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    Allright Reaperites! This is what took me so dang long to get finished and shipped out to Marsya, which was supposed to go out last fall, I believe. At any rate, the crazy whirlwind that is life delayed the project by several months, and I am happy to report that she had received it! At any rate, I knew it would have to be special as she'd requested something along the lines of fall in Krynn. I was able to track down this: Goldmoon: And this: Riverwind: These two are a couple of the main characters out of the Dragonlance novels, and I figured they would be a great pair for the nature scene that I was planning to prepare. So I purchased them, stripped the old paint that was left from God knows when (these minis are from 1989), and proceeded to paint them up! The base is a simple birch section from Michael's. The leaves and tree trunk are from Secret Weapons, the plants and such are Army Painter (I think) and everything else is sand and paint from various places. The bowstring is from my little girl's hairbrush. One thing that was driving me nuts as these were the first two minis that I started painting once I started up again, and they seemed so small! Turned out that they were smaller than what I was used to. They gave me fits for a while as I readjusted to painting. At any rate, here's the result: And a collage: So I finished my exchange! I hate that it took so long, and I'm going to do my best to never allow that to happen again! LOL! Questions and Comments are definitely appreciated! Thank you all for viewing! -K
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    Okay all! This is the latest experiment as I needed some time off from Space Wolves and I wanted to play around with some ice effects. I stumbled across this old tutorial by Monkey Sloth on making ice, so I figured I'd see what I could do with them as I've been messing around with Space Wolves and all of their frozen misery. I picked up this mini at ReaperCon 2015 and figured I'd try her out as it'd been quite a while since I've painted something with this much cloth on it. I have to say that I spent way more time on this figure than I would have liked, but at least it was a great exercise in cloth, frost, and all things that have helped knock more brush rust off my brushes! You'll have to forgive the blurriness of the pics as I'm still learning to use the camera on this iPhone 6s. I'm used to my old Galaxy S5 camera that took awesome pics so... yeah. I'm learning. Anyhoo, copious pics.... Some things I liked about this project. Others, not so much. A few didn't even come through in the photograph: 1. I definitely liked the amount of PRACTICE I received as I'm really just starting to take off in painting after several months of no painting whatsoever. Hopefully the next project will reflect this. 2. I liked the tutorial on the ice. It made some lovely ice, in spite of my cat taking out one of the cups of ice crystals before they were ready. 3. I did NOT like how the frozen effect on the staff came out. You can't really tell in these pics but the staff is coated in Secret Weapons Snow Effects, giving it quite the bedazzled appearance in person. This did not translate to the photographs most likely due to the close proximity of the lights, AND the fact that I should have shaded the staff BEFORE coating it... I digress... Anyway... 4. Your girl got a big dress! It's hard to appreciate how much space she takes up on that checker. In fact, this piece was basically finished until I found out that she was doing the splits on the edge of the checker. The ice effects, like water effects, shrunk considerably leaving a bowl like depression, causing her to not sit flush with the bottom at all! I had to fill in the void with sand, then shade, then I reapplied a thin layer of ice effects... which then soaked into the sand and ripped half of it up. It was then treated to a drenching in thin super glue (some of which somehow got into the corner of my mouth...) then sealed and dullcoated until most shine from the glue was relieved. At the end, she still didn't sit level, which is why she has 2 extra shards of ice shoved under her dress as you can see in the pics. It was either that or see her rear pin, and she had no desire to show that off. 5. I liked the ink effects on the checker. Look great in person! Basically, she was a difficult lady to mount on an ice themed base of my custom design. BUT, she's there and done enough! LOL! Here's a panoramic view: Thanks for looking! Questions, comments and complaints are always welcome. LOL! -K
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    USPS tracking has been a bit uneven for me this time around, but it lists a delivery time of today and has been in the correct town since 4:30am, so I'm going to call it good. It was marked as delivered while I was typing this. If however you go by SGHawkins09 and haven't picked up your mail today, stop reading and savor the anticipation for a bit.
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    Hey, folks! I'm brand new here, though I've been lurking for awhile, and brand new to miniature painting in general. This is my absolute -first- attempt at painting a mini. I tossed around whether or not to post, but why the heck not, eh? The earlier I get constructive criticism, the earlier I can put it to use! I've been wanting to try my hand at painting for awhile now, and finally decided to get a learn to paint kit. I set right to it after receiving it yesterday. He's by no measure great, but I'm fairly happy with him for a first attempt. At the least, I was never tempted to strip him down and start over. :P If anyone has any constructive criticism or tips, they'd be greatly appreciated. The most trouble I ran into was with dry brushing highlights; I seemed to either go far too light or far too heavy on it, with no real middle ground. In any case, if I had any doubt about sticking with this as a hobby, they were long gone last night. Down the rabbit hole I go! :P (Edited to correct the absolute mess that my image uploads were.>_<)
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    Last August or so I helped TophDNA with his Summer Exchange (I think) and he was painting a cowboy for someone. At any rate, I decided to paint up this Gunslinger as Roland Deschain from the Dark Tower Series. I believe we did these in one evening, although I didn't complete mine. I'd put some crackle whatchamacallit on the base and left it to dry. However, I didn't get around to painting the base until a few days back while I was waiting for something to dry somewhere. I figured I should finish him as he'd been waiting around for quite some time. Really the only thing to note on this one is that I finished it in a record amount of short time as I tend to fuss over things for wayyyy too long. It took months to just finish the base, and oh, I did add a 5 O' Clock shadow while the base was drying. *Spoiler ALERT* Oh, this is Book 2 Roland as he's missing 2 fingers off his right hand... Here you go: Again, with the funky camera, I apologize! I'll figure it out eventually... Thanks for checking it out! -K
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    Some Games Workshop skaven, which I use for wererats :) I sort of went for a polluted/radioactive look for the base...
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    Hi again, still working on more Ral Partha dwarves, and here are my last two additions, two dwarves with axes, but one kind of a barbarian feel, decked out in furs and a bit of scale mail, and the other one more of a rank and file dwarf, kind of skinny and in a coat of chainmail. I'm enjoying painting these dwarves actually, as it keeps torturing me with different armors and keeps me working on the NMM. The barbarian dwarf was kind of interesting in that I could get the white of his eyes on the left eye in, but couldn't reach it for a pupil, as he's got these big, shaggy eyebrows. Made it a bit challenging, but I don't think it's very noticeable, especially at these angles and the other eye was very easy to do and reach.
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    I present to you Rasia Bladedancer. I stumbled across her while looking up Rasia from LTPK 5. I thought she looked really cool. While I loved painting her, I still haven't grown in love with basing. Mostly this is from not being good at it, yet. I just finally just decided to call it done. Here is what I settled on calling my Rasia Bladedancer done. Thanks for any C & C you feel inspired to leave. It is always appreciated.
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    One of my octopi has a top hat. This makes me happy. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Marvin; If you REALLY want to feel special receive Fifteen (15) letters on onion skin paper, Par Avon, all with the same miss-spelling of your First and last name, from different "Missionary Foundations" with the identical letter inside, asking for a donation. I was amazed that the Pastor's (although different names) used the same pen, AND handwriting ! I felt SO special, especially as I tossed the letters into the fireplace.. kinda gave me a warm feeling ! Jay
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    Swear I've seen this guy in a monster manual but I can't remember where. Anyone?
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    This is Weglaf from RBG. He been waiting around to get finished and based. Not really happy how the boss on the shield came out. I am basing to make on big scene and I included a pic on that. As always comments and critiques are welcome
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    So, I thought I'd go ahead and post these, as my exchange partner received them. Just hoping they arrived ok! only have USPS confirmation. I taped up the sword between two pieces of cardboard as it was very bendy I found and I was worried it'd break in post. But anyway I took pics first before shipping so here they are :) Yes, I took a lot lol since I wouldn't see it again I wanted to make sure I had a record in case I wanted to do something like it again :) few words about them: the wolf is supposed to be a timber wolf - I got some reference pictures and tried to duplicate that pattern. His eyes are quite dark because I just dislike the white showing when on most animals you won't see it at all (I realize there's a lot of exaggeration in miniatures but I just didn't feel right doing it on the wolf). The bases are a bit simple because my partner had expressed a preference for ones that would be useful in gaming and since there are two minis on this, I put them on a 40X40mm base I believe, but left them not actually attached, in case he'd wanted to put them on their own. I just used some paint and flock, pretty basic, to help them "match" each other and the base, itself. I'm pretty happy with a lot of the way the details came out, really this is one of my better minis. It's not on par maybe with some of yall's stuffs but I'm proud of this little bugger.
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    In the process of painting up Darkrasp as a priest of Auril for a tabletop game. Decided to use my uv fluro paints to add a little secret easter egg on the spell scroll. Add a little wow factor for the tabletop when DM of the game places mini down. Can whip out the UV pointer and make spell effect occur. It's the simple things that amuse.
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    I have shown this minis before without bases. As I am basing I am also touching up these older minis and giving them better highs and lows.
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    What innocent activity was transpiring when this belligerent mountain attacked? I was merely walking along minding my own business, doing some geologic mapping for a field course when it yanked the talus out from under my boot and threw me about 40 feet down the slope into a bunch of cactus. Rude if you ask me. I mean if it didn't want me walking on that particular slope it should have just said so.
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    one of my birdbaths now has a little birdy. This is all
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    Welcome to the spring edition of the Box of Goodwill! You may have heard about the fabled 'Box of Goodwill'. Maybe you were involved last time, maybe you're new and would like to see what it's all about. Well, you're in the right place!! Read on: This is the official, soon to be patented sign up thread for round 4. As before, please provide the following info in your replies to this thread: Where you live If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive) If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest) There has been a minor rules clarification made. There is also a slight change. Even if you were involved in one or both of the previous versions, please make sure you read them carefully. Basically, put some stuff you don't want/will never get to/think other people will find cool into a box and send it to someone else. That recipient will take out whatever interests them, replace a like amount of stuff and ship it to the next person in line. And so on. The last person will send it back to a different coordinator ( the person who originally sent out one of the boxes ). What's allowed: 1)Any miniature 1a) this means any material, any genre, any manufacturer, any subject matter. If you put lead in, please label it somehow (separate baggy or whatever) 2)Anything mini related 2a) bases, basing material (please package this very securely, and label it), terrain, scenic bits, whatever. 3) Free stuff--leftover bits, drawings, etc. Please label these items as 'free' or 'giveaway'. If you want some of this stuff, take it, you don't have to match it. 3a)Please limit the amount of non-miniatures related items to whatever will fit into a standard sized Ziploc sandwich bag if it is bulky. Drawings/sketches take up next to no space at all and don't need to be stuffed into said baggy. 3a-1)Use common sense. Also, if you have some hand-crafted, custom-built shark skin and mithril dice bags or whatever that you're certain everyone will love, PM your coordinator and the folks in your circuit and see what everyone things of the idea. Majority rules. 4) Keep it reasonable; try not to put in anything larger than 54mm. That's gonna eat up a lot of space, and create a lot of 'what's it worth' questions. What's NOT allowed: 1)Paint/liquid 2)Perishable items 3)Exceptionally bulky, non miniature related items. Donate that 7th extra copy of the Player's Handbook to someone that you game with. How it works: A coordinator will put together a box of stuff and send it out to 8-10 people in his/her circuit. When you receive the box, take out whatever you like and replace it with a like amount of stuff.The value of what you replace should be equal to or slightly exceed whatever you take. We're gonna use the honor system here, so it's going to be somewhat subjective. Trades should be on a one-for-one basis, unless you're taking something big, in which case it's one-for-two. For example: If you see 4 orcs that you want, take them and replace them with 4 other roughly man-sized figures. If there's a larger figure (54mm ) that you want, take it, and replace it with either 1 similarly sized figure, or 2 man sized figures. Once you're finished, pack it up and send it to the next person in line. Here are some other specifics: 1)The coordinator will put together a box and start it on it's way. Each coordinator will pm me with the tracking info of the box as it sets out to the first recipient. After this, each recipient will pm the tracking number to their coordinator (the person who started the box) AND the person that they're shipping it to. 2)Participants will publicly announce when they have received the package (pictures would be cool, but aren't mandatory), and again when they send it off to the next person. For example: I received the box o' goodwill from Chaoswolf. When ready to ship, 'I'm sending the box to Pingo'. 2a)Participants will also be responsible for contacting the next person and getting their shipping information. The people involved in any given circuit will be public knowledge, so feel free to exchange shipping info how/whenever you wish. 3)Each participant will have 1 week from the arrival of the box to make their swaps and then send the box on to the next person. 4) For participants in the USA, shipping will be via flat rate boxes. Tracking and insurance are included in the cost. In the event of loss, the person mailing the box will make the insurance claim and use the proceeds to purchase items to fill and ship a replacement box. 5) I'm anticipating roughly 3-4 months for each box to make a complete circuit (8-10 people x 1week per person + travel time). Once all boxes have completed the circuit (returned to the coordinator), we'll open up a new sign up thread and start the process over again if there's interest. Coordinators will need to pm me so I know that all circuits are complete. 6) This will be open to everyone. We have had several people express willingness to run/participate in a circuit for the newer members; I feel that this somewhat offsets any concerns about anyone's 'reliability'. Perhaps I'm a little naive, but the feeling I'm getting from both public posts and pm's is that everyone really seems to want this to work. Newer members are defined as anyone who hasn't been active on the boards for a year,or without at least one completed exchange. 7) Sign ups will end Midnight April 17th (east coast time). There will be a little wiggle room allowed here to allow for different time zones and whatnot. Once I get up the following morning, it's closed. I'll figure out how many people are involved, how many groups there are, who's going to coordinate and post that information in the first post of the chatter thread. 8) Individual coordinators are able to exercise a bit of leeway within their circuit. They will be setting up the initial package, so they can just stuff a box, or do a quick survey of everyone in their circuit to determine preferences. If they want to suggest everyone slap a color on Sir Forscale (or his designated representative), that's up to them. I'm thinking that the coordinators can run things pretty smoothly. If there's a question or concern, hit them up. Coordinators: if you're not sure how to proceed, hit me up and we'll work it out. 9) if something comes up and you need to drop out for whatever reason (life happens), please contact your coordinator as soon as possible so that he/she can make the necessary adjustments. 10)The group paint figure is not mandatory, just a little something extra for those who are so inclined. Also, coordinators please note: we're changing up the way the boxes will end up; you won't be getting your group paint figure back, you'll be getting someone else's. 11) Have fun! Ok, I'm pretty sure I've covered everything. If I missed something, or it's unclear, please bring it up in the chatter thread, or PM me. Don't add it here. Suggestions for a different 'group paint' figure and/or title can go in the chatter thread, too. ETA---I don't want to make any assumptions here. Even if you were in the other rounds, please indicate if you'd like to do round 4. Thanks
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    Finally painted something for myself for a change. Nothing terribly fancy, but I think he turned out alright. Enjoy, The Egg
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    "Durnit, where are my CORPSE PARTS? I KNOW I have corpse parts, and they're around here SOMEWHERE!"* *need basing bits for my postapocalypse Scooby Doo gang...
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    Canadian Mustelid Madness this week on Animal Planet!
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    Letting things get out of hand is a valid survival tactic - it means we keep not having time to finish painting our minis, making us immortal. Madness as self-preservation.
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    On an aquisitorial note, I had ordered a Kzinti Battlefleet box set for Starfleet Battles by ADB from FRP, (for $4!) only to recieve an email saying the item was out of stock 2 days later, so instead of messing around with refunds or store credit, they exchanged it for this: And sinse you can't see anything in that pic, here is a copy of one of the pics From Freebooter's website: He would / will make an interesting Gunslinger.... George
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    "I expect you to clean that up post-haste, mangy cur!"
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    I went to Home Depot today. There are things there that are useable for bases. I could totally make a sci-fi space hatch out of plumbing flanges. But I bypassed them. This time. I acquired: 1 Gallon Simple Green concentrate. 2.5" #8 construction screws (a door had the screws stripped out of the jam. Hoping the longer screw works). 12" 12 gauge mending plate. Works perfectly to fix the bent metal bar in my fridge door. 2 8" mending plates (in case the larger one didn't work). Now to figure out what I can do with these...
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    Acquired... Last night... I used my arcade tickets to pick up a grow-your-own-crystals kit and a $25 Regal Cinemas gift card (I saw Deadpool today)... Today... Jo Ann's Fabrics: A tube of glitter for $1 to use as gold coins for basing. Dollar Tree: I picked up a pretty trashed paperback copy of The Monuments Men by Robert M. Edsel for $1 that'll need some rehab before it's readable A set of 4 different styles of tweezers for $1 And an elf-ton of junkfood, most of which I ate at the movie. Best Buy: Labyrinth on dvd for $4. Books-A-Million!: Shifty's War by Marcus Brotherton (the biography of the sniper from Band of Brothers) Changeling by Phillippa Gregory Southern Vampires by Karen Kay Zweifel Unholy Night by Seth Grahame Smith The first two were $4 each and the other were $3 each. Book Barn (used bookstore): Ghost Of A Chance by Simon R. Green Seasons 1, 2, and 4 of CSI - Season 1 is in a different style case and the titles on it are I think in Korean, but the writing on the discs themselves is in English and it's a Region 1 dvd...
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    I have almost completely failed at adulting today... I was a baaad Jack. All I had to do was go to the credit union before noon, pay my internet bill before 1pm and then do some shopping and make colcannon. Oh, and do hobby stuff, like painting and setting up the grow-your-own-crystals kit I picked up yesterday... I managed to pay the cable bill. Got out of the house too late to hit the credit union, so I went to pay the internet bill, but realized I'd taken the (slightly different) route to work instead of to the office of the cable company. As I happened to be driving past the movie theater, I stopped in to see what was playing, and found out that Deadpool was starting at 2:15. I decided to catch Deadpool since it would be starting less than an hour after I got done paying the internet bill and I'd just picked up a Regal Cinemas gift card yesterday. On the way back from paying the bill, I stopped in at Jo Ann's Fabrics and Dollar Tree, then went to see the movie, after which I stopped at Best Buy and Books-A-Million! on the way to the used bookstore to pick up the one book I'd intended to get. Last night I used my arcade tickets to pick up a grow-your-own-crystals kit and a $25 Regal Cinemas gift card, and I got a 1.5-cup Black & Decker food chopper at Big Lots. Today at Jo Ann's Fabrics I picked up a tube of glitter for $1 to use as gold coins for basing. At Dollar Tree I picked up a pretty trashed paperback copy of The Monuments Men by Robert M. Edsel for $1 that'll need some rehab before it's readable, as well as an elf-ton of junkfood, most of which I ate at the movie. At Best Buy I picked up Labyrinth on dvd for $4. At Books-A-Million! I picked up Shifty's War by Marcus Brotherton (the biography of the sniper from Band of Brothers) and Changeling by Phillippa Gregory both for $4 each, and Southern Vampires by Karen Kay Zweifel and Unholy Night by Seth Grahame Smith both for $3 each. At the used bookstore I picked up Simon R. Green's Ghost Of A Chance and seasons 1, 2, and 4 of CSI (I found season 3 at a pawn shop about a week and a half ago)... (Season 1 is in a different style case and the text is Asian, possibly Korean, but the writing on the discs themselves is in English and it's a Region 1 dvd...) And then decided that I'd already spent way too much money and chose not to pick up the one book I'd gone there to get (the third Game of Thrones book - I have the 1st, 2nd, and fourth)... Despite the fact that I "only" dropped about $60 on everything today, I still spent way more than I really should have. Feh. I suck. EDIT: I was just thinking that there's not a whole elf of a lot growing in my garden, but apparently a rabbit has shown up and there's now a plant growing in my birdbath... EDIT EDIT: I now have a total of one birdbath with a piece of grass growing in it, two cacti, a rabbit, a large-ish asparagus-looking thing that could someday threaten to become a tree, and something that looks like it could be the top half of a very tiny (half the size of the rabbit) octopus which appears to be sprouting out of the ground.
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    You beat me to it this time! Digging the Paladin!
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    Well I managed to turn up an hour early for work. Time for a vanilla latte while I wait, then.
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    Just wanted to post a follow-up, two of these three finally hit the table last night. My friend finished his campaign last weekend, and mine started this weekend. I opened up the list of allowed races for my campaign, and two players decided to play bugbear bards, who are twins... (They're not so good at being bards, as bugbears get -2 CHA in the stats, but they are multiclassing in to rogues, as both also got a +2 DEX racial stat modifier, along with a racial Stealth bonus modifier). So the theory is they play bad music while the other relieves the crowed of coin purses...) Anyway here's "Bugsy and Bearbo" on their first appearance on the tactical map, following a rather unsuccessful die roll which resulted in combat. :)
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    Decided to experiment with my face and go completely clean-shaven for the first time in years. My daughter seems convinced that I'm a girl now, and my wife laughs at me every time I walk in the room. Yeesh. Well, the joke's on them - I'm keeping it this way for at least the first week I'm on vacation anyway! That'll show them! Or something?
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    I removed a small host of turtles. Quoted without context.
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    It looks like Mon Mothma and Akbar talking.
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    So this is one that I didn't have proper time to get a lightbox photo of due to it being a gift for my sister-in-law...it's her favorite animal, and I -still- hate painting fur.
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    Wel, I was always wondering, why in the world this pair of epic and charismatic characters has no representation as miniatures, neiter oficial or fan-maded... but Every hamser has his day at last)) (thanks for my friends resculpt of Reaper bones barbarian)
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    I have three Octopi, but no hats mine seems to be kinda stuck. Nothing new no matter what I do. I don't know if there is a limited number of "slots" objects can take, but I have noticed that new things seem to appear once I remove other things. In looking for ways to trim objects I discovered that trees can have way more components than it first appears. One of mine -- not the smallest, but not a really big one either -- had something like nine clumps of foliage on it, some of them quite small and overlapping so they couldn't be differentiated except by the circle that appeared around them when clicked.
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    The muse didn't hang around to long tonight, after I got the Polly S Couatl Orange highlight on the skin, Some GW Scorched brown on the non furry boots, and some GW Stormvermin fur on 2 of them, that was it, on a night that I normally PAINT until 5 am, I was done at 1.... (I spent the last 2.5 hours moving paints to dropper bottles, so at least some hobby stuff got done) Thoughts comments critiques welcome! George
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    More nonhuman barkeeps/innkeepers of both genders. Which of course means we're going to need a female human innkeeper first that isn't a barmaid or a serving wench. A former adventurer who looks like she can show patrons the door when needed.
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    What innocent activity was transpiring when this belligerent mountain attacked?
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    I ran a couple (maybe 1½ years ago?), which were fun. Then things got complicated and I haven't run one since. If someone sets one up that I can participate in, I'd try to be there.
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    @canuck Google hangouts is probably the best for quick usage. I'd like to see a monthly painting meet up using it here, it'd be fun
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    First side of the neck finished. It's slow but I am getting a lot of practice on gems... i may have to go back and add a little more light to the second batch.
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    Jos Gebbler - One of my all around favorite nasty guys - he has been an evil (undead) miller, an evil (undead) innkeeper, and a general purpose necromancer. The Auld Grump
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    Thanks to Thrym for being a wonderful Host. Lin’Chi and I met the whole gang, watched Marvel movies, chatted and painted … a lot. I had the time, and no distractions, to make progress on one of the FDs Lemures. Lots of fun!!