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    Finally got some painting done this weekend and finished up this fellow. I was initially going to go with something a bit more human looking, where he was going to have Mediterranean skin tones, so I started off with dusky skin. About partway through, I decided to go with a more rocky looking appearance, so I shaded with some agrax earthshade. Since I was making him look more like rock and soil, I thought grass for body hair might be an interesting choice. It doesn't look so great here, but the effect's a bit better in person. The rocky protrusions were based with walnut brown, then shaded up with grey rock and finally to rainy gray as the highlight, done with successive drybrushes. The metals were all done with vallejo model colors, with some of the new technicals from Games Workshop. The blue on the arm shield is nihilakh oxide. Took a bit to get it down to an effect that was noticeable, but not too strong. Fun guy to get painted up. My players have already had their fun with him once, and I expect to find more uses as time goes on.
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    Hi All! so I finished this one's paint job last week, but went on vacation and came back to finish up the base last night. I painted this one as a gift for somebody I'm going to be seeing next month, which hopefully he likes. Don't know if he ever checks this forum out or not, and even if he does I'm pretty sure he has no idea who I am on it so probably not revealing any surprises. I kind of like how this one came out, even though the metal seems to look better in real life. I'm a bit disappointed that inside his helm I couldn't get his eyes to stick out much. They are painted red but it's either not red enough or the shadows are too deep so you really can't see them. Anyway, enjoy!
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    02851 Hill Troll, sculpted by James van Schaik
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    Here is Damien, painted for Inarah's bad boys' pageant. I tried a few new things with this mini, in particular the skin I copied from Monkeysloth who has made some beautiful skin tones experimenting with a green undercoat. It's a big improvement over the way I have previously done skin. I also tried a new recipe for blonde hair that I just made up but seems to have worked pretty well. The base is probably my favourite part though, I made it out of sculpey. WIP thread here. I also had a totally crazy idea to set up a turntable for mini photography. I looked for photography turntables online and found they are very expensive, so I made my own! I took the mechanism out of a cheap clock, and stuck a plastic lid to the little piece that drives the second hand. This was harder than it looks because I had to attach it to a piece of metal rod less than a millimetre in diameter - I managed to connect the two using the tip of an old mechanical pencil. So now I have a mini stand that rotates in 6 degree increments in 1 second intervals. Perfect! So I put the camera on a tripod, turned off all the automatic focus, auto white balance etc. and tethered it to my PC on a timer to take a picture every 2 seconds. The cap is slightly off-kilter, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with the results. My family now thinks I'm crazy. Good thing I have a very understanding wife.
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    Finished the Bones version of Pathfinder Valeros. Valeros was the model I selected to get into one of the Bones miniatures and really see how I did with the new material. I tried out everything I knew on him to see how different things would react to the Bones polymer material. My only real difficulty was that I had a hard time getting thinned paint not to pool up on parts, making it difficult to do transitions for me. Maybe with more experimentation and an adjusted technique, maybe I can get what I want out of them. Nothing innovative with the paint scheme, though I did create a base for him. He had enough details to make him challenging, and was fun to work on, but I'm calling him done. C&C welcome, I'd love to hear your comments and any thoughts about improving in general. Thanks for viewing!
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    I think I have a solution to my painting impasse. I'm going to pick out everything with some paint already on it and grind those out as fast and painlessly as possible. Then I'm going to paint by Sku ascending. This ought to give me at least one of each eventually, and separates it from the game. It'll feel like progress, and get some different things into the mix.
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    That is the plan now! Originally, I didn't think I'd be able to get away from school so close to the end of the semester, but now I'm going to try extra hard. Plus, my professors are actually quite supportive, so I should have the help of most of my department faculty in getting the time off from classes.
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    Ok here's my setup with clip on lamps using a shelf: Here's a mini on the grey paper: I braced my cellphone against the edge of the shelf and took this shot: Then I cropped it on my phone: Not bad, although it totally shows I should have painted that rock instead of leaving it white! Here's a pic I took of her in a light box: Not bad but the pic without diffusion has fewer shadows and shows the paint job more accurately. I hope this helps!
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    I love amanita mushrooms! I usually do Fly Amanitas and I was looking for something different. So more saturated red with less brown, it is better.
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    Spoken like a true Canadian.
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    Okay which one of you snowed in folks did this?
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    Ok this is an experiment mixing metal with bones. Now I know people have easily put different weapons on bones, but mine is a bit more challenging. Im going to put metal wing on a bones miniature. I will update this as I go I dont know how long it will take me to complete as, this will be done with minimal time available. I have a dagger that Im going to replace the spear/staff or whatever that spine weapon is. The round base is metal. My hope is this will compensate for the top heavy weight of the wings. So the first step is to figure out where we want to mount the wings. With this particular mini she is very thin. You have to be extremly careful where you dig. I had to dig out alot more of the back than what is shown here but you get the idea. In order for the wings to fit flush like I want them. So that I need do as little green stuff work as possible. I honestly dont want too much green stuff involved because of the weight disturbution which in the next pics is pretty bad. I put the pin in at an angle. Someone in my other thread had suggested it and I went along with it. For as far as I am now I recommend it. Although she is not perminately put together I wanted to see how it would look and how she would stand. This is her standing...... She needs alittle help to stand upright. This wasnt even close, it was impossible for her to stand with the weight of the wings. The other issue I had was the wings would not sit correctly when I did have her standing. I fixed this by cutting away more of her back. I will be back later to show my progress... Edit: After some pleading and begging the mod showed mercy and allowed me to repost the pics. So they are back up. WOO HOO thank you mod!
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    This dragon has actually been painted for a while, but I had such a hard time getting decent photos I haven't posted her. She's meant to represent Khisanth for our Dragonlance campaign, and she's been corpsified for a few months, now. But she was suitably terrifying for the party (except Gerwin, my cleric...he made the save vs. dragonfear and just walked right up to chat. Then he killed her, and only died a little in the process. If you know the story or the module, you know how it went). I'm quite happy with her wings. Sorry the photos make her hard to see, but this is what I've got, and I'm tired of fighting with it. C&C welcome and appreciated!
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    hi all, it seems appropriate that i am sharing a couple of flumphs on valentines day, loveable little critters that they are. flumph love! so, check out the nice pair of flumphs, for your viewing enjoyment. i found these much maligned but adoreable critters to be a conceptual challenge. i eventually went with their current incarnation because of castability and their adherence to the concept art from the tome of horrors. I realize they are not the most classical vision of the flumph but i think they are cute. it was quite an honor to depict this iconic/notorious monster in miniature form. anyhow, happy valentines day. may your two flumphs beat as one.
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    This lovely sculpt is from Studio McVey. Sculpted by JAG, the detailing is very small and quite intimidating (something I've come to expect from his minis). Anyway, enough introduction:
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    Indeed. Welcome to the Masterclass. Or as I sometimes think of it, the Proctorclass.
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    *I* own Reaper miniatures… hundreds and hundreds of Reaper miniatures.
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    That's a brilliant idea Jasper! It'd be cool if Reaper or another company did something like that. Anyhow back to the topic of the thread, I got a little bit of work done on the throne and the base for Kelkar this weekend. The base - I'm using a 2 inch diameter wooden base for this, added a piece of cork that I cut to fit, then slapped some primer on it. I was originally going to go with this, but then I decided I wanted more texture for the base. Here, I've covered the whole base in green stuff and then took one of my stone texture stamps I got from Michael's and pressed it into the green stuff to give it a stone texture. The throne will end up on the higher portion, which will be a dais. Kelkar himself will be on the lower portion with his greataxe in hand and ready to chop some silly adventurers down. Primed the throne, hit it with a Stone Grey base coat then slapped some black wash all over it. I'll go back over the whole thing with a much lighter touch with the Stone Grey again and then paint the seat a complimentary color - was thinking it'd be a monarch purple. C&C are welcomed and appreciated!
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    One thing to remember is when looking at what's available on line is that it is different from what is in distribution to stores. Reaper periodically culls out old/low demand figures and placed it NIC (not in catalog). It's available online and in-store via special order but isn't part of the line that a store need to keep in stock. From what I understand, there is no plan to switch to plastic only. The material cost of metal has increased quite a bit over the years, but the molding costs for Bones are also huge. The are benefits to both materials that Reaper seems to be balancing well. Say let them keep on doing what they are doing, which is separating me from my money efficiently.
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    I got six words for you: When Do They Go On Sale?
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    I love kids at ReaperCon. It keeps me from having to leave the con site to go looking for food... Wait, what? ~v
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    As an instructor, I would take a dim view of someone bringing alcohol into my class, whether there is an over-riding policy or not. By doing so, you are not showing respect for your instructor, nor are you going to be at the top of your learning form in getting anything from the class. ReaperBryan is working up the Rules of Conduct now for the Con, which will appear on the official ReaperCon website (almost finished!!). Bottom line, though, is "respect your fellow con-goers" and "don't be a jerk". Reaper reserves the right to ask you to take a time-out, whether you're a jerk because you've over-indulged in Shiner Bock or because being a jerk might be part of your normal personality profile. So…most of you are adults, and we expect you to have fun, but not fraternity-field-trip-to-Mardi-Gras kind of fun. Ahem.
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    FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion (removed sword and added chain mace hand)... NOTES IN REGARD TO FIGURE...I executed my figure in my standard way (as other black orcs I have posted on this forum), but made the following changes/alterations as suggested by a couple of Reaper members. 1. I placed this orc on a darker base setting which is less pristine (Ying-Yang) and more as part of a flowing/belonging into the scene. 2. I dulled down the flesh skin tone and flesh coarseness on the creature. 3. I dulled down the shiny aspect of the weapons and added a slight rust aspect to the chain on the mace. Please advise...if you like this type of execution better. Paul (Catdancer)
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    Good quality, good prices and awesome customer service have always been a long-term winning combination. I like that they don't market heavily in order to keep their prices down. It ensures that the demand they create grows at a manageable pace and their customer service ensures they keep that business. However, make no mistake, the purpose of this is to make money. People may rail against corporate greed but typically, what they hate is not the profit motives but short term money making strategies which are often driven not by corporate greed but regular old individual greed. A real investor wants to see potential for long term success, it is the opportunist that wants to see sudden run ups or drops in stock prices. So while I am glad Reaper is run the way it is, I don't think it has anything to do with it being a private corporation and everything to do with being run by sensible people.