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    My secret Sophie recipient was Corporea! Since she is someone who's work I admire and find both excellent and entertaining, i wanted to do something that was fun and a little weird. I had a couple of priests remaining from a previous diorama and the crypt sarcophagus fell in my lap while I was contemplating ideas and an idea was born. I also have been playing with incorporating lights into my miniatures (my christmas village is a dwarven forge village with mini LED lights strung throughout it.) but what to have rising out of the crypt. Then it hit me, the best shock a priest who thinks he's raising a dark spirit could get is cuteness. and so i added a ninja pony from Impact to the mix. With that here are the pictures of the piece that I sent to live in Corporea's house: And here is the piece with the lighting on. it actually flickers through 5 colors doing a slow pulse then a fast pulse. Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope you enjoy the piece. C&C always welcome. Sorry if some of the depth is a little out of focus, I am still trying to get used to handling a manual adjustment camera again.
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    Another recent project. more to come...
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    Who want's to play when it is done? *** When it is complete: (specifically collapsible to utilize a murphy bed in the same room) 4'x6', 8 gaming spaces with drink holders, dice holders, pencil holders, Upper leaves, with gridded backs, Sunken main section with inset 32" tv. Two lower drawer spaces. one for Guestroom stuff, and a niche for the 3d printer, the other for miniature display, with full light kit. Full electricals, with 3 standard outlets to the outside, and 2 internal to run lighting and 3d printer. ***
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    So my last little project is a Christmas present for my wife. We've got a soon to be fifteen year old dog, Bubbles, who is a 3/4 Chihuahua and 1/4 Cocker Spaniel. Now it is utterly impossible, short of having somebody sculpt it, to find such a mix, but I was at least able to find a Chihuahua mage from Dark Sword Miniatures, an incredible figure sculpted by Dave Summers. They call her an Inca Chihuahua mage, but with a few more Aztecky/Mexican colors, I think she turned out okay for what I need her to be. So as to why I'm swearing off Super Glue gel. So last night, all was good, I had just finished painting the dirt and started in on the grass. I had covered the spots I wanted with Super Glue Gel. I normally use Super Glue, but for whatever reason I picked up gel, not thinking it would be a big deal. However, when I dipped the figure into my little grass bag, somehow the gel somehow smeared and went over the figure's cape, muzzle and hand, along with other parts. So at about 10.30 last night I started removing static grass, blade by blade with tweezers from the mini herself. After that I had tons of little spot where the gel had dried to the degree that it peeled paint off the figure so from maybe eleven to midnight I was repainting damaged spots. Also with the gel smear on the back of the base, the glue smeared into the back of the base circle, so when you look at the figures back, you see how the grass ended up going a lot further than I wanted it to. But oh well, the moral of this story is just say no ... to Super Glue Gel. Anyhoos, hope you all enjoy, Merry Christmas and a Happy, Slappy New Year! Mark
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    I was also very selective in Bones III. I selected nearly everything.
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    two nail polish racks from my husband equals new paint stands! (I used to use a tackle box)
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    Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons Fire Giant Stalking the Steps This 25mm scale Fire Giant isn't humongous by today's miniature line standards but he has a lot of character. The sculptors, Chaz Elliot and then apprentice, Jason Wiebe, put a lot of great detail into this fellow. I personally love the knowing grin on his face. However, partly because of the scale and the sculpted position of the giant, I felt he wasn't set up right. So he was reposed a smidge. When I first looked him over at the work table, I held him on a slab of slate and tried to visualize him on a game board. It's fairly obvious that he was originally meant to be looking down at the puny humans before him but against the more prolific 28-32mm scale miniatures I own, he was looking at their chests or groins. So after playing around with slate pieces such, I finally figure him out. He needed his sword level. Well his arms were tight to his chest so repositioning the weapon that way would require practically resculpting him. But ... if I cut apart the integral base and and changed the elevation of his feet he looked like he was slinking up some stairs. Thus the step and repose. You can check out his painting WIP. The repositioning and base construction was done a long time ago before I was doing WIP posts. Enjoy. Added to Thrym's General Show Off List
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    Well, it took me long enough but I finally finished painting an entire board game's worth of minis. The final minis I painted were a cluster of Space Bugs! Thematic paint used - Hazard Yellow for the eyes. And, since I finally painted all the minis, here they all are (well, at least one of each) for a group photo. Time to get this to the table.
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    Enjoying the air conditioning. More seriously, if it's not too awfully hot, I like walking through the woods.
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    Since I tossed a vacation into the middle of working on this mini, it has been a tough time getting back to it. I usually love all things Dark Sword; however the assembly of this mini left a LOT to be desired. The arms and shield were next to impossible. Once some pre-painting, and the shield was in place things moved along better. It became a great deal of fun by the end. I tried to keep the basing simple, I want the attention going to the "Brave Cat", and his display of emotion. So here is Brave Sir Robin - Scaredy Cat. Your comments, critiques, and likes are solicited, and appreciated. Jay Here are some photos:
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    Aieee. I dreamed I was back at my former employer and occasionally making cracks about "What can they do, fire me?" Then some 12yo punks in the restroom broke all my son's Transformers before I could try my hand at GMing something for the first time in about 7 years. I wish I remembered more of the system details - it was a fairly simple system with excellent Tim Burton artwork. There's a billboard here - "WE BUILD YOUR DREAMS ON YOUR LAND". A moment's consideration should be sufficient as to why this is a BAD IDEA.
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    It started last year, when stonehaven offered a feathered dinosaur and a frog knight. I decided to make a diorama of one of my wife's fav jokes. Since it involved a library, it would be perfect for her to keep on her desk at work. the frog knight didn't work out, so I got a different frog from reaper. I got as far as priming, and starting a base-coat on the "chicken". In December, kicked the project into high gear. WIP The Joke
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    Last night (12/19/2016) I was hanging out in the Reaper Google Hangouts. I've been wanting to do another variation on this particular piece, kind of a Frost Troll bit. So, I grabbed my brushes and set out to create a chilling version of the Cave Troll. Overall, I am super pleased with how he came out. Again, I am trying to get away from relying heavily on premade washes, and instead trying to layer more. This my first attempt at so much skin (albeit blue not flesh tone) and using layering. I think it came out well. The loin cloth was my attempt at making a "skin" type loin cloth, not just some treated leather. I was going for a fleshy tone. Special thanks to Guindyloo for her advice on how to go about trying to get the look I wanted. The base is just the regular base, but I put down static grass first, then covered it with snow. I like how it came out. Thanks for looking, and as always, C&C are welcomed. CAH
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    See, this is why I don't buy into Jurassic Park. It's completely unrealistic! If the dinosaurs really had frog DNA, then they would have engineered the hoomans, not the other way around. And if the Raptors had to open a door, they would have frogged together a tool for the job out of table legs and gloo and dinosaur bones. Or hooman bones, I guess. I guess what I'm saying is that a more realistic movie would have had dinosaur scientists in charge of creating genetic hoomans and making Hairless Ape Park where things go awry because Charlton Heston slept too long in space and didn't realize that the damn fools blew it all up. And I'd call it Frogmetheus: Dawn of the Park of the Apes Run by Smart Dinosaurs Who Played Frog. ... Don't none of you steal my script idea.
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    Crisis averted. Turns out I'd left the dvd of Die Hard at my parents' house so that I would not lose/forget it when Christmas came back around.... I just forgot that I'd done so. My mother said "Mission sorta accomplished" and we agreed that this could be my life motto.
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    Problem detected. I absolutely cannot locate my dvd of Die Hard. This is a problem because we watch it while opening presents on Christmas Eve. No big deal, I thought, I'll just order another copy on Amazon and there'll be plenty of time for it to get here..... except it's out of stock until the 24th. I checked Best Buy's website and in the 2 stores local to me, they only have 2 options: either the entire collection of all the movies on dvd or blu-ray. I don't buy dvds for my own collection anymore so I don't want to buy all of the movies on dvd....but my parents don't have a bluray player and I really don't want to lug either of my playstations over there. And, really, I don't particularly want to go to Best Buy a few days before Christmas. I texted my mother.... she thinks there's a possibility that I left the dvd there last Christmas and is going to look for it. Otherwise, I think our best option is to just digitally rent it from Amazon....but she'll have to ask my father once he's off of work if they already have it set up to where they can play an Amazon rented movie on their tv....or if he needs to hook up his xbox....or if I just need to lug my playstation over anyway. .....I realize that's a whole lot of first world problems, right there.
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    Another mini painted for my friend's Rising Sun Campaign. A totally tubular surfer dude, just missing his board.
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    Is it me or are we just in the "are we there yet?" part of these trip. Look I want the bones3 as much as any man or woman but Reaper is waiting on China, they said as much. Wait until when? They are not sure.... Ok? Move on nothing to see here. If you doubt their ability to deliver, than you missed the last 2 bones KS. My advice is to forget about it and celebrate the large surprise when its on your doorstep. AJ
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    well here is my Dragon's Don't share miniature. This has been on my shelf waiting to be finished way too long. I probably didn't do the miniature justice but i needed to finish this piece. I also didn't like the wings that came with the miniature so i took a set of wings from EbonWrath and sculpted them onto the dragon to give him a broader feel and to add a sense of overshadowing for the dwarven thief, sort of a: There is no escape feeling. Make what you will of him. Right now he is just about the pinnacle of my skills and he took forever for me to get to where I liked the blending on the scales. my stalled work in progress for the piece, which does detail the modeling but then stalled over pictures of painting, can be found here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59054-10003-dragons-dont-share/ I hope you all enjoy him, my photography really does not do the miniature justice
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    He's just another grumpy old elf who sold his soul to the devil. Today, he's grumpy because his favorite scroll looks like it has blood splatters instead of the runes he thought he put on it last week and his staff is bent..
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    I was tasked with painting up a little ceramic puppy statue- but I couldn’t help but think it looked like Barong. Especially the way he is portrayed in the Persona games. So, that’s the direction I took him in. The basing is all my construction (it is based on images of Balinese bridges). Anyway, here he is:
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    why do "The Cleaners" from Labyrinth spring to mind??????? I dunno, cuz all I can remember is David Bowie's sublime buttocks. not his conveniently placed packet of potpourri ? Admittedly, I was too busy crushing on a charming young lady who I was, and probably still am, far too young for.She's only 46. 10 years difference... It could still work. I've never dated an older woman before... Of course I'm not sure my bride would appreciate that! No. She would not. I've never met her, but I still just about guarantee that I'm right on this one. If you choose to disregard this warning, I'm calling dibs on your stuff right here and now!
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    Push harder! At least that's what my parents do when they can't get something to fit the USB port; I've had to replace several over the years... Not many, I'm afraid - they're just not particularly popular. There's a Mouse Scribe, who's not on the page at the start, but might just show up before the 24 hours end... Yeah, we're not sure how it'll work out either... especially with the Christmas timing. But I figure if it doesn't work, we've only lost a day, so why not try it out? All the minis is £42, all the minis and the terrain is £60... there's a link below to the preview page, which might help. It was all part of our plan to get first-hand inspiration for a 'Denizens of the Dungeon Dimensions' project... Anyway, project page Preview link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/817440469?token=e577dab0 And a couple more pictures: cheers Michael
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    Morning all! Need to figure out what to do with myself while I wait to leave for the movies... Finishing this coffee is a given. Beyond that? Maybe I'll start some laundry... why do "The Cleaners" from Labyrinth spring to mind??????? I dunno, cuz all I can remember is David Bowie's sublime buttocks.not his conveniently placed packet of potpourri ? Admittedly, I was too busy crushing on a charming young lady who I was, and probably still am, far too young for.She's only 46. 10 years difference... It could still work. I've never dated an older woman before... Of course I'm not sure my bride would appreciate that!
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    Shouldn't Bones IV be "The Long Walk Home" (The Journey Home)? I mean, Bones III was "The Search for Mr. Bones" (The Search for Spock), so it only makes sense.
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    ...there you go. Losing the piece could very well be more fun than painting it. I was thinking of taking a pic of the arm with some blood stains. I had thought it might have landed on the floor or behind, under or in the paint racks. SO I moved them. The one rack &, to a lesser extent, the second rack, ejected the paints in the move. I wound up reorganizing the bunch...I found a few cool colors I didn't remember having...good things come from bad.
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    Kickstarter has made Chinese manufacturing too transparent and yet not transparent enough. A little information is a dangerous thing.
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    I had ordered a bunch of the Christmas figures last week, and they arrived exceptionally fast. Which was awesome! However, the Christmas Knight model had a HUGE piece of flash on his left shoulder. Normally I'd just cut it off and go about painting. But it was the size of his shield, and attached firmly to his shoulder and left side of his face. So I sent a message to the customer service guys with a photo of the figure, and in less than 24hrs, they responded that a new one would be sent out in a couple of days. Kudos folks! You all are still the best in the business! You're customer service is top notch. Love Reaper Minis, and will be looking forward to painting up these great Christmas figures. Especially Christmas Knight, and the animals. :D All the Best, Happy Christmas and Merry New Year Reaper Folks! Tom Nelson Midwest Miniature Guy
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    If I had duck and cricket parts laying around, maybe. Doves and reindeer though, no problem!
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    Sounds like me the other day. I'd run out of Ibuprofen so I grudgingly had to take a codine pill (they don't agree with me, I get very light-headed and weird), and I had a dream about my friends being killed off one by one by a cursed video-game that got to us through our dreams. Quite a few horror franchises got mashed together in that one.
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    If this kitten doesn't stop peeing under my painting desk, I'm going to throw her in the trash can. We're caught in a vicious cycle. She got upset because I forgot to scoop the litter boxes on Friday, so in retaliation, she peed on the little rug that I keep under the painting desk. I washed it, sprayed and scrubbed the carpet underneath and then put a towel down so I could continue painting without putting my feet on wet carpet. I then forgot to pick up the towel, so she peed on that. So I had to wash that, scrub the carpet again and put down another towel so I could keep painting....forgot it again and she peed on that one. Rinse and repeat. We're all the way to Wednesday and either I'm going to stop forgetting to pick up the towel or I'm just going to put her in the trash. Your litterbox is clean now, stop peeing on my life.
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    Spray painting. Models & primer coats for course! More or less being able to go outside or have the windows open.
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    The Craft...painting, modeling, et al...is my love, but during the Summer I add watching baseball.
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    Removed a tree trunk from the garden, of course there had to be an electric cable a few inches from the trunk..... Let's just say I have levelled up in skills like Shovelling, Axewielding and digging. Not to mention getting dirty...
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    So Humpback Whales are a stretch goal?? Perhaps it should be Bones IV: Storage for your Bones Some nice themed storage system in Bonesium.....
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    I don't think it really is even, I think it's just getting washed out because I have bad lighting and take bad pictures. You could be right though, I obviously don't know what the problem is or I'd have some kind of clue on how to correct it. I'm wondering if I layered up too gradually, so there aren't enough high contrast spots with black and white next to each other. Either way, I think it reads as being very highly highlighted dark grey rather than metallic. I spent the evening working on the dragon's skin and I really like how it turned out. I started out placing my usual highlights, doing thin layers in 50/50 increments starting with 50/50 MSP Sapphire Blue and Warcolours Turquoise 4, then straight Turquoise 4, then 50/50 Turquoise 4 and 3, then straight Turquoise 3, then 50/50 Turquoise 3 and 2. When I got to straight Turquoise 2, instead of continuing to highlight, I started making tiny dots all over the skin for the scales. Then I made a 50/50 mix of Turquoise 2 and 1 and made more little dots and then I did more little dots with straight Turquoise 1 just in the highlighted spots. SO. MANY. DOTS. C&C always very, very welcome.
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    My paint set arrived along with the 5 other paints to hit free shipping. Paints were cold due to temperature but nothing seems out of the ordinary. <3 to the person who fulfilled my little request. Nice little happiness after 12 hours of work. :D
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    Youngest's birthday today. Turned 9. Now that he's full of pizza he's off playing video games.
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    Received today! Iron Wind Metal's Kickstarter for Ral Partha's Chaos Wars I just went in for the Vampire Queen. She is really tiny. It's been awhile since I've purchase 25mm minis & such. I probably will keep her sealed & just hang it on the wall. It does have a limited edition card & such behind the mini.
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    Not sure about the summoning circle being Gallifreyan...just Googled 'Gallifreyan' on images, and you're right, I must have been channeling The Doctor when I sculpted it ...I engraved a pentagram, then added astrological symbols representing the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. The centre section is removable too, I've made an altar and a bubbling pool to complete the set...oh and talking about saying 'Oathsworn', I've engraved Elder Futhark runes on the standing stones which spell out 'Oathsworn'...so cool! Wasn't sure if I could do it when I had the idea because Oathsworn is 9 letters long and I really wanted to use 8 stones, but then I discovered that in the Elder Futhark the 'T' and 'H' are a single letter (the 'Thorn') so I was well chuffed
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    They are if you process them correctly.
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    Oh good. I'm glad to hear that your paints didn't freeze in all that bright California sunshine you've been having.
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    Bones IV: Looks Like You Have A Storage Problem