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    Hi all, first Show-Off post here! Been painting since the first Bones Kickstarter but wasn't satisfied with the results enough for sharing until recently but now I'm diving in. I had a lot of fun painting all the Bones golems together/in succession. It really gave me a chance to differentiate the appearances I wanted as they developed. I gave myself the liberty to experiment a bit and created more than one version of some. For the ice golem I wanted to preserve as much of the translucency as possible as he's already a nice glacial blue, so I kinda went to town on the basing instead. I like the stone golem but it always reminds me of Frankenstein's monster. The clay golem, aka, "Do you even uplift, bro?" - I know, geology jokes . . . I needed the second one to serve as a blood golem. I really like the flesh golem because he can also double as a larger zombie at the gaming table. Finally, the battleguard golem. Makes a great warforged character or iron golem. I wanted a tarnished look on this one because let's face it - iron makes for a really poor choice for golem materials in any fantasy setting with ice sorceress's (ice sorcerese?), weather altering druids, dank caverns, etc. Feel free to provide feedback too! In addition to learning the painting itself, I'm still understanding the nuances of photographing these little monsters I built a DIY light box and have a decent non-phone digital camera but it's still finicky. For example the flesh golem appears noticeably less vibrant red in person, while the brown clay golem is actually a bit more red-brown than this image. Despite having the same backdrop, as I know that subtly changes things. Anyway, enjoy!
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    Finally finished it. The base isn't perfect, as I seem to have run out of greenery AND couldn't figure out what to do with that, but the dragon is DONE! I'm not touching this dragon anymore until I find a place to put it. C and C always welcome!
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    I present my finished Frost Wyrm As this is my first somewhat larger mini, it took me a bit more time to get started and to make a choice of colors. There is still plenty of room for improvement, but all in all I am very pleased with the end result. Last night I deciced to make a stand alone base out of super sculpey to display the Frost Wyrm when it is not in its "still under construction habitat" of the ice cave. Any C&C is as always much appreciated
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    I'd ordered some of the Burrows and Badgers minis from the first Kickstarter and have another group coming from their second Kickstarter, so it seemed about time to actually get some paint on these guys! The final shot with the whole warband together includes the rabbit rogue I sculpted. I had taken an individual photo of her, but the photo didn't turn out as well and since it involved me sculpting, I guess I'll post it in my sculpting journal at some point. Anyway, hope you enjoy them and C&C are always welcome!
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    Sorry it took a few weeks to post. The holidays in my line of work are crazy, so I'm just now getting around to this. My favorite of the Knight Models so far (and my favorite superhero). It was a real delight to paint. In our next issue, Spidey takes on Venom and the Green Goblin!
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    Guindyloo; I'm going to step out on a limb, and state simply.. YOU NEED TO GET ANOTHER JOB.. PERIOD ! This isn't work, it's bondage, abuse, mental cruelty, and character assassination rolled into one constant state of stress ! Revamp your resume, and MOVE THE HECK ON. This job is an early trip to your grave. !!!!! I appreciate the sentiment, I really do. I know that lately my job has been sounding like an endless pit of human suffering... and there are moments when that is how I feel. But here's the thing, it's only been like this for the past couple of months. Yes, I'm very stressed out and I've been venting a lot. I'm not crying every morning and dreading going in. I've been there - at my previous job, which was the worst experience that I can imagine. Here and now I'm not miserable, I'm just very frustrated and I'm trying to get out of that frustration. One of my personal problems is that when I start to get overwhelmed, I don't properly express it and I don't ask for help, I just deal with it. Unfortunately, that has led me down this path where my troubles with expressing my need for help has suddenly clashed with a new manager who is oblivious. It's not a good mix. But I'm trying to fix it. Having this review with Previous Manager could very well do just that. Previous Manager is no longer my manager because he was moved off of the project and is now heading up the area office. He knows me, he gets me, he respects me and having him in my corner could very well lead to me moving up in a big way. I have faith that my hard work is going to pay off, but I still have more hard work to put into it. I haven't yet earned the luxury of not busting my bum every day. That's why I put in the hours that I do. That's why I take on too much work. I'm learning from my mistakes and I'm trying to build a development path that fixes the issues that I'm seeing now. I expressed that I wasn't a morning person and have trouble getting in as early as everyone else and got told that I was free to make my own hours. I get an obnoxious amount of PTO that I'm constantly encouraged to take. I can come and go as I please at any point throughout the day, making it possible for me to run errands and make appointments in the middle of the work day - I have even gone home to take a nap before. I whined that they took my office away and they built a wall and put in a door and gave me an office nearly twice the size. I get to sit at a desk all day listening to music and mucking about on the internet freely. I make almost 3 times as much as I made 3 years ago and I only have a high school education. So yeah, sometimes I get people being rude to me and right now I have an absolutely obnoxious amount of work on my plate and a manager who doesn't hear me. But please take my venting with a grain of salt, because despite my complaining, I truly believe that this is just a speed bump on what has otherwise been a great road. This too shall pass.
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    I broke out all my metallic paints tonight for a quick project. Planning on using him as a modified Helmed Horror in a D&D game this weekend.
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    We've started up a tradition with our daughter that for Christmas and her parent's birthdays, we take her to the game store and she picks out a Bones mini for mom or dad. Of course, she likes to tell us how to paint them. Well, this was one of those, she picked out a translucent green Banshee and tole me to paint it brown. I decided to see if I could use the clear green and incorporate it into the composition as a fade- kind of create some sort of wispy effect. Here are my results.
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    and if that doesn't work there is also another use for febreeze that you may wish to consider
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    I started painting this set about 25 years ago, and just finished. What's the opposite of speed-painting? The leech-thing was done way back in the mists of ancient time. I think I must have still been using enamels in those days. This huge centipede was painted about 7 or 8 years ago. I recently finished the final one. Not quite sure what it's supposed to be, but it sure does look mean!
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    Six Anhurians painted to a Probably-Doesn't-Suck level. Pics tomorrow, you know the drill.
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    While I had my camera out, I took a snap of these elementals I painted about 25 years ago. The varnish has yellowed a bit on the air elemental, but they don't look too bad for their age.
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    Worked 12 hours today...working 10 hours tomorrow...maybe working on Sunday. BUT!!! I talked with a co-worker for the last two hours and started to get to know her. My other coworker indicated that she was flirting with me. *whoosh over my head* Other coworker pointing this out: "Dude...Do you like bowling? You should come bowling with me. COME ON POCKET!" ...<__< this may be a reason why I'm always alone. Isn't she just being nice?
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    This is the point in the Random thread when we dance. /Sprokets (paraphrasing of course)
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    thanks for all the well wishes. I'm fine. Hardly even shaking any more
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    My 11-year old: "Sometimes I wonder how these idiots even got their driver's license."
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    "I worry that having too heavy of a workload is preventing me from having the time and opportunity to look into other potential roles and is also preventing me from effectively developing my skills further." This is the kind of real talk I'm putting on my review.
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    Hi all, Saturday. My girl has a High Tea with the company,The Little copies of my girlfriend are with their father this weekend. So I've got some painting time on my hands. I will attend to Maria Roseblade 54mm now, Maybe even Tuma... Ub3r/Kay those spiders looked adorable. All those with work issues , I relate and wish you all strength to get through it. All those with family issues. Stay calm and praise Papa Nurgle, You should, maybe you will score a strike, a spare or a girlfriend, I know which I prefer.. Now stop shedding glitter.
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    good. Just make a point of not thinking about how many feet have been in a pair of bowling shoes, and you'll be fine In Minecraft, I've been doing a ton of cow breeding lately, because I'm building a grand library, which needs a metric ton of books, which needs a boatload of leather, which is obtained from cows. Me: (looking at the massive swarm of cows in my farm) ...I'm an irresponsible breeder. Husband: (looks over my shoulder) Yes, you are. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Yup. Go bowling. Or we will hunt you down, call you names, and place elderberries under your tongue. Wait... what? That's it. No more thinking for me tonight.
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    headed out to go do some shopping and go to karate class but alas, I didn't get to my intended destination. Let's just say, for those of you unfamiliar with winter driving, having your back tires pull out and make to pass your front, while travelling down the highway, is not fun. Fortunately every time (as in it happened many more than once) I was able to keep it from going into a skid or a slide or a 'well carp, why am I upside down?' but it left me with a really strong urge to go home. so yeah, when I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season, please keep the safe part firmly in mind.
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    Another pair of forgotten half finished minis. I'm clearing up the half finished pile bit by bit. I should have done some OSL on the Winter Elf. Next time...
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    I am allergic to certain perfumes, body washes. At one job had a "co-worker".. term used VERY loosly that would bathe in the stuff before coming into office. I requested she tone it down, amped it the next morning. I went to HR and said Hallway stinks, someone needs a bath, and I'm taking the day off lest I vomit. Came in next day was greeted with her empty desk... They fired her for stank it seemed. Soon a memo came out about "perfume in office".. less is best, or none is better !
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    @everyone Thanks. Me, my mom, and my kids are getting free credit monitoring for now. Needless to say I'm displeased, but more PO'd at the hackers. No concern, empathy, or care for how their actions affect others. I do my job because I know it ultimately impacts millions of people. If my projects (training material) teach employees how to process tax returns incorrectly, this can have a huge impact. I take pride in making sure things are done right (which is why the current clusterelf has me so upset). I could have taken a job in another area with fewer headaches, but the impact on this team would have had a detrimental effect on the "cog in the wheel" employees (those who actually get the work done). I started out as one of those employees. I will never forget what it's like to feel that upper management doesn't care if you get the training or supplies you need to get your work done. Rambling rant done.
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    Minecraft!!! I have way too much fun in Minecraft. Mostly I just like setting up systems and doing resource acquisition for others' projects. So while other people are building really cool stuff I'm happily wandering around building farms, making efficient roads around the world and through the Nether, that sort of thing. My personal favorite was the 3-tier underwater tree farm that had walls made of glass so you could look out at the squids. I think I had at least 3 double chests filled with wood for each type of wood before I realised I probably had enough... Actually, my very best was the automated mushroom farm I built about a month before they nerfed mushroom spreading. Well, not completely automated since hoppers didn't exist yet, but once or twice an evening I'd go down, pull a lever, and collect several stacks of mushrooms. All the food the server needed, no hassle. It was magnificent... and then mushrooms got nerfed. Oh well, it was still super fun.
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    At Katie's family? They are actually kinda cute... for spiders... Was it just me, or did most of them look like they had little tiny people in their eyes?If it wasn't just me, did anyone else wonder if they were imprisoned souls? It looked to me like they were all placed in a light box for ease of photography. Their eyes reflect the light box and the bright white lit up walls. There is a gap at the front for the camera which will reflect corresponsingly dark, and because their eyes are spherical the gap reflects as though it were a circle.
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    good. Just make a point of not thinking about how many feet have been in a pair of bowling shoes, and you'll be fine
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    I received extra meat in my subway sandwich because I was polite and cheerful. I wonder what type of people the workers encounter. O__o Arrivals from all over! Miniatures from Reaper Christmas promo! Christmas Eve Christmas Knight Cowgirl Sophie (promo item) Female 1/2 dragon Sir Ulther MSP Bones: Candlelight paint! (Seeing if others receive different colors or if everyone receives the same one). Blu-Rays Arrow: Season 2 Arrow: Season 3 Flash: Season 1 Gotham: Season 1 Looney Tunes Collection 3 (from Germany) $8.xx after conversion to Euro! T-Shirt from a friend. :D
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    Woo! First order has arrived. Candlelight Yellow from the MSP Bones line accompanied the box. :D
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    Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog. The Muppets were some of my wife's favorite things, and we played the song at her memorial. It's hard not to be emotional hearing it.
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    So having Saturday off, I decided that I should post some Christmas presents. Headed off to the middle of town to post them in the mall, maybe get a bite to eat, and do a little shopping for my wife's family. Apparently though, it's a graduation day for the university today, which means a parade walk for the graduates through the middle of town, and generally more crowding on top of the existing Christmas crowding. So, town's a no go, off to the little post shop at the north end of the city. We get there, park the car and my wife turns to me and says: "Where did you put the presents?" "Uh, I thought you had them." So back home to get the presents, then straight back out to the post office, getting there at 12:15 when they apparently close at noon. So I'll be posting the presents on Monday, then. At least wife and I got to have a nice lunch date at our favorite pizza restaurant.
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    Today, a rotten little monster hit me up for a bribe in exchange for not becoming a behavior issue and making my Friday more difficult. He'd seen me at an ATM before school, and knew I had money. What he did not know was that I had a pocketful of foreign currency and Campaign Coins, to help with a lesson in a class other than his. He finally decided that a big gold coin marked 1000*, minted in the Kingdom of Moria, was a better deal than change for the soda machine. I only wish I could see his face if and when he bullies his parents into taking him to a bank with a currency exchange... * "Yeah, that's a thousand Dwarven... um... Urgroshes, yeah, Dwarven Urgroshes. I think the exchange rate is around four to one... at least, that's what it was last summer..."
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    Got my second paint rack finished tonight and got my paints all organized and sat there feeling all satisfied for about 3 seconds before I realized that I had an extra 8 little bottles of paint I bought last week that I had forgotten about and they have no home...
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    about to head out of here for the night, have a good evening (and morning) everyone!
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    I've decided to start including terrible dad jokes in my order notes. I'm either going to get some laughs or a Cease & Desist...
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    Ew, gross; I woke up at 6:17 this morning for no good reason. Hello body, I'm not in the Navy anymore; I don't need to be up with or before the sun anymore! Not cool! I'm glad to hear that you're ok, though. Listen to that wise man! Have fun! Oh bummer, Thes. I sincerely hope that you get some relaxation time in soon.
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    I bought a nespresso pod coffee machine. It tastes good! And apparently I was a really nice customer (she said I made her day???) cause she threw in an extra 2 x packs of the sample packs of pods the machine comes with..... not sure what I did...
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    @Darsc, here you go. Someone earlier up the thread mentioned it as well, since it's nice when you can just buy the wings instead of the whole fairy that comes with them. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Special%20Edition%20Figures/latest/01503#detail/01503_sophie2006b_mg It's one of the sample images, there's a lovely monarch butterfly theme.
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    While I like your "solution" to the problem, I am EXTREMELY concerned about the Rip off Artist. Have you reported this incident to the school management, have you figured out how you will get this devils spawn out of your class. Have you safeguarded yourself ? Gosh, that sounds horrible, at least when I taught a college course I could toss idiots out on the spot.. ! I'm so glad I didn't choose Education as a major. You folks have to put up with too much BS.. "Bull Stuff".. lest I offend ! Jay I teach special ed. We all know what we're dealing with.
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    In my experience, it could be that they had a real elfhole customer just before you. Funny thing about dealing with absolutely horrible people in a customer service position, as long as the next person you serve isn't swearing at you or throwing stuff around they're the greatest person in the world.
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    I gave into Bourbon Sophie too - she's just so pretty! I might paint her up like my GW2 mesmer, who has a similar outfit. My tradeoff was the familiars, since I'll be getting that dragon with the present hoard.
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    no, in this case it was a matter of temperature, blowing snow, and I would not be surprised to find out they got a bit of rain in there before the snow. My tires are pretty good. Some more weight in the back of the truck however, probably wouldn't hurt.
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    Now to get Mr. Boot into a Scruffy Nerf-Herder costume.
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    Finished the troll today (aka Schmetterling). I decided to try shading the red/orange with purple, and it worked very well. Unfortunately he didn't want to photo well and it's a little washed out. You can't the rich purple shadows as well as I'd like...grr! Edit: I retook the photos with a different backdrop and better light positioning, and that has helped. --- I'm considering going back and edging the bases with a dark brown instead of carrying the stones all the way down, something perhaps like this: I think it gives the figure a bit more definition, but will prevent them from seamlessly blending in with the playing boards. Any opinions?
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    @dsmiles - New Hope Leia; hence my realization that I have enough hair for the side buns. I won't even need to dye it, either! @Guindyloo - I agree with Chaoswolf's wording. Phrasing your statement as a fact makes it stronger. I wish you all the luck in writing your self eval! @kay - I have a warm fuzzy robe and crunchy Nilla Wafer snacks, does that work? Huzzah! --OneBoot :D