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    Hello everyone, Some of ya'll seen me pop in and comment once in a blue moon. I lurked around and ooh-ed and ahh-ed (still do) over everyone's painted miniatures. I joined this site back when the kickstarter was active and I have received my pledge (a few days ago actually). I remember reading somewhere that Bones were created to be simple to pick up and do stuff with. So I am going to try it out. My life with art: I have none. The last time I painted something was back in kindergarten or first grade (23-24 years ago) and it was water colors + hands on paper. Or according to my parents, same age, same tactics, but their walls instead of paper. My first miniature I bought was the Bethlanian mindflayer of the Bones line. I also picked up some Citadel paints during a thrift run. But there were no brushes and so these items sat in limbo. A few days ago, art store run! I didn't purchase the recommended brushes (kolinsky and uh..others?). Just grabbed a cheap pack of brushes to see how well I can do painting. I read some tips and tricks, I watched some youtube videos, I even pretended in my head that I was painting. After a week, I just wanted to jump in and test out the waters. Sink or swim so they say. I got the materials ready, I shook the paint like I would be shaking a tambourine, I made my wet pallet. And in I go! My first miniature began at 9:00 pm. And it is this guy: I painted his cloak with "Imperial Purple". I began with one drop (I do not know why I thought that was enough...) I added another drop, the brush soaked it up. I added two drops. Yea that didn't work either. Forget it, I said. 10 drops. Still have a lot on the pallet. Learning my lesson with the purple, I decided added more than enough drops for "Pure Black". Aw, looks kind of plain. Looking through the paint selection. Oooh "New Gold". That sounds awesome. This took 2 hours. Hmm, this "Yellowed Bone" sounds interesting. Skull here, skull there. I like this color. And then I added "Blood Red" to the eyes, some jewels on the shield (I think those are jewels), and the runes on the sword. Sooo sleepy by this point, but I wanted to finish. Added "Tanned Leather" for the hilt and the shield strap and the trunk (that changed). Here's what came out at 1:00 am. I didn't realize four hours had past while painting the little lich.
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    First, for this paint job, I have to give huge thanks/props to paintminion, who did an unbelievable job on this guy earlier. Her paint job was so perfect, that I couldn't see this guy any other way, and I ended up using her's as my primary inspiration/guide for this effort. So thank you for your wonderful color selection! If you like my paint job, please go like hers as well! The basing on this was a lot of fun, and the first time I've ventured beyond simple gravel and flock. The rocks on the base are made of cork board, and a bit of modeling paste to give some more texture on flat surfaces. The water is mostly painted, although I covered it with some woodland scenics realistic water and water effects. Hope you enjoy, and C&C welcome as always!
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    So... I got my bones a few weeks ago, if not a month. but with the new job i havent had a fraction of the time to jump in... but tonight I'm goint to start in on Nethyrmaul... a strange choice I think, considering the sheer number of minis I now have to paint. I'll post some pics later but I wouldn't expect any leaps and bounds... I intend to take it very slow and enjoy every second of it... Haven't yet decided specifially on coloring yet but i think I'm going with an iguana look to the scales and a dirty white/ yellow-teeth/brown look to the protruding bones. any advice or general thoughts are always welcomed... EDIT: it must have been the size of the pics that was hindering the upload. Anyway, I don't seem to be suffering from the "lean" that I've seen in other Nethy wips. Mold lines arent too bad, there are a couple spots where the detail of flesh around bone isn't stellar but all in all this is an awesome sight! Everything dry fit here and its apparant ill need to fill some gaps but again its not too bad. I definatley need to reshape a couple wing "fingers" should be easy from what i've read. I really don't know how I'm going to paint her yet, i've been looking at alot of iguana pics and there are a few I ceep going back to. Questions for myself at this point are : Am i sure i want to paint this assembled? Should I pin when assembling? Tonight I'm just going to clean the pieces and take care of the mold lines.
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    Been a little while since I was able to paint, but here are a couple new ones. I haven't done the bases yet, as I can't decide if I want to keep them as is or do something more complex. Sorry about a couple of the pics, for some reason my camera doesn't always do well. Ragnaros the Evil Warrior: Mangu Timor: Black Orc Hero: Battleguard Golem (looks way better than these pictures show....): And Anvall Thricedamned: I used my dark flesh technique for Anvall. Worked pretty well on him :)
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    Last one for me, not sure how I managed to get this much stuff painted the last 2 months. 77059 - Orc Berserker Link to inspiration gallery. Link to forum thread.
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    77132 - Barnabus Frost, Pirate Captain Link to inspiration gallery. Link to forum thread.
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    I caught myself treating miniatures like work, so it was time to do a "fun" miniatures. I just got my hands on a container of Golden Coarse Pumice Gel and covered a square base as an experiment. I started painting it kind of like snow and I really liked how it looked, so I decided to make my fun miniature match the base. I wanted something I could stick on the already completed base, but that wouldn't take a lot of time, so I decided on the small spiders from the Vampire box. Those are fairly low quality sculpts, so I didn't feel bad spending less than 2 hours on him. Some people don't like spiders, so I'm putting this in a spoiler block.
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    The Thing basecoated: And now the start of The Hulk:
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    the gold numbers will be the hardest part to make look good, I think
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    Here are some barbarian figures I am working on this week I am basing this figure on a character on the Khanutu woman from a Star Trek episode called Private Little War And here is a shot from that episode:
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    This mini has been on my desk for a long time. She has been WIP for a long time. I wanted to redo the tattoos to include some of her skin color, so they would blend better. I had to attach her sword, tweak that, etc. I also had to work on the 'glow' on the hand, which I am frankly not that good at. Glows are hard. Since my players are meeting her this thursday I sort of had to go and finish her. So here is Isabella 'Inkskin' Locke, from Skull and Shackles! And here she is with another pirate lady. They blend pretty well, even though the color schemes are quite different. I like it. PS: Isabella's legs are so tiny that I had to borrow a smaller pinning drill from a friend!
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    I think he's just about done. Just a final varnish and maybe some base decoration left to go.
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    I had Phalangites once. The number of shots it took to get rid of it was awful, but the Doc says I'm all better now.
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    I´m not normal because I´m not worried about the delays? I mean, I would prefer to have them but... I suppose is some kind of zen thing
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    Not trying to take this thread sideways too much so early on, but their models are really cool. And how can you not want one of these? Also, so I can't be accused of thread-jacking too badly, this: (all of these images were pulled from AMG's Facebook page, btw) ~v
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    Still painting, but not finishing much yet. I can't seem to complete a mini before needing to move on to another for one reason or another. Because I'm on a time crunch I forced myself to try some speed painting tonight. I think I picked a bad mini to try speed painting on because the Owlbear eats up paint like no tomorrow. At least he doesn't need to look pretty. All Owlbears deserve crazy eyes.... Added some skin tone mixed with a drop of orange and pink for the tongue and around the more fleshy spots near the claws and wing membrane. Then went over the brown with another thinned down black coat to further shade the recessed fur. Tomorrow I'll add a lot of warmer colors to the fur and feathers to brighten it all up. I would also like to give this miniature a new base if time permits tomorrow, although he's a bit big for the 1" square bases I have available at the moment. The current base is a bit too flimsy.
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    Suddenly I have an urge to paint a drag queen.... Do you think that this would work for Ru Paul? - The Auld Grump
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    Edited for censored version. You can find the original here.
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    The grass really is greener on the other side. Unless Nocturne has to paint it.
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    Guess this belongs here, did some drilling and testing with a LED I removed from one of those cheapo LED candles. I think it looks very promising, and the big elemental looks like it could be cool too. Can't wait to see how they look on a base in the dark. Not yet decided how I'll paint them.
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    Updates, Updates! Since I am no longer on vacations, now I only have time to work on painting on the weekends. The mrs also want her share of time, and then the daughter... tough life But I put about 2 more hours on her this Sunday. Taking pictures is interesting, because I get to see the mini from new angles. A lot of mistakes also come to life, and the ones I cared about are sometimes lost the whole image. Anyway, I borrowed my brother's good camera, printed a background and snapped some pics. I have a whole lot of them to show, but will only post a few here. More can be found in my G+ album if you are interested. - I fixed the purple on the skirt hem some, and then decided to tidy up its border... and make a little design out of it. I think it looks fine, and also is more forgiving of sloppy brushstrokes (you need a single continous line to be perfect for it to look good!). I might need to go over the yellow again to smooth it out around the triangles but also feel like calling it done and move on). - I worked some on the face, eyelids, eyes, lips (including shine). I feel she looks much more feminine now. The eyebrows are way too dark, I need to smooth them over with dark flesh washes. I also need to accentuate the shadow of the right side of the face to make the whole face and forehead more rounded but I didn't have time to mix some more skin tone. - I basecoated the hair in blue, because it is going to the black. Doing so I messed up trying to clean a blue spot in a place of her elbow (not visible actually) and tinted the whole left arm with blue :( Will have to touch it up with more flesh when I mix it again. The following is one picture of the mini with a white backdrop. All those photos came out as quite dark and required color levels adjustments in GIMP. I tried the colors to read to my eyes as the actual mini. - The ones with the backdrop looks "washed up" so I did a Auto - White Balance thingy in GIMP. Only that and cropping - resizing done digitally. I include a "RAW" image at the end so you can compare how GIMP affected color levels. Don't really know how to enhance the image without touching it more, and I am trying to preserve the real thing for you. I need to learn about photography. This experience also made me want to buy a camera; the phone takes great pictures and is also easy to carry around for tourism, etc, but nothing beats a good lens and dedicated device, even if it is low-end like my brother's Lumix Fz47. After the photo session I washed her hair black, three very thin layers. I also touched up the skin in her arm with base flesh; it still needs depth correction with at least a dark wash and then highlighting... again :( As I was leaving for the office this morning I picked her up and nodded. The hair looks "black" under regular light, but still it is not black as in "light-eating black". It has tone. This is the first time I try this and so far I am liking the effect. As always, no comment is a bad comment. All opinions, especially those that help me improve, are welcomed and desired!
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    I grew tired waiting for news of my kickstarter shipment, so I went a bought some Bones from a third party to practice on. I don't have many colours to choose from (since my Reaper paints haven't arrived) and most of what I do have is cheap artist's acrylic, so I decided to start with a fairly simple figure. I present Barnabas, the rusty warrior: Just by looking at the photos I'm seeing details I missed or screwed up, but I need broader feedback than just "You suck, give up now!". Please, critique away!
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    Forested hills/mountains, medieval towns, underground. (Mostly the standard fantasy tropes.) For architecture, medieval stuff can be used for anything then or after. Half-timbered buildings can work for WWII gaming, for instance. But Bauhaus isn't going to work with classic fantasy/medieval well at all.