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    Took a lot more time than I thought he would, but he was fun to paint. I really love painting Reaper's monsters. Somehow I ended up with a whole different style than my previous scorpion, but even if it doesn't match, I think it came out OK. My resolution is to paint at least what I have put together on my desk before I purchase anymore minis. This takes care of mini #4, just a handful more to go! Hope you enjoy.
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    My first bones 2 mini. http://www.coolminiornot.com/377386- Vote and more =)
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    Hi all, after a bit of a break from painting I decided to tackle the pair of Centaurs from the Bones II core set. I like the sculpt, but somehow, the 2 I got were badly molded. There was a lot of flash all around, lots of warping that even hot water can't solve and on the male, the 2 parts of the face were badly offset making it look quite bad. So i tried to salvage it however I could (I felt like a plastic surgeon trying to give him a proper nose). I'm not too unhappy with the result, but i lost my inspiration when starting to paint. So colour scheme is quite... bland... I tried a pale skin tone on the female, but I can't figure out how to properly shade it without looking stark, dirty or spotty. Any tips on that would be greatly appreciated.
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    ♪ (Oh-oh, here he comes) Watch out boy he'll chew you up! ♪
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    Thanks for the early interest, all. @Heisler (#3): Umm... did I write "two hours"? I meant "two minutes". Yeah, that's why I'm not done yet.... @fanguard (#5): Good guesses! Her lips are Ruddy Leather with a line of Brown Liner, and adding some of the skin color (Tanned Skin) and Chestnut Brown on the highlighted lower lip. I often use Mahogany Brown (upper lip) and Chestnut Brown on female figures, but the Ruddy Leather here is a little more muted. I took my cue from what Wayne Reynolds painted in the art; it is darker than a natural lip color, but not a garish red or pink lipstick. @bathory (#7): Thanks. Painting a typically "pretty" young woman's face isn't very forgiving -- the blends have to be smooth, the features symmetrical, and so on. I expect to spend 8 to 12 hours on this whole figure, which is typical for me -- as @Heisler stated in post #17. @MonkeySloth (#11): That's right, the colors that I intend to use on the figure influence how I prime it. Most of her outfit is dark or drab, so the black (or near-black) primer is already the right value for the dark base-coats. But her skin and sword will be light colored, and those paints go on more easily over white (or near-white) primer. @Loth (#12): Yeah, I also noticed that distracting horizontal line at her shoulders when I was sculpting her. Not sure whether the full-color rendition will make the line more or less noticeable! @ShadowRaven (#14): We'll see how many more Schuberts I can achieve by project's end. @Heisler (#17) and @Willen (#18): Yes, the WIP of my monochrome-primed lamia (woman's torso, snake "legs") is one of the threads linked in the first post of this thread. On to the next stage on Koriah! Two more hours, to paint the pants and sleeves, paint the geometrically patterned blanket-skirt, and rough in the colors on the rest of the body while my palette had browns, reds, tans, and cool grays on it. Derek
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    What to do for my April resolutionary challenge? I haven't actually decided yet! Apart from painting a bunch of minis that is. At any rate, as per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. Drake the Dragon Wargame: Yeev of The Builders faction. Not much to say about it really. The Yeev is a type of Dragonkin, a smaller breed of dragons that are servants to the true dragons that rule the Drake world of Dara. Drake was a kickstarter that delivered one wave of nice minis (with many teething problems, but nice anyhow), then did another kickstarter and disappeared with all the money, ponzi-style. I do not expect to hear any more from them. Too bad, the concept was really good and with some work could have been a viable game. 40mm base, metal miniature.
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    What to do for my April resolutionary challenge? I haven't actually decided yet! Apart from painting a bunch of minis that is. At any rate, as per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. One of the things I like about Mars Attacks!, is that they have no qualms about doing crossovers into other IPs. So when Mantic was doing their Mars Attacks! kickstarter, they threw in an option to buy a Martian team for DreadBall, (and cards to use the Mars Attacks! factions in Deadzone as well Yay!). Here is my Martian DreadBall team, The Barsoom Brawlers aka the Emissaries of Peace Ack Ack Ack Ack. As for all my DreadBall minis, I mark the bases' threat zones (and one panel on the back side so I can see what a given mini is when playing) Green for Striker, yellow for Jack, Red for Guard. Like traffic lights. I have also painted boots and gloves in similar colours.
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    Hours 24 to 26: Finished the pebbled scales. Then I started adding spots to the back of the wings (front will stay as they are, maybe with more shadows and some glazing). The spots need highlighting yet and then I'll glaze them into the skin of the wings. After that, I just have to go over everything with a fine tooth comb and do the 90 to 100% stuff to make it as good as I can. I'm starting to think maybe the underwings are too bright. I'm trying to decide if I like them as they are, or if they strike too much of a discordant vibe in the piece. What do you think, should I mute them down a bit? Andy
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    It's been awhile! I haven't had a lot of time to paint, sadly, between taking 18 hours this semester and working full time, on top of starting up a blog, trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, and sleeping somewhere in there. Trista here I used in a game a few times over the past couple of weeks. She's still not done, despite having hit the table before. In my bi-weekly D&D game, she's a stand in for Astra Garou, a werewolf paladin of the goddess Luna. The game is a homebrew one in a setting I've been making up for several months now. It's going well! Astra here got the party to help her wipe out a castle full of evil werewolves. Only one PC got infected. She got cured tonight. Anyway, enough blabbering. ON WITH THE PICTURES!
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    After painting the Craven from Red Box Games I thought I would have had my fill of them. I saw Svartulf (Black Wolf) and went nuts. Yeap, I decided I had to have another Trebeard fix. You called that one correctly ub3r_n3rd (oh great enabler)...LOL. I also discovered that my camera can take a photo under nine (9) inches from the mini. I should have been using it all along. I will be posting few photos on this WIP, photography has been cutting into my paint time. Here is the primed Svartulf The Savage. (I think I saw him on a Motorcycle this morning),
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    Here is my first real attempt at Non-Metallic Metal...it's nothing stellar, but I'm happy with how it's progressing. C & C welcome Not sure when I'll get time to work on him more, but it's been tons of fun experimenting with NMM
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    [MOD] inappropriate posts removed, review forum rules, be the goat [/MOD]
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    I have been informed that Tre Manor has confirmed, and I will be given information to add sculpting classes by him to the schedule shortly.
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    Green it is! Pleased with the eyes Needs more contrast yet, but a good start. Time permitting, I imagine I'll add some markings to the lekku (head tails) as well.
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    So I'm sitting here cleaning my desk and watching the KS when I get a call from my mother. First thing she says is "DID YOU GET IN ON THAT KICKSTARTER?!?" After a game of 50 questions because she didn't know what the KS was called, I figured out that she meant this one. She gushed for a good twenty minutes about all the cool miniatures, how amazing it would be if I painted them and whether or not I backed. @_@ I'm happy she's encouraging my painting now. :P
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    Since most dragons have some ability to polymorph, I'd just presume that the chromatic dragons would just be absolute aHoles and screw with adventurers. Hey, there's been a red dragon lurking about, let's all get fire resistance and attack it. But that will make us vulnerable to cold! So what, it's a red dragon... White dragon giggles insanely to itself.
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    Stupid cats! Feeding brother's cats while he's away. "Kitty! Come here so I can pet you" *prances over and meows while doing so* Sounds like a bouncing cat. *I bend down to let it sniff my hand/headbutt my hand* "Meow" cat: "meeooow" me: meow cat: meow other cat pounces on my back causing me to fall over due to surprise. First cat headbutts me in the face. >__< *continues to play with cats*
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    That's a good idea! >oof, ugh, ouch!< I'm being booted!! Good evening, OneBoot. Also, I am now puppy-less. The couple that the vet recommended just came by to pick up my last 2 guests. They seem like really good people, so I think they'll care for them very well. Our cats, who usually take a little while to be sociable with new people, warmed up to them pretty quickly, so I'm taking that as a good sign. I am kinda sad to see them go, but I know that they're all in good places, so that makes it ok.
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    The Lady in Red is confronted by a dessicated guardian at the Idol to the Goddess of Shared Videos. So I found this object while SWMBO was foraging through Goodwill for her handbag-making hobby. It was covered in white texture paint and the occasional brush bristle. But 2 bucks was in my price range for a silly terrain item, so I gave it a sandstone paint job. Plus I've got all these mummies from a couple of Kickstarters...
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    Hey Miss M you wanna see my big pledge, yeah you do. *runs away before Cash shows up*
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    @ Siri: Cause.... it's all about the base, 'bout that base, 'bout that base... *runs away before rotten tomatoes, bricks, or other things can be thrown at her*
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    Finished up the dragon's base today, and glued him on. Apologies for the wonky lighting - the case he's sitting on was glass with its own light. I've already started base coating the rest of the terrain. Should go a lot quicker since I don't have to get fancy with any more treasure.
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    I can't wait for next year's Coporea's Camouflage mini. If she follows the color pattern it should be yellows\reds.
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    Looks like Jensen got his augs upgraded... the game is definitely worth keeping an eye on. I for one welcome it... haven't been domed in years. headshot! doublekill!! multikill!!! Godlike!!!!
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    "Yeah, you fund, you like funding don't you?" "I'm going to pledge so much money." /plays bow chicka music Wait...I'm thinking of something different.
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    Working. It's just as aggravating and terrible as I recall, but I have definitely rebuilt my mental stamina and regained my ability to shrug it off.
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    This is one truly strange company you work for... So what is this additional job function?
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    Got some time in on getting some good black wash into the Animal Pelt around waist, got some liner on him so I can see what his happening muscle wise, and put some Gunmetal on the metals on Body... helmet, braces, etc... Put eyes (what a pain) and basic skin tone on face I can tell when I really am going to enjoy painting a miniature; by the way that I paint the rough in. Washing the furs was a pure joy, this will be a wonderful experience of painting ! So here is where he is at now.
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    Give in! You know you want to... it'll make you feel all warm inside. Thank you! I know what you mean about funds. I was ready for a nice big pledge on DwarvenForge, and then the car insurance renewal arrived. Next time I get born, I'm picking rich parents! I've finally started using Facebook regularly for this stuff. I've had the Oathsworn page set up for ages, but I always used to forget to actually post anything... Thanks! I was happy to salvage the mole - she looks much better now, and it would have been a shame to throw her away. The rest of the foe beasts will be taking shape over the next few days... I'll post pics as soon as I have them done. I gave you a 24 hour moratorium on the elf-squishing, so I'll let that one go.... but tomorrow I'm going to squish three! BWAH HAH HAH! Well, I've got to sculpt the five remaing vermin first, but hopefully there'll be time for some extra stuff. I have a big list... Next time I take pics I'll add in a few other figures for scale. There's also this pic with some Bones goblins, but you can hardly see them:
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    And the archers. These are from Mirliton ( I think). They are slightly larger than the original Grenadier ones
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    So, I was supposed to go to the Epcot flower and garden festival with mom on Monday, but she wasn't well enough to go. Spent the day taking care of her instead. But I had done my nails in preparation for the event, and they look awesome. And now I get to figure out another look for when we do finally go.
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    Not the whole catlaog. I don't like everything! I'll go over that as well. Still on DHL though You don't need to make one I think I might stop. Its starting to get too long One year for Reapercon I had 5 pounds of melt. I had a long list prepared and got everything on the list. So I made another one, and got everything on that list. I think I was on my 5th list before I used it all up.
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    Great, now I need someone with a decent phone PLEASE film Derek painting? Pleaaaaaase? If any of the fine folks from Dark Sword Miniatures read this, might I suggest the next DVD set: Masterworks Miniature Painting with Derek Schubert?
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    I collect domes of the doomed... *points to the skulls adorning his belt* BWAHAHAHAHA!
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    My inventory position was meant to start in January, but it started in February. Yea...who knows what my actual respponsibilites are. I sure don't.
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    I do not like you guys...i increased to commander i figured i would need a larger number of minis to defend themselves in the closet with all the other unpainted minis....i should be on an episode of "horders" before long
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    So basically it's like every Michigan road. Got it.
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    Ah, come on, I'm nervous enough about driving on the wrong side of the road!
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    For some inexplicable reason, I think this hobby draws a lot of recovering perfectionists (myself included), though I'm not entirely sure why. I mean, all that detail work is super fun, but then we get to put our "failures" on display to the world when we're all done and face the shame of open disgrace for our "flawed" works of art!
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    I can cake a sponge with the best of them, however.
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    I tried to make a Reaper wishlist once. Gave up after a while and decided to wait for the built in wishlist function. Then I can just send it to people at the end of the year Get me this stuff! Or look on my amazon list for dolls! My brother has a hilarious aversion to buying me dolls. He asked me if he could get me something "he could relate to a little better". There's other stuff on the list bro! He got me Mouseguard books
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    Thank you for ideas. I have ended up making my version of Ghirrash by converting DDM Girallon with GW wolf head.
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    I want to draw some pictures for the good will boxes, but I don't know what I should draw.... even though I know pretty much anything would probably be warmly accepted.
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    Um, not sure if you realize this but, that's not glue you're using, that's toothpaste friend.
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    I reckon a beagle might be a bit big... it would be badger size at least, if I've got my measurements right. Sorry! ....and another Wood Elf dies a horrible squishy death!