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    So, using this new version of the forum, very exciting! So just got these two finished last night and photos taken this afternoon. Two pretty simple figures, I actually chose them because they were simple, kind of a "between projects" little paint job, and the added bonus was that they were mostly skin and cloth, very little armor, which is somewhat traumatizing. Reasonably happy on how they turned out. For the thief, her eyes were very deeply set, like some of Dennis Mize's figures are, so once I was actually able to get an eyeball into her, I didn't try to add an additional color or anything And the thief looks a little angry, but I think it's more the sculpt than my paint job, but who's to say for sure? and she has darkish skin and Dark hair, so dark brown eyes weren't too much of a stretch on her anyway. These two came from an old Silver and Steel Partha set from Ral Partha, the sets that were full of Larry Elmore beauties. For the mage, I didn't really go into it with any preconception of colors, so who knows where the reds and pinks came from, but I think it turned out kind of nicely, with vibrant colors instead of blah ones. So anyways, enjoy!
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    I only have phone pics of this guy, but it's been ages since I posted anything here and I wanted to share. The base has been finished since, but the painting was done in 2.5 hours while baby took a nap. It was a bit of a precise with wet blending, and I was riffing on the wizards in Skyrim a bit for the colour scheme (not quite as dark in the end though). I'll update the thread with new pics when I get around to them.
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    I finished this one awhile ago, This was the first miniature I ever painted, the BlightFang I posted earlier was my second one.
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    dips toe in thread to check the temperature, promptly slips and falls in
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    Here's a little diorama I did with Impact! Miniature's chibi flesh golem mini. I really loved adding a little color to the grey scale. I was hoping to capture the old expressionist look and add a little cuteness to it. The trees are from a Games Workshop kit, the sarcophagus is a Reaper Bones piece, and the skeleton is from Sodapop Miniatures.
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    I still need to work on what I am going to do for a base but I think the painting is done :)
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    The site looks identical on my ipad and my laptop. Haven't checked the phone or desktop yet. (I'd been using the desktop version on the phone and squinting like OneBoot). Smilies on a device, nice! (-- Walt Whitman) I just swapped my gender identifier from "Female" to "Not telling" because I'm a little uncomfortable with the immediate online identification. I don't mean to be weird about thus, but I've noticed a subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, difference in the way some people interact with me online depending on whether I am immediately identified as a woman or not. Sometimes it's helpful to be seen as just a person. I realize there are some contradictions in the way I have dealt with this in the past, and I am still considering whether I am being silly. Unfortunately there doesn't seem a way to leave the identifier blank. I'm now identified as "Not telling", which isn't entirely truthful.
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    skates through the thread on the bottom side of the ice
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    The poison isn't in the kool-aid. It's everywhere else! The kool-aid contains the antidote! This is to prevent infiltration by other cults.
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    Bald eagles are spiffy. Whenever I see one on a zoo or other display cage even if it's a bird that can't for whatever reason be released to the wild, I feel compelled to apologize to it on behalf of my species.
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    Today is the 20th Birthday of my oldest Stepvixen! We will receive guests soon and celebrate!
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    And since he drinks from a skull mug, he now literally has his head up his...
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    My baking definitely smells much worse. None. He is already punishing himself much worse than what I can do. Thanks for the assist, George! Between this and the bread I got a hankerin for a nice earwig sammich. Miserably and torturously. So, pretty fun. Part of me has already been bronzed. And if the IT quest involves getting rid of bugs or gremlins, I'm all the way on board. So on board. On board like a pressganged pirate with his wooden leg nailed to the mast.
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    We aren't into that stuff that you DROW are! Only on Tuesdays. Those I got from ... hey waitaminnute!
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    but what do we do after we make it? I mean isn't the the first rule of cults, don't drink the kool-aid?
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    I don't know for sure who made this one. I believe Harlequinn but not sure. HEARTBREAKER MINIATURES! Anyway after owning him for almost two decades he got painted in 2013. EDIT Better Pics
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    Can't get these two to smoosh closer together... At any rate: If you have a circular saw and can get a piece of MDF shelving, let me know and I can give you instructions on making a poor man's track saw, which will help you make remarkably precise cuts. The surface of decent plywood is plenty smooth, but you can really get it into decent shape by quickly going over it with 220-grit sandpaper, then 320, then 400 (which is best left for after the first coat of finish goes on). That still leaves you with rough edges, but those are easily solved. There's a product called edge banding; Home Depot and Lowes both sell it, at least in Canada. It's a roll of wood with glue backing, with a choice of different types of wood, and you basically lay it on the exposed edge of the plywood and use an iron to activate the glue and attach it permanently. Once you're done, you can use a sharp knife to cut it flush and a very light sanding to round over the edge a bit will leave you with a great surface all around. And while pocket hole joints don't match dovetails, tenons, box joints, etc for long-term durability, they're a lot tougher than most people give them credit for. For a hobby desk I wouldn't hesitate to recommend using them if you have access to a Kreg jig, if you were looking to do something more than just a flat surface with some legs screwed in. Unruly, if you want more detail or explanation, let me know and I'd be happy to go over my thoughts in more detail. I'm by no means a pro woodworker but I am reasonably competent.
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    For anyone who might be having a bad day, I've got a story for you. It should brighten your day. So I'm sitting in a chair with my kitten on my lap when I get a text message. My text sound is the Metal Gear Solid "found" sound that plays when you get spotted by a guard, because it's loud and shrill and short. Well, it scares my cat, who digs into my leg. Which makes me rapidly stand up. The rapid motion makes me fart. Except because I've been having some stomach issues it wasn't just a fart. So I take off to the bathroom, running, with my cat digging into my leg even harder as I run because it doesn't want to let go. And as I run I trip over the corner of my couch and smack my head into the wall. Now imagine that happening in the span of about 3 seconds, and picture it in your mind. Enjoy your laugh. It was like the best 3 second long, one man slapstick show.
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    Yup MOD Posts have a different colour but No like button it seems. Maybe you guys want to correct this, or I won't like you anymore!
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    Primed him up, and when that dried I gave him a nice heavy wash of Colours of War 300 Black thinned 1:1 with water. Instant blacklining!
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    I'm just checking to see if I can still post photos...I did lose about six or so pages with the new "improvements". ...SUCCESS! This is a shot of the Witches' Isles (of Langerhans)...it's 1 of 78. You can expect the remaining 77 sometime tomorrow...hopefully.
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    Hey Chaoswolf... Uh... you feeling okay there buddy?
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    It's nice to be noticed for ones hard work.