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    Sitting on my shelf of umm.. "opportunity" has been this really cool Bear from DGS games that I picked up at Reapercon 2015 at their vendor booth. Anyhow, we have a druid in my D&D group who likes to change into different large animals and creatures, hence why I put him on a large 2x2 inch base. I'll be doing some tabletop figures of each of these if for nothing else than to have some animals painted up for myself, but he can use them at the table to truly represent his character changing forms. Figure: Bear Form - Urdaggar: Tribes of Valor DGS Games SKU: 114013 C&C welcomed and appreciated, thanks for looking!
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    Was looking for some minis to break up a lot of the groups I have to paint now and decided to paint this not-dragonborn fellow. A player in my D&D campaign plays Dragonborns occasionally and he usually picks the golden one. He was using a mini I had painted as an NPC for Hoarde of the Dragon Queen (which was therefore a blue dragonborn) but I decided I could paint this guy to reflect the character he plays. Of course the curse of painting the mini is on me and now our group is indefinitely on hold. Anyways, enjoyed the verdigris effect of the shield, can't remember who posted the tutorial for that but I bought Reaper Mint Green just with the intention of doing it and decided that could work for his shield. I didn't want to have too much contrasting silver/gold so his armor is sparkling blue. The hilt of his sword was all weird so I thought it kind of looked like sculpted jade and attempted to paint him that way. The only thing I really don't like is I did my usual matte testors spray over the top of him and he's a lot less shiny than when I had just painted him. I am debating going back over his shiny bits (like his scales) with a semi-gloss but am not fully decided yet. Anyways, thank you for reading!
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    My D&D group has been doing Temple of Elemental Evil for the last couple months and there are a fair amount of gnolls, both I think intended and as random encounters. So I thought I should finally get around to painting these. We had based them a long time ago. Had a lot of issues with their stance being too wide for even the normal 1" square reaper bases. Had to buy square 1" wood pieces that don't have the taper the plastic reaper bases do in order for them to stand properly. I think my spouse posted a how-to somewhere in the terrain folder when he based this guys. Did some experiments to get the fur color I wanted. Obviously hyenas are a big inspiration for gnolls. I went with the reaper wood triad (woodstain brown etc. etc.) and that seemed to give a good yellowish brown that I wanted. Their mohawks and tails are the orange-brown reaper triad. Just close-ups of one of the gnolls (Colonel Mustard) since they are all pretty much the same. Batch painted them for the four I had of the one model and the 'thank you pack' gnoll as well. He is a little fancier. Anyways, enjoy and thanks for reading!
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    Decided to intersperse some modern folks with my painting since my gaming group had discussed possibly playing a modern campaign in a few months. Picked this guy up to try out my skills on the troopers. Mostly happy with how he turned out. Some details that I didn't quite get the way I wanted, but okay enough for table top I think. Thank you for reading and following along!
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    I wanted to have an Illithid for gaming and got me D'Khul. To create a "fishy" look on his skin, I painted it in pale violet metallics, shaded blueish and highlighted towards silver, then applied matt varnish. I was quite happy with the result and got a bit carried away when also doing the staff in metallics and the hood and hem with violet-green iridescent pigments. The photo is not so brilliant, one will have to imagine it shimmering under different light directions. What do you think of the basic idea? Should illithids look like that or should they rather come with a dark-and-simple scheme?
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    I have Witcher fever, what can I say? I made this guy from a kitbash of warlord games celts and wargames factory vikings. It was a really fun project. Now I'm all ready to go monster hunting! The boots are green stuff as are the belt, buckles and bandoleer.
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    My daughter took out some of her painted minis and started writing a story about the big bad evil worm that comes out on weekends and eats people (it is apparently what Weekend Worms do). The fairy is there to try and help with magic. Rarity (My Little Pony) came to help with the fashion. I snapped this picture while she went to go get something else. I thought you guys would get a kick out of this.
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    I have been trying to do the set dragons don't share. I bought it on ebay for 30 dollars plus 10 dollars s&h. the ruins were easy to base coat and paint with three different shades of grey. I plan to add flocking for grass some sand and maybe more broken stones. but the painting on the ruins is done for now. the dragon went great for such a large mini. I based the dragon in a smokey garnet, then blood red / fire red for the scales. the underside of the wings gave me fits. I used fire orange, flesh wash and fire red. hope everyone likes it. as always feel free with the advice. sorry I lost some of the shading and highlights in the pics.
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    Tabletop quality speedpaint.
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    This is Arturo de Montreux, my Pathfinder Society swashbuckler. He is from the devil worshipping nation of Cheliax, and as the 8th son of a minor noble house, he was going to be used to sire half fiends for the rest of his life. That sounded less than desirable, so he abandoned his familial duties and left into the wider world. Having never really seen much in the way of heroism or nobility, he set out to make up for the evil that his family has done. His idea of being a hero is flawed at best, but he tries. For the mini, I went with a pretty basic color scheme, but as he is all about wine, women, and swinging from chandeliers, I wanted to bring a bit of his carefree shenanigans into it. So, I took a few left over Hirst Arts pieces and Balsa wood, made a little bar, and sculpted a cup out of green stuff. The cup is decidedly large, but I doubt he would be complaining.
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    Those of you familiar with LOTR SBG may know of the spin off game, battle companies. Aside from being a fantastic blend of wargaming and RPG, I found myself in the mood to KITBASH! Here we have two ladies from warlord games who were given bows and arrows from wargames factory plus the gal with a shield was also given a spear. The Bandoleers are greenstuffed. They aren't perfect but this was my first time sculpting belts and buckles. The dwarf is also a part of the group (From red box minis) but was not modified. PS, scroll down for a group shot!
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    There's a couple of electromechanical pinball machines for sale near me for 400 apiece. Need some maintenance but otherwise good. I'm trying to figure out how to fit them in here. Seriously questioning if I REALLY need to sleep in a bed. See, this is why being single doesn't bother me. If I decide that, yes, replacing my sleeping quarters with disassembled machines is fully appropriate, nobody will yell at or murder me. I can do small engine repair in my living room if I want. Who's gonna stop me? NOBODY. Freedom's just another word for sleeping on gaskets and solenoids. Good for the back. Builds character.
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    Nora looks adorable! Yeah! i'm actually using Premo Sculpey for the little deer. I got quite a bit done, but this plastic clay seems to just eat into my hands... So I've stopped for now. My work so far if y'all are interested They'll be about 7in/17cm tall. Mine are over twice that height haha!
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    I'm currently doing a beholder cause I honestly didn't like the eyebeast so much (sorry, Reaper) and wouldn't afford the WOTC rarity one. My goal was to stick with the original 1st edition d&d illustration by maintaining an overall spherical shape, giving it scaly skin (not overdoing spikes and armor) and have the eyestalks wrinkled and belted. On the other hand I wanted it to look realistic and cool, having some actual anatomy. Also should the facial features follow the one-eyed concept in contrast to bifocal layout, e.g. I didn't want a nose or angry single eyebrow. It's about 40mm in diameter, so quite big in game scale but not a really huge one. It's almost done (3 more eyelids) and i would like to get some C&C or cool ideas (also considering the base) before painting it.
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    Hi, I have strong statement to end dozen of unfished projects, here its first, from old rackham beautiful miniatures. i made two photos from greater distance and i think they are sharper
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    I found a bit of brush time, and put together a new Avenger. A couple more pics and rambling on my blog. And a bit of a pic with my Avengers thus far.
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    I forget now where I saw this guy, but he was on this forum somewhere recently. I loved the sculpt and ordered one and this is the result of my flailing paint at it. I still only have my cell phone to take pictures with unfortunately. The mini looks a bit more crisp in person and and some of the contrast in the cloak is less flat than the picture suggests. C'est la vie. Also, I think Jerach would rock in Bones. I'm just imagining him decked out with some of the armory of virtue stuff.
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    Managed to complete some more mini's from the Galaxy Defenders boardgame over the weekend. As with my other GD minis, these were painted with RMS metallics. Then I hit them with a black wash followed by a wash of either Biel-Tan Green or Gulliman Blue. As a side-note, I have to admit that I didn't enjoy painting these as much as the other GD minis and rushed through them a bit. Not 100% sure why but I think it may be due to the lack of a face on these models as I found that I also don't have much interest in painting the rank and file GW Space Marines either. The funny thing is that I never particularly pegged myself as enjoying painting faces. I guess the difference is that the face at least gives the mini an emotional connection that is missing when you only see armour. Continuing the trend, the guns get bigger and bigger! Only just realised that the picture is a little blurry - need to work on my focus a bit more. :(
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    This is one of the five in the set, which I've been working on in my WIP thread. he's my test dummy for the theme, which is Luna Wolves. A white/black colour scheme which I converted to be light grey and black instead. I've always liked the Luna Wolves, in the stories from Horus Heresy, before they fractured into Sons of Horus and loyalists, so my take on them is right before the loyal Luna Wolves know that their Primarch, Horus, turned to the dark side as it were (aka Chaos). They were dropped on Isstvan III, where they expected to meet resistance, but it was actually a ploy to get all the loyalist elements in one place. Horus then virus bombed the planet and killing off almost all of the resistance to his take over. Anyway, so, my basing is based on fairly new wreckage of an urban type area.
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    I really liked the simplicity of this mini. With a tiny bit of green stuff for shaping, and some paint, I added a beard on to him, channeling Jet from Cowboy Bebop. The first time I used the mini was as a mercenary leader and when he showed up on the table everyone called him Battle Ian, as my chromed dome and beard fit well enough. He promptly finished off two players with a series of lucky rolls and thus Battle Ian became a source of terror for my players, as every time he arrived, heads would roll. The sword looks pretty drab in these pictures, and unfortunately, not much better in hand, but I was trying to go for a strange metallic look to fit the skymetal that the Technic League makes their weapons from.
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    Obviously she is now your nemesis. You must fight many incremental battles in an ongoing campaign that seems futile until that one glorious unforeseen day when she is defeated and you cast her down from her throne of evil! Er...I may have gotten a bit carried away there. I mean unless you're shopping for a nemesis? She sold me girl scout cookies today. I can't hate anyone who gives me that chocolately-peppermint goodness. Also, she's one of the few I don't want to smack every time she asks if I'm pregnant yet
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    I think you need another job with less possible danger to your physical well being... just sayin'.
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    For those that have followed along with my "All Bones About It" blog, where I'm chronicling my effort to paint all the Bones 1 Kickstarter figures I purchased, I was happy today to have reached the 200th figure out of the 266 that I am painting from Bones 1. It feels good to hit another milestone on this adventure! It seems all down hill from here, with only 66 figures left to go. With some real determination I think I can get it done by the end of the year. Currently I'm working on the Dark Elves set, and this past week I completed Liela, Dark Elf Wizard, from that set. I did a quick table-top paint job on her, and I'm generally pleased with it except I feel her face came out rather flat, and her expression rather dull. I don't think I was thinking in terms of the added difficulty of doing a pure black face when I did hers. I'll be more prepared next time. :) ​As always C & C welcome.
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    Sympathy like. That does seem like a poor choice... I should point out that the kiddo has lots of her artwork saved upstairs in her bedroom. Our rule is, as long as it's put away somewhere, she can keep however much she wants. It's just... she makes so many pictures... Like, on Sunday, I think she drew probably 10 or 15? Which makes it a slow day by her standards. Normally she'll get through more like 20/day on a weekend. Less if she "needs" to cut things out of the paper. (For her self-created projects, I have yet to see any discernible shape emerge from one of these cutting jobs.) The stack of saved artwork on her desk in her room is something like 3 or 4 inches tall at this point and covers a remarkable amount of the surface of her desk. There's no shortage of her artwork that's been saved! And for that matter, she's even been the one happily tossing her old artwork in the recycling (after picking out a few favourites) in the past. If we have time tonight after swimming lessons & supper, I might need to see if I can set up the painting table in the basement again so she can put some more paint on her dragon... That should make her happier. Thinking of which... Any suggestions on what I should give the kids to use as a palette?
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    Edit: Whiskey tango foxtrot, forums? You told me you couldn't submit my post, then double-post it? I'm so confused.
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    All these medical issues make my runny nose seem so inconsequential. I hope you and yours all feel better soon. So, the problem with Whitman's Samplers is that there are some chocolates I just don't like. This usually isn't a problem, because I just give them to Hubby, who will eat almost anything if you cover it in good chocolate. Well, with my valentine's box, I gave the two cherry cordials to a co-worker friend. And she just told me she gave them to the co-worker I like the least here. Actually, the only person here I actively dislike. It's silly, but it annoys me that she gave them to him. They were my valentines chocolates that Hubby gave me. If I hadn't given them to her, Hubby would have enjoyed them. Instead, Mr Doesn't-Pull-Into-The-Parking-Lot-Until-After-His-Scheduled-Start-Time-EVERY-Day got them. Annoyment.
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    Dreamt I was in a giant Megaman game, and had forgotten to keep a worm in my inventory which was necessary to defeat the final boss because he was scared of earthworms. I'm taking it as a sign than Monday will be kept at bay by being as slimy and wriggly as possible today. Weep for my coworkers, and pass the Vaseline.
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    Hi all, I shot at monday but I missed, it is still here!!! Feeling kinda stressed again. Will see a medic later on the day. I'm getting fed up with this .. Today I can pick up my parcel from Reaper containing paint and the Brood Dragon I ordered. Somehow this Dragon screams "Paint me like a big tropical bird!" so I might.. Right after my other 20 projects I've been reading up on some Dutch Comics, I had lent them to a nephew, maybe a year ago. Now they're back and I find myself going like...hmm..don't remember that one, I started reading again. In Dutch they're called "Suske en Wiske." Funny, Since I'm a hobby Chef coworkers from both my former position as well as this one have nicknamed me The Swedish Chef. This aside from being called "The Herminator" ( because Herman and Martial Arts) or "The Red Baron" because Air Force and being a redhead ( well was, since bald now). Put a matrass on the pinball machine, add blanket and try not to break it or fall through it...??????
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    I used to think that flail snails were ridiculous. Turns out they're far too tame for real life. Ladies, Gentlemen, Those Whose Gender is None of the General Public's Business, I present - The Mail Snail. The shell and scales are actually impregnated with iron, to the point of being magnetic. Makes for terrible escargot or paella only a dentist could love.
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    Reaper miniatures painting challenge?
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    Oh, roar a roar for Nora, Nora Alice in the night, For she has seen Aurora Borealis burning bright. A furore for our Nora And applaud aurora seen Oh where throughout the summer has Our Borealis been? (Walt Kelly)
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    I swept and mopped the living room floor this morning, and put the vase of artificial flowers by Jess's tea stuff for when she got up. I think we're both sick of being sick.
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    My father had a box of my infantile artwork which gave me some comfort, since my parents went through a messy divorce. ... Until he started sending me presents wrapped in my own drawings. That was unaccountably horrifying. @Pingo Oi! @canukotter There are many times I feel like the Monster Mombeast, but lessons must be learned. Hopefully she will learn this time. Kids don't realize how hard it can be for us to say no or get rid of a favored thing.
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    I sculpted a 35mm Boba Fett miniature as a Christmas present for my friend. It was designed to match Infinity's model scale so that he can play it as a mercenary model. The model was sculpted from Fimo. Here's a shot with everything but the antenna finished: The flame jets were done in Green Stuff after the rest of the model was finished: A 360-degree turnaround video (sadly a bit over-lit and washed out) is up here, and a detailed walkthrough of the sculpting process is available on my blog. I rushed a bit to finish the model before the holidays, but in the end I still quite like the result, and it was quite fun to work on. If I'd had a bit more time to work, I think the only major thing I would've changed would be to reposition the head slightly-- angled slightly down and to the right. As-is his head position feels slightly awkward... I usually sculpt in 30mm scale, and this was my first stab at a 35mm. The slight increase in scale made detailing quite a bit easier, as well as letting me use some much more forgiving methods when constructing the wire armature. I'm definitely a fan. :)
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    Talking og illness the kids have been sick less often since moving in. Mom was speculating it was due to my more stringent cleaning rules. (some are just common sense, but I enforce them)
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    ...your newsletter is disturb and I wish to being unsubscribe.
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    Nope. As long as the Evil Empire didn't get your cash, you're still good! Little chance on that..the only things I like from them are old and OOP, so these will always be bought through a reseller or Evilbay. Good luck! I hope you get it sorted out soon! Being stressed/anxious all the time sucks. Thx, I do know what causes the stress, I just need to find a way to deal with it. At least the Doctor confirmed that it is stress related and not a heart problem. To be totally sure i will get a ECG friday. But All points to "normal" stress reaction. I'll be hitting the gym tomorrow. Might help a bit.
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    Morning all! Hope your coffee is hot, and your bacon sizzling. That's awesome! But I'm also a fan of flailsnails... both the monster, and the gaming convention. It opened up a lot of opportunity to play with a lot of people all over the world! I came so close to getting an arcade cabinet when I was first single a little over a year ago... but they were out of my price range at the time. Then I almost bought a tiki bar... still sad I missed out on that one.
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    In the meantime searching on the Bay of Evil.. I found a Chaos #ss Cannon. The originals go for triple digits these days. This one is a resculpt..he looks the part, slightly different but great face. Plus original crew. So I figured, what the h##k? It was a very reasonable price, and I do want it as a centre piece for an Oldschool Chaos Army. I bought it.. Am I a bad person now???
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    So, I drove approximately 120 miles today without my license. I mean, technically I have it, but at the time it was at home, on my couch, where I left it after placing my reaper order on Friday. On the other hand, I realized I had memorized my license number. I just drove slower than everyone else. Which was still five mph over the limit, but I don't think it much matters when you're being passed by almost everyone
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    Just finished a bear figure that was sitting on my shelf of shame err opportunity for 10 months. A cool grizzly from DGS games.
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    Latest update is good, even though there's not much to really show this time. I finished all the carving and deepening of lines with the sanding stick. I pushed in random blocks on all but the stairs, though they really don't show that well on the main tower walls. I airbrushed primer onto the whole thing, which was an interesting experience. I had the PSI up between 40 and 50 if I remember correctly and I almost never go over 30, but priming would have taken forever otherwise. I tackled the topmost level with something akin to a drybrush using a large size 12 nylon brush that I usually only use for dusting models before working on them. I based everything with P3 Battlefield brown, then made an ink wash with Liquitex transparent burnt umber, then took a hair dyer too it to speed up the drying process, then drybrushed with P3 Hammerfall Khaki, Jack Bone, Menoth White Base, and then about 3:1 Menoth White Highlight: Menoth white Base. Below are two pictures from two slightly different angles. Do you guys and gals think I need to add one more level of highlights? I want to get my process down before painting the rest of it.
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    At swimming lessons. Had a chance to talk with kiddo before the lesson started, and she was cheerful as can be. I guess she got over this morning's heartbreak.
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    Sympathies. I've been there. If I knew where to get new lungs I'd have done it long ago. Glad you got him treated and on the road to recovery. Similarly, I'm going back to the doctor's because I'm pretty sure that they didn't give me enough antibiotics a couple of weeks ago. (Generally I need 14 days, they gave me 10. ) I don't want to wait for a budding sinus infection to get momentum during the worst part of allergy season. You already got the suggestion for taking digital photos/scanning some of them. Back before such technologies I also tried using scrapbooks, but my kids weren't that serious about their art so it was a failure. Having a consistent routine also helps keep illness at bay. Kids don't always know how to tell when they're tired so bedtime schedules can make a huge difference. I'm willing to bet you're better at keeping them on track. Edit: Moved Ary's quotes together.
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    Awwww Just so you'll know, that little submarine you drew is quite safe in a baseball card sleeve. Thank you. When my father died my brother sent me the remains of the box. They are in a little cherished heap in the corner of the drawer I keep our children's early artwork in.
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    Cool! I was reading recently about cone snails, which are pretty but venemous. Their stings can drop a fish in 0.00014 seconds and range from beestinglike to lethal to a human within minutes. These are snails that paralyze and eat *fish*. And they have long proboscises so they can reach anything that touches them. As my kids said, any venom comparison which starts with "FIRST lick a poison dart frog" is going to be nasty. (Apparently some cone snail venom = poison dart frog + puffer fish liver + botulism + cobra bite)
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    No. The display windows are like little rooms locked off from the rest of the store and there are security gates behind the glass doors at the entrance. It doesn't look like they tried to enter through any of those, which makes the security folks think it may have been someone they had dealt with in the past few weeks venting their anger at the store. I think you need another job with less possible danger to your physical well being... just sayin'. The neighbourhood has changed a lot over the years. A great many years. My very first job happened to be at this same location when it was owned by another company. Hadn't been back in years and never would have thought I'd be working here ever again but recent circumstances dictated otherwise. I've had my eye out for something better, but things are tough up here right now.
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    I've been thinking that sometimes the best way to highlight white is not to...