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    First off, FOUR DAYS AND 10 HOURS UNTIL REAPER BONES 3!!! Is anyone else as excited as me, ready to call the bank and tell them to open the flood gates on this bad boy? Here I have painted the Large Fire Elemental from Reaper Bones 1. For me, painting large figures like this are a bit tricky. I'm not sure if it's my patience that wears due to all the coverage needed for a miniature of this size (and let's be honest, this thing is minuscule compared to some of the Reaper dragons), or maybe I simply don't know what I'm doing, or maybe I'm just overstating it. Either way, here it is:
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    This is Reaper Bones Nienna, Elf Ranger, painted as a display model. There was some frustration about clear detail that would have been allayed, I think, with the metal version of the model, but overall, it worked well. I hope you like her! Work in Progress Thread here.
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    Still struggling to find some time to get some painting done. Still, what few minis I actually get around to painting this month will all go into the resolutionary challenge total. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. I found a pile of lead in one of my less frequented boxes under the cellar stairs recently. Several really nice, old school barbarian-types made by Grenadier back in the day. Here is the first I have painted up as a kind of test piece. I think I might have enough of these guys to make several units for Kings of War, especially if I put them on the 30mm bases. This guy is probably the most “Conan†miniature I know of. Even more so than the plastic barbarian in the original HeroQuest game. The face, the hair, the…everything, really. I believe it was sculpted by Mark Copplestone. Also, that must be a broadsword. Or a cricket bat. This mini is from sometime during the early 90s. I remember buying a few packs from the bargain bins at a certain shop in 1995 (anyway, it has to be because Grenadier shut down 1996 afaik.) Metal, 30mm base. At any rate, that is the first finished mini for July. I also have a bunch of bones skeletons, and of course, some zombies on the “in progress†shelf.
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    I'd posted about this a few days ago, so I thought I'd follow up here. Once a year, I spend a month attempting to complete (at least) one miniature a day. This usually happens in May, but I had to postpone it for school this year. I say complete, because most of the minis have already been started, but due to other projects, life, or being distracted by shiny objects, they were left incomplete. This year I'm also doing all GW minis, but I'll probably be throwing in a few Reaper guys in here, since I'm painting up my D&D party as well. This is the update calendar. It'll (ideally) have something new each day. * asterisks note miniature that were not completed before the end of the challenge. Here's my first miniature, a Blood Bowl Kroxigor I received almost a decade ago and never had an excuse to paint. You might notice I gave him a Seahawks inspired scheme (can't help it, I'm from the Northwest), I think it fits. Hope you enjoy. ~Muninn
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    I recently completed some 10mm fantasy figures for my "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" armies; which included a Lizardman Hero, a Cursed Knight Leader, and a Fire Elemental. I had a leftover Lizardman figure (I believe he was made by A.I.M.) and thought that he bared a striking resemblance to a certain purple TV Dinosaur, so couldn't help but paint him up as the great Lizardman Hero, B'uar-Nee! Recently I painted three 28mm Barrow Wardens from Reaper's Bones line, and was really pleased with the results (Which you can see here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62404-barrow-wardens-77346-thru-48-from-bones-ii/ ). So I thought I would experiment with a Warmaster Chaos Leader I had, to see if the rust effect I had used on the Barrow Wardens, would translate to 10mm. I'm very pleased with the results, and think I will now paint a unit of Chaos Knights I have as this sort of "Cursed Knight" look. lastly, I don't know who made this figure but I received it in a short-lived birthday figure exchange I was part of a few years ago, and since it was 15mm (I think) I never did anything with it. I came across it the other day; and not knowing what it was supposed to be, was struck by how the sculpted "fur" ? looked a lot like flames on it. So I decided to paint him up like a fire elemental. I think the result is pretty good.
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    I too have purchased the GlazingStyle painting guide from Eric Louchard and decided to try learning this style of painiting. For my victim subject, I decided to use Goroloth from bones II, He is large enough to give me practice as well as a challenge. I started with a primer coat of MSP Pure white mixed in with Glaze Medium and Paint thinner , mixed about 3:3:1 (white:medium:thinner) After letting that dry over night I have started to add the base coat washes as per the guidlines (1:1 Paint:water). They are HD Rich Indigo, Lemon Yellow and Lava Orange! (Yes Jay I used Orange ) This is where I have left it tonight and have yet to decide on how to base the tail and fins... Suggestions would be appreciated as I have no clue what I am doing... so far just going with the flow!
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    This fellow has been pieced together by random bits in the bits pile. Body is a techno priest from Warhammer 40k. Head is from the flagellant pack for Warhammer Fantasy. I believe the weapon is from a Chaos Marine. Cloak, I don't know. Lizard men regiment maybe? Skull pile is from Gorgotha, Warzone accessories.
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    Whew!! I batch painted the snot out of these guys. Started on them at about 1815, finished 16/18 by 2152. Not too bad if I do say so myself. The 2 'kobold leaders' are only about halfway done.. I'm gonna actually take my time on them and get them really pretty. Anyways, hope y'all enjoy! C&C always welcome!
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    Well here we are at work, with the handfull of other mooks that had to come in and didn't take the day off. There will be no work getting done today. One of my poor baby tarantulas (aka slings) is on it's way out of this world. They sent it as a free bee with the tarantula I bought and it's always a risk when you get slings that they may not make it to adulthood. I feel like I jinxed the little bugger by naming him Torgo and now he can barely walk. Trumpy on the other hand is doing great, but then again Trumpy really is magic. I live in a condo. It is a converted house so it is 2 units. We are upstairs. We have a small front and back yard. Sometimes the downstairs unit owner drive me nuts but she is really a nice lady, just lazy. My condo
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    We played DnD at a new place tonight and were surprised to learn that they offer 15% discounts for playing at their store. This is also the same place that I picked up some newly released reaper miniatures for 20% off. I grabbed another one, now marked down to 25% off and some paints as well. I ended up leaving with the Gnomish Bee Rider (Thornwood Defender) I still have no idea why their miniatures aren't named properly...... Sunset Purple Highland Moss Violet Shadow Shadow Green All for 24.50$ Saved almost 5$ overall, not terrible.
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    Tiny here is a better shot of the finished brick
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    Yup, we've got the official K cup sieve, and she uses it, but the question she had was which coffee to use. I suppose the answer is the one she likes when it is cold. All the K cup "iced coffee" she found had sugar and cream already. I think. She isn't clear sometimes. Did do some googling after I posted that. Looks like the trick is cold brewing overnight, or making it hot and extra strong, then cooling it to room temp then refrigeration. Once it's cold, then it goes over ice. Brew coffee and fill your ice cube trays with the coffee. Once those are frozen, fill a tumbler with the coffee ice cubes. Pour freshly brewed hot coffee over ice. Most of the ice will melt, but it won't dilute the coffee. Add cream and simple syrup (or extra fine sugar) to your desired preference. You'll then have a nice ice cold cup of strong iced coffee.
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    These guys were mostly painted at a local paint day. with CMPA. I discovered that only one had good eyes, so I took them home and redid all they eyes. One was weapon swapped with a gnoll so that both tribes have more weapon variety. The gnoll is currently wielding a toothpick spear and I haven't decided if I need to add greenstuff details or just paint. the studded leather armor was rough, and I think at least one needs some touch-up on this boot (after looking at photos)
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    I've just finished cataloging my miniature kits so I may be on for Bones 3 after all
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    These are some 1:1200 Scale Steampunk Bombards. Prussian equipment. A human would be less than 2mm tall (1.5 actually) at this scale.
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    All that stuff you just said just reminds me that I don't ever want to live in a condo, or in anyplace with a home owners association. If I want to totally tear out all the grass around my home and plant vegetables ( I do, BTW ), I'll be darned if anyone is going to come up and tell me "you can't".
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    I has 7 whole hours of sleep (a rarity for me) and coffee and another day off. It's gonna be a good day. Sympathy like Herman, that's hot. Plus, no painting sux. Usually that's our weather, but it's a lovely 70ish here today. Of course it's only 7am... But it's not raining and that rocks. Do you have a wet pallet? You need a wet pallet. They are easy peasy to make. Then you could paint. :-) We own a condo, and part of owning a condo means we get to pay awesomely high condo fees. These fees are for general maintenance, insurance for the property etc etc. Some times we get to pay a special assessment on top of our condo fees such as getting the pool fix (which I voted against) or getting our fences replaced( which I voted for and is going to take 3 years). Last week we got a letter letting us know that if people kept leaving nasty used things in the pool they would shut it down for the summer. Well, since people are disgusting and have left less than desirable things in the pool (again) condo association has closed down the pool for the summer. I'm so very glad I got to pay thousands of extra dollars these last two years to not get to swim in the pool I voted against fixing. But what really makes me less than happy is that these people that have left these used things in the pool probably don't even live here. Since after years of begging for some sort of pool pass, we still don't have those. There by preventing us from proving interlopers are in fact non residents interloping. It's still gonna be a good day tho :-D
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    In her defense, she is literally a soldier, having served two years in the Israeli Defense Force. She also apparently did all her own stunts in Fast & Furious, plays a bunch of sports, and drives a motorcycle. I don't really think she has the Amazon physique, but I also don't think it's fair to say she's just eye candy. She's very pretty, of course, but she probably has a better idea of what to do with a sword than 95% of actors in Hollywood.
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    Another update started the side panel
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    Only if the tarrasque is dressed as a belly dancer riding on top of a gazebo. ok