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    Yay for more drybrushing, woo.... Nothing special, just a table and benches, but these little pieces were fun to paint up, and at least they look decent on the table. The benches have a tendency to tip over, though, so I may have to stick them on half a base each or something. Thank you to Talespinner for sculpting such nice deep wood grain; it made drybrushing delightful! Pictures! (I found my backgrounds, yay!) And a group shot for fun! ...I really need to paint Sir Forscale. I'll try to paint him next. :) Colors used (in order): Brown Liner (primer) Mahogany Brown Chestnut Brown Oiled Leather Leather Brown These are the figures I painted for Day 2 of my "paint one mini per day all of November" challenge. Link to index thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71625-oneboot-attempts-minivember-painting-a-mini-every-day-in-november/ Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I'm doing a set of 28mm scale caracals. They are only 7mm at the shoulder. I think I'm going to go blind sculpting these. (Yes, those are wine corks they are standing on.) Have a good night, Andy
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    I haven't been painting as much as I would like due to some health issues. I have painted a few things and will be posting them on show off as soon as I can get them based. Most stuff I have been painting has been for my campaign based in ancient Egypt. I was getting a little burnt out and have had DDS2 sitting for about a year so I decided I wanted to work on the ruins. I knew I wanted them to fit together but I also wanted to be able to use the individual pieces separately. I made a cork "puzzle" and glued the pieces down. My painting friend suggested making several layers so it wasn't just flat and that sounded like a good idea so I made 3 layers to the "puzzle". All of the pieces fit together as you can see in the photos. Now, I want to use something to make it look like a hill when it is all pushed together. I don't want plaster because it would make it very heavy and not sure how durable that would be. Green stuff is far too expensive to cover the whole thing in. I am thinking maybe FIMO. Not sure yet. Need to make a trip to the art store. I am going to use pieces of cork and try and find a few columns that I can partially bury in the hill. My plan is to paint them up like Roman ruins. Think Pompeii. In the little niches, I am going to paint little murals. I am considering to try a mosaic pattern on some of the floor. So anyway, these are just my puzzle pieces so far.
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    Among the Kingdom Death's great lineup of minis, one set that I'll always be fond of is the four starting survivors. They're all beautiful sculpts that really grant an opportunity to do nice skintones. For these four, my client wanted something similar to what is suggested in the Kingdom Death artwork- except that Erza was definitely not to have blue hair. Here they are in all their glory: Zachery and Erza Lucy and Alister
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    a couple of Bones figs I did today. went to Reapercon 2016, and I did not even know my forum name... should have known I had this one.. lol. I'm usually only lurking in the Facebook Bones group though. They wanting to do a mini a day challenge all this month though, so I'm going to look at things for a bit. and of course paint. :)
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    He's done! I have a work in progress somewhere in the forums showing the wooden part of the birdhouse and the wire armature. This is for m grandfather, who does similar-themed artwork just for kicks--faces made of hypertufa (a mixture of cement and peat moss that I could NOT get to solidify properly--mine's straight cement) on inverted trees, giant bugs made from tools, etc. Enjoy. Comments and all that are welcome. This is my first real work with cement--I've done chests and trees and such with sculpey and GS. Cement is....different!
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    I had a successful raid yesterday. Got some books an some tanks an a resin stuka bomber and - to my complete shock - THREE of the ultrarare dice tin sets I didn't have. I fully expected the one I managed to get originally would be the last I'd see. So the stuka is my first Flames of War aircraft and one wing was warped. No big deal, just heat with hot water and gently bend to shape. La la la la la, I'm fixin my wing, I'm fixin my wing... *SNAPP!* I FIXED IT TOO MUCH! I FIXED IT TOO MUCH! So there's only one thing to do now and that's to... Take this broken wing And learn to fly again And learn to live with seams And when they hear my sirens scream The cannons will open up And I will win
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    Myself and the plane are now glued together, and 50% of one of us is primed. Now THIS is progressracing!
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    I started reading the posts above me in the wrong order and was very confused because I thought y'all were talking about this Willow:
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    It occurs to me that the beagle comment would have been funnier if Beagle followed this thread.
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    I bought razor blades tonight and Gillette gave me a free ticket for 'Rogue One'. That's the most awesome thing I've ever had print out of one of those coupon printers at the checkout at the grocery store!
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    It's been procrastinated for way too long. These are the robot miniatures from my Robo Rally board game. Finally gotten a semi decent paint job. Poor Twitch has been lost under a couch somewhere, and has been replaced by a 3d printed version of Borderlands' Claptrap. He'll get a greenstuffed arrow-like base to match the others when I eventually get to it. But at least they have some colour! :)
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    I got 1000 rare earth magnets today. I am quite pleased. Helps make up for the Stuka doing its level best to be a monday morning lemon. I'm going to name it Idonwanna. Unwarp! Idonwanna. Stick together! Idonwanna. STOP BEING BADPLANE! I Don Wanna! It's like having a willful child. If children were something you cut of sprue, bent, sanded, and glued together. Which my understanding of hoomans suggests is not the case, most of you instead preferring to rivet.
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    Liked. Unliked. Liked Again. Unliked a Third. Reliked Anew. And then quoted.
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    So essentially your own IT just successfully converted your own network to a malware attack?
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    This hallmark movie is pissing me off. It's about a lawyer who has no interest in having a family and likes her life the way it is. Well, this weird lady shows up in her office and inserts the lawyer into a life where she's a wife and mother. The expected confusion ensues, and since it's a sexist piece of trash movie, the lawyer ends up reconciling herself to this new life. What pisses me off about it is that is assumes women cannot be complete without being a mother and wife. Like, you can't be a successful lawyer and be happy. You have to make a baby to be complete. And at the same time, it makes it clear that if you want to have a family you cannot possibly be a successful anything other than a mother. I feel like stabbing this movie in the face.
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    Had an interesting realization while watching Ub3r's house video. It was kind of weirding me out to hear his actual voice because I tend to read his posts in either Schwarzenegger's or James Earl Jones's voice. I know a lot of you have met and/or talked on the hangouts so you probably don't dub actors voices for posts, but I thought it was kind of amusing.
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    Since my own plea for ideas was met by about the same response, you shall have one. A modern figure, with a somewhat spy oriented look. Either one with a face hidden behind a trench coat or an elegantly dressed one with a slim pistol. Gender based on preference and figure availability. Should that not be in the cards, a villager of some sort. /Why? No particular reason. Just what hit me square between the lobes.
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    We have spent three years setting up the business entity which is handling our UK/EU fulfillment, and similar entities for AU fulfillment. The warehouse is currently being prepared - personnel, fixtures, and paperwork. We have yet to fulfill a single order from that facility yet, as we continue to work through the details. We intend to begin fulfillment of our reapermini.com web-store orders which originate in the UK from that facility over the next several months (December? January? February? Right now there's factors i cannot go into that have to be resolved). These orders will be the testing, streamlining, and final factoring of that process. Then we will fulfill CAV and Secret Weapon Dungeons from the plural joint facilities as close to simultaneously as the continental difference will allow. Actual Simultinaeity (is that a word? I don't think it is, but I'm sticking with it) is likely to be impossible. Nevertheless, we will further refine our understanding of how the process works after successfully fulfilling our EU/UK based internet orders and 2 kickstarters. By the time we launch Bones IV in spring 2017, we should have several months of Internet Fulfillment under our belt, and will have a better grasp of how this will work, which should help to make that fulfillment process faster and smoother (faster at the very least because 25% of our orders are non-US, so our personnel and facility will be shipping only 75% of the product and not 100% as in the past - this alone would have cut bones 2 fulfillment* down to only 11 days) I strongly suspect, but cannot promise, that Bones IV will be EU/UK, CA, and AU/NZ friendly with fulfillment centers in 4 countries. If this changes, or is not feasible, we will very likely have an explanation as to why. * I use fulfillment here to mean the process of shipping rewards. This 4-facility approach is unlikely to have any impact on the manufacturing time between project close and shipping start. That's a metric we need to learn how to estimate with much greater accuracy.
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    Long ago I came to the realization that the acquisition and owning of miniatures is just as an important part of my hobby enjoyment as is painting them and gaming with them. In fact, probably a pretty large part. So I learned that fretting over buying more shouldn't really be an issue as that's where a large part of my hobby enjoyment comes from. So, before saying, "Oh, I have so many minis, I shouldn't buy more.", folks should analyze where that guilt comes from, and why. If it's a money problem, then yes, I understand that, and no one can buy everything they want. But if it's a simple question of having so many already the you're guilty about buying more; then you need to think about whether that guilt is justifiable or not; and what aspects of the hobby gives you what percentage of joy. My wife makes bead jewelry, and I still have to convince her sometime that it's okay to buy a bunch of new beads just because they're beautiful, even though she has plenty of beads she hasn't used already. That all being said; do I need more minis? No. Do I plan to go in with Bones IV? Yes. Becuase I know it will be a lot of fun taking part in the KS, anticipating it's arrival, and then pawing through all the goodies once it gets here. And I am in this hobby to have fun.
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    ^This. I said exactly the same thing after the Bones 3 PM closed, particularly once I saw the total damage. "That's it, I'm done after this, we have 20 20's of minis, I haven't painted even a fraction of them, we're set 4 life." And then the announcement came. And then I saw the tantalizing previews. And it was then that I knew...when the time comes, even though I may only be able to pledge $1 to start...before the end, my will save will crumble into so much impotent dust. It is...inevitable. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I think the chicken legs would be a great match for a certain elder god .... Can anybody say... "Cluckthulhu "
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    Calling it done. 3 more of these guys tomorrow, different pose.
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    Break out the goat barbecue! I'm a Braves fan but to finally see the Cubbies win after 108 years is pretty awesome.
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    I painted up Drac on Halloween because why wouldn't I? I actually started painting him last Halloween and shelved him for a year.
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    That makes more sense than you know, Georgeous. I guess I'll just have to use Comrade Curseword until I get it to behave. If not I'll take my x-acto and stab it right in the historical dialectic until it learns.
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    I think you over-emphasize my role. I'm Public relations, Customer Support, convention Team, Kickstarter Developer, and website admin. In that role of KS developer, I help talk about which goals, among those the team has chosen, should be presented in which order. I help coordinate the artwork that gets shown to the public. I help manage community expectations (which often means crushing damaging speculation and rumors - the long-timers here know what I mean, and also offering teases of things i want to generate enthusiasm for). I publish the updates, and frequently determine the content. But I don't have more than 1 vote as to what items are considered for inclusion. I have a LOT of influence over which items are presented at which dollar amounts, but over half of the models displayed at ReaperCon I was seeing for the first time there.
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    There's also this one... But my first thought was the redhead.
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    What gets me (other than what I previously wrote), the IT department is sending out spam. Do not include a link in an email to have people change confidential information. Ever. It is very bad company policy. And it teaches people that it is ok to click on links regarding sensitive information. They should type out in plain text what the reader of the email needs to do... and then give people enough time to do it (one day is not enough warning). I don't care what kind of kerfluffle there is, this is at best, poor planning. I'm sure there was something bad that could cause an issue or they wouldn't resort to that kind of measure, but there are other ways to get a response than a suspicious email. You know, like changing your LDAP calls so that everyone has to change passwords or you know picking up the phone and calling top level employees and having it filter down that this is serious and why.
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    The stupid password changing email turned out to be legit, but they did it so stupidly that they caused mass hysteria between people who simply hadn't read the email yet, people like me and Work Friend who didn't trust the email and then god only knows what happened to the rest of the people. But we all booted up our computers this morning and were unable to log in. The mass hysteria was so bad that they had to put a recorded message on the IT service desk's phone system due to unusually high volume regarding the mass password change which instructed people to go to the website in the email to change their passwords......except in most people's cases, the only devices they have to use are company issued, which they need their password to log onto. I lucked out because I have both a personal phone and ipad that I could use to go and change my password so I didn't have to wait forever on hold like some people did. Such a disaster. Meanwhile people have decided to renew their freak outs over the sharepoint library that isn't working properly, so that's fun. Also My Temp has gone home sick. I need to remember later this afternoon to text him to see how he's feeling and remind him that if he's still not feeling well tomorrow, not to feel obligated to come in. He worries about keeping me afloat but if I were him, I'd just take a long weekend to recover.
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    I'm constantly hit with the "When are you going to get a girlfriend? You need a girlfriend. And you need to have a kid." To which I reply that I'm perfectly happy being single and childless, and have no intention of ever having kids. Then they hit me with something like "Oh, that's what everyone who's single says to save face. Quit lying to yourself." and "Oh you just say that. It's different when you actually have a kid." It's really aggravating. My stock answer is "There are already too many unwanted children in this world." And then they look at me like I'm some kind of monster because I don't want kids.
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    My wife and I tried for over a decade to have kids, so that whole thing goes both ways too.
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    Men get hit with the assumption that they will reproduce as well, though not nearly as much as women. I am asked a surprisingly large number of times when I am working at the hobby store how many kids I have. My standard reply is 'I have never been that drunk.'
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    So now these pictures should be much better.....hopefully anyway. I upgraded to an iphone 7 plus and I think it takes much better pictures and is much better at reducing the glare from my ottlite. In this batch, I worked all the way up to Pale Flesh mixed with a little bit of Pure White. I need to work some more on her cheek there where it's too dark and her hands, especially the one holding the staff because there's a significant mold line there that's causing me some grief. I might take an exacto to it if I can't get it looking better as is. Also I need to smooth out the transition from dark to light on her thigh because that shadow is going up further than I'd like. I'm also thinking that I need to go a little higher with the highlights. Comments and criticism always very welcome! If you think something sucks, let me know. This mini is putting into practice what I learned at Reapercon and I want to continue to improve on what I'm doing so don't be worried about my feelings if there's anything at all that you want to point out or have any suggestions whatsoever. Finally, also, I'm thinking she's going to be a redhead because we all know how woefully under-represented redheads are in Reaper's catalogue. But I'm very open to suggestions on her skirt and top. I was thinking either light green or light purple.
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    A typo was made at work. I'm told I have to file a report and "monitor my workers to make sure they do not make any more typos." Yea...I'll get on that.
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    Well I got into a sculpting frenzy after ReaperCon riding the high and finished these without taking time for WIP shots. Here they are in all their sphinxy glory: Andy
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    Worked on the base last night and a bit tonight! Here's where I'm at and where I'm going to put the hapless dwarf.
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    I didn't actually even know my SSN until I joined the Army. By the time I finished filling out the enlistment paperwork I knew it by heart.
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    Yippee!!! I just got my minis from Dark Sword for the Manufacturer Award and they are awesome!!! I decided I'd grab a copy of the Tony D Bookworm diorama- that fellow is adorable! Now I have waay too many things in my paint que! Thanks Jim and Dark Sword for doing this. It's so much fun to paint minis from different companies and I know the manufacturer awards encourage us! Also- Jim is awesome because he always seems to include presents... just sayin' On to next year, Team Reapercon! Plus... I must try for the mousling trophy... beyond adorable... coveting trophy... Must resist the covet.
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    I've seen Buffy in its entirety and still went to the other Willow. I can't even get Buffy Willow's voice in my head. I may need to borrow Bonk so I can go 'Dark Willow' on the drow. No *BONK!*ing the drow.
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    There are so many more worse things than that! Also how has it only been 2 hours.... ;A; I wanna go home and draw.... Okay. You're dismissed. I expect to see your work posted online.
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    Going home in a few minutes. I'm done with today... We had a safety training day with lots...I mean ...lots of powerpoint assassination attempts presentations.
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    I have actually started reading responses in the actual person's voice if it's someone I've met/talked with.Because my desires are clearly the most important thing in the universe, I'm going to instead demand that everyone use the voices I assign them in my head when I meet them! I demand that your brain read my posts in the voice of GLaDOS, because even though she may be a homicidal AI, she does sound pretty awesome. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D Now I wonder what I sound like to people.... Also. GLaDOS. YES. "So how are you holding up? BECAUSE I'M A POTATO." Willow was clearly the best character on Buffy. You may have other opinions, just know that you are wrong. My bestie once drunkenly messaged me and told me how much she thought I was like Willow and how I need to cosplay her and on and on... It was super cute and I was like, "ahhhh... frand <3 "
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    Morning all. I painted! I'm even pleased with it! Especially for a relatively quick paint job. No, every time I see or hear Ub3r I have to remind myself he's just in his muggle cosplay, and that under that smiling face is a grizzled barbarian. Of course.
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    I'm constantly hit with the "When are you going to get a girlfriend? You need a girlfriend. And you need to have a kid." To which I reply that I'm perfectly happy being single and childless, and have no intention of ever having kids. Then they hit me with something like "Oh, that's what everyone who's single says to save face. Quit lying to yourself." and "Oh you just say that. It's different when you actually have a kid." It's really aggravating.
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    2010. It's called A Family Thanksgiving. Yesterday's thanksgiving movie was better. It had Emily Rose (the gal from Haven), who I adore. And the current Christmas movie is better too. It's called One Christmas Eve, about this evil dog who brings a bunch of random people together by causing accidents. He's a beagle, naturally.
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    My husband (who is originally from Chicago) can not stand sports. He is actively against them. Like he will root against any team I might have any interest in. TIgers up against the Yankees, he is rooting for the Yankees, and etc. My husband also likes peanuts. So one day I am with my cousins picking up some beer and I spy a bag of peanuts that are a good price and decide to buy them. They just happen to be in a sports themed bag. I have my choice, a bag with Cincy Reds or Chicago Cubs on them. I pick the Cubs and tell my family, "Watch what my husband says when I bring these home. I bet he will say this." We go home, I put the bag on the counter, and head to the bathroom. When I come out, my cousin crowed "Guess what you were right! He said 'CUBS?! Why didn't you get the White Sox?!'"
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    OK. So I took this first batch of pictures the other night when I started on her skin....but then I kept forgetting to send them to myself, edit and post them. But I thought I should show y'all the progression anyway, so here they are. Paints I'm using on her skin are all MSP. I'm pretty sure that I also mixed in some Brown Liner with the darkest colour when I started out but I'm not 100% on that as what I'm seeing in the pictures might just be the darkest colour painted over the black primer. I'm using everything pretty thinned down and mixing half and half as I worked my way to the lightest. I know for sure at the lightest I mixed some pure white with Pale Flesh. Anyway, skin tone paints used: Barbarian Flesh, Youthful Flesh, Maiden Flesh, Pale Flesh I believe after this batch of pictures, I had only gone as light as Youthful Flesh. I don't know why that picture is so much larger than the rest of them........but honestly I don't feel like going back and re-editing. I think her most visible eye is pretty decent, now for her second eye under her hair....something has gone awry on the model itself and there's a gnarly gouge there so I did the best I could there. If it weren't underneath her hair I'd have to give her a huge scar or an eyepatch, And I took this final picture to show....I don't know, my sloppiness? Because I don't think that we should show all glamour shots in a WIP, right? Right. Now all of these pictures are terrible. I am constantly battling my lighting situation but I think the pictures are much better in the next post, so just keep scrolling....
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    Base coat so far, I'm working on 3 of these at once so it's taking much longer today.