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    WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70492-77190-golden-nethyrmaul-v2/ When I first saw Nethyrmaul I had one immediate thought….and when I saw her being painted up as an evil dragon left and right, it solidified the idea….that my Nethyrmaul was a good dragon. One who mentored and aided knights, defended towns within her territory, and was noble and honorable. Until one day, outnumbered, she fell in battle against a Necromancer and his unholy beasts and undead. Torn open by the fangs and weapons of his legion, and dying, her spirit was captured and imprisoned. Forced under the Necromancer’s will, her mangled corpse lurched to its feet, her eyes blazing a unholy green instead of their gentle blue. Her mind, chained and helpless, was forced to endure and witness as she was turned against the Knights she called friends, and against the villages she had once protected. This diorama helped me try my first attempts at NMM and OSL, though I am not sure how well I succeeded at them.
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    WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61505-siris-felbeast-conversion/ "In the swamp, in the fog, In the shadows slowly slipping, From the marsh, from the bog, Comes an ominous, sinister hissing. Gnarled roots and branches twisting, Rising mist and unclear shapes, Phantom sounds and distant whispering, Comes from unseen, dancing wraiths. Murky water slowly rippling, The very air seems to seethe, From the shadows something's snickering, Once you enter it's hard to leave."
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    Started my next gcmini building project, Taco Bell in the post apocalypse. Hope you like it ;)
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    three spiders painted fairly quickly. The orange one is part of the Orange/Purple/Green only challenge. fireball orange, pumpkin orange, twilight purple, moth green and emerald green. this was the goal :somewhere about 66% oranges, 25% purple, 9% greens-ish, - perhaps a little more purple than 25% . im going to fix the orange back leg, it must have rubbed off before getting sealed.
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    Hi, I'm continuing my random minis painting and I found this gray mini standing out (quite obviously) in my pile of unpainted White Bones. It was clearly not a Bones (I must have gotten it from the dollar bin of my FLGS), so my OCD kicked-in and instead of putting it in another bin, I slapped some paint on it and called it done. I'm not that pleased with it (wasn't really inspired, and gave up on making the eyes pretty after 5 futile attempts), but I'm happy that it is one less mini in the unpainted bin.
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    In case you ever wondered what a hamster hanging out looks like...
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    Took my bestest friend out to dinner at a restaurant called "Taste of India" this evening. Food was incredible (vegetarian). I had forgotten how much I enjoy Indian food. Then picked up a stump Teapot with a self contained tea strainer and infuser, along with some japanese green tea. Really looking forward to using it. Since I have been controlling my food intake; I am 75 percent a vegetarian, and 25 percent NOT. One of my meals can have hotdogs, cheese, or eggs. the other two are total vegetarian. I am also six foot tall, and now weigh 164 lbs, and holding right there.. Seems this works for me !!! AND I'm still painting miniatures..ROFL.
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    Not sure how he got his name. Sounds like it would have been better for a post apopcalyptic mini. I had a really tough time with this one. That dragon on his cape broke up my flow lol. I really didn't know what to do with it and didn't even know it was there until it came in the mail. The base is sort of ordinary, but it will match the base of something bigger that I am working on. Nice wet cave setting.:)
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    Drybrushed Tesla Blue, then Mediteranean Blue tonight... and sanded / filed a bit on the table... Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement!!!! George
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    I survived the velociraptor attack with soft tissue damage. She tore my Achilles tendon. I'm off crutches and in a walking boot. I spend all day moving around, average 3-5 miles in the warehouse. I'm more than a little inconvenienced by the timing of this attack.
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    Question for October 11th, 2016 Let's say that you are bartering with death for your eternal soul escaping damnation, and he decided that you have to face off in a game of Chess to reclaim your soul, or potentially to be revived. It turns out he is a grand-master of Chess. How do you ensure your victory? By downloading the App and let my cellphone beat him.
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    I now have the dubious pleasure of adding another "interesting" story to my collection of hotel stories. Siiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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    But how are you going to live forever without all those preservatives? lol By still having miniatures to paint, duh
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    But how are you going to live forever without all those preservatives? lol
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    Morning all! Sorry everyone seems to be having a second Monday. I'm actually on my third Sunday... Had yesterday off for the holiday. Today is my weekly day off, now that I'm back to my 10 hour days. Which means Wednesday and Thursday are gonna slam me like Monday concentrated. I've got some cleaning and errands to do, then it's on to painting!!
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    I'll use the Pigeon Strategy: Take a crap on the board and strut around like I own the place.
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    Hooray, bacon is safe! Nobody ever finds New Zealand...
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    Done painting one of my ReaperCon entries. Just need to seal it, then a bit of base decor. Should probably do several grass tufts. And now is time for bed. Fourth quarters always put me to sleep, so had a decent nap before I painted. Eh.
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    I have 3 sets of eyes staring at me; I think I'd better go feed the cats....or else. After which, I shall go paint.
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    Here are some casualty/pin markers I plan to use for games like Kings of War or Bolt Action where you have to track hits on units in ways that don't involve removing models. The bases are dials that can be turned to do the record keeping and come in various sizes so I can match them to the size of the unit. Eventually I'll have some horse casualties instead of just the two skeletons. All of this is so I can hopefully match the marker back up with it's unit once I inevitably leave it behind for a few turns.
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    Bill & Ted style dumb luck. And then pwn him at all the other games.
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    Tuesday! Darn, it's another work day... Stupid Universe!!! After the uncomfortable wait, finally gets up and sears some fresh bacon and puts it on a platter for the tale-challenged glitter-bringer. "I hope you get your story soon... but this should help a bit." ****Munches down the Bacon..*** *** The Barbarian doesn't have time anymore for tales it seems...he has to "work" ...sigh...*** Getting snuggled by dogs in the morning is a good way to start the day. I agree! That would be strange! *** Stops hugging the Bacon*** *** Ok Troops !!! You've heard the Man!!!!*** *** Get that Bacon!!!!*** *** Looks proudly how the Wolves march off in the direction of Italy*** *** Hmmm. New Zealand, that IS Italy Right? **** *** ALL HAIL WOOF!!!***
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    Is there such a thing as "I am taking this show off mini to Reaper con" because if not, we need it. Cause right now I only have time to browse the stuff people are previewing before the show. And I need a way to quickly find those posts.
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    I think I might do a head. I haven't done a head in a long time... but I have this head, and I think I should probably give it a face. >.> Which involves /some/ paint.. so, painting. ^^; Although I have just realized that I might not have any of the right size eyes. Hm. Oh well. Painting..
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    More work done on him......first time doing tattoos so be gentle!