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    Hey! I've been busy! I haven't been on as much as I wish I was!! I miss y'all!! I bought 3 of the muses from the DSM Stephanie Law line, and I love them! I started Clio and Euterpe at the same time, but Clio is still sitting without arms.. Maybe I'll get her done here soon too... ;) Hope y'all enjoy her, C&C is always welcome and appreciated, check her out on my blog if you want to see some of the WIP shots. (But I think they're all on the WIP thread here...)
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    Clearing my 'Shelf of Shame' of some half-finished stuff:- Stonehavens Priestess and Brawler Gnomes. Nothing special with these two, apart from the Priestess being a partially successful attempt at doing blonde hair that was different from my usual 'dirty blonde', but I think I did a decent job on them. Comments and criticisms are, as always, most appreciated.
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    Hi !!! A little commission for a old school fan ^^ : With best colors :
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    I wanted to have a more impressive necromancer figure for my D&D character and decided to start a new project, converting 03381 Satheras Elf Warlock by Bobby Jackson (my new favorite sculptor). I also used the staff from 03247: Nanuranidd, Dark Elf Sorcerer, and the skeleton from 02043 Undead Rising. I also used part of a Malifaux base (the 'marsh' collection). I'm a couple years out of practice, but I don't think it turned-out too badly. I ordered the bits directly from Reaper and loved the off-green paint sample that came with them. I took the top of the staff from Nanuranadd and pinned it to the top of Satheras's staff, for something suitably necromancery. I also put the skeleton on the base to be the Necromancer's pet rising from the ground. the Necromancer's basic color scheme is blue and blueigray shades with black gloves, boots, and brown pants. the skeleton has a tatterd blue and red shirt. I used Epoxy Putty to finish the top and bottom of the staff (which was also re-positioned away from the Necromancer's robes). The base also has a fair amount of epoxy putty to make the skeleton base work into the malefaux base. Yes, those are pizza-box spacers. I think the final result is quite dramatic.. It stands out nicely amongst the other player's unpainted Bonez or store-bought D&D characters.
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    When the weather outside is crappy... I sit in my nice basement and paint. First up, 59015: Automatons by Bob Ridolfi. It wasn't just that the iron men were indestructible, it was that when you looked into the fires of their eyes, something looked back...
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    And I don't know what this is, but it was in the first Kickstarter, and I found a little stone column it seems to fit on. I painted it like a bat. From this view it looks like a rabid flying hamster.
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    Next up, a little cheesecake. 50156: Gretha, Female Sniper And 50163: Peaches, Biker Girl Sorry, she moved while I was taking the photo.
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    Oh. *puts away bacon-studded jacket and pants*
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    Played this yesterday. Several Reaper models failed to go foom. Rules were FUBAR v5, figures by Khurasan, Eureka, and Reaper.
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    I'm eating icecream for breakfast because the husband isn't up yet, and because I can.
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    I got a new rack yesterday. Haven't built it yet though. Fits 135 paints. o_o
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    In tonight's D&D session, the plucky heroes found themselves in possession of a small locked chest after dispatching a band of orcs. The rogue was out of the party for this game so my Tiefling fighter, who has a criminal background and a set of thieves' tools, had a go at picking the lock but was unsuccessful. Not one to be discouraged, he employed one of the other skills from his previous career and took a crowbar to the chest - rolled a 1, he slipped with the crowbar and knocked himself out. Not to worry! The Githyanki warrior took the Tiefling's lead, picking up the crowbar and having at the chest - also rolled a 1, the crowbar broke and hit the roof of the cavern, dislodged a chunk of stalactite which knocked out the Gith. By this time, stubbornness set in. The human paladin considered levering the chest open with his sword for a moment, before thinking better of it and having a crack at unskilled lock-picking - rolled a 1, breaking both the lock and my thieves' tools into tiny pieces. But at last we could get to the treasure! ... 20 silver pieces. Down one crowbar and a set of thieves' tools, for 20 silver. Finally, after the Gith and I had awoken from our nap, we searched the orcs and found a key.
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    This is yet another Bones plastic figure, 77191 Hydra by Sandra Garrity. I like Garrity's work, and this is no exception, though I feel that it would be more useful as a gaming miniature if its pose were more compact, more curled around on itself. That would probably require that it be moulded with one or two more pieces, but it's already a multi-piece model so that wouldn't be a big problem — at least, not from the end-user's point of view.
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    /slides in on her knees Heyyyyyy yooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
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    I felt like painting pink and trying to line in brown, instead of my usual black, so the discontinued Juliette became my test subject. I think I prefer lining with black The right side of Juliette's face is quite a mess, both her hands have issues, and there were several other rough spots on the model. But rejoice, Reaper are making new molds, so I am thinking an improved Bones Juliette will be re-released sometime.
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    Comments, critiques, throwing your brushes at the stage are all appreciated. Started painting up the 89001: Pathfinder Red Dragon by Julie Guthrie from the Bone I Kickstarter. Clean up wasn't too bad. The dorsal fins were a bit tricky to figure out. I stuck the wings and tail in boiling water, shaped them and then dunked them in cold water to set. It ended up taking two nights of forming to get them where I wanted. Painting has caused them to spread slightly but i think some time with summer sun and rubber bands with put them back where I want them after painting. Did some green stuff work on the joints. Some of the scales came out awesome others not so much. In retrospect, if this was a bigger dragon I need to spend a little more time on blending the wing joints. Started out with 09277 Spattered Crimson for the scales shadow. Did a little bit of experimenting with bringing the red off the wing bones into the patagium. Ended up with about 3 thin coats before I moved up to 09278 Gory Red and 09279 Fresh Blood. Threw a little Lava Orange on the patagium and 09143 Yellowed Ivory (bottle says Yellowed bone) just to see how I liked it. before I called it a night. I like how the orange came out, Definitely need to go back a feather out the red and do a better job on getting the orange even. The Yellowed bone came out less yellow than I'd like, going to have to do some experimenting on that. Probably going to purple/grey for the inside the mouth. Thinking about black marble for the skull/stones. Also need to figure out the belly scales, may be some more orange involved.
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    CMON Haul: About 7 or 8 paint colors I was missing Wrath of Kings Starter Kits: Goritsi, Nasier, and House Shae, Han, Dogs of War: Alhazred and Mother Apollonia Three Sedition Wars Terrain sets (Friend didn't want his........) A Paint Rack Some stray plastic minis I have no idea what game they go to. Won First place with my bust, and third place with my chibi A new bust, an abyssal dweller from collapse industries. I want an airbrush.
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    it is it's amazing how much better and willing to do stuff you feel when it's a chilly 75 degrees inside instead of 91
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    Bacon has, I hate to say it, become the glitter and rhinestones of the food world. Just because you love them and have them, doesn't mean you should use them on everything.
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    Painted up for one of my fellow players in the 5e campaign we recently started. His character is actually a ranger, but hopefully ReaperBryan won't show up to tell me I'm using the wrong miniature* It was a fairly quick job, and I probably should have spent more than 2 seconds cleaning the mold lines and cleaning slop, but I know he'll be perfectly happy with it. * this is a reference to one of his "people are stupid" convention stories
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    Kill them all, God will know his own. Seriosly - the paladin ain't a paladin no more. Let the character find out the hard way - trying to smite, no smite to be had. Trying to heal - the wounds start bleeding instead. When the PCs act like arsehats - let them fail. And let them fail hard. The Auld Grump - I have had parties hanged when they have acted in like fashion - including once when they murdered an orc that was walking, unarmed, down the county road.... (The count was overjoyed - by hanging the PCs he was able to show the orcs that he would hold to the treaties, and at no cost to himself....)
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    Here are some quick tabletop paint jobs of the big Bones orcs. I am calling this my red orc squad, I will probably use blue or green accent color on my second, still unpainted set. Group shot with the previously finished Orc Berserker (77059) on the far left:
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    My most recent painting focus was on some randomish 40k and sci-fi stuff, aimed more at RPGs than wargames. Unfortunately, the crazy heat down here has me tackling my light source, and some shots are better than others. First up are the more individual characters, including a face recently returned to the silver screen:
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    Trying to post this with my phone. Hope I get this right
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    And lastly, some Heretics for the others to hunt (who apparently liked to remain in the shadows despite my efforts)
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    A servant of the Machine God (and his servants)
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    And the long arm of the law, the Adeptus Arbites:
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    Next we have some Imperial Officers.
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    I didn't know about it but went for a bike ride (beauty of a day eh) to buy B.P.R.D. comics and stopped by the nearby gameshop to rubberneck, as I usually do, just innocently minding my own business. I knew something was up when I saw a hyperactive guy holding a two foot stack of RPG books. Their big summer garage sale started yesterday. MOST ITEMS BETWEEN FIFTY CENTS AND TWO DOLLARS. I spend the next hour feverishly digging through box after box of game books in a dreamlike haze of confusion. For twenty dollars I got: eleven castles and crusades modules (for 50 cents each.) and a C&C screen with a module. Troll Lord Games "The Tainted Lands" by James Ward NIB shrinked. two bucks. I couldn't resist even though I knew it would be cheesy. It's cheesy. But it had SEVEN bloodred dice! World War Cthulhu Europe Ablaze -- seems really cool. I could actually see myself playing this. The Unspeakable Oath #22 - cool Bumps in the Night (Pagan Publishing) -- for a buck! -- Cool Snarfquest Graphic Novel for 2 bucks. I didn't even like snarfquest back in 1983. A cardboard keep set from Steve Jackson And a set of fifth Edition Car Wars starter books. Oh, and the castles and crusades free quickstart game booklet for this year. So, pretty electic and silly, except for Cthulhu related stuff, but I enjoy learning about games I don't know much about (fifth ed car wars???). And I really enjoy the nostalgia of the Troll Lord Stuff. A BOX WITH DICE IN IT. There was tons of other stuff, luckily a lot of it in french so I was able to give it a pass. Lots of, just, stuff. Sorry, I just had to share that.
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    I always wondered what inspired owlbears. A badly made dollar store toy? Really good mind altering substances? Possibly both...
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    Hey guys. Just caught up on the thread. Exhausted after spending the last three days rehabbing the old house for sale.
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    Lucky you weren't playing Rolemaster. You'd all be dead!
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    I really need to save up money to commission myself a piece of Siri art...
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    He woke up from a burglar trying to steal his gold... in a few moments the burglar will be a rabbit.. Dinner is secured.. Well done, love it.
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    bumped to first place on my to do lists
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    Reassembled painting station: That white rack is cheap but kind of neat, apparently a Swivel Store as seen on TV, (though I doubt I'll make use of the swiveling). The top two shelves held all my Reaper and Secret Weapon washes (plus a paint). The bottom held my few Reaper paints, the liners, and my big craftsy-housewife metallics. The bedside-shelf-drawer thing has three trays and a flat top where I'll be setting minis et al. The drawer held my GW washes and all my little jars of home-mixed paint. I'm pretty pleased.
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    It's pretty much the same, but without all the chains.
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    Makes me think of City of Heroes/City of Villains. Loved that game. Bones superheroes in Bones III! Generical spandex figures in various poses and body types so they can be painted in different schemes. Add-on sprues with capes and extra headgear, equipment, etc. for customization.