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    Here are a group of SDE girls that I got to paint for a client a little while back. I don't know that they need a while lot more introduction than that- so here they are. (I think Kisa's skin got a little bleached out in the photos, but I think these pics can show off what I did well enough).
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    My latest fix order arrived, and I was sick of painting gnolls. A very quick paint of some rats and rat swarms.
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    Following on the heels (or simply stepping on) the Dark Hold Goblins are the Psycho Faerie Folk. The first seen here intimidating the Locals: AND with some color: ...starting a new thread is almost as much fun as finishing an old one.
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    I found a bit of brush time, and put together a new Avenger. A couple more pics and rambling on my blog. And a bit of a pic with my Avengers thus far.
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    Doing the blending on the leaves & flowers takes a little time, but it is easy & enjoyable work. SO, my friend, since you like the color, I took some progress photos for you. ...coming along...slowly. This is an experimental color combo for all the Flower Folk you see in the background.
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    You look like a Muppet. If there was green in there anywhere, I'd look like ALL the Muppets, lol... (I washed the green liner off my fingers the day before I took the pics - I've put about fourteen hours of work into the two minis in the past eight days, counting drying times, pinning, basing, etc... Got about another hour left to go to finish painting one of the bases.) Wait... Was that a comment about my giant cartoon hands? lol In other news, I got a call from the temp agency today - there's a place that's going to start hiring for the season in a couple of weeks... The place that let me go at the end of the last season... As much as I hated it, I'll probably end up going back unless I can find something better...
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    Because Jack does nothing in a reasonable fashion when he can possibly go ridiculously overboard on it... My fingerpainting WIP... (I haven't quite painted ALL my fingers yet, lol)
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    Zombie zombie zombie; I made it out of Ray...
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    Welp, fingerpaintin' finished, pictures tooken, just need to post them. When I wake up. Time for bed.
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    So I didn't exactly sleep in yesterday, but I plan on doing so today and to make sure I do I figure I'll stay up late browsing the forums here tonight. Now why is it that when I don't have time to read the randomness thread you guys write hundreds of posts in the blink of an eye. Yet when I have the time nobody posts in this thread for over 2 hours!?! 2 hours!!! Please don't make me browse kickstarter. I can't afford that.
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    For those that have followed along with my "All Bones About It" blog, where I'm chronicling my effort to paint all the Bones 1 Kickstarter figures I purchased, I was happy today to have reached the 200th figure out of the 266 that I am painting from Bones 1. It feels good to hit another milestone on this adventure! It seems all down hill from here, with only 66 figures left to go. With some real determination I think I can get it done by the end of the year. Currently I'm working on the Dark Elves set, and this past week I completed Liela, Dark Elf Wizard, from that set. I did a quick table-top paint job on her, and I'm generally pleased with it except I feel her face came out rather flat, and her expression rather dull. I don't think I was thinking in terms of the added difficulty of doing a pure black face when I did hers. I'll be more prepared next time. :) ​As always C & C welcome.
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    Sympathies, Mori. My company announced a similar-sized cut last week, but the details have not been announced. I'm now in the position of just wanting to know. Good luck! Hmm...just had a door to door salesman come by. (I didn't even think they did that anymore) He wanted to give me some kind of air purifier thing for free. COOL! Except that I would have had to invite him in, and listen to him explain how wonderful it is and how it worked for an hour. If I need to listen to somebody talk for an hour, it ain't free. I've got other things I could be doing with that hour. Besides, I've got an Electronics Engineering degree, and 20+ years experience working in the field, if I can't figure it out on my own, I obviously don't need it. End result: no free pure air for me. ETA---I hope you stay safe, Guindyloo.
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    Still ok here. My area is under a tornado watch for the next 4 hours. I'm seeing a lot of wind gusts and a lot of lightning so I don't know if my power is going to hold up. I've lost track of how many tornadoes have touched down in the area. Everything had been West and North of me, I know there's been at least one fatality at a trailer park. (Is there science behind why tornadoes hit trailer parks?) There are apparently also people missing there and tons of damage. The mother of my godchildren texted to let me know that they're ok, but a tornado touched down on their street. She said there was "some damage" but she didn't expand on that. The news has talked about her area being really damaged in some places, but they haven't shown footage. Scary stuff.
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    Here's my entry for this years huge reaper minis competition. We've already gotten to use him in our campaign with my little one (the mouslings mostly fought him from the inside after they got swallowed). I decided to go with a strong light and dark composition for him- I honestly think he matches the Iron Kingdoms dragons pretty well. If he had a head plate over his eyes, he'd fit right in with everblight warbeasts (except that he's a whole lot bigger).
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    I kinda know how you feel. I'm going to have Schrodinger Reapercon plans until a couple months before, at the latest. The good news is that Mr. Boot has actually brought it up a couple of times and asked if I'm going again this year, so he's cool with it. I told him I'm not planning on it, but hoping I can, if that makes sense! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    The diseases are from all the smurfing they do. Why is there only 1 female smurf, and does anyone remember how it came to be so? Smurfs are brought by storks, according to the TV show. Smurfette was originally created by Gargamel as bait to catch real smurfs, but she underwent a face heel turn and joined them instead, which always made me wonder why in hell, if Smurfette is a real smurf, he did not simply create more, since he's so hot to get his hands on Smurfs for some reason. I particularly enjoyed the Twisted Toyfare Theatre fumetti in which we find out why: he eats one, and it sends him on an acid trip not to be believed....
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    For an IKRPG campaign (that I'm finally starting next weekend -- yay!) I have a few "Farrow" minis (from Hordes/Minions) who are basically boarmen, and fit a nice niche as creatures that COULD be intelligent, or COULD just be very monstrous, and, what's more, there's considerable variety in terms of what sizes the things come in. I've got a boxed set of "Rorsh & Brine" that consists of a relatively civilized-looking smaller Farrow (Rorsh) with a flintlock, and a huge savage warbeast Farrow (Brine) who's all about "ME SMASH!" I used some Instant Mold to make a crude temporary mold of one of Brine's spiky shoulder pauldrons (included in the set as a separate pieces that nicely hide the attaching points of the arms). I used a bit of putty to give Gnort a loincloth and to add on a shoulder-guard to make Gnort a little less "nekkid." (Not that I'd imagine the Farrow would mind that much, but none of the Warmachine/IKRPG depictions of Farrows has them running about in the buff, so I figure this'd make it fit in a little better and look a little less like "Look! The cheapskate GM is using PROXIES! (gasp!)") Oh, and the base was a very carefully textured bit of putty that ... uh ... got totally obliterated when I tried putting just a little bit of flocking on it here and there. Blargh! In the background are two Mage Knight "wereboar" minis. (I've actually found quite a few old Mage Knight minis are surprisingly usable for Warmachine/IKRPG -- especially some of the clunkier "steam golem" type models.) The original wereboars were bipedal but with hoof-hands. I had a baggy of spare parts left over from someone's "Ogre Kingdoms" box set from Warhammer Fantasy, and the wrists were just the right size that I could chop off the hooves, do some pinning, and add on weapon hands from the ogres. Their shoulder guards are optional belly guards from the same bitz collection. Since Mage Knight minis are already painted, the only "painting" there was basically just to try to get the transplanted hands to blend in, plus a little bit of detail work (and now that I've taken a close-up picture, I can see a lot MORE areas that could use touch-up).
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    So I did some high lights with Pale Skin, some shadows with Arabic Shadow and Inktense Chestnut... Lined the place Her legs meet Her skirt with thinned down Brown Liner.... Started on the Gems using the following: Fantasy & Games line from Scale 75 Negro Grey Arianrhod Blue Baal Crimson Greenskin Flesh Miskatonic Grey I tried to keep the order of colors where I could, from Her belt (2 gems) to Her Necklace (1 Gem) to Her Head dress (2 Gems) The same for the 'bracer' on Her sword arm. Then I just tried to be symmetrical and keep the numbers of each color equal.... Thanks Keianna for the gem tutorial, had it up while choosing colors! Pics: High Angle: Low Angle: Still have to finish up the gems... Do any of you folks see anything else I need to do? Been Starting at Her for so long, I am losing perspective.... How do I fix Her right buttock???? Looks like brush strokes.... Critiques and comments welcome! George
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    Another dollop of paint on the Savannah. Really haven't been feeling the paint-love lately, and the overtime has finally run its course. Probably will pick up again in March sadly, as I get pulled off of my own on-time projects and get put on others who are 180 days behind. Reward for good work? More work. Reward for not getting things done? Help from the capable. Strange system. Eh. But I'm itching to get another video series started. Thinking of doing a stretch of speed painting some mobs. Going to have to sort through the Bones I Vampire box a bit. But not tomorrow. It is time for sleep. Not been getting enough. Tomorrow is our family out-to-eat, then a 5th grade musical, and then my day off which will be spent transferring a car title (been holding on to the old one for nearly 7 years now) and replacing the front door locks with a new touch screen entry.
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    Thinking of staff cuts... I started at Blackberry on a Monday... That Friday, it was announced that they were laying off a third of the staff. I actually lasted 9 months before they axed most of my team. But I lucked into a really great place afterwards, so... yay! I hope things continue to be OK there Guindy! No trips to Oz, OK?
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    I now have lots and lots of tiny little bags. The plan is to move my 28mm minis from blister packs to bags and save some room. Also, I decided it was time for a new music playing device. I know what Sansa is like and never feel like buying into the Apple ecosystem so I decided to give FiiO a try. I'm not enough of an audiophile to really comment on the buzzwords like "dual crystal oscillators" or the CS4398 DAC, but I can say the FLAC Alice in Chains I just dropped on it sounds really good. Also, I like actual buttons over a flat touchscreen. I picked up the X3 2nd generation if anyone feels like searching.
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    I have found this guide very helpful when painting gems. Its meant for 2d artists, but it translates well enough. Unfortunately, I do not remember where it came from other than 'the internet'.