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    A friend needed a few metallic skellies so I did these in around an hour, just basecoat shade and highlight. I kinda like em ;)
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    This is the Hill Giant from Gale Force 9 Dungeons & Dragons Collector's Series (SKU GF971030). An awesome dynamic sculpt. I don't think I have spent as much time dinking with skin on a mini as I did on this guy. His base skin color is a mix of Tanned Skin and Rosy Shadow, with Rosy Skin and Tan Skin highlights and Sunburn Flesh as a wash. I also glazed in some darker brown in the recesses. Edit: I am having trouble with the pictures staying put
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    One finished Castrus Vile from Reaper :)
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    A father son portrait of Elendil and Isildur. I added shields to their back for gaming purposes.
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    Everybody always focuses on the rabbit laying eggs, nobody ever asks themselves which bird the rabbit slept with.
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    Well, at least it wasn't tequila.... Very few things in life make me actually cringe, but The Tequila Incident still gives me the shivers every time I remember it...
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    Northstar Miniatures Frostgrave: Ice Toad and Snow Leopard (SKU NORFGV301). Quick tabletop paint jobs. I have not decided if I am going to add snow to the bases yet.
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    Something I had never thought of until last week... Whenever the Easter Bunny is portrayed in a movie, tv show, whatever, he's always male. It's weird enough that a bunny is laying eggs, but that must be extra uncomfortable for that poor male bunny... Where exactly are the eggs coming out from?
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    Went to the AT&T store to finally get Awesome Wife her first smart phone (was supposed to get it just after Christmas). Due to various incentives and redoing my plan ended up with a new phone (LG V10) and tablet for each of us. I now have a phone that takes pictures again.
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    While eating my supper here at work a little while ago I coughed, and can now emphatically state that chili going up your nose is not pleasant.
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    Decided to practice dark skin tones on Goldar, and to go with that skin tone choice I went with some African folk art inspired free hand. And I can say orange is a tough color to paint, I hated working on the orange on his skirt thing.
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    I speed painted some bears and the snow leopard from the Animal Companions set in Bones (SKU 77216), The darker brown bear is from the metal Animal Companions set (SKU 3456).
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    not all scientifc discoveries have been beneficial, or pleasant
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    I had no intention of completing another mini (let alone a mouseling) this week. I just started working on her, and laughing, and giggling, and well. She got finished. I had a base in a baggie that I thought I would never have a use for, and well, I did ! So here we have Lara Kraft, Adventuress by G. Van Horne. I have the picture of her in my mind breaking into a lair of bad guys, jumping onto the pillar at the top of a staircase, and taking them all on ! I thought the gym outfit would fit her spontaneous spirit. Your comments/ and criticism is great appreciated. Do leave me a comment, I love getting your input.
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    Was having major issues with my other Mason Thornwarden post, so just ignore that one. Quick tabletop paint job:
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    So this is one of the minis I did for my March RP challenge, coincidentally (not) it's also for Wyrd's Iron Painter Challenge Round 1 the theme of which is Pretty in Pink. I have to say, I'm not keen on pink, but I do like very much how this came out. I did two new things, in painting this figure, I did "warpaint" and I painted a kind of kilt. It's not going to win anything but I do very much like this guy and think he's one of my best to date. (Overflow of pics incoming) Official pic, since you can only have one I did a collage (in paint my only graphics proggie): And the separate versions:
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    Over 1600 posts! Where does the time go! And I've only been here 8 months! Wow, okay, 8 months doesn't seem so bad.... I felt like I really wasn't painting much since I've joined, but I just realized that I didn't get my paints in until right around ArtistCon - like 5 months ago, and then we moved shortly after. That's not too bad with life and all!
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    A quick commission for a D&D player - he wanted her to be a drow who died her hair blue. Excluding drying time on the base, I managed to finish her off with only 4 hours of work!
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    LUTHOR HUSS - PROPHET OF SIGMAR As a boy, Luthor Huss was orphaned at an early year after an attack by a raiding band of Chaos Marauders attacked his small village on the outskirts of Wissenburg. The villagers were used to such attacks, and though caught by surprise were able to quickly rally and drive the raiders back into the mountains. But, in the melee, both of Luthor’s parents were killed. With nowhere left to go, the child went to the temple of Sigmar, begging to learn of him and to learn how to fight against the scourge of Chaos. The priests readily took him in, and set about training him in the ways of the priesthood. Upon his sixteenth year, Luthor knew that he wanted to serve Sigmar, to become one of his vessels in the world ready to defeat the enemies of the Church. Knowing in his heart that this was what he wanted, and sure it is what Sigmar wanted of him, Luthor declared his want to the priesthood. His masters attempted to sway him, telling him that the way of the Warrior Priest was folly, and that he should wait a little longer and become a priest of the church, ministering from the pulpit. Even at the young age Luthor had begun to feel disdain for these priests, recognizing that they seemed to preach piety and sacrifice to the people but practiced gluttony and waste in life. Luthor even realized that in the attack that had killed his parents, he had not seen a single priest of the temple in the fight. “No, masters. I will go and perform the test of faith required to enter Sigmars service as a Warrior Priest. I have no interest in sitting behind the safety of walls while Chaos exists in this world. I know that this is what Sigmar is calling me to do!†Travelling to the Drakwald, Luthor knew that the taint of the forest would bleed its corruption into the villages that lay on its outskirts. In his travels he came upon the town of Weismund, where he quickly learned that a herd of Beastmen had been harassing the village. The next night they attacked again, but this time Luthor stood with the villagers. It was on this night that Luthor knew that he had made the right choice, for he was filled with the power of Sigmar. Every blow that he landed took the life of another beast, his warhammer bursting with blue energy as Sigmar himself blessed his instrument. For two days the battle lasted, until on the second day a relief force from Altdorf itself arrived, tipping the balance and causing the Beasts to break and flee. Giving chase, the Altdorf contingent finally resolved that to continue pursuit would be folly, as the trail began to lead them deep into the Drakwald. Leaving his allies behind, Luthor continued on the trail, knowing that this was what Sigmar wanted of him. That evening as darkness descended Luthor found the Beasts camp. Thinking themselves safe, and still licking wounds from the battle, Luthor was able to easily slip past the half asleep sentries. In the center of the camp he found his target, the twisted Bray Shaman who seemed to lead this herd. The foul beast was chanting a magical incantation over the corpses of what seemed to be human and beasts alike, and Luthor took the opportunity to strike. Feeling the power of Sigmar fill him, so completely that he could hardly contain the feelings of strength that came over him, his hammer struck home into the skull of the Shaman with a loud crack. With a loud thump, the creature collapsed to the ground. Knowing he only had minutes Luthor quickly ducking into the shallow cave that the Shaman must have used as its home, with just enough space for him to enter. The layer made the perfect funnel, and over the next few hours Luthor fought, beast by beast, until none remained. Bloodied and exhausted, Luthor collapsed and slept. So it was that after three days Luthor returned to Weismund, with the smashed head of the Shaman in hand. “Sigmar has blessed this village, and all who live in it.†Tales of this victory reached the Priests of Sigmar before Luthor was even home, and so when he entered the Church the Priests were ready and raised him to the position of Warrior Priest. But even with this, something seemed off to him, as if those that surrounded him held corruption in their hearts. Though many argued against it, Luthor was chosen to represent Wissenburgs devout during the Sigmarite Council in Altdorf. His deeds were simply too great and well known for him to be looked over as the obvious choice, and a personal summons from the Grand Theogonist himself had helped to ensure the correct choice was made. Luthor knew that this was a great honor, and fasted for three days in preparation for the journey. Upon entering the city of Altdorf, and of course being a simple man from a small village, Luthor was amazed at how large and populated it was. There was activity, everywhere. No matter where you turned, people were bustling about doing things. But, instead of the wide eyed wonderment that one might expect, what Luthor saw was the sickness that infested the city, he could sense the taint of Chaos all around him. Pleasure dens and taverns seemed to populate every street corner, and rats and bugs crept in the dark corners. Entering the great Cathedral, Luthor was once again beset with those feelings of corruption that he had felt from his own church, and knew that this was not the holy place that Sigmar had intended it to be. When the council finally convened, all they wished to discuss was which Churches were collecting the most tithes and which were not contributing as they should, and about raising the meager wages they received for their work. This, coming from men dressed in the finest robes, with gold and jewels bedecking their persons. This, coming from those who had sworn to fight Chaos, to defeat evil, to protect the innocent. It was all that he could do not grab them by those fine robes, and it was then that a priest representing the church in Weismund began to speak about the people of his town not donating enough. He referenced what the Church had done for the town, driving off the beasts, and pointed to Luthor who sat in stone silence. “This man did what the town could not, he beat back the beasts. And what did the town do to pay the Church for this act? Nothing is what they did!â€. Luthor had heard enough. “What they did was bury their dead! Where were you, Priest? Where were you when the taint of the Herd first came?†The anger dripped from his tongue. “Where were all of you? If you cannot feel the taint of Chaos in the empire, even here in this hall, than you are all fools! You debate about our people not giving enough, for what? So that you can live in these palaces, eat of the best food?†Silence surrounded the Cathedral, until an older Lector stood. “What do you know of the world at such an age? You will apologize for this interruption!†he demanded. Luthor could take it no more. “You sicken me, and you sadden Sigmar,†he replied. Without another word he left the Cathedral, left Altdorf, left the corruption behind. For the next years Luthor found himself rooting out evil where he could, destroying the taint where he could. He finally returned to Altdorf, but not to apologize. He had finally found the proof he knew existed, that a small section of the priesthood was in league with the Cults of Pleasure in the city. When these priests began to disappear, the Church knew that Luthor was responsible. The same Arch Lector who had called him out for an apology years prior now demanded his excommunication. Days later the Arch Lector was found dead outside of a brothel. More demands for excommunication came, but those requests continued to go unanswered from the Grand Theogonist. Rumor had it that he did meet with Luthor one night, and it seemed that after that evening Luthor finally left Altdorf. The words still rang in Luthors head as he travelled to the dead deserts of the south. “You know what you must do Luthor. I need not tell you anything, except that you are the best of us. Sigmar has blessed you, and he will use you as his instrument in the days to come. Go where he commands you, and do what he asks of you.†Sculptor: Allen Perry Manufactured: Games Workshop, 6th edition Vote at CMON: http://www.coolminiornot.com/249016
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    I should be posting more frequently as the contest is in two weeks and I aiming to be done in one mainly as I have to varnish the wood base and it takes a couple days to dry. So this update is that the base and shading is done for the white and highlighting is next. I am really happy with it and sad that it will be covered up with freehand. Hopefully I do not screw it up when doing the design. I also started on the feathers.
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    Well, at least it wasn't tequila.... Very few things in life make me actually cringe, but The Tequila Incident still gives me the shivers every time I remember it... As a strong lover of tequila, consider me intrigued! (no you really don't have to tell if you don't want) You've done it now. 'Jack loves to tell stories. Prepare for the sudden onset of insanity.
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    Acquired a new car battery today because apparently cars won't start without a working one. This does not bode well for miniature acquisitions in the near future.
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    Dungeons & Dragons Collector Series Hill Giant by Gale Force 9
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    Acquired a stack of dvds today from a junk store and a pawn shop, for $18 total: Suspiria (Jessica Harper played Janet Weiss in Shock Treatment, so this was by extension a Rock Horror item) Furious 7 (because it was a dollar and I'd never watch it otherwise, can't recall if I ever watched 6 or not) Windwalker (an old favorite) Spaceballs (because I didn't have it on dvd) Sleepwalkers (another one I like, but mostly due to nostalgia and a hot female lead, lol) Rock & Roll Frankenstein (haven't seen it, but it bills itself as a terrible movie, so I figured it might be worth $2) The Brave One (Jodie Foster was good in this) Videodrome (hadn't seen this one since the early '90's, and it was $2) Confessions of a Call Girl (thought this one would be better since it had Bokeem Woodbine and Tamala Jones, but it was complete crap - I paid a dollar for it and felt like I should have gotten about 26 cents back) CSI Season 3 (They also had season 11 of NCIS, but it had extra copies of discs 3 & 4 instead of discs 5 & 6 ) Also acquired Heart's Passionworks on vinyl for $1 (Not that I have anything to play it on and already own it on cd,,, but now I've got it in the original format) And new front brakes on the car as well.
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    You could do a scale model of the entire Rockies with the amount of snow you get in one of the big Woodland Scenics bottles...