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    First, a quick story. While falling asleep last night, I tried to come up with a plan for the Open category at Reapercon. The theme is horror, so I needed something suitable. What's scary? Hmmmn. Something scary. I liked Kuro's tentacle project. Something with tentacles? Hmmmn. Scary... what are kids afraid of... I sat bolt upright in bed. A Nightmare! It's perfect! I can mutilate a bunch of Bones I'll never get around to painting and make all the rest from greenstuff and sculpey. I can use Talespinner's awesome Bones bed and make a little kid huddling under a blanket. I am a bad Corporea. I started with the eyebeast and squashed some sculpey around it. the hands there are from the KD phoenix. They're the scariest hands I own and my game came with an extra phoenix. Perfect! I also stole the wings from the harpy, the arms from the harpy and ape demon and plan to stick on the mockingbeast. Plan is lots of eyes, tentacles, claws and teeth. Yup. Bad, bad Corporea. in progress. See my little nightlight off to the right? I'll be the only place where the Nightmare can't be. I'll have painted tentacle scuttling away from it. I like the way the hands hover over the poor kiddie. I realized after taking this I was using my Halloween pencil to plot. that's the spirit! more sculpting and I added in some ghostly wall. Not my best foray into photography and I managed to drop the whole mess onto the base after this, but I fixed it. Plus it was only about an hour of sculpting, so totally fixable. I'll be adding a bunch more details. The spider/etc on the base will be done using greenstuff. I'll make some more tentacles curling onto the bed and posts, but again, avoiding the light. tried to get a better pic: I'll be alternating this project with my diorama this weekend, but for now, must take a dinner break. I ate donuts last night so salad today. Sigh. Salad. Now that's a scary thought. More soon!!
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    I didn't get the full set of these, but pick 3 of them up at retail. so many questions. why is he wearing a castle? is he really big and far away? who is the little door in the base for? The chessboard trap/puzzle is seen in all versions of DnD, this guy belongs in it, or at least running it. but what if he gets tired of chess? Maybe he wants to play checkers. This is my second, and better try at red metallic. I learned you have to do thin layers, not mix the metallic medium with the red, for that makes pink armor. and his opponent the White Rook (painted earlier) hmm no finished pictures - I will add them later. the black Rook is still in his blisterpack.
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    I don't know anything about the character but she looks like a junk yard dog type Orc from a more modern time. I added some gore chunks to the chainsaw. Hope you like it. ;)
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    When I fill out my questionnaire for the exchanges, I like to give lots of options for people to choice from. For example, I mention that I have CAV:SO figures (and hope to play someday....). One of the other things I mention is that I collect rabbit minis (it all goes back to the Doom Bunny...). I never really thought anyone would ever combine those two.... What an awesome and creative piece Kangaroorex came up with! I love it!! (Although I may never look at a Starhawk VI the same way....) I don't know where he found the little car but it is perfect.
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    I have finally finished my Spring Exchange mini - in retrospect it was perhaps overly optimistic to sign up for an exchange with a baby on the way, but there you go. It will be heading out to cerebro as soon as I gather some tasty local treats to pop into the package, and maybe smash out a few tabletop-quality mooks to pad it out because I feel bad about the delay. What made me pick this figure was that cerebro wanted an NPC or monsters for his campaign, and also mentioned that his campaign involved both urban and wilderness areas, so I decided to paint up a figure that could be an influential character in an urban setting. Then what really sold me on Ilnerik was that there's plenty of ambiguity about him - he could be human, elf, half-elf, possibly even a vampire; he could be a sorcerer, a bard, a rogue; it's even possible that he's not really a he. All of that makes for a character that's easy to slot into a campaign in whatever capacity one fancies. I tried to emphasise a bit of duality in the way I painted the face, not only with the green eye (which was partly just because I'd finished the right eye and thought it looked cool with the left one blank) but also shading the left side of his face a bit more than the right, trying to get a slightly sinister look if you view it from that side. Ilnerik was a bit of a departure from what I'd usually paint for myself, in that there's very little armour or exposed skin (I do love me some barbarians), so that was a bit of a challenge in itself and I really tried to push myself technically with my painting (sooo many coats of purple glaze on that coat). Derek's own painted version in the online store was a big inspiration as well, and a valuable reference. I'm pretty happy with the end result, and I kind of wish I could take it to ReaperCon and enter it into the contest. Thanks are in order for the folks that chipped in with their advice both in the WIP thread and on FB, and I'm eager to hear what you all think of the finished product.
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    I didn't recognize it while watching Stranger Things, but both my younger brothers swore we had it when we played as kids. I went digging through my old minis and just found the demogorgon. Might have to give it a real paint job now that I have some idea how to actually paint.
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    I've been trying to tick off some of those D&D Monster Manual entries, and painted up a bunch of large beasties. I kind of speed-painted these (spent a bit more time on the Oni), but am pretty happy with how they turned out. Feels good to produce stuff for the collection. The Brass Bull is from Reaper of course (the Bones variant), the four-armed ape is from Bombshell Miniatures, whilst the Iron Golem, Stone Elemental and Fire Elemental are all from Otherworld Miniatures and the Oni is from Zenit Miniatures. They're all really cool minis I think. Anyway, hope you like em!
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    I seem to recall asking Bryan last Reapercon what temp the plastic went in the molds at and I remember it being significantly higher than my oven. However, when I got up this morning, I opted to do two things. One, I made a sheet for the kiddie: Two, I took the leftover bottom of the beholder and baked it for about 30 minutes at 275. Just in case. awful pic, but point being, I figured if anything was going to collapse, it would be this slender tentacled thingy. Success! It did not warp or melt and was soft in a way similar to bones coming out of boiling water! Hooray for science!! So, after that, I finished up sculpting the main nightmare. having fun with textures. I love stream-of-consciousness sculpting. I put on my Metallica mix and went to town to as many "scary" songs as I could manage. Usually first thing in the morning I like putting on something peaceful like this Faroese woman I like, but in the interest of the proper frame of mind: Enter Sandman! So I didn't see the teddy bear pic until later, but it did give me this awful idea of making a demonic toothy teddy. Looks a bit more like a mouse, but it'll work. I added claws. I like it. It will still have more painted tentacles and even some greenstuff tentacles bits once I get it attached to the plasticard. I ordered some thicker card today, so it should come tuesday and I can chop it up. Success! The baking went well, nothing melted and I put it in for 40 minutes due to the thickness of the sculpey. I sort of guestimate on the baking time. It's ok if it ends up a bit soft since I'm not going to me manipulating it much in the future. Got it all primed. I think my black primer was buried under a bunch of stuff so I used black craft paint. Yes- I do actually have a use for craft paint, thank you very much! Starting to look a bit more 3-D. I'm using a purply-black palette I like: nightshade purple, dark elf skin and aircraft gray. I'll probably hit it with a bit of leather white and pure black later. Sigh. I hate painting black, but this project calls for it is anything does. coming along. all the bits are still removable until I get the majority of the painting done. Too many nooks and crannies otherwise. Yep. I'm going to totally freak myself out by the time this monster is done. Time to go make stew and eat ice cream!
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    I mentioned in the Acquisitions thread, but I will her too. We finally got our roof fixed. Woohoo! (Interior pending, but exterior all done and purty and waterproof, yay!)
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    We have acquired a working roof. The inside is not yet finished, but rainstorms are no longer stressful.
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    More progress! I'm almost done with the bones. I think I'm going to go back over them all tomorrow with a quick drybrush of white, or perhaps on off white followed by straight white.
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    Been working on a few big stompy robot designs since June, with an eye towards making my own independent faction for CAV, but also making them generic enough to be used elsewhere. This is the first one I've picked to work up fully as a ReaperCon entry, and be printable from a more-or-less standard 3D printer. The thing I've found is that curved shapes in the vertical axis really don't look that good. Too many "steps" as the shape is sliced into flat slivers. So, the trick was to print all the curves and other angled items along the plane of the print bed. Here's what the CAD looks like (PTC Creo Elements Direct Modeling Express 6.0). Each color is just making it visibly separate from the adjoining pieces, and doesn't mean anything once it is printed, as you can see all the blue pieces below. It's not all of the parts, since I forgot to take the picture of the other lower half. But, it is now all glued together, and some of the very flat parts were sanded smooth. I set out with the concept to also include some standard modelling items, so the barrel of the gun is a 5/32" (3.97mm) brass rod. I've got a couple of other ideas on some other little battle bots that use common items too... I just need to figure out what those common items could be. First shot shows the crewed side of the upper body. The gun itself is centered over the legs, and it is currently modeled in a split leg configuration. I've got it worked up that it can stand on two legs, as shown in the CAD render above. All that would need to be done is to swap out some short pegs that pin the joints together with some longer ones that go through both leg pieces, just for alignment and stability. Then here it is from the other side. This contains a fully decorative block of pieces, and the above shot shows a little block of deco as well. My intention is that should I keep making these, I can "upgrade" the later vehicles with missels, gun turrets, electronic suites, and other little fiddly bits. So this would equate to a Pre-Production Vehicle. Fully functional, but not something that'll be sent out and mass produced. One final shot to show the size comparison with a Spectre CAV that I've painted up before. I'm a little worried about how big of a base it'll have to be placed on, but then again, it's in a firing stance, and that's just how big it'll be. I've got the entire figure now drying from the slathering in acrylic gesso, which I'm using as part primer and part gap filler. Not something that would normally be used, but due to the nature of 3D printing, I believe it does well. I did do a couple test pieces back at the first of the month, and found a lot of modelling issues, but felt that the gesso worked rather well for what I wanted it to do. The plastic parts quite often had small gaps where it didn't fill in all the way, which I later changed in a couple small pieces to be 100% infilled internal spaces rather than the default 15%. I'll wait for everything to dry, then give it a good sanding. I might do a second coat as well, I'm not sure, but I really like how it came together. That is, once I got some epoxy glue that would actually work.
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    I recently found some small pics of an old paintjob. Grenadier Wooly Rhino with Barbarian Riders. I think I did this somewhere in the 90's Anyway..here is to old times..
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    I am currently running DND5E OOTA and these are some of the minis I've painted. The only spoilers are character & place names. I have posted 1 or 2 of these minis before but I have reshot or touched up. Most of these are new. The Players! My players have a mix of DND experience some played as kids, some read the drizzt novels some no experience at all Background: Ulus, a war priest from the Stonetoe dwarf clan. Though good by nature, betrayal has left him cynical and angry. The absence of war left Ulus to find solace in masonry, but the Drow have snatched him back into and adversity and now the Underdark. Hill Dwarf War Cleric. Miniature: Eastern Front, Dwarf Gladiator KS. Interesting fact: I added the shield after he picked one up early on and only added the warhammer when he finally got to Gracklstugh. Background: Parker Lewis the human fighter. Menacing and calm. Has never lost a fight. Hates thiefs. Human Battlermaster Fighter Miniature: Action Games, Drake KS Interesting fact: This was a multipart mini and I added a weapon swap as he was pursuing getting an axe that was until he got the sentient sword Dawnbringer who argues with his sentient cursed demonic helmet.. Background: Balazar Scallion my friends call my Rat. I am Dragonborn the off spring of a Humanoid and a Red Dragon. I live by the Lawful code of the Red Dragons but temptation sometimes gets in my way. Dragonborn Rogue Swashbuckler. Miniature: Stonehaven, Half-Orc Adventurers KS Interesting fact: This character was built around the mini which was a different approach to how the other players made there characters. Also the player does a great pirate accent! Background: Naivara Oakenheel a wood elf hunter native of the Ancient forest of Neverwinter. I've been captured by the Drow and taken to their deep under world. Wood Elf Ranger Deep Stalker. Miniature: Stonehaven, Elf KS Interesting fact: This was my favourite miniature out of the players to paint, also to photograph. Background: Lander Brightwood. Young naive half elf out to bring light to the darkness. This earth bound paladin has entered the trials of his faith, now that he is in his own darkness...... The drow have left their mark. Half-Elf Paladin Oathbreaker. Miniature: Stonehaven, Elven Adventurers KS Interesting fact: I had this miniature already painted for another campaign but it seemed to suit the char at level1 but now level4 that isnt the case. I showed him another mini very fish villainous type (Reaper Bones II 92620) and now I am painting up a four armed sea creature (Reaper Bones II 92617) and I have told the player IF they kill it that he should skin it and wear it as armor. It also didnt photograph well. Background: Rafaella "Fey" Blackling. A wizard from the Eladrin race. She fell down a tunnel in search of crystals and natural resources to conjure her spells, and ended up trapped in the hell hole that is the Underdark prison... She's hardworking and fair, and she has no time for dodgy folk... She'll be a good addition to the adventuring team when her damn spells start working! Eladrin Transmutation Wizard. Miniature: Reaper Special Interesting fact: The axe doesnt suit the Wizard but suits the way the Player plays her! Background: Eldeen Moonsmoke. A Far Traveler from the lands of the Elves. On my journey I was given a choice to die in a watery grave or swear allegiance to Cthulhu, the god of the dark trenches. A contract was made and I was speared and given great power, now I am trapped in the Underdark with these.. commoners. How drab. High Elf Warlock. Miniature: Stonehaven, Elven Adventurers KS Interesting fact: One of my favourite faces I've painted.
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    .... experimenting with painting sheers. I have never done this before. I think, after I've fumbled my way through it, I'll go look for some tutorials, to streamline the procedure. ^.~ Also, I suddenly want ribs. *grumble* And they're all frozen solid. I thought Ub3r was supposed to be the enabler around here?
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    A little progress on the little guy. The mousling's cloak is done and the sword is started.
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    You must show more aggression than either or you will lose your place in the pack. I recommend eating half of each bowl before graciously allowing them to finish.
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    All coming soon, we have a small backlog of regular releases that will either come out midweek or the week after the KS ends, don't want them swallowed up by the closing weekend of the KS. Both of the male and female contentment ones (plus a resin only female one with a bootprint on the butt because Kev made that before it was pointed out she would look odd on her own :), 2 more naked dollies, the original bard one we missed off the previous releases and the male dolly for Matthias, BattleChip, the 40mm nude base don Jessica Rich's art, plus 4 fantasy metals and a sci-fi metal. Maybe more I've forgotten :)
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    Interesting... so all of the Star Wars movies today on TNT? (Well, not VII, but still). Good enough for cleaning house and stuff... And then, I think we are going to go watch the Magnificent Seven at the matinee today (and do my best to only buy tickets... ) Afterwards, my bride of 20 years, says she finally wants to pick up the minis I have given her, the brushes I bought her and slap some paint on a zombie! All in all, sounds like a really good day! Somewhere in there I need to squeeze in some script review, but, that shouldn't be too bad.
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    ordered 77151: Darkrasp, Evil Priest to be the evil necromancer who raises her from the dead. He'll be on her base somewhere Think i'll bring htis one to ReaperCon too
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    The Bearded Devils are complete. Lots of Reaper Cinnamon Red on these guys. Actually, a lot of red, period. WIP thread HERE More pictures on my blog.
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    I know that feeling! Of course, I don't think mine was as bad as yours, but I had a small leak for years where the flashing around my chimney had gone bad, and patching it with tar got tiresome so this year I redid my roof in metal. Sure, I'm now back in debt, but at least I shouldn't have to worry about my roof again until I'm old, feeble, and ready to die. Now I just need to fix everything else that's wrong with the house. One step at a time... Yay for new roofs! We had ours done a year and a half ago with a fancy PVC instead of torch down. Should last longer than the house. Such a wonderful feeling to hear the rain and not worry about it. I'm glad to know you're still around, although I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Lots of us have been there and we're here for you if you need us. <hugs> Coincidentally this video recently made it to YouTube. Hope it helps you smile.
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    Life has been rough lately. So I've been quiet and now struggling to chat again as I just feel depressed due to everything going on. Sorry if being a downer. It has just gotten worse when I thought it was all getting better. (Not financially that is improving)
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    I know that feeling! Of course, I don't think mine was as bad as yours, but I had a small leak for years where the flashing around my chimney had gone bad, and patching it with tar got tiresome so this year I redid my roof in metal. Sure, I'm now back in debt, but at least I shouldn't have to worry about my roof again until I'm old, feeble, and ready to die. Now I just need to fix everything else that's wrong with the house. One step at a time...
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    How are you with cherry juice, because black cherries actually are more effective for UTIs than cranberries according to my Dr.
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    Kathud !!!! Gasp... 12 gifted watercolor paintings up on the walls. 9 more to go up tomorrow. Its a bit unnerving to hang a painting from 1984 with a younger yourself smiling in the background, or a painting of yourself wearing your Birthday suit in your bedroom. But they are what they are. There is a portrait of the artist and my self riding a Unicorn. One of my favorites. It has written under the the Unicorn front leg: "Come be my love, Let us sing, and dance as butterflies will, and do the dances that only butterflies, and lovers know." Kinda moves one to know that one has been well loved.
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    Eldest is downstairs with PingosHusband making ice cream.
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    I started working on the highlghts on his black armor a little last night. It's still early, but it seems too stark, too thick, too....something. I intend to try to work up to white, but I'm not sure now. Thoughts?
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    This week I painted Kyra, Iconic Cleric, from the Bones I Iconics II Pathfinder Miniatures set. She looked to me to be suitably clothed for adventures in a cold environment; so, since I am short on Templar type figures for Frostgrave, I decided to paint her as such a figure for my Frostgrave collection. Unfortunately, this is one of the figures from the Bones I Kickstarter that ended up with nose issues. For gaming purposes this doesn't bother me too much, and a nice heavily highlighted nose paint job helps hide the fact that she barely has one; though you can tell there still isn't something right about it...
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    HAH! Told me too many images to post in the previous post! Inside
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    Practicing your Halloween Voice???? I will haunt you.
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    Whatever happened with CanadaMailArmaggedonStrikeOfDoom and all that assorted nonsense ???
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    Thanks for all the nice comments! That does seem to be the thing I struggle with most. I'm getting better at it I think, but I will definitely keep trying to push further. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! Thank you vulture! The iron golem and the oni are probably the ones I'm happiest with myself as well. I am kind of trying to build up the collection of monsters, and have a bunch more to do from Otherworld and Gale Force 9, not to mention the Tome of Horrors minis I hope to receive soon (really looking forward to your Froghemoth). Really hard to say how long they took as I did them in parallel with a bunch of other stuff. I'm pretty slow, so when I say speed-painted it's more a case of making an effort to not get too bogged down. I think I tend to spend a proportionally large time on prepping, basing and painting the base, but painting the actual mini for like the iron golem and the two elementals (where I had a planned recipe for painting rusty iron, fire and stone) was done in maybe an hour or two (spread out over several nights). Thanks Citrine! Sure, here are my notes: * Primed with Leather Brown spray from Army Painter (I don't think priming in brown added much to the end result, I just did it together with the iron golem as I had initially intended to paint them both similary, in brownish metal, but changed my mind along the way for the bull ). * Basecoated with Trash Metal from Scale75 (a medium dark metal, this was my first trying out of the Scale75 metals; they were really quite nice). * Gave the whole thing a black wash (GW's Nuln Oil). * Highlighted up the scales with Trash Metal, followed by Heavy Metal (both from Scale75). * Went over everything with a covering of thinned down Green Ink (Scale75). I wasn't 100% happy with how the bull turned out, as I kind of think it just looks a bit too uniform. But I didn't really have any good ideas for changes to make, so just decided to keep it as is and push on with the other beasties.
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    Sorry to hear, FH. My Garmin appears not to be charging. I don't know if that's because the device itself is toast, or just the mini-USB connection. Either way, I guess I should find other plans for navigating to meet Reaperbryan tomorrow... I am told that telephonic devices have evolved and mostly include GPS voice directions in this strange new world. I of course know this to be foul lies perpetrated by the Sleestak Time Walkers in retaliation for the universal mocking of their pencil crossbows.
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    Second coat of highlights done; I'm still not liking it. I think it looks like too stark a contrast with the black armor. Someone please tell me again, why I decided to paint his armor black? Should I keep trying to push on with this, maybe using a metallic color to finish off? Go over the whole thing with black and just try to use a metallic color for the highlights? Maybe silver mixed with a touch of black to darken it up a little? Help!!
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    rolls of licorice candy? He got those.
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    thanks!!! I confess, after coming up with the idea I didn't sleep very well! ultrasquid- all the parts are removable except the eyebeast and the mockingbeast. Sculpey bakes at 275, and I'm pretty sure the actual melting point of the plastic is higher. It's ok if they get soft- heck, a warped face is scarier, right?, but I'm going to watch them extra carefully to make sure they don't do something awful like release toxic fumes in my kitchen. It'll be hairy and I worried about it, but otherwise I can't get the bulk of the sculpting done in sculpey which for me is faster and cheaper. if it fails... I learn something! And I have extra bones... I'll also wear my N-95 mask and kick the cats out of the room! But if anyone knows for a fact the bones melt at that temp, let me know and I'll alter my plan!
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    The update was very informative and addressed a number of concerns. It is a bit surprising that they didn't mention a word about mold release. So many people have commented about it. They also didn't mention metal production. Either way, I'm feeling good about not getting anything yet. It looks like the later runs may be a little better than the first ones. We won't really know until we see them. The Great Seraphim size test print is looking nice. Can't wait to get some paint on that one. Sooo lovely.
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    Hello all, Please ignore the base for now, I'm still debating if i should take it off altogether and put it on a separate ice base or try to level the current one with a layer of fresh snow on top. That was a fast painting for a Frostgrave Ice Elemental: white basecoat, blue glaze, green wash, white drybrush.
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    So here is finally my Stonehaven half orc thief. Got him finished last night. Wanted muted colors, so blacks, greys, purples and blues. Anyway, hope you enjoy!
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    Oh yes, pictures! I have some from last night. The most useful angle came out all blurry and I'll have to reshoot, but here's what came out:
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    Slack, both in getting painting done and posting updates when I do..... Did some work the other night: An AP Dark Tone (so black) wash on most of our painted guy. And did a base coat on the flesh of the rest. Took today off as there are plans, and got some painting in this morning. A few more washes on our test subject. And did the black (for under metal) on the other 5 and the Ruddy Brown bits on two of them.
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    Did some more on him this afternoon: Finished his face and hair. What do you think? And just for fun: Say hello to my little friend!
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    Whatever happened with CanadaMailArmaggedonStrikeOfDoom and all that assorted nonsense ???I'm not sure of the details, but somehow they managed to reach some sort of agreement. One of these days I would love to experience af full night's sleep. Heck, at this point I'd be delighted to experience 6.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It seems like such a magical idea. I hope Bryan isn't expecting me to be bouncy and fill of energy today...
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    If you have one, the not-a-gibbering horror might be an excellent addition. *evil grin* Helping!
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