart Dark grey. Then I put down two layers of thinned FolkArt Metallic Silver Sterling. I then washed with a pre-mix black ink wash, and dry brushed on highlights. The cloth is Delta Wedgewood Green. The fur is a mixture of FolkArt Coffee Brown and Moon Yellow to make a nasty mustard color. All the leather was done with the Coffee Brown. Nails and teeth were done with Delta Fleshtone. The wood on the shield is Coffee Brown mixed with the Wedgewood green. All non-metal areas were washed with a burnt umber pre-mixed wash, and dry brushed highlights. The base was a mixture of Craftsmart red and Coffee Brown and Moon Yellow with a black wash. Comments and critique welcome.
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    I still need to glue the arms/head in place and base it... but he's pretty much done.
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    Took the bones goblins to use as my warhammer quest hobgoblins. Still amazed at the detail that is captured on these super inexpensive miniatures!
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    Monte Cook Games, LLC, and Reaper Miniatures announced today the release of miniatures for the Numenera roleplaying game. The miniatures set features 10 miniatures of characters and creatures, gorgeously sculpted to Reaper's famed standards. The sculpts are taken directly from Numenera artwork created by incredible artists like Kieran Yanner, Jason Engle, Scott Purdy, and more. They will be released as a box set in August, with a limited quantity available via Monte Cook Games at Gen Con 2013. "As you would expect with Reaper, they went above and beyond to create cool models for us," commented Monte Cook, creator of Numenera. "Sculptors Patrick Keith, Brett Admunson, and Kevin Williams really captured the look and feel of Numenera well." "We're very excited to finally work with Monte Cook," says Ron Hawkins of Reaper Miniatures. "The Numenera setting is amazing, and we're honored to provide these miniatures for Monte Cook Games." Monte Cook Games was formed in 2012 by Monte Cook and Shanna Germain, with the aim of revitalizing fan passion for RPGs through high-quality, innovative releases. The first Monte Cook Games product, Numenera, releases in August of 2013. Numenera is the forthcoming RPG from Monte Cook Games. In this science fantasy game set in the far future, humanity lives amid the remnants of eight great civilizations that have risen and fallen on Earth—the Ninth World. Numenera releases in August 2013, as a gorgeous 416-page hardcover. The Numenera Player's Guide and several other products will release simultaneously, including a deck-building game from AEG and other licensed products. The Torment: Tides of Numenera CRPG, from inXile (itself funded by a Kickstarter campaign that topped $4 million), is a successor to the famous Planescape: Torment computer game and will release in early 2015. Reaper Miniatures is a worldwide leader in the design and casting of metal science fiction and fantasy miniature figurines. Based in Denton, Texas, Reaper products are available in fine hobby shops around the world. For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Monte Cook Games at info@montecookgames.com.
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    Did half my Bones rats this weekend, with the help of my airbrush. They're a quick job, meant for gaming.
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    I always liked the flautist here. Reminds me of Jason and the Argonauts (or was it the original Clash of the Titans?)I like him but, oh dear, does he have one hand backwards? When playing a fipple (horizontal) flute, it extends to the player's right. [ ... ] A skeleton playing a flute has so many problems to contend with... ...the lack of air for the flute... ...caused by the lack of lungs ...the awkward hand position and reversed fingering may just be his [or her?] sleight of hand attempt to distract the audience from the larger problem.
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    Hail, hail the Remarkable Farkle McBride! His glorious, big box of minis arrived! Three vamps all sorted and not a mini misplaced, (some minor rebending is all he will face). Two Kallys, a Nethyr and Cthulhu to slay, With no problems at all (‘cept that shipping delay). The forces, the giants and one big ol’ skelly, Are now ready to turn all his players to jelly. Ready, of course, with one small exception … Farkle’s still gotta paint all these plastic injections!
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    My inventory so far: (Got the pledge with two friends, we check only two boxes) Missing: One Bonnie, Futuristic Heroine & one Ice Giant King´s Head. Surplus: One Ice Giant King´s Arm, one Isiri Arachinid Archer torso & 1 bag of NOVAs. Very very happy!
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    I am working on an entry for a miniatures/modeling competition in September. A month ago I found a very old model of an interceptor from the tv show UFO. So I thought that would be good to enter. In the show the interceptors were hidden in a secret moonbase. They would be lifted to the surface on elevators inside lunar craters. So I cut the center out of an old GW crater. The elevator floor will be a lid from a plastic container.
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    Whooo!!! I get to make post #1000!!!! Ascension! Now to think of a clever motto for Goddess-hood involving Sculpey. Any ideas?
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    After all those years of pitching AOL disks in the trash, now I discover an actual use for them!
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    Ok this is my first try with a sci-fi miniature.... to be honest the casting of this one is a bit subpar, there are lines appearing and disappearing and the weapon is a huge blob of plastic, a bit disappointed with the quality i'm used to see for the other bones! That being said i've tried to futurize the nova corps going for a tron style (it is a great training for painting lines almost freehand):
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    The idol is awesome, but the plants look a bit out of place. Maybe if you added some paints to the plants as well, the whole scene would be more cohesive?
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    I sometimes forget there are games for the figures we paint.
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    Kaly got a break over night, so her green stuff could cure. Next up, I need to wire those two green LEDs up in her chest cavity. Remember that LEDs only work when installed in the correct direction. The longer lead needs to be attached to the positive leg of your circuit, or it just won't work. Even knowing this, I tend to second guess myself when I'm actually getting ready to put them together, so I always test the LED prior to soldering it in. A picture of my test rig is below. I have looped the leads on a 270 ohm resistor, to use for testing, because if you test an LED right on a 9v, it's only going to light up once, then be useless forever after. So I solder in my two green LEDs wrap everything in electrical tape (again, we don't want any shorts here!). And now it's time to test everything:
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    I completed more work on the first circuit (why stop at one?). Of note, I found this page helpful to check my math and make sure everything seems right: http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz I've decided to use three LEDs in each loop. Each will have one blue LED (3.4V) and two green LEDs (2.1V each). This gives me a total of 7.6V on my 9V circuit. I'll use a low value resister (68 ohms) on each circuit to drop the voltage and keep my LEDs as bright and as cool as possible. The last part is something I read about on an electrical hobby board where the poster was using LEDs for power supply indication. I don't expect any of my LEDs would get hot enough to damage the bones, but paint can do funny things when exposed to heat (cracking / discoloring) Putting everything together is pretty easy. I started out by soldering each of the leads on the blue LED to a 22 gauge wire. Then, to keep from shorting out anything once assembled, I used electrical tape to insulate my leads and soldered joints. I widened the hole in her neck wide enough to slip my LED and wires down. I fed my wires down to her chest cavity and the reattached her neck. From here, it was easy to mix up a big batch of green stuff so I could hide the wires. It ended up looking something like this (note, the floral wire in her mouth is an armeture for her tounge):