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    I enjoy painting minis as something they're not intended to be, so when MS put up a contest to come up with a character...who better than Deadpool? In one issue, he appears in the 70s to team up with Power Man and Iron Fist and of course uses this opportunity to go 'incognito' as a pimp... I added a couple katanas from 02455: Weapon Pack IV by Werner Klocke (one graciously donated by Kuro, thanks!) and some GS to add in folds where they entered his coat. The base is also scratch made from styrene and GS. This one was a lot of fun to paint, which I needed given the past couple months (but we're all happy and healthy now!). It turned out to be something of a continuation of my HF Gwen project, playing around with some freehand ideas and continuing to try to develop my brush control. The soda can says 'Joke' a play on Joka Cola, something DP would drink, surely :) Hope you folks enjoy it as much as I do!
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    I'm putting together a Lovecraftian themes group for a game and have been painting some Bathalians. Here are two Primarchs, an Exarch, a Centurion, and a Hound of Tindalos. One of the Primarchs is metal and the other is Bones. Can you tell which? I used these to experiment with new washes and colors I rarely use. I still have a handful of Kulathi to paint to round out the group. Here they are with Cthulhu.
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    At the suggestion of Adrift and Metalchaos I present you with the WIP of transforming my Game Room. The costs of the endeavor were a Christmas present from my wife. My wife was very understanding during the process and there were instances where we learned to communicate with each other better. I know that we are closer because of this project. This will be a lengthy post as the project is complete. It start in late October with the gutting of my old room, that had been used as a interim bedroom prior to our son heading to college and ended with the christening of the room on Good Friday with the initial game being held in the room. The room had been and electrical work shop in the basement. The walls were covered in old paneling, that was rotting along base due to moisture. Our college age son was looking for some cash so his mom had him strip the walls bare. At this point I assessed that the moisture issue was largely in part to the poor mortar joint between the masonry wall and concrete floor and the moisture wicking through the block. I set to clean out the joint along the three exterior walls with a 3/8" masonry bit and hammer drill to a depth of 3/4". Once the joint was cleaned out I placed a 3/4" backer rod compressed to half its height and poured in a self-leveling waterproof seal. With that done I moved on to the wall giving it three coats of waterstop paint. There are no pictures from these early steps but the photo log begins from here. I would have been happy with the painted block receiving a top coat of a chosen color but my wife told me we were making it a real room; we were going to expend the energy once and do it RIGHT. The next step was the installation of insulation board, and furring studs. Note the light that for the most part was the only source of light in the room it was hot wired with a pull chain switch to turn it on and of that would be one of the first things to change. With the walls open I was able to add two outlets along the interior wall and run wiring for a switched set of lights over the game table area. As I worked on the interior electrical work my wife charged on with the installation of moisture resistant drywall and taping joints. Next my wife installed a hardwood panel and stained it, in the location of the built in bookshelves. The interior wall backs up to the media center for the basement, I decided to cut an access to the back of the media center through the wall for easier access to all of the connections. I decided the cover the lower portion of the interior wall with a tongue and grove bead board. We placed a cap shelf at 48" and run variable shelves in the interior stud space for display, and affixed pegboard for hanging figs in blisters. The outlet will be for future LED lighting. With the drywall taped we started to choose colors and pick paints. My five year old son wanted to help and started to paint the north wall. Next just some progress shots. Notice the new overhead lights that are centered over the future gaming location. These are now tied in with a switch at the door to the room. And a size check for the fig shelves. The final color selections I have this lovely axe that my wife bought for me a number of years ago and I wanted to display it prominently, so one of the areas in the display wall was for it. The other photo is of the door for the axe display being assembled. Look at the cool outlet and light switch plate covers my wife found. Remember that wall opening to access the media center on the other side of the wall? Well the idea I had to cover it was a sewer grate. We took aluminum stock and fastened it with pop rivets to create the grate, and then sprayed it with hammered metal spray paints, Wrought Iron and Copper for the rusty finish we got. In the second photo you can see the start of the bookshelves. They are made with red oak for all of the supports and maple for the shelves themselves. The shelves will be 16" deep when complete. Progress shots walls painted, floor going in. I the last two stud bays with all of the electric, intercom and central vac, I chose to cover the bay with a corkboard. The doors for the display cases for the axe and our Reaper Paint Medals. And additional progress on the shelves. The plain west wall got a special wall mural treatment. This took two tries, as the first ones seams were badly damaged during shipping. The mural outfit we were working with sent us a second straight away when we sent them photos. It all worked out great in the end. In the middle of this journey Reaper Bones II showed up. Shelf progress. So it was time to decide in the pegboard loading and filling the bookshelves. Room nearing completion In between my game table got some loving too. My wife added some pull out writing area, and some shelves underneath that now contain my Dwarven Forge Corridors. The table is a 3/4", 4' x 8' sheet of plywood, with a whiteboard top, 2" x 4" frame and 4" x 4" post leg construction. The whiteboard top had a blemish, from years ago, during assembly when a friend helping adhering the whiteboard to the plywood, made a brush contact between the two surfaces coated in contact cement and they STUCK, just like they poke fun of in comedies. Because of this I placed a new whiteboard top on top of the old one. I considered placing an acrylic sheet on top of the whiteboard. My wife's convinced me, and I went out and purchase a 1/4" sheet of acrylic to place on top, of felt furniture spacers, and then trimmed the edges with oak corner protectors. At this opening I had a toast with a bottle of Duchesse de Bourgogne for the room with my friends and family. In my toast I thanked my wife for all of her hard work in making the game room a success, and making the feast grand with all of the extras she bought for it. The spread of food from that first night, that was made awesome by my wife extras to make it grand. I wish to post my thanks and love for my wife here as well. To my Wife! Thank you Babe. Comments and questions welcome. I will be starting a poll regarding the display of items on the top shelf of the book shelf. Should the dragons be displayed in their boxes to protect them, or pulled from their boxes to be displayed in their full glory.
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    Thanks again! Some specific responses: @aku-chan (#21): The pattern looks especially complex in the original art, but I boiled it down to pairs of diagonal lines (a group of 3 in the original art), filled in with squares/diamonds. @ShadowRaven (#26): ... maybe a few more milliSchuberts! @Arydis (#27): No, I don't have any WIPs of my sculpting. Good idea. @haldir (#28): You probably missed her because there wasn't a painted version in the online store/gallery. I'm just getting around to painting her now.... The next step of the WIP: Lining, refining, and otherwise detailing all of that armor, edging, and studs. Also, highlighting the blanket/skirt some more. Two more hours of painting (six hours so far, after priming) got me about waist-high: Derek
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    So, this is a rather big project for me. been in the planning stage for a long time now. Almost afraid to start.. I am not much fan of the egyptian parts of the warhammer undead armies, and decided I want to try having a more gothic undead army, which means creating my own stuff to proxy. I got a little carried away, and decided to make all of this into a little diorama. Ordered a ton of bits and pieces, and had to pay through the nose in government custom fees.. but what can you do? :D Anyway, here is a little test of how things will be: So far it consists of: 2xNightspectres, 77099 Ghostly summons, 77095 Dragoth the Defiler, 30010 Crypt of the Vampiress, 02990 Altar of Evil, 77139 Female: Victim, (P02580C) Shannon (body), (P02083A) Back of Throne (P02068B). .. and some jewlerybead skulls..
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    After taking care of the four bugbear grunts last month I had just enough energy to paint one of the bugbear heroes. They were blue so Kegg is green, which should help differentiate him on the tabletop. It's unfortunately not my best photography effort, but you get the idea.
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    almost done! Also because small underground mammals are adorable... So sure... they're not directly related to the golf theme... except maybe in Caddyshack... Although going with the whole Scottish theme, these are sort of modeled after Orkney voles! They were fun to paint and added some fun to the otherwise blank spots on the base.
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    This is the second of the Galeforce 9 dragon cultists from this resin set that I've painted, for use in the Tyranny of Dragons/Hoard of the Dragon Queen/Rise of Tiamat adventure path I've been running for my 5th Edition D&D players. This is Talis the White. The last couple of photos show her next to Rezmir the Black, the first cultist I painted from the set. I'm about half way done with the last two from the set, so onwards I paint! I think my painting, but not my photography skills, are improving. Talis' armor was done with blues and whites for a NMM bluish metallic armor look. I was especially happy with the shading and highlights on the purple cloth on both minis, though the highlights were still a little rough in places. And I was happy with the depth the fur cape was able to get. Of course the detail on resin miniatures certainly helped with the painting, though the assembly process was more challenging and delicate.
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    Well, I've been somewhat busy this week and haven't made as much progress as I'd like, but I did finally sit down today and do the conversion work on our violin player! After the usual removal of the broccoli base, I also removed her hands and staff to make way for her new hands. Now, I've tried sculpting hands before with limited (very limited) success, so I thought I'd try to use some copper wire as an armature of sorts. That helped immensely, but I still feel like I didn't quite nail the hands. They seem a little too large, and I know the relative finger lengths are not spot on. That being said, I feel like a good coat of paint should do wonders here, and of course I'll use some "skill in a bottle" (a.k.a. Brush-on Sealer) to make up for my poor GS surface texture skills. Oh, and I also gave her new, larger eyes because those stock Sandra Garrity eyes are just so tiny! Less than three weeks to go; I'd better kick it into overdrive!
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    So many dragons to paint.
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    A friend wanted Svetlana from Toughest Girls in the Galaxy painted like a soviet James Bond villain, so I gave it my best shot. She's the first one done out of four I'm currently working on.
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    I hadn't planned on finishing this Miniature today. I just couldn't put it down ! That's an endorsement of a great sculpt. Svartulf came alive in my hands in a sense. Once I started I just kept on wanting to uncover what the sculpt was about, this morning I realized I was done, and started the basing. I placed him inside a circular coffee filter when I started gluing components on the base. When it came to the black filter material, I was able to pour it on, push it down, and move it as needed using the paper filter. When done I used a "Proxa brush to remove excess, and then dump the excess back into a zip lock bag for later use. This is a fun sculpt ! Thanks Tre ! Comments and Criticism is desired and welcomed. Here is the Based Svartulf the Savage.
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    Hi there! This is Kat, from Hasslefree Miniatures. My intention for her is to use her as the pilot of a TAG, a powered armour combat mecha for the Game Infinity. This is my rendition of the Szalamandra TAG (WIP but 90% there): So color scheme is defined as Black, White and Red (the three easiest colors to paint). As a break from painting so much armor, I started with her face and skin. I am for once happy with the closeup! I also tried to push myself here, as always, to do some research, chose my paints, and do a good paintjob:
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    Here's this weekend's work. I started this "Stone Lurker" yesterday and finished him up earlier. When assembling it I had some issues trying to get all the tentacles to fit in a slot. While you can tell that each join is uniquely shaped, the soft detail and mold lines made it so they didn't match up that well. I broke down and checked the gallery, but then I noticed that the stone lurker was also pictured on the core set box. They aren't put together the same way so I don't feel too bad about having issues myself. What's that? Hunting adventurers is just a side job? You work in Japan full time? You don't say...
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    ONLY ONE MORE STOP BEFORE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ... I mean, I'm so glad it got there safe!! ;) *muahahhahaha* Щ(・`▽´・Щ) It's almost here!
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    ONLY ONE MORE STOP BEFORE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ... I mean, I'm so glad it got there safe!! ;)
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    @Cassu (#37): Thanks. I'm mostly following the colors from the 2-D painting, but tweaking slightly (lighter or darker, more or less saturated, pushing the hue a bit, etc.) to fit my ideas about color composition for 3-D miniatures. @Sanael (#38): Thanks, that was a basecoat in blue(-gray), and patterning in red. I saw the pattern more as "red lines on blue". Wayne Reynolds comes up with a lot of interesting (and intricate) patterns and freehand for his character designs. @DixonGrfx (#39): This is a master, i.e. first-generation copy of my original sculpt. If you have a production copy from a blisterpack (i.e. second-generation copy), do you notice any differences? Sometimes they are visibly more compressed (thinner front-to-back) or they have mold lines in different places. As for the weapons in her hands, please see what I wrote in post #2 above; before I began sculpting, I confirmed with the folks at Paizo that the art on the cover of the Adventure Path had been flipped, so they wanted the sword to be in her right hand. Also, I've added a link in my original post to my WIP (in 2013) of the iconic gunslinger character, Lirianne. To continue with Koriah: I did more of what I had done in the previous two hours, but on the torso and arms. Two more hours, now eight total. Derek
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    Battle damage done, I consider this mostly finished. Missing yet: - Liquid slushing in the flamethrower containers (pending I see inclination in the final base). Because of the pictures: - Touching up metals in general, - Adding more bright purple to the flamethrower end, I just didn't have it on hand and the mix was too dark apparently. Not 100% happy with the weathering. But well, it is what it is, I need to call it done at some point. Pics: I am quite happy on the new freehands, on the vertical fin (the "slit" on the top is just paint!) and the Nomads symbol on the left shoulder: I wanted to do something more, and didn't have the keys to my mum's (where most of my stuff is), so I got started on the pilot, a Hasslefree mini. I did the face and eyes, trying hard to put my mind and effort into it, and am happy with the result: She will get her own WIP thread. C&C, of course, more than welcome.
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    We had Pathfinder! Wife's coworker and his wife (another teacher); their friend didn't come. We had an absolute blast visiting, made our characters, and they professed excitement to get adventuring. W00t, sociability! ...now I have to create an adventure. :zombie:
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    More, softer highlights: Nudity Also, lid: And it fits perfectly! Great stuffs!
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    Hi Ive just finished scarecrow from rackham. Its one of the most intersting sculpts i have ever seen. Tommorow i will post better pictures in daylight. Comments are welcome AS always.
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    My Hasselfree stuff came!!! Whoo! Now, if I can buckle down and work, I might actually finish almost everything on my list! I've got my little student basing kits started and stuffed full of goodies. I even broke down and ordered little steampunk watch parts I'd been eying since I can give some away and therefore justify their purchase to add to my own collection! Yippee! I spent this morning trying to finish my golfer and design a base for Artemis. Soon!!
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    A little more work done--added some Rosy Skintone glazes to the head for a bit of color.
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    Yay! My first ebay sale appears to be going well, hasn't even been up for 24 hours and I have several bids.
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    The only remake I'm interested in is the Rocky Horror Muppet Show.
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    I can't wait till the box gets to Kangeroorex... cause that means its going to get to me next, lol!
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    Normally I wait until I have stuff in hand before posting, but shipments from overseas seem to arrive on their own schedule and it's a slow day. All links are either company promotional images or CMON / P&P posts where the artist shows off their commission with more pics. Weakened Eurozone, hooray! Ares Mythologic Excelsy (54mm) P&P Gallery Moon Sword (54mm) Image Degra aka Edgar Skomorowski Cyenarir (32mm) Image Figone Carmina (32mm) Image (I needed a banner for MS to enjoy) Trollus Lunae Bellicus (54mm) Image Lharm Sheõd (32mm) Image The Prowler - double version (54mm) Image 1 Image 2 (I'm assuming this means two heads are included, but I guess I'll find out) Last Sigh (32mm) Image Rhymaiss (32mm) Image O.B.Sculptures Gokan, the Guardian (54mm) P&P Gallery Origen Art Dasco the Vampire (32mm) CMON Gallery El Final de la Batalla (30mm) CMON Gallery 1 CMON Gallery 2 Sirena (70mm) CMON Gallery 1 CMON Gallery 2 Scale 75 Crusader (75mm) Image Jessica Thunderhak (75mm) P&P Gallery Wood & Leather paint set
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    This mini didn't really do so much for me at first but I thought why not paint it up anyway and see what happens. So I did and this happened...
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    In the 15mm Worlds in My Head, the sidereal wars between The First Ones and the Silmn rage on unabated...
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    Be careful when posting pics of Picts. This is a family friend board.
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    Liquid Soaps do a good job bringing down a wasp and are less toxic to you. Or pets. Just examples. Your favorite brand of dollar store cleaner will work... Any spray bottle soap that hits a wasp will cause its wings to rumple, it falls, give it another good blast at the crash site, then crush at your leisure. For insects liquid surfactant soaps are just bad.
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    Tonight is my first night sleeping in the new house.
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    A couple male victims/prisoners. There's quiet a few bound and gagged females like the one on the altar, the one in thr cultist ring, and the one hanging from the spit. If the figure was topless and in good shape that might get a little closer to evening the disparity as well.
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    Today, I did the hair in a two-tone mode (light blonde-ivory on top, turquoise on the bottom). It looks much more vibrant in hand than in the cellphone pics. I also started sketching the warm ivory-white on the boots and corset.
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    Every time I think I'm getting clever with freehand, I just pop into this thread to come back to reality :p
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    I am thinking of an evening in 1992. I had obtained a copy of Rocky Horror on VHS, and a friend of mine wanted to hold a dinner party in which the tape would be played. The audience consisted of: DOC: Your humble narrator, and veteran of many midnight showings of RH; even played the Meat Loaf role in one live show. MAX: Gorilla's roommate, and veteran of many midnight shows. GORILLA: Lunatic, general fan of anarchy, and recent enthusiastic RH convert. GG: Gorilla's girlfriend, never saw the movie before. BRIT: British guy, exchange student, had HEARD of the movie and the phenomenon, but had never seen it. So we barbecued on the deck, and had a delightful dinner, and then watched the movie. And it was a terrible disappointment. Brit and GG did not understand why the movie was the colossal cult happening that it was, even in the early nineties. Gorilla, Max, and I were... well, feeling let down. We'd gone into the experience waiting for that terrific crazy energy that goes with a RH performance... and now, we were feeling... well... I can't use the phrase I'm THINKING without going into Beekeepers, so I'll just say "let down, disappointed." The Rocky Horror FILM and the Rocky Horror EXPERIENCE are two different things entirely; it's almost like two different MOVIES, albeit with the same soundtrack. It is a shared experience and electricity between people in the theatre; I could rattle off stories galore about happenings during past showings, like the time a screaming maniac accidentally poured a Big Gulp full of beer on my head, during "Wild And Untamed Thing," or that girl who got real excited and wet herself, or the time in Dallas where somebody shot off a bottle rocket in the theatre and it landed in some guy's giant Afro and exploded, and blew out a divot of Afro the size of a softball, and the guy went berserk and durn near tore the theatre apart in the middle of the performance looking for whoever shot off the bottle rocket, and he decked the usher who tried to calm him down, and the cops came and dragged him kicking and screaming out of the theatre while this enormous hole in his Afro was still literally smoking, and up near the screen, the cosplayers just kept acting out the movie, and the girl sitting next to me wearing a wedding dress and cleavage clear down to South America just couldn't stop giggling... it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. And watching the movie at home on VHS is just watching a movie at home on VHS. It wasn't exactly DULL, but it was a pale, sad, minimal thing in comparison. I fail to see how any TV production could be much of anything more. Or, for that matter, at all worthwhile. The only motivation I can see for this one is profit, and I can't see anyone wanting to watch an emasculated Rocky Horror more than once.
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    As long as they're not mutated by radiation, you should be fine. My parents' house once had a beehive in the roof and the bees were coming through the ceiling in the spare room upstairs. So the spare room had to be shut up for a while, but when you walked past the door you could hear the buzzing and it was quite unsettling. There were so many bee corpses all over the room when we opened it up. Ahhh fall out new Vegas. So true. I don't like buzzing. I don't like stinging things. I'm deathly allergic to bees and wasps o_o I tried to be brave for a good two minutes though. (I wasn't wearing glasses and didn't know what I was firing at) I quickly recognized the red and raised bottoms and 'noped' right out of the office, shut the door, put a towel under the door, went into the bedroom, shut the door and put a towel under that one too. The insecticide spray did NOTHING. Its like I sprayed a gentle shower of immortal water from the heavens.
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    As long as they're not mutated by radiation, you should be fine.
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    Some nice cheesecakey guys..... Please.... I need some that are perfect for those high charisma bards etc that like to go through town seducing all they see (including the male guards.... I admit I'm going to have fun with that one latter)....
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    One more aside: Here are some of those E- range elves and goblins in action a couple of years ago, in the Scuffle at the Elven Tower... There's also a Prince August home cast orc, and a later Ral Partha Cyclops-kin involved. Here's a view of the whole table, with my sons in command of the forces. I had recently acquired a Gale Force 9 tower and wanted to see it in action. The whole thing is being played with the Heritage Knights and Magick rules, which is very suitable for small actions on a 3x3 cloth.
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    I'm back to work of the mage. Got the hair 90% done, though I only took a shot of her from the back. Little touch up's left (if I feel up to it). This week end will be to finish the skin (and the gold time and patience permitting). Need to kick it into gear to get her finished for RCon. Here we go again:
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    When I decided to enter the Painting Excuses contest I thought about painting Kyrie as Little Red Riding Hood (Pingo made mention of it when she came out and the idea has been rattling in my head ever since). But as I prep-ed her, it occurred to me that it would take very little to turn her into a barbarian version of Princess Mononoke. I mean, wolf cape! So I filled out her skirt with green stuff and covered the wolf face with a round blob to make the mask. I ended up wishing I had had made the mask bigger though. I used the rosy skin triad on her, blackened brown, shield brown, ginger cookie... and some tan on her armour bits. I know I started with ginger cookie for the cloak, and ended with white, but I don't remember the in-between colour (painting journal, what's that? ) And as usual, my camera washed out the work I did on the white. Honest to Sophie, there's actual shading and whatnot on that fur cloak
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    As long as they're not mutated by radiation, you should be fine. My parents' house once had a beehive in the roof and the bees were coming through the ceiling in the spare room upstairs. So the spare room had to be shut up for a while, but when you walked past the door you could hear the buzzing and it was quite unsettling. There were so many bee corpses all over the room when we opened it up.
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    Finally decided to go with blue ghosts. It's just more 80's. I like the 80's. :D Put it here, just in case the smoky naked bits count as nudity.
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    According to the SCA archery shoot today...my society name is now Gunter Baumjager
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    And this is the regimental mascot and handler: Speaking of figures from the Dawn of Time, the cow is from a home casting mold that dates back to the 1930s or before, collected up by one of our group members (Chris Palmer; here's a link to his current Bones painting blog: http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com),who is/was in the antique business and in a position to sift through a lot of stuff looking for the treasures.
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    He's good. Here's his regimental standard for our Prince August 40mm semiflat 18th century imaginary countries project. The style is deliberately toy soldier-y: His country is the Imperial Free City of Wiegenburg (which makes the inhabitants Wiegenburgers, or Vegan Burgers, hence the cow as the main charge on the field of daisies seme') ... ) Guess I raised them right. (However difficult that may be to explain to the rest of the world sometimes...)