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    Hello, These were painted while waiting for the Kickstarter. That's my only excuse. That, and I fished them out of a dollar box at the friendly local. These guys gave me some headaches but looking at them now I can live with them. They remind me of Runequest, which is nice. Hope you find them interesting to look at. Cheers and hope you are having a great weekend.
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    None of these are Reaper minis, but I thought I'd share. These are all commission pieces I finished up about a month ago. First up is Brienne of Tarth from Dark Sword. I filed the Tarth arms off of her shield and painted the tree/shooting star she chose for herself in A Feast For Crows. Next is a 54mm Arya from Dark Sword's Arya/Jon Snow diorama (my client didn't want her painted as Arya, so she's a red-head). The squire is from GameZone Miniatures (gonna have to pick up a few of these for my Pendragon game). The last one is a nice little plastic 54mm chick. I don't know who the manufacturer is, unfortunately. Sorry these look a bit grainy; I'm having some camera issues that I've yet to resolve.
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    Here's the first of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: The Thing! You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery.
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    HI all, Everyone is doing it, so I should too! This will be my dumping ground for this years painting. My goal is 52 minis, but it seems like I might blow past that given my need to paint faster or die in a glorious minis avalanche. I have already completed 44 or so minis this year, so expect a lot of posting. I, much like many others, have started to ease in to my KS haul with the undead horde. They are fast and fun. As a plus, I have always enjoyed skeletons from a thematic point of view, no doubt dating back to watching Jason and the Argonauts as a child. Note that each is unique. Converting these guys is a cinch. More to come!
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    So I managed to finish my first kickstarter bones mini! This was my first try at OSL. I also just this week gained a new camera and I am still getting the hang of it.
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    Thanks! they are very simple, really: base with bleached bone, wash pure black, touchup w/ bone, spot wash with snakebite leather, "crack" with pure black and bone, stipple w/ pale lichen, done. could be done in fewer steps for greater speed. I do some archery and minis as a whole are awful with posture (im sure a fencer would say the same), but these guys are dead with no brains at all. I figure the best they can do is spam the engagement with arrows with no concern for hitting fellow bones. I like metals, they always get some extra love. The cracks are an easy way to give speed-painted minis some character. A little goes a long way. While I am replying,why not another treat! this time a stygian priestess from chronopia, recently rescued from a long stay at "the shelf of shame". not all of these minis are reaper, so I'll mix it up to keep you guessing.
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    I just started painting miniatures in July, and the very first figures I painted were the L2PK1 ones. I then did a few more miniatures based on what I learned from that and I just finished the L2PK2 yesterday. I thought I'd post some pictures here and hopefully get some feedback on how to improve. I have the L2PK3 and I've ordered 4 and 5, which I think I'll actually do first. I've read through some of the WIP threads and the NMM looks like something I should have more practice before trying. These were all done using the paints from the first 3 L2PKs plus a tan sample bottle. Here are the Giant Rat and Swordsmen from L2PK1. Since these were literally my first miniatures I followed the instructions very closely. I needed some familiars and small animals for a game, so I did these next. I was inspired by the image from the Gallery for my werewolf, and I just noticed that the paint developer at Reaper uses it as her Icon so now I know where it came from! These guardsmen where done using very similar techniques as the Anthurian Swordsman, just different color cloth. The look of dry brushing screams SKELETONS! So I bought some to practice on. I like the Bronze Age look I got from adding a bit of brown to the antique gold from L2PK2. And here are the L2PK2 results which I just finished yesterday. I got ahead of myself and missed that the skirt was supposed to be blue, but I like having it all green. I'll take the metal washers off once the weather cools and I can get a coat of sealer on them. These are all for table top gaming, but I really want to have good looking miniatures to play with. Clearly the first thing I need to do though is get better lighting for taking pictures of my future minis to post.
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    I've recently had this thing about painting various arthropods. I think part of the attraction is that there are so many cool species in nature, which I can base my paintjobs on. For arthropod type bones, I've completed: 77125: Vermin:Scorpions You'll note that I trimmed out the excess material from between the legs and the body on these guys. I used a very thin tipped xacto knife for this and I think I adds to the sculpts. 77127: Vermin, Beetles Much like the scorpions, these guys recieved some clean up prior to painting. I'll be getting more of these once they are available as they make great fire beetles (IMO) 77126: Vermin, Spiders and 77130: Vermin, Beetle Swarm I swapped halfway through on these from a green, gold, and red scheme to what you see here.
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    First off - 77196 Familiars 2 : At this point I have completed the little death: His base is a combination of corkboard, green stuff, and static grass. Next is the rag doll: The books are made of balsa wood and green stuff. The base itself is painted to look like some sort of carpeting. I was trying for a wizard's kids room vibe, think D&D meets Harry Potter, but I'm not sure I pulled it off. Last of this bunch is the fire elemental:
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    Indeed, D3. Leather and fur. Time to go spend some time with my beautiful Princess. Have a good night, folks!
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    Oh Rats! I've only completed two of the rats (of the 12 in the vampire kit). These are going to be a chore to get done, so I'll throw a couple in here and there. 77016: Rats
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    That is true, learning what things look like and different artistic techniques can be used for many different things. Slapped some more colour on Damien tonight, including some roughly applied OSL effects to work out where my shadows will fall when I start shading.
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    I wonder if it would be possible to upscale the Pathfinder Red Dragon, kind of like how Kaladrax was (though probably not THAT big!). I really love that sculpt and can't help but think it feels kind of small in the presence of all of the other Bones dragons.
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    Well we had some people stay over the weekend (which was great - played some board games, dungeon world and some fiasco, good times). But that means very little painting done. I did however get this little chappy done today and got to play with the new bases I bought. I think he works well. A thousand years ago the city of Ellashae was at the height of its civilisation. The people worshipped Alaluna, the moon goddess and the high priest, the mightiest spellcaster of the age crafted the Moon Hounds to guard the city and surrounds. These days, nothing but rubble remains of the city. The faithful hounds stay to guard the lands, protecting it even though the moon goddess has long been forgotten by the world, their ancient commands still holds sway over the pack.
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    Mr.Potato Head Horror. Crawls through dungeons eating goblins. Particularly tangerine goblins.
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    And every adventuring party needs treasure!
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    Starting off the month with the Human Male Magic User from Otherworld Miniatures. A case of "well, at least it's done", although now that I look at the photos he did come out decent. And here's the full part gathered!
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    I asked my group for suggestions to pass on here, and my DM was very insistent about a kraken. That's why I never mentioned it as a Bones I'd like to see.
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    I think I'm running out of pictures for this painting binge! Next we have 77010: Kobolds. Now, as someone who has been collecting miniatures for 20+ years, I decided I had pleanty of kobolds already (plus I'm more of a reptillian kobold guy myself, especially if they resemble the ones from Kobold press!). I started looking around the interwebs and my monster manuals (and other books) for some other monster these guys would work well for. Eventually I stumbled on to the Pugwampi art from the Reign of Fire adventure path and I knew I had a match. The spear weilders are pretty much unmodified The sword and shield guys, on the other hand, have had their shield arms brought down to be at the side. The original sculpt with the shield in the left hand raised overhead is one of those poses that just don't work for me. I'm pretty sure this guy was meant to be just another mook, but I like how he is standing tall and confident. A little knife work removed his sword and made him look a little more like he's threatening some big folk from his perch. While he might not be a ruler type figure (I'd like to get the metal kobold king for that), I think using him as a champion of some sort in my games will go over well! Finally, we have the group shot. In Pathfinder, Pugwampis are gremlins that idolize gnolls, so I went with sandy colored / weathered bases for these guys.
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    AMAZON ARMY PRIVATE COLLECTION...This is the (4th) figure of my Amazon army. FIGURE...Citadel (Big Mama's Series - vintage figure)...Sorry, no SKU information. NOTE...This is the last figure that I will post for a while...have to wait till my ordered figures arrive...also, the next two that I am currently working on...can not be posted due to topless status...(Darksword Elf Warrior DSM 1164 and Hasslefree Gayle leaning on spear HFH015).
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    *sets trap* *catches owlbear* *pours cereal and milk on it* "It's not working! It's only made it very upset!"
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    A bit rough on the steel work. Still haven't gotten comfortable with nmm yet. Usually I blend it a lot better, at least, but trying some new colors and need to tweak them a bit I think, a couple need a gradient step between them. Went back over the fur again and shade/highs for the axe handle. Pretty much done pending the base. Probably up over ten hours on him, that nmm is time consuming stuff.
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    The Throne base is now finished. I glued sand around every skulls and added a skull on the staircase step to complete the ensemble. Thanks for your help and suggestion on this one, using sand was a very good idea, it will definitely prevent overhang and it will add textures.
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    I've also been working on some real bone bones. It's amazing what a difference a wash can make. Not really going or anything too fancy on these guys, except for their shields.
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    After seeing the green blue ghosts painted up a few weeks ago by bobthebobish, I was inclined to paint my own. I ended up going a different route with my colors, but ended up painting the same figures tonight. Here's a rough shot of 77097: Grave Wraith I have to say that neon yellow and alien blood are now among my favorite colors (along with most of the new HD paints)
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    Calling these two done. Now onto the other two.
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    I would be more likely to buy the Kraken than the deep dwellers. The Kraken works for the wow-factor and plus, as the DM, I then get to say "Release the Kraken!"
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    I bought this pair of Pre-KS Bones over a year ago, but they got put to one side for most of that time when I had to pack up to move, then move, and unpack and so forth. Recently I finished them, and finally we had some decent light, so today they got photographed. There's a bit of mould line that I missed on one of them. Noticed it when it was too late, and I didn't want to butcher my paint in order to fix it. You barely notice in person, anyway. I used some Woodland Scenics Water Effects to create the beginning of the "drool", some WC Realistic Water over the top to smooth it out, and some Vallejo Model Colour Clear Yellow to add a touch of colour to the discharge. These suckers took awhile to get going, but once I actually sat down to make myself paint them they were quite an enjoyable experience. Originally they were all-purple, then I looked up the D&D colouration, which said they had yellow bellies/undersides, which I thought would look far too cartoony, but it kept bothering me. A day or two later I came back to them and used some sand and ochre shared for the "yellow" to make them look much more like natural colouration, and it worked for me. I used some pinky-purple for the transition ridge between the ochre and the main dark bluish-purple for the main body. One of the things I enjoyed most was the fact that since these are cheap Bones models, I allowed myself to play with them a lot more. I used drybrushing, blending, a purple oil paint wash at one stage, the aforementioned realistic water products, and a few weathering powders in the end. Basically a lot of experimentation and "play", and I think they turned out pretty successful in the end! More pics on my blog, including a scale shot with a SM, an Orc and a Gobbo. I didn't want to overdo it here...
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    Me to wife: what to you get if you cross a bear with an owl? Wife: A Bowl. Fair enough.
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    I'm stuck on call this weekend, which pretty much means I can't go anywhere...but I can paint! NightyKnight challenged me over on Wamp, so I've been working on my eeevil black dragon. My goals are to get better at painting black and figure out how to make a swampy base. Here's what I've got. Don't worry- the dragon's nowhere near finished, but I got tired of painting black (ugh. highlights highlights highlights. Stupid dragon skin and having to do each individual scale. ugh! Why did I choose black. I hate black!) so I broke out the sculpey, etc. Sculpey relaxes me. It's so much less fussy than green stuff. I raided the garden for wood bits. The tree is actually the root of some weed I managed to get around to pulling up last week. The open space in the second pic is meant to be where the swamp water will go. Now I've got it all base-coated: This project allows me to use some fun stuff- like the crackle medium for simulated mud. And of course- water effect!!! The question is, do I want to mix some brown or black into my water medium to make it look murkier? Here's my composition dilemma. I can't figure out exactly where to put the cypress knee-thingys More? Less? Skip the knees altogether? I like the idea because it will break up the monotony of the swamp water. Plus swamps are always full of stuff. Or at least the interesting ones are. Something like that. Here's kind of a few ideas for the knees: I'm really excited about the adventurer's footprints! I tried to use the crackle medium around them to try to look like drying mud, but I don't think it stands out much. Also- the gray rings painted on the ground and that one log are meant to be from the dragon- I think of black dragons as bringing decay and death. I also made some mushrooms and some reeds, but I'm waiting for them to dry. Thus, the posting break I'm taking!
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    The fiancee and daughter are away this weekend, so I decided to get some work done on the 02793: Arianna,Fairy Princess that I plan on giving to my daughter for her birthday. It went really well, and I got a lot more done then I was expecting. Only thing that I'm not really happy with is the face - I think i need to figure out how to do these eyes, they're sculpted differently than anything I've done before, and I'm not really sure how to handle them. Excuse the crappy photos - the girls have the good camera with them, these were taken with a cheap webcam.
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    Well, 50-55% of the population at large is female. .... I'm not saying it's more than it should be, just more than is normal for minis. I agree, minis are proportionally more male. I think it's down to wargaming - most armies are pretty much all men, most tabletop wargamers are men, so male figures predominate. I think Kickstarter changes that around a lot though - although there's a lot of wargamers on there, you also see a lot of roleplayers, painters, and a huge number of board gamers; and they have a much higher proportion of women. So I think doing a minis release via Kickstarter lets you sculpt more female figures that you could do for a normal minis release. Well, I can't promise it'll get done in time - I've got a lot of work to do for clients this month. But I'll do my best! It's a bit unconventional looking anyway, so you might not like it... Owlbear! I've never seen a miniature that looked like the owlbears in my head (yes, I've got owlbears in my head!) so i decided I had to sculpt one. cheers Michael
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    I know everyone was complaining about how some bones seemed to be lacking noses. I just don't understand how people can be so prejudiced against aliens. Take for example Ellen Stone, green skinned gunslinger with the pearl handled 6 shooters. Really now, are you going to tell her that she was cast wrong? Crappy cell phone pictures. Only just noticed that I didn't paint her neckerchief, and her shirt is going to need another touchup or two to get all the green off of it.
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    Add to that the fact that this was just a request for a kraken, and nobody from the reaper team even commented on it...
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    Change the color of gloves and the coat lining (upper part of coat, framing chest). The color(s) chosen are too close to the skin color in my opinion.
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    And here, at last, is the finished version. JD
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    Thanks guys! @KruleBear - Not sure how much "finesse" you'll see in my work on this figure, lol. Thinned paint behaves very differently, and I'm learning as I go. I forsee many paint floods on Tanya in my near future. @Corporea - I'm glad you like it! :D @Shogun - I agree, these do look sooo much better; it's amazing what a good backdrop can do! The visor was http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003UCODIA/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1'>this one and I paid about $8 (US) for it. Granted, I got free shipping on it through Amazon because I'm an Amazon Prime member, but regardless it's much much cheaper than a $60 Optivisor (which I'd like to get someday, the quality of the lenses in the one I have leaves something to be desired). ~~~~~~~~~~~ Not much in the way of painting to report, since I've found I get way too distracted during Pathfinder when I'm doing anything complicated, but I did get a "primer" coat of 2 layers Pure White on the PC wizard mini (his name Aerodus)). I'd fixed his staff earlier to repair the big chunk missing out of it next to his hand (which appears to be part of the sculpt). Pictures of that step are here. I plan on shoving a pin into it next to straighten out that bend, I've boiled him three times already, but the thing's so skinny it just keeps re-warping. Also, through delicate application of my Exacto knife and with the help of my magnivisor, I was able to carve the remnants of the shield on Etune's left arm into some semblance of a bracer (thanks again for the idea, Loim!!!). Yay! The back of it needs something, I think, but I'm not sure what. I'm going to check out pictures of real bracers to try and get some ideas. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Probably went too far and need to smooth this back out. Learned a nice lesson on evening out values when glazing to preserve contrast...I went too dark with my shadow glaze and my mid-shadow glaze against the previous highlights took out about 4 layers of blending :| I continued highlights from the last update, moving through Ghost White into a Ghost/Pure White for the highest high. Then I started putting in some colored glazes to spice it up. Glazes (I call them that even though I don't glaze over the whole area, maybe 'targeted glazing' is appropriate?) run Nightshade Purple, Imperial Purple and Violet Red. Then a wee bit of one of the highlight Ghost/Pure White mixes glazed to a few spots where the highlights got lost.
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    In the last few days I've completed : 77196 : Familiars 2, Death 77196 : Familiars 2, Rag Doll 77010 : Kobolds (1 'leader' looking type, 3 spears, 3 swords) 77016 : Rats (2 different sculpts) In progress (with better pictures!) are: 77196: Familiars 2, sprite, treant, and couatl 77161: Ghost King, 77098: Spirit, 77158: Skeletal Warrior, 77097: Grave Wraith, 77096: Banshee 77171: Stone Golem and 77032: Oxidation Beast
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    My first and second bones have been done - sorry about the photo's it's going to be a little while before I can get a new one. The first Ape-X. Such a cool miniature. The game for Ape-X - see if you can spot the metallic and non-metallic metal. I have trouble telling the difference between them, but maybe my eyes are even more shot than I thought. The base is a gimme, it's metallic paints :D I got a bit creative with the base for this one. She's not 100% done as I am going to try and get silk strand to come out of her... ah... butt.
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    Everyone activate your pitter patter alarms STAT!
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    His skin went from great to amazing.
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    I put a few minutes in on the third guy. I think all I have left on him are the spikes. Edit: rotated pics.
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    Thanks for all the positive feedback, guys! I'll get some more of my Reaper and Bones figures posted up here soonish.
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    I would like these twice, once for the paint and once for not paying sticker on anything from GW.
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    Did some layering on the skin, taking a break so I snapped some pics. Still not gelling where I want it, but it's fun just layering. Went a bit gradual for a Bones job, this is base + 4 layers working ghost white slowly into the hd concrete grey. Right now it's mostly trying to smoothly lay on whiter tones, as I've struggled with that every time I've tried. edit: When I say 4 layers, I mean 4 color mixes. It's fairly thin so many passes of the same color on each layer. Not glaze thin, but more or less my usual layering thin.
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    Mistakes are merely lessons. Reflect and learn what the mistake is teaching you and it no longer is a mistake!
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    Oh No! NO! NO! NO! I've never been married, and even I know what a bad idea that would be.
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    The Fish God Cometh! (sorry flashbacks to an old D&D campaign) My first fishman is an experiment, I've never really tried doing anything but given he's a fish with a light from his head I want to try something a little fancy. I think it almost worked, as a first go I'm pretty happy with it, but please recommend improvements for later attempts as it's something I'd like to get better at. The front and rear pictures are pretty awks, but they're what I was after. From the front it looks fully painted, yet the rear is in complete shadow.... Mysterious! Whelp here he is, a evil fishman approaching in the darkness luring fresh meat with his head-lamp. And from the side I've also finish the frost wyrm, I really love this sculpt, something about snakey spiral sculpts really appeals to me.