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    So, using this new version of the forum, very exciting! So just got these two finished last night and photos taken this afternoon. Two pretty simple figures, I actually chose them because they were simple, kind of a "between projects" little paint job, and the added bonus was that they were mostly skin and cloth, very little armor, which is somewhat traumatizing. Reasonably happy on how they turned out. For the thief, her eyes were very deeply set, like some of Dennis Mize's figures are, so once I was actually able to get an eyeball into her, I didn't try to add an additional color or anything And the thief looks a little angry, but I think it's more the sculpt than my paint job, but who's to say for sure? and she has darkish skin and Dark hair, so dark brown eyes weren't too much of a stretch on her anyway. These two came from an old Silver and Steel Partha set from Ral Partha, the sets that were full of Larry Elmore beauties. For the mage, I didn't really go into it with any preconception of colors, so who knows where the reds and pinks came from, but I think it turned out kind of nicely, with vibrant colors instead of blah ones. So anyways, enjoy!
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    Things have been a little rough for me lately and I haven't been painting, but last week my dear husband got some paints out and I started working on random stuff. This is the original Ellen Stone with no face, from the Vampire box. I'm pretty happy with how she came out.
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    I only have phone pics of this guy, but it's been ages since I posted anything here and I wanted to share. The base has been finished since, but the painting was done in 2.5 hours while baby took a nap. It was a bit of a precise with wet blending, and I was riffing on the wizards in Skyrim a bit for the colour scheme (not quite as dark in the end though). I'll update the thread with new pics when I get around to them.
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    This is not my idea; I saw someone else's project online a while back, and ever since I've been looking for an opportunity to try it. Then I was with a friend recently who was punching out the counters for his newly purchased copy of the Congo ruleset, and I asked if I could have the remaining cardboard frame left after all the counters are punched out. I then cut the frames into sections to look like partially destroyed walls, and glued them on to 6" x 6" cork bases. Next, I'll be adding some detail bits, an then spraying on a base coat.
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    Things have been a little rough for me lately and I haven't been painting, but last week my dear husband got some paints out and I started working on random stuff. Here is Max Decker ready for the table. Not terribly sexy or exciting, but a nice sculpt none the less.
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    Congratulations @OneBoot on being made a temporary moderator to help with the Transition to the new boards!
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    This guy's been on the paint table a while. We don't use vampires much and I haven't been inspired to paint him. I didn't want to fall back on the traditional black-on-black paint scheme so I used some subdued colors. I think he came out ok for a lazy day of painting.
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    Signatures are back, and individual members have the option of electing to hide all signatures. I have removed "Interests" from appearing under our avatars. I have disabled the sidebars on some screen sizes, but not all. This should help tablet users. I have found a "mod post" color that's much more to my liking, after MUCH fiddling. I have implemented a new tool for moderators, which 99.99% of you will never even know exists. It allows us to establish warning for frequent violations of the most common rules (commerce, posts involving nudity, and abusive behavior/rudeness/name-calling etc.) and when a member accrues X points in 1 month, they receive a 3-day post ban without me having to do anything. I genuinely expect to need this almost never.
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    I finished this one awhile ago, This was the first miniature I ever painted, the BlightFang I posted earlier was my second one.
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    I see. I can adjust this, but there's over 70 defined controls with colors associated, I will need a few minutes to parse the list and see which control covers either TAG color, or topic title color. ALSO: Moderator posts can now be "liked" again. there was apparently a setting that was turned on, either by default or inadvertently.
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    I have to say kudos to ReaperBryan. You have taken all our whining errr sugestions and used them to improve the look and feel of the new forum significantly from last night.
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    Those links have now been restored. Not as pretty as they were before, but I'm still getting the hang of the new software and the styling rules. Gravatar has (as of this post) been re-enabled. Double Line break has been turned back off. The announcement will automatically go away tomorrow. Right now, I can confirm that database processing is still going on.
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    dips toe in thread to check the temperature, promptly slips and falls in
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    Here's a little diorama I did with Impact! Miniature's chibi flesh golem mini. I really loved adding a little color to the grey scale. I was hoping to capture the old expressionist look and add a little cuteness to it. The trees are from a Games Workshop kit, the sarcophagus is a Reaper Bones piece, and the skeleton is from Sodapop Miniatures.
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    I still need to work on what I am going to do for a base but I think the painting is done :)
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    I'm planning to use Tamiya clear Blue and go for an Ice Dragon look, I think.
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    I most certainly did not just spend half my work day making a cover photo for my profile. .......ok I did, so maybe go look at it to justify how much I just got paid to make a silly picture.
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    Please clarify. I do not understand the term "red/red" and I haven't been to look. To make Nested Quotes according to the official forums for the software: "Convert tags to lowercase" was a setting that was enabled by default. I have located it and destroyed the abomination turned it off.
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    The site looks identical on my ipad and my laptop. Haven't checked the phone or desktop yet. (I'd been using the desktop version on the phone and squinting like OneBoot). Smilies on a device, nice! (-- Walt Whitman) I just swapped my gender identifier from "Female" to "Not telling" because I'm a little uncomfortable with the immediate online identification. I don't mean to be weird about thus, but I've noticed a subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, difference in the way some people interact with me online depending on whether I am immediately identified as a woman or not. Sometimes it's helpful to be seen as just a person. I realize there are some contradictions in the way I have dealt with this in the past, and I am still considering whether I am being silly. Unfortunately there doesn't seem a way to leave the identifier blank. I'm now identified as "Not telling", which isn't entirely truthful.
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    skates through the thread on the bottom side of the ice
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    The poison isn't in the kool-aid. It's everywhere else! The kool-aid contains the antidote! This is to prevent infiltration by other cults.
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    This option opens up to users upon reaching 1000 posts - "Godlike" status. Previously we asked that you PM me and i would change it, but this is so much easier (for me)
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    Oh, yeah. I should have mentioned that. I was experimenting with those settings, and toyed with a 4th one, but in the end decided to change it so that instead of one and exactly one option being permitted, zero, 1, 2, or 3 options are permissible. This is me turning settings on and off as I find them. Expect more as I poke through the extremely complex settings.
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    Bryan is trying to find something that is visible, but not IN YOUR FACE.
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    O.O There are so many shiny buttons and options.... *stuffs hands into pockets* Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I suppose I can forgive you for using hot sauce instead of cayenne pepper..... but leaving out 2/3 of the Holy Trinity is a sin. Onion, bell pepper and celery are the basis of all Cajun cooking. Boudreaux bless. Amen.
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    Moderating this forum is not quite that onerous of a chore.
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    A few weeks ago I kept hearing a noise out on my balcony about midnight. Since there have been a spate of crimes recently near where I live, after it continued for a while I went and grabbed my Glock and went to investigate. When I opened my apartment door a grey tabby mix immediately invited himself in. He wandered around my apartment for quite a while snooping into things before I managed to corral him. I finally caught him, fed him a piece of bologna, and then evicted him with best wishes.
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    I was either asleep or moping around feeling unwell, so I missed most of it. Which is a shame, because the Facebook shenanigans during such times are always highly entertaining. I think this is the best description for the forum upgrade I've ever seen. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Bald eagles are spiffy. Whenever I see one on a zoo or other display cage even if it's a bird that can't for whatever reason be released to the wild, I feel compelled to apologize to it on behalf of my species.
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    Today is the 20th Birthday of my oldest Stepvixen! We will receive guests soon and celebrate!
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    And since he drinks from a skull mug, he now literally has his head up his...
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    My baking definitely smells much worse. None. He is already punishing himself much worse than what I can do. Thanks for the assist, George! Between this and the bread I got a hankerin for a nice earwig sammich. Miserably and torturously. So, pretty fun. Part of me has already been bronzed. And if the IT quest involves getting rid of bugs or gremlins, I'm all the way on board. So on board. On board like a pressganged pirate with his wooden leg nailed to the mast.
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    We aren't into that stuff that you DROW are! Only on Tuesdays. Those I got from ... hey waitaminnute!
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    but what do we do after we make it? I mean isn't the the first rule of cults, don't drink the kool-aid?
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    So here's my Goblin Shaman, bare as the day he was cast. (And totally not an excuse to try out the new forum upload). No idea what I'm doing with this dood, so let's see where it goes.
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    I play in an RPG group that has been meeting weekly for a good long time. Our favorite setting is the Iron Kingdoms- we started back when it used the D&D rules and we've kept playing with the new system. The new system hasn't been around as long, and we often have to convert the old statlines into the new system ourselves- especially for some of the epic monsters that Privateer Press isn't ready to explore yet. Here is Chilon. He is a Giant of Bemoth who was captured by the Skorne and forced to labor for them. Last he was seen in official cannon, he refused to fight for the Skorne, but we felt that it was only a matter of time before his will was completely broken. I converted this mini from the Ultraforge Giant to match the IK artwork- so he lost his nose, and had to have his hands rexculpted. I also replace his weapon with something that looked a little more Skorne. So here he is- mounted on a CD (120mm base)
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    I hadn't taken into account the cover pictures being dynamic, so mine is perfect on my screen.........but no bueno on my phone and now I'm wondering what it'll look like on my laptop at home. There goes the rest of the afternoon.
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    Yes, I did. "Members" weren't authorized to have a Cover Photo, but people in a House were. I have corrected this oversight. Yes. And moderators have now been turned Gold. I think. Investigating. Also, you (the collective forum) posted some 8 pages of activity while I was not at work. I tried to read through it and address what i could, but I may have missed things. I'm formally requesting a list of other tweaks or settings or etc. that you (collective) believe require investigation or adjustment. I may not be able to do everything, but I can look. I have a kickstarter update to film and post today, so my time here is limited, and one massive list would help. Froggy or TaleSpinner, could one of the two of you (or another enterprising member) make a post that compiles a list that I can use as a checklist?
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    There have been bald eagles nesting within the city boundaries of Chicago for several years now.
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    Your avatar is an adorable cranky little puppy and I hope you don't mind that I'm following you. In related news, a search of the member database turns up, amazingly, no member named MoonShadow, which means that no-one can currently sing that they are ... being Followed ... by ... yeah, never mind.
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    I've already got plans to fight all day and drink mead all night in the afterlife, what benefits do I get NOW?
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    Don't mind me, I'm just submitting your post to scientific testing. It won't cause permanent damage. Probably. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Again? I figured you'd learn after the first time...
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    So... I had some 40% off coupons from Michael's and decided to stop by there and pick up a couple of things: A set of 6 Liquitex heavy body acrylic paints that a lot of pros have been recommending in videos and tutorials I've watched. A set of 3 Liquitex metallic inks (bright silver, bright gold, and rich copper) A leaf punch it's 1.59 cm, rather large for our scale, but I think it'll look good as "ferns" or "jungle plants" or something similar.