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    Ok, you wonderful folks did it. I'm now a member of your community. All because of the close to 87000 comments. It will be fun talking with you all, and painting up our goodies together.
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    This is Pegaso's 54mm Irish Knight. The Celtic cross was included in the all metal kit. This is one of my older pieces and was painted in the BR era (before Reaper) using a combination of Andrea and Vallejo paints. The white hart on the shield was drawn in, then painted. Enjoy, Glen
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    Between this, Dwarven Forge, and all my Hirsts Arts molds...I'll have enough terrain to build a scale model of The World! <maniacal laugh> <maniacal laugh> <maniacal laugh>
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    My wife asked me 'Are you really going to USE that playing D&D?' I said 'Thats not the point'
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    My hubby is dealing with me going around the house yelling KHHHAAAANjira! Then breaking into giggles.
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    Here's another off the table. I painted this for someone at one of our local game stores. His Crusader army is blue and white with black and green accents, so I painted the creature with that in mind. The basing was kept relatively simple, as he has a particular shade of static grass that is on all the bases, so he can add that as he sees fit. The insignia on the flank is also a constant across all this pieces. I like the design he came up with! The white flesh was an interesting experiment--I based with a cool white (RMS Ghost White), shaded with a warm gray (Vallejo Gray Green) and added selected areas of RMS Rosy with a touch of RMS Tanned Skin try and added an additional bit of warmth and color variation to all that white. Thanks once again for the input from my stable of forum advisors on the color suggestions/ideas on this model. As always, critiques and comments welcome!
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    Wife made a face when I told her about how much I "need" to pledge.
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    So, I have two very hard working children that are exceedingly well behaved and enjoy doing house and yard work, and entertaining. The oldest will also tutor your preschooler. They are available for rent.
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    I disbelieve. I have to disbelieve any more stretch goals. I can't afford to fail any more Will saves this week. Can't... look at pretty... ooooh shiny! Must have!! Yes! More pretty bones to paint! Perfect! They're just what I wanted! Silly Willpower. Now to move all my points to Craft:Paint Bones....
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    For everyone that's been doubting Reaper over the last 20 days or so, I'd just like to say... (and I mean this in the nicest way possible) Suck it. ~v
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    I was done, man. "That's it," I said. "I've raised my pledge twice from my proposed maximum opening bid," I said. "I'm in almost double what I was last time," I said. "If I add any more, it'll be after the Kickstarter," I said. ...WHELP I WASN'T USING THIS FIFTY DOLLARS ANYWAY *THROWS WALLET AT REAPER* I'll be over in the corner singing "I only wanna be with you" and stroking a picture of DDS2 if you need me...
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    So kind of like a cookie monster. snare drum please.
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    This just in!!! We bring you the (probably) Final OneBoot Report! (though I reserve the right to do another before the end if I so choose!) ONEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! Some important highlights: ~~~~~~~ Reaper Miniatures about 8 hours ago I don't remember who asked (apologies), but the basilisk and dracolisk are both works-in-progress and not finished sculpts. ~~~~~~~~~ Reaper Miniatures about 8 hours ago @Lawrence - many of the new sculpts from this Kickstarter might also be made in metal. The larger a figure is, the less likely it is to also appear in metal. Based on our experiences with the last Kickstarter figures, we're doing our best to customize the plastic mix for each figure as necessary for the best appearance and function of thin or structural support parts. ~~~~~~~~~ Reaper Miniatures about 9 hours ago @Crimson - I believe the minotaur lord fits on a 3" base. ~~~~~~~ Reaper Miniatures about 9 hours ago @Adam - the flying saucer has landing gear. ~~~~~~~~ Reaper Miniatures about 9 hours ago The price to join after Kickstarter via the pledge manager will be higher. Prices will remain the same for everyone who has pledged through the Kickstarter but chooses to add on additional items later through the pledge manager. ~~~~~~~~ Reaper Miniatures about 10 hours ago The water elemental is comparable in size to the large fire elemental from the first Kickstarter. ~~~~~~~~ Bane172 3 minutes ago @Bryan With the Kahnjira. Ive heard the estimate for his weight is around 4 pounds Is that how much he weighs as a green? whats the weight difference between bones and greens? and could you give an estimate on how much he will cost retail? Bryan Stiltz 1 minute ago @Bane - We estimate $75-95 Retail. The 4lb weight is in Bonesium, The green was over 7 lbs. ~~~~~~~~ Corporea about 4 hours ago Any word on the appearance of Tiamat? Reaper Miniatures about 4 hours ago @Corporea - highly unlikely for this KS. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I looked at the pic of C'thulhu checking out Khanjira and I have to say that's the scariest episode of The Dating Game ever.
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    This is the (6th) completed vignette as listed on my (WIP) forum of fantasy vignette projects posted on Oct. 2, 2013. VIGNETTE TITLE...Sexy Space Girl On Red Planet... FIGURE...REAPER (# 50150)...Betty, Space Heroine... NOTE...I tried to make the vignette as barren as possible with the sexy space vixen standing on the barren rocky surface of the " red planet "...I did my best to portray/depict the martian dust on her black boots...but otherwise not too much wear on her hot pink suit. Hope that you like it. Catdancer...
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    This little guy gaven me the chance to work on improving my skin. I'm not sure if I technically improved, but he isn't blotchy like my previous models. I like it, this was what I wanted my Pureblood Warpwolf to look like. Any tips on skin would be appreciated. I tried a base coat, then some medium highlights, then some very watered down brighter highlights applied over and over again on top of the medium and base coats. I think my pictures taking ability is improving too. I may go back and edit all my previous posts. Hope you enjoy :)
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    I thought this at first, too. I also thought "an butt" was a forum in-joke. Funny thing is, though, that once I learned what the replacement words were I actually just start typing those in. I also created a D&D monster, which I have not yet had time or place to use, which uses a gibber ability to cause rage. Said monster is the Anwoofingbutt. It just sort of sits on a perch and shouts at people until they get upset, then when they attack it throws poisoned poop.
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    Been away for the afternoon. Did I miss much? ... (Okay, I had not been a part of the Terrasque request brigade, but my youngest just made such happy squeaky noises upon seeing it that I have pledged for it as well. And I am honestly glad for everyone who was hoping so fervently that Reaper would offer one.)
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    And now to reply to some things that were like umpteen pages ago: @buglips - Ah...as tempting as ALL THE BONES is, I think I'll have to pass on your generous offer. I AM married to the Witch-king of Angmar, Lord of the Ringwraiths, after all, and since you're the coolest goblin I know, I really don't want to be responsible for your untimely demise/separation from your immortal soul. @Matrissa - I'm waiting impatiently for the forums to decide I've learned my lesson and give me back my 'liking' privileges. I WANT TO LIKE ALL THE THINGS, DARN IT!!!!!! @buglips - Okay, after seeing your Hail, Cobra! comics, I bow to your superior comic-making abilities. @Everyone - Sorry guys, but you're on your own for the last 24 hours as far as digests go. I simply can't keep up, so I'm gonna kick back and relax with some peppermint patties and my shiny new paints I just got from Reaper and enjoy the ride along with y'all. *raises cup of hot chocolate in a toast* TO REAPER! TO REAPER AND THEIR SHINIES! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Tired of Cinderella always stealing his pumpkins whenever she needed a coach, the wizard next door transformed one of his pumpkins himself into a guardian to protect the patch: The Pumpkin Dragon !
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    Unless he's found a way to get it in bulk, green stuff seems to be about $10 for 3 oz, so... $350, give or take. Which means that it would be cheaper to buy one in this KS than to sculpt your own.
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    *pfft* I could paint it in 7 days.