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    Here is one I started a couple of years ago. I got about half way done then it sat for a year or so. I tried to go with a rusty layer of the Abyss type feel for the base by adding part of a rusty gate and using the reds, orange, and browns. I also experimented with a wash of rusty water. I hope you enjoy. C&C is always welcomed.
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    I've been struggling with nmm more than usual tonight but I've at least gotten some done with it and I'm not completely unhappy. I know its rough and these pictures show me all kinds of stuff I need to work on but at least its progress.
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    I think that alignment is a decent starting point for roleplay - it gives a core to build the personality around. I have played a Boy Scout paladin that always tried to do the best for everyone around him, a hardcase paladin with a bad case of hellfire and brimstone preaching, and a wily diplomatic paladin that was not above setting up a sting with the party rogue to catch a corrupt priest in his own church. (This last was a lot of fun to play - he had a high Charisma and Diplomacy, and was not afraid to use it.) I have had a Chaotic Good rogue/sorcerer with an 18 intelligence, an 18 Charisma, and an 8 Wisdom - a good natured con man by nature, he was also a sucker for every sob story that he ever heard. So, not as much of a limitation as a guideline. The Auld Grump - my girlfriend tells me that I am Lawful Good, all my protestations of being Lawful Neutral to the contrary....
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    If you're willing to put up with me again, Girot, I'd be happy to pass judgement again. I really enjoy this part! Bwahahaha!
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    I'll use my sneaky sculpey trick to hold the water in place. I'll try to take some in-progress shots of it. Thanks everyone! It's not exactly how I envisioned it, but I think I'm just going to go with it. I may still try to push it into real sepia, but if it doesn't happen, I'll just accept a "limited palette" effect.
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    Is it Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson? Because if it is, I don't know that she'll exist to the outside world for the next month or so. The thing is a ridiculously awesome 2.5" thick, over 1000 pages long, and weighs about 3 pounds. I got my copy on the 6th and am about halfway through it. My current Pathfinder character worships a sock puppet, is totally and completely convinced of its divinity, and tries to get everyone she meets to convert to Banjo-ism. Hilarity ensues. @Last Knight - If a letter or postcard were sent now, while you're on leave, would it be waiting at your ship when you got back? Or would it just get returned to the sender? @Siri - Huzzah!!!! That's so awesome, congratulations on your new acquisitions! (must...resist...being...jealous...) The other day, a couple of ladies from my church came over to visit (my visiting teachers, if you're familiar with the LDS church), and I'd totally forgotten that I had skeletons and lots of other half-painted minis strewn all over the corner of my computer desk closest to the couch. I normally pack everything away (which is annoying) because I was afraid of what their reactions might be, this being a fairly, erm, traditional town. I didn't realize it until we'd all sat down, and of course there was no way they weren't going to see them. They knew I painted "figurines", but I'd only shown them a couple of rats previously, since I figured they were pretty "safe". To my uttermost surprise, they thought the minis were really neat, and wanted to see them up close. I even pulled out a few of my already finished ones, and one of them mentioned that her son would think the bugbear (I don't remember what she called it) was cool. They wanted to know how I did such tiny details, like the eyes, and I showed them my brushes, and talked about how it doesn't have to be a tiny brush, just a really nice one so it had a good point to it, all the while feeling utterly flabbergasted that I was even having this conversation with them. Needless to say, the whole thing was a little surreal, while simultaneously being totally awesome. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    So, in an epic failure of my Google-fu to find some record of how Wizards of the Coast did or did not flub its advertising of Dungeons and Dragons 4.0 to earlier D&D players, I ran across a blog post unhappy with various aspects of the game. I was particularly struck by the issue the blogger had with the Alignment system: I found it interesting that the author considered keeping to the lawful good alignment to be boring and a limitation of player creativity. I happen not to agree, but I wonder how common the attitude is. I'll start with an admission that the alignment system is artificial and a little silly, a relic of Gary Gygax's infatuation with the work of Michael Moorcock and his whole law and chaos thing. But it is part of the rules, and it can be fun and challenging to take it up. I've played with lots of people over the years, and most of us have gotten as much entertainment out of the alignment system as any other aspect of D&D rules. We've played characters of all alignments, and I've seen my friends be inspired in all sorts of interesting ways by trying to act in accord with them. A paladin, to take one example, could be priggish, or boisterous, or slightly off-key and carrying a book of etiquette for every occasion, all while faithfully adhering to the lawful good alignment. He or she could be stern, merry, contemplative, ambitious, humble or pushy, all the while promoting justice and questy stuff the way the rulebooks say paladins should. Sometimes they don't quite make it. I'll just put in a mention here of poor Dudley Didwrong, the post-mortal not-quite paladin from a friend's campaign. He tried, the poor dope. My thesis is that playing to alignment rather than stifling individuality and creativity can be liberating and open up new possibilities in roleplaying. What are other people's opinions?
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    Excellent question. I've run across the same stereotypical lawful goody-two shoes that the blog poster was complaining about several different times. The response to why the player was playing the character in that fashion was also pretty much the same, 'You have to play LG that way'. A lot of it is open to interpretation. I've only played in one campaign where someone ran a really fun, creative, LG paladin with a personality. It was 2nd ed and he was a dwarf (we house ruled a lot of the class/race and level limits stuff) In one of the earliest game sessions we had, the party was tracking a group of orcs back to their lair in order to rescue the teenaged children of some local nobles who thought it would be good fun to go 'adventuring' without any clue as to what was actually involved. At the conclusion of one fight we had three orc prisoners who had surrendered. The dwarven paladin reminded the rest of us that we had to show mercy to the prisoners, etc. So we stripped them of all weapons and armor, left them tied up, and admonished them to gather the women and children if/when they got loose and flee. A couple of hours later we were embroiled in another fight with more orcs when all of a sudden the party mage gets laid low (unconscious and bleeding out) by an attack. From behind. It turns out that the other 3 orcs had gotten loose somehow, went to the armory and re-equipped themselves and come after us. Eventually, we got the fight in hand, saved the mage and had 2 of the original three orcs again trying to surrender. The paladin said, 'Your surrender is not accepted. You were shown mercy once, and we have seen how you repay it. Defend yourselves.' The rest of the party was like 'huh?' and the DM asked 'Are you sure about this?' Fast forward a few minutes, and we had 2 dead orcs, a brand new dwarven fighter, and play effectively stopped while we all hashed out whether the paladin's actions were 'right' or not. Eventually, we managed to change the DM's mind and he rescinded the dwarven player's loss of paladinhood. One of the arguments used was that LG doesn't equal stupid, and leaving living enemies behind you is kinda stupid, as is falling for the same trick multiple times. I wish I could remember more, as there were some quite good ones. By the time that campaign ended, the dwarven paladin had gotten drunk, been seduced by the tavern keeper's daughter and forced into a shotgun (crossbow?) wedding which was interupted (and ended by the death of the bride to be) by an attack by the neighboring human kingdom, and convinced the rest of the party to join a rebellion to overthrow the (evil) ruler of said kingdom. Through all of that, the character was played in a very lively, memorable, and fun fashion without ever once falling into the lawful-boring rut. So, yes I agree with you. It can open new possibilities, and encourage different ways to think about things. It's getting late, and I've already gotten a little wordier than I had originally intended, so I'll pop in some time later to regale you with a story of a Chaotic Neutral character I played once.
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    Got my paint stuff all set up again here at work. Had emptied out the wet palette and rinse glass, and took my paints and light home over vacation. Then I finished up another Clicker. Tomorrow should take care of the last of these 5. The Flydars are primed but need a few touch ups, so will likely be next. The Harvester had some limb attachment problems when I went to prime it, so I've hopefully got those sorted. Guess I'll find out when I try priming it again. I also need to get the Harvester's tail and the wings for the Flydars prepped, and I need to paint up a bunch more bases.
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    Thats a great idea... I might or might not follow suit (my players tend to be a bit brutal to NPC's) Consider him added to my campaign world, Markshire, as well. Since he posted a lot of mechs, he'll be a steam engineer with the Tinker Guild in the main town. And perhaps a tech in Battletech if my local group takes up that campaign again. Always sad to have a forum member pass. Rest in Peace and welcome to Markshire.
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    I've never found it particularly rewarding to "enforce" an alignment stance on players. I also have never seen any frickin' point in alignment languages. That being said, I do believe in maintaining strictures upon paladins, barbarians, assassins, and suchlike. It's part of the tradeoff for the additional bags of tricks. These strictures don't necessarily have to be an alignment, but it should involve limitations on acceptable behavior. Truth is, alignment has been a PROBLEM more often than it's been useful. Far, far too many times have I heard or seen or heard about the ancient excuse for being a jerk, "Hey, my character is evil. I was just playin' my character."
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    The next post I start, regardless of the actual topic, will be titled "... a Gorilla Mask And Frilly Pink Tutu." Or perhaps just "...a smile and nothing else." All humor aside, though, the packages the underwear came in was very much like the packages you buy trail mix in at the grocery store -- pretty obvious when it's been ripped open, but resealable with a ziplock at the top of the package. Perhaps this serves some purpose for frequent flyers and travelers, but durned if I can think of what it might be; when I travel, I keep my underwear in the suitcase until after I've worn it, at which point it goes into the laundry bag. Perhaps some folks do not require very big laundry bags...
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    Here they are in one big group. I photographed them in sunlight so it is not the best picture. I will try to get a better picture at my FLGS next time I go there.
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    Lots of updates! I worked practically the entire day Saturday on the D&D game pieces...so...here's the finished line up. Again, I tried to have small differences in color for each one so that if all are out on the table, we know which color has which hit points/initiative 1. Blazing skeletons that were originally transparent blue plastic [i tried to keep the translucent blue for the fire] Also, the yellow skeleton isn't THAT yellow >.< 2. Giant spiders 3. Gargoyles [sandstone, Dark Stone, Light Stone] 4. Dracolich 5. Finished zombie dragon [who I really tried for a oozy, bloody wound look], 6. Skeletons
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    The skull rock was an accident. I was carving at the base to help the horse fit better and nicked the edges. In unrelated news, I finally got my motivation back! Yay!! So here's the base with the riverbed started. I tried to get the underwater ripple effect. I'm afraid it may be too subtle to hold up once I pour the water. I need to increase the contrast on the current lines around the rock behind the dog. But it's finally coming together! I started the pictographs, but I may need to add some more. Or change the arrangement a bit. Not sure which. I'm fighting that urge to rush the base again. I just want to get to the fun part of pouring the water effect. Patience is just not easy!
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    Hi all, my adventures in sculpting continue! I am really pleased to present these two sculpts to you. I have been a big fan of Antimatter games' ShadowSea setting for many years so I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to sculpt a few pieces for the sunless kingdom faction (my favorites!). These models posed a significantly different challenge from anything I had done before - lots of equipment and highly detailed, true to the style of the line, and working from very specific concept art. All the detail work was very time consuming, but also rewarding. those little bits add loads of character and each allows me to practice new skills - how crisp can I make that angle? how smooth the transition? how to style the texture? each little bit a project of its own. Here is the first completed: Trog Witch Doctor, Jujazca I really like the ShadowSea trogs, probably the most original interpretation of a lizardfolk type humanoid I have seen. there are several warrior troops available and this was to be the first character. I did my best to blend the wonderful concept art with the existing models so that they would be a nice coherent group. lots of details and doodads made this model a challenge but also a fantastic learning experience. My personal favorite bit is the iron cross belt buckle, almost too small to see in these pics. concept art: https://scontent-b-sea.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/t1/1779690_668188083228190_1905188012_n.jpg and the second, just off the work bench / kitchen table: Clal-Chk Scavenger, Slithack Love these guys! they are the insect-men that I always wished I had, and now I've sculpted one. These critters are enigmatic, wielding alien technology for unknown purposes. This is a model that when I had finished it, I found myself thinking how I wanted to paint it. for me, personally, that is my ultimate goal. I pushed my new found detailing skills as far as I could. Three things stand out to me as particular successes: the face (it turned out exactly as i had hoped), the lock-picks on the strap (pics not shown, very fussy details) and the draped fabric (my first attempt at folds). the crisp geometry of the pack was a pleasant surprise as well. Concept art: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/t1/1794642_668188073228191_524415439_n.jpg There are four more angles on the AMG facebook page Thanks for looking guys and gals, I would really appreciate any feedback you might have that might help me become a better sculptor. I really do hope you like them, though. On a personal note: I want to extend my deepest thanks to Eric Louchard (proprietor of AMG) for taking a gamble on me for these complex minis (something I had never done). I have been unemployed for 10 months now after moving halfway across the country and the chance to make art to fight off the cabin fever and - feel useful - has been invaluable. Second, my appreciation to reaper for allowing me to share my art here, to my friends on the web, even though it is intended for another company. class act, Reaper, class act. on to the next!
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    Here are two elves I've finished recently. Well, the snow elf wasn't so recent, I just never took pictures of him. First, snow elf. He has an actual name, but it's very elfy, thus unpronounceable or rememberable. So he's just "snow elf". His armour is red dragon scale, his helmet is ancient bone, the axe is a root with an emerald. Can you tell he's a druid? I don't remember what company made the base, but it's a clear one that I painted bluey. I just recently put the snow goop on it, which is probably why I never took pictures and posted them. And my doll mage. I am reasonably pleased with how the red came out. I wanted her robes to look like red velvet (she's wearing theater curtains!) and I spent a lot of time on them. Probably more than I needed to, but I think it looks pretty.
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    I have attempted to play evil, but will always gravitate towards neutral over time. Unless there is an option that could possibly be funny if done evilly. Though, I am never fully good. Let's save the slaves? Why? They could be criminals for all we know. Go save the people in the caves. Will you lend us a dozen people so we can storm the place in safety? No? Why not? Why should we risk our lives to help out if you won't risk yours to save the people you grew up with, who you have known since childhood? What do we get out of it. XD
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    Now you're talkin'! I second this boot! (psst everything is beyond our current capabilities until we do it!)
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    Actually, Skull & Shackles is Pathfinder, not 3.5 - and is very, very good. (Brought to you by pirates, and the letter Arrrrr....) *EDIT* Or, more likely, you swapped the two Paths - Savage Tides was in Dungeon. (And is also very good - a return to The Savage Coast. If ever I run Skull & Shackles (time, o' time, where hast thou fled?) then I will have to make The Maiden of the High Seas - a PDF model ship from World Works Games - the thing dominates a table. (I have had two of them wear out on me - but they both saw a lot of use.) It even gets mention in the second adventure of the Path. If you don't mind a bit (okay, a lot) of paper modeling then it makes a great ship for the PCs. *EDIT 2* The ship also has an interior - I made a partial build for use in Crimson Throne - there is an encounter in a moored hulk that is used as part of a red light district. The Auld Grump
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    Try looking for that 'Guards at the Gate' quote - that and the 'Traipsing Through the Faerie Rings' quote were the two big buckets of gasoline poured on the fire. It is worth mentioning that most of the quotes that had the fans up in arms came from one person - James Wyatt. I believe that he was lead on the project, so his comments were heard more widely, and carried more weight. He also wrote the two preview books that were where those quotes came from. (A lot of folks hated the very idea of those preview books - advertising that would have been in Dragon, but were instead being sold for $20 each - the same price as the 3e Players Handbook....) It is also worth noting that last I had heard he was nowhere near 5e.... (He is now in boardgames, I believe.) He did more than a little damage to the reputation of 4e, even before it was released. The Auld Grump
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    Ok here are the hobgoblins from the same set as those orcs. Seems when I painted them up I thought the red guys was a kobold. Oh well.
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    I'll be painting Yephima, with a splendiferous theme that looks amazing in my head, but which is likely beyond my current painting capabilities, so I'll be trying out the trickiest parts on other minis. I've also got the Colossal Skeleton with a little bit of paint on him, so he very well could see entry as well. :) I WILL NOT PROCRASTINATE THIS PAINTING CONTEST. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Well, what happened is, people pledged and/or increased their pledges, thus increasing the money that has gone into the project's total, bring it above the funding minimum. Presumably, they did this to get the various rewards associated with the project, in particular the book that the project is intended to create. Thus, it has gone from non-funded, to funded. Captain Obvious, away!