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    Hi ! This is m'y 1st Scale75 mini... Patty Wrench :) :
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    Hi all, I have been keeping a low profile around the forums these days but I have been painting. I have a few new pieces to share and I thought it appropriate start with one of the few minis I pledged for in KSII, the burrowing horror. This guy was a lot bigger than I had expected but painted up very quickly.
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    Because I was bored this morning. My daughter helped. The painted bones 1 vampire box vs Bones 2. only fantasy figures were included. Some retail bones figures are included in the painted side.
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    My students are about ready to murder me if I teach them a new pronunciation rule only to completely ignore it 10 minutes later. My favorite comment: "Mr. Shetler, I think the only reason I'm having such a hard time reading is because English keeps changing the rules. It cheats so it can win all the time."
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    I'd like to throw out a huge massive thank you and virtual hug to everyone (yes, even our favorite hug fearing barbarian) for making this years con an event I'll remember fondly for a good long time. You guys rock!! I felt very welcome right from the word go. As an aside, I also used the con as an opportunity to quit smoking; my last ciggie was Friday.
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    Melons clan is home. /snore
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    I started yet a third bones to practice NMM gold on, but by the time he had his basecoat I needed a break. So I pulled something else off of my shelf of shame to work on tonight. My Twilight Knight was fairly close to done and I want my pin vise back. Tonight she got hair, a strand of beads in her hair, and a touch of white on the twilight sword's face. I also decided to go with red for the string tied around the sword. It still needs some shadows, but overall she is close to needing a base.
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    Yup, the theme next year is horror. I'm a GO for next year already!! The boss just said I can go play with my friends again, woo-hoo! She may even come with me, too. Double swag bags for the WIN!!!!
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    Husband says he is all for going next year, and trying to go all 4 days
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    My mom got this mini in Secret Sophie I believe. I swiped it from her as she returns the favor by swiping ones I like to paint for herself. Standard in this house... More phone pics. She is the one where drybrushing finally worked and I can do it with only minor mishaps.
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    So I'm sick at home after Reapercon, with nothing better to do than surf the net. I'm coughing and snuffling and I can't concentrate to paint (I did get some prep work done, and I'm waitin' for glue to dry) And I'm reading the usual "Jerkweed Customers" threads over at Jezebel, and this one person is telling a story about making a sandwich for a customer ... and the customer finally decided on her sauce. She wanted the chipo... the chippa... the... um... chip... chip... CHIP-A-LITTLE! She wanted the CHIPALITTLE sauce! Now, the clerk is polite and does not correct her. She simply mentions to her coworker to use the chih-POAT-lay sauce, which the coworker does... although the customer insists on correcting the pronunciation: CHIP-a little! (with a little smirk). This apparently goes on for a while ... whenever any employee dares to name the Sauce That Must Not Be Named, that's the customer's cue to correct 'em with a burst of "CHIP-a little!" Apparently, it disturbed this customer to think of OTHER customers not knowing how to correctly pronounce this important word, because then she begins correcting the OTHER people trying to order food... only stopping when a couple of them stop to give her stony glances. Now this particular story struck me funny. I've known people like this. Another commenter went on to mention some confusion in taking an order once... because the customer wanted kes-kuh-DILL-yahs. Only when the text on the menu was invoked did it turn out that what was desired were quesadillas. I felt this second story lacked the punch of the first one, though. Apparently, the customer immediately began pronouncing the word correctly when HEARING it pronounced correctly. They just didn't know how to pronounce the WORD, was all, never HEARD it pronounced before. And that's okay. Lots of words I don't know how to pronounce. But I find a special kind of bizarre humor in people who insist on pronouncing THEIR word THEIR way! 1. Knew a guy once who was talking about how he found this thing "mack uh bree." I asked him what he was talking about. He was one of those fellows who, if you attempt to get him to explain what he means, will repeat the exact same thing he said earlier, as if you did not hear him. And if you explain that you heard him fine, but you did not UNDERSTAND WHAT HE MEANT, he will repeat the exact same thing he said earlier AGAIN, but he will also look at you as if you're an idiot while he does it, because he talked good plain English, and if you misunderstood, you must be stupid, right? The word he meant was "macabre." I corrected his pronunciation. He looked at me like I was a presumptuous git, and repeated, "MACK uh bree," to let me know he wasn't going to be unsettled by some johnny come lately! Far as I know, he pronounces the word that way still. 2. I vaguely remember some late night TV show years ago, a talk show, in which the guest was this frenetic little Bible Belt preacher who acted like the world was going to burn somewhere in the next fifteen minutes if we didn't heed his word NOW. And apparently, one of the major problems facing our society was the problem of Promise Kitty. I thought, "What?" and wondered if he meant Hello Kitty, which was the only vaguely related thing I could think of that the fellow might have been talking about. The show's host showed similar confusion; apparently, the show wasn't scripted; and he asked the preacher man to provide more details, while not QUITE seeming like he was sayin' "Whachoo talkin' about, Willis?" The preacher man was ready for this, and launched forth into what seemed to be a rehearsed sermon, in which Promise Kitty was invoked many times as a decaying factor on civilization and sure magnet for God's wrath. I still didn't get it, and got up to make a sandwich. When I got back, I heard the host recouch one of the preacher's sentences, and repronounce the word as promiscuity, thus making it clear what the preacher was talking about. The preacher did not take the hint, and in his sweaty bugeyed performance, continued to make clear the evil and seductive nature of Promise Kitty. 3. I once lived near Refugio, Texas, a tiny little town on the gulf coast not far from Corpus Christi. In Spanish, the word is pronounced "reh-FYOO-zhee-oh." Spanish pronunciation has rules; if you know the rules, it's kind of hard to screw it up. However, generations of white folks have pronounced it "ruh-FURY-oh," to the point where they seem to have won by being stubborn and ubiquitous... and to this day, in those parts, if you dare pronounce the word any other way than ruh FURRY oh, you had best be prepared to get some looks. The locals don't LIKE being told how their town is pronounced, and I once heard a lecture to the effect of, "Maybe you know how to pronounce a Spanish word, but you don't know how to pronounce the name of this town, son." Anyone else ever have this experience?
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    I never did put up final pics for the Colossal Skeletons I painted up, so here they are: The WIP thread for these is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56124-gcb-paints-77116-colossal-skeleton/
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    Here is another batch... I saw this on the forum but it was very cool to see it in person The leaves are out of focus...but I got the angle just right for the 'reflection' Silly camera...focused on the gold Siri's Clockwork Orange Dragon...with a friend. (Who is hiding behind her own bow or staff or somethin') A Smoky Pegasus trying to stay out of the glitter by Richard McAllister I have at least two more batches after this; plus CoralDrax agreed to a photo shoot on Sunday morning.
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    Listening to non-New Englanders pronounce Worchester. Or any of the various places named after Indians.
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    I got the froggy box from Pocket on Saturday, we cross-pollinated all the reapercon boxes, and added pewter melt! This is the picture of all the stuff I took, and I added in a bunch of stuff (including mouselings, as long as Miss Melons didn't steal them all!!!) :) We had so much fuN! Also, I have a bunch more stuff to add to the next box now. Consider that I got 2 of all the limited edition stuff since I brought the hubs. yay!
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    1 = Sigil 2 = 3 = KrisL 4 = hungerfan 5 = Dai-Mongar 6 = ub3r_n3rd 7 = pcktlnt 8 = Humansquish 9 = Sirithiliel 10 = Kuro Cleanbrush 11 = SGHawkins09 12 = Corporea 13 = OneBoot 14 = Pegazus 15 = fanguad 16 = Ludo 17 = klarg1 18 = Leopardpixie 19 = Chaoswolf 20 = 21 = Loim 22 = Marineal 23 = Jabberwocky 24 = Silvermane 25 = Keianna 26 = Chaosscorpion 27 = Adrift 28 = NomadZeke 29 = TaleSpinner 30 = Harrek 31 = Rextacy 32 = Mocha 33 = 34 = DixonGrfx 35 = Marysa 36 = Soshie 37 = Olliekickflip 38 = ladystorm 39 = --- edit --- Note, you'll see this a couple of times into the future. :P
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    If we are, Mocha may be our chief rabble-rouser. She was on the PA system after the awards ceremony gathering up as many people as she could.
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    I want a Melons ribbon regardless of how appropriate or inappropriate the text may be. Terry, the Tabletop Plus guy, had an image on his ribbon which I didn't realize could be done. It would be cool to see some silhouettes on ribbons next year.
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    If you go out to get drinks with people, you could always hand out "Gallagher" ribbons for everyone who gets smashed with you.
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    Well, I got the box off today! Here is what I took: I also did a minor conversion on Hosilla before painting her (pic below, I'll leave it to Marvin to show off the final fully painted figure when it arrives).
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    They're actually up right now, look under Latest Releases. They're $50 though.
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    I got corrected in fourth grade that the name of the school two doors down from my house is "cuppers" instead of Coopers as it is spelled. Could have fooled the heck out of me, I thought that the people that the school was named after came from a family that traditionally made barrels. I also knew a woman whose best friend got upset when people gave her strange looks for ordering a quickie for supper when they went out one day, that is apparently spelled quiche. Also promise kitty makes me want to find a girlfriend and gift her a cat when things get serious instead of a promise ring.