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    WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70492-77190-golden-nethyrmaul-v2/ When I first saw Nethyrmaul I had one immediate thought….and when I saw her being painted up as an evil dragon left and right, it solidified the idea….that my Nethyrmaul was a good dragon. One who mentored and aided knights, defended towns within her territory, and was noble and honorable. Until one day, outnumbered, she fell in battle against a Necromancer and his unholy beasts and undead. Torn open by the fangs and weapons of his legion, and dying, her spirit was captured and imprisoned. Forced under the Necromancer’s will, her mangled corpse lurched to its feet, her eyes blazing a unholy green instead of their gentle blue. Her mind, chained and helpless, was forced to endure and witness as she was turned against the Knights she called friends, and against the villages she had once protected. This diorama helped me try my first attempts at NMM and OSL, though I am not sure how well I succeeded at them.
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    There's something about Chibi miniatures that makes me want to create fan art out of them. Fan art for many things- Kingdom Death, Siege of the Citadel, Final Fantasy, Borderlands- the list seems to go on and on. So it shouldn't come as a surprise when I want to create characters from one of my four year old's favorite book series- The Princess in Black. She's a princess who is secretly a super hero who fights monsters with her ninja skills (I really love these books) For those interested, here's what she looks like in the books:
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    WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61505-siris-felbeast-conversion/ "In the swamp, in the fog, In the shadows slowly slipping, From the marsh, from the bog, Comes an ominous, sinister hissing. Gnarled roots and branches twisting, Rising mist and unclear shapes, Phantom sounds and distant whispering, Comes from unseen, dancing wraiths. Murky water slowly rippling, The very air seems to seethe, From the shadows something's snickering, Once you enter it's hard to leave."
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    Started my next gcmini building project, Taco Bell in the post apocalypse. Hope you like it ;)
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    three spiders painted fairly quickly. The orange one is part of the Orange/Purple/Green only challenge. fireball orange, pumpkin orange, twilight purple, moth green and emerald green. this was the goal :somewhere about 66% oranges, 25% purple, 9% greens-ish, - perhaps a little more purple than 25% . im going to fix the orange back leg, it must have rubbed off before getting sealed.
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    SO*...Neighbor Tom is a Balladeer, song writer, guitar player, West Texas Boy, & a GOOD friend. His Birthday is coming up next week. To commemorate The Event** I did up a miniature. Handsome Jack is one of Tom's songs, ergo, it's now the name of his mini. In this case the mini is one of the monthly releases that Old Glory did a few years ago: ...fill your hand, Pilgrim. *This seems to be the way I start most stories of late. There is a distinct possibility it is yet another sign of imminent senility. **When you reach a certain age birthdays warrant capital letters. It's the older-than-dirt phase.
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    Adept, do you gamble ? I'm going to toss out an idea. My sister-in-law trained (by herself) nine (9) bosses. Each one became worse than the one before, and they depended on her to pull their stupid elfs out of the fire, before they quit (since they saw they were going to be let go). She said to to me.. I am so tired of training these monkey's in suits. I said.. then take the Job. She said "They WON'T GIVE it to me.. I said.. your not asking them to give it to you; you ARE TAKING the position. You trained them all, you did their jobs.. Its now yours...lets show them how a woman does it. Paste a sign over your name plate.. Acting Director of XXX.. She did it, they held a meeting, she had to be there anyway. They got to her Job.. Who shall we get to fill the position... She stood up and said "I have filled the position".. I'm the new Director... I'm NOT training another idiot.. Its mine, and thats the end of the discussion. They BACKED DOWN.. she held position for ten years until she retired. I was SOOO proud of her.. was the best director they ever had, and she never trained anyone again. Just an idea.
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    Hi, I'm continuing my random minis painting and I found this gray mini standing out (quite obviously) in my pile of unpainted White Bones. It was clearly not a Bones (I must have gotten it from the dollar bin of my FLGS), so my OCD kicked-in and instead of putting it in another bin, I slapped some paint on it and called it done. I'm not that pleased with it (wasn't really inspired, and gave up on making the eyes pretty after 5 futile attempts), but I'm happy that it is one less mini in the unpainted bin.
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    In case you ever wondered what a hamster hanging out looks like...
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    Okay, so at about 11:30 last night the bar tender comes down to my outpost and informs me that there is a nearly naked man heading down to the lobby (there's a clear view down either hall from the lobby). A minute later he arrives, wearing only his boxer briefs and carrying a toothbrush and with toothpaste on his face. He needs a new key because he'd been locked out of his room. Okay, w/e, I've had people lock themselves out in various states of undress before. Though, never while they were brushing their teeth. I give him his key and he departs. 15 minutes later he returned, fully dressed, to report that his wallet had been stolen. A "young lady" he had invited to his room at 7:30 had arrived late, and when he opened the door she had shoved him out it and locked him out. So while he was on his way down to get a new key, this lady stole his wallet and took off. So, I call the cops, and as he's talking to them he admits that he'd "met" her on backpage.com. Oh boy. While waiting for the cops to come he got a call from his wife and asked her to cancel all his credit card because his wallet had been stolen and he would "explain later". Well, the bartender comes back to turn in her paperwork, and informs me that the "lady" he described was a cross dressing white fellow, done up to look African American. They had been talking in the bar for a while earlier in the evening. Just before I left the guest came down to check out. He was supposed to have been there another five days, but I guess his explaination didn't go so well with his wife. Wages of sin, and all that jazz.
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    Took my bestest friend out to dinner at a restaurant called "Taste of India" this evening. Food was incredible (vegetarian). I had forgotten how much I enjoy Indian food. Then picked up a stump Teapot with a self contained tea strainer and infuser, along with some japanese green tea. Really looking forward to using it. Since I have been controlling my food intake; I am 75 percent a vegetarian, and 25 percent NOT. One of my meals can have hotdogs, cheese, or eggs. the other two are total vegetarian. I am also six foot tall, and now weigh 164 lbs, and holding right there.. Seems this works for me !!! AND I'm still painting miniatures..ROFL.
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    /resembles this picture EDIT: Art credit: http://blayrd.deviantart.com/art/bored-bored-board-boar-is-bored-281241079 Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Not sure how he got his name. Sounds like it would have been better for a post apopcalyptic mini. I had a really tough time with this one. That dragon on his cape broke up my flow lol. I really didn't know what to do with it and didn't even know it was there until it came in the mail. The base is sort of ordinary, but it will match the base of something bigger that I am working on. Nice wet cave setting.:)
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    I had a really hard time keeping a straight face and trying to seem sympathetic to the guy. Especially when he came down to check out early.
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    In a surprising turn of events, a new gas range was successfully both delivered AND installed!! At long last I can seriously cook things. Plus now my copper kettle gets hot enough to actually whistle!!
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    Dilvish will be assisting in painting a 1:1 drow at Reapercon. Should be entertaining.
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    Really need to get back to finishing a couple of ReaperCon entries. Neeed to finish 2 for sure and try to get a third done.
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    *sorts list alphabetically, then color codes it just for fun. Then starts going crazy with webdings and smilies because why not. Adds a few doodles for visual interest* *hands impromptu art project back* I'm helping! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Well, a colleague got promoted from my prior position, so there is now an opening on the team I am on temporary leave from. There is a colleague on my current team (the one I am covering) that is going to take care of a parent who is going to pass away. Another colleague that was the transportation for the majority of my D&D group has been moved to a different shift for backfilling the team I don't get along with. Long story short: Halloween Vacation Cancelled. D&D Cancelled. And I get to work by myself most nights for the next three weeks as they backfill my position for the fourth time without considering me for the role, as they would have to backfill me at least twice on the team I am not supposed to be on. I think this weekend, I shall endorse the consumption of self destructive amounts of adult beverages. It has been a great week. WHERE IS THE TYLENOL!?
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    Don't know about a Sophie.... but... Yeah... that's right, I did a rock conversion. It was a fun little project.
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    Drybrushed Tesla Blue, then Mediteranean Blue tonight... and sanded / filed a bit on the table... Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement!!!! George
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    Censored for your virgin eyes. I really like these classic bugbears. I don't know that they needed to include monster "junk" but it makes it a conversation piece.( I had to paint that thing) ha. I did a comparison picture to the modern bugbear.
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    A friend of mine recently gave me several boxes of Hirst Arts blocks he had casted for a project that he's never going to finish, so I decided it was time to finally make some terrain for RPGs and Skirmish games. We've been playing Song of Blades & Heroes lately. Since my son loves to play evil liches, necromancers, and undead, I decided I'd start with a graveyard. I made some mausoleums and a sepulcher from the hirst arts website, primed them black, then drybrushed from dark to medium light greys. I put some various brown and dark green washes, then drybrushed up to light greys. Then I used some woodland scenics flocking, army painter tufts, and some birch seeds for leaves. I decided not to base them so I could use them on any type of terrain. I think they look pretty cool for my first try. Next, I'm trying to figure out how to make gravestones and spooky, dead trees. Then maybe fencing and a ruined church. Any advice on how to make any of the above? Any advice for the terrain I made and how to make it better? Also, any ideas for a next project? I have the Dragons don't share ruins and was thinking of doing the Hirst Arts Wizard Tower next since I have all the blocks and it's said to be good for beginners. Thanks!
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    I survived the velociraptor attack with soft tissue damage. She tore my Achilles tendon. I'm off crutches and in a walking boot. I spend all day moving around, average 3-5 miles in the warehouse. I'm more than a little inconvenienced by the timing of this attack.
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    Question for October 11th, 2016 Let's say that you are bartering with death for your eternal soul escaping damnation, and he decided that you have to face off in a game of Chess to reclaim your soul, or potentially to be revived. It turns out he is a grand-master of Chess. How do you ensure your victory? By downloading the App and let my cellphone beat him.
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    I now have the dubious pleasure of adding another "interesting" story to my collection of hotel stories. Siiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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    But how are you going to live forever without all those preservatives? lol By still having miniatures to paint, duh
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    But how are you going to live forever without all those preservatives? lol
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    8.25. Points off for the uncoordinated flailing of the tentacles. I'll be bringing at least 3 entries that I'm not ashamed of. Debating what to bring to work on while I'm there... Something in progress that I need help with. Something blank but ready to go? A bit of both?
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    Sanity is over rated.... Wheėęěĕəèéêëē!!!!!!!!!!#
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    Morning all! Sorry everyone seems to be having a second Monday. I'm actually on my third Sunday... Had yesterday off for the holiday. Today is my weekly day off, now that I'm back to my 10 hour days. Which means Wednesday and Thursday are gonna slam me like Monday concentrated. I've got some cleaning and errands to do, then it's on to painting!!
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    I'll use the Pigeon Strategy: Take a crap on the board and strut around like I own the place.
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    Hooray, bacon is safe! Nobody ever finds New Zealand...
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    Done painting one of my ReaperCon entries. Just need to seal it, then a bit of base decor. Should probably do several grass tufts. And now is time for bed. Fourth quarters always put me to sleep, so had a decent nap before I painted. Eh.
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    I have 3 sets of eyes staring at me; I think I'd better go feed the cats....or else. After which, I shall go paint.
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    Perhaps a better question is, how far are you from the con site, and what's it going to take to get you there for dinner. For example, some of us have vehicles, and might be passing through around that time. They'd probably be willing to slow down long enough for you to jump in. Some might even come to a complete stop. ~v
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    You ARE talking about a mini, right? Right? RIGHT??????
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    Austria, eh? I hear the sausage is quite good there. A shame you guys missed out on Oktoberfest; you could have caught that on the way back. ^^; I had forgotten how flamingly idiotic executive types can be about 'how to run companies'. This does not effect me directly, but I get the fallout, because Mr. Thorne is dealing with it. I really don't like people right now. >_< I'm going to seal this head, dig up all the hobgoblins and see if the shakercoat base-coating technique will work. Assuming I can find a suitable container, that is. I wish I could do this with metal minis, yus I do.
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    If I can get some quality painting time over the weekend, I am very optimistic that I will show up with one solid entry.
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    Red, thanks for the laugh. Really needed it this morning. Adept, sympathy liked. Me? Oh I'm peachy. Just got handed down new requirements for our parts list. Problem is, I'm at like 98% finished. New direction midstream so will have two different flavors of document floating around. [purple]So glad we are such a young startup company and not a decades old and very experienced large corporation, and this is just cutting our teeth on how to do the elfing job.[/purple] Did I mention peachy? Imagine peach cobbler fresh from the oven peachy. Hot, steaming, and not something you would want anywhere near the more sensitive anatomical parts. My sanity is being saved by a ten cent pinwheel from WalMart. It is currently attached to the air vent above me by magnets, and could power a small city with the present rotational speed.
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    Here are some casualty/pin markers I plan to use for games like Kings of War or Bolt Action where you have to track hits on units in ways that don't involve removing models. The bases are dials that can be turned to do the record keeping and come in various sizes so I can match them to the size of the unit. Eventually I'll have some horse casualties instead of just the two skeletons. All of this is so I can hopefully match the marker back up with it's unit once I inevitably leave it behind for a few turns.
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    I call that instant karma myself. Cheat on wife, immediately reap consequences. At least you get plenty of amusing anecdotes with all the aggravations of working there!
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    I have already noticed that most people on this forum are not the "average person" most are more than well educated and have a broad spectrum of interests. I was surprised YOU knew this... ROFL. One of the FIRST things I noticed when I joined the forums was the amazing intellect that I was dealing with. The search FU was mind blowing, the amount of knowledge that folks had for any field was mind blowing. My terrible habit of switching languages whenever I got into the mood, phased no one. The level of expertise in responses received was totally earth shattering. IF you wanted to conquer the world, this is the ideal recruiting field. You need someone, they play here !
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    Bill & Ted style dumb luck. And then pwn him at all the other games.
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    Tuesday! Darn, it's another work day... Stupid Universe!!! After the uncomfortable wait, finally gets up and sears some fresh bacon and puts it on a platter for the tale-challenged glitter-bringer. "I hope you get your story soon... but this should help a bit." ****Munches down the Bacon..*** *** The Barbarian doesn't have time anymore for tales it seems...he has to "work" ...sigh...*** Getting snuggled by dogs in the morning is a good way to start the day. I agree! That would be strange! *** Stops hugging the Bacon*** *** Ok Troops !!! You've heard the Man!!!!*** *** Get that Bacon!!!!*** *** Looks proudly how the Wolves march off in the direction of Italy*** *** Hmmm. New Zealand, that IS Italy Right? **** *** ALL HAIL WOOF!!!***
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    I think the important question is... Did you finish you ReaperCon projects? Or will you still be able to finish them before the con? Unless your cast interferes greatly with the movements of your fingers, it shouldn't impact your painting very much. Re: sympathy vs. point and laugh... I'd only be pointing and laughing if you'd broken it while walking into RCon by getting knocked down by ReaperBryan running around trying to handle sixteen different emergencies at once... Although, if you tell me that the reason you fell off your bike is because you were riding past a hobby store and ran into a car because you had turned to look in the window, I'll definitely laugh at that.
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    Is there such a thing as "I am taking this show off mini to Reaper con" because if not, we need it. Cause right now I only have time to browse the stuff people are previewing before the show. And I need a way to quickly find those posts.
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    I think I might do a head. I haven't done a head in a long time... but I have this head, and I think I should probably give it a face. >.> Which involves /some/ paint.. so, painting. ^^; Although I have just realized that I might not have any of the right size eyes. Hm. Oh well. Painting..
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    More work done on him......first time doing tattoos so be gentle!