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    Re: EU friendly shipping- we aren't ready for this project, but we are actually opening a Reaper facility in the U.K. So that we can offer this in the future without using the kinds of scammers you're talking about. We've been working on this for about 5 years now and are expecting it to be open later this year.
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    I've liked this mini since I was a teenager. Finally got to paint it up. Thanks to everyone in the WIP thread for your advice!
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    I just skipped like 20 pages of stuff. There's no way for me to keep up anymore, now that I don't have a job where I sit behind a desk all day and browse the web. Or at least I don't have one for the next month and a half until the college students all leave and we start to get some downtime. That said, I finished my first week on the new job. So far, so easy. I've walked a couple miles worth over the last few days, which is a lot more than I've walked in a long time. I also seem to be skipping the probationary pay period, because in my inbox at work was my payroll change sheet and it has me making $16/hr when I was expecting to be making about $14.50/hr for the first 6 months in the new job. Which is great. Starting on Tuesday I'm going to be switching to my actual work schedule of evenings and nights, as opposed to the day shift I worked this week, which also means I'll be getting a shift differential of at least $0.65/hr. It's going to be a whole different ballgame though, because night shift parking enforcement is when all the elfs come out. With day shift, if people catch me writing them a ticket they usually do the "aww man, I got here half a second too late" and then I go "Just remember to feed the meter next time" and I void out the ticket. Although I did get to laugh at one guy, because he apparently thought he'd be able to get in his car and drive away without saying a word while I was writing him a ticket. He came up while I was writing the ticket, didn't say a word, and just climbed in his car and started it up. So I just took the ticket in my hand, knocked on his window, and handed it straight to him. If he'd have said so much as "sorry" I would have just let him go without the ticket, but trying to drive away while I'm writing it doesn't get you any slack. I also got really sunburned. 8 years of sitting inside, only being awake at night, and never being outside when the sun is shining means that I'm one pasty looking dude. So in the first 2 days that I was outside walking around, with nice weather, I burned to a crisp. But that's going to stop being the case soon enough, as I'll be outside in the sun on a regular basis now!
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    I have started my 10 day staycation!!! We will go out for dinner tonight with friends. A few birthdays sunday and monday. There will be hobby time during these days too. My girl is taking the oldest to a musical and on a shopping spree later this week, they will stay the night in a hotel for this. So I will be supervising spoiling the youngest stepvixen and of course Brutus. This will give me plenty of time to work on my projects.. And 10 days of not working!!!!! Now listening to Motörhead, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion and Ghoultown. AAARRRROOOO!!!!!
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    Found my Secret Sophie mini, so I can finally work on it again. Except I am currently in a hotel 177 miles from home. In Waxahatchie for Scarborough Faire tomorrow.
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    I am working on an idea for a fantasy miniatures campaign, and needed some sort of area movement map which would match the proposed forces. I have Jared Blando's book How to Draw Fantasy Art and RPG Maps, which formed the basis of my method. Since I'm not much of an artist, I kept it to the simple end of what he shows. In a perfect world, I would probably have penciled the whole thing and then inked it, but I'm not a patient guy. . So I worked it in stages. Here's the completed piece, ready to laminate for game use. Working with watercolors (a cheap set) was interesting; the techniques are different enough from what I'm used to in acrylics that I ended up with some unfixable oopses, but it will do for what I need, which is to use for game background...
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    Me: "I only have these few drawers left to paint before I have all of my Dwarven Forge terrain painted." Six year old daughter: "Then will you retire from painting?" Me: *thinks of all the KS4 terrain due to arrive in the next month or two, and all the unpainted minis I have* "hahahahaha"
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    I've got two copies. I'm thinking "snow leopard" for one of them.
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    That's right, NOW GIT OFFA MAH LAWN!! >waves around old cavalry sabre< Absolute waste of time, no matter when it would have happened. And that's all I'm gonna say about that. A fair few of us were in the military. Along with job training, life skills, and college money, the military will also give you a very warped sense of humor. This tends to rub off on anyone who interacts with/spends a lot of time around military personnel. It boldly goes where no mini has gone before. Good question, I would be interested to know if there has been any official ruling on that. Enjoy!
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    I seem to have gotten stuck in some sort of time loop. I think I'm free of it now. Hopefully I won't wake up tomorrow and have to electrocute a hamster all over again. At any rate it's officially spring here. The porch snakes are out. I'm going to need to start checking my washing machine again lest the babies go for a ride.
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    Just put in my April order. Two hecklemeyers coming my way!
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    Painted A LOT today. Got 5 minis completely base coated and 1 almost fully base coated. I need to do washes on them and put eyes on too. At this rate I'll be done with all of them by the end of next week. My back hates me now though, I'm sure it doesn't help that it was sore before I started.
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    One of my favorite chibi minis.
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    Since Friday was my day off, I spent the day helping wifey trim the blue spruce out front. She wanted all the limbs off the ground and upwards to the point she could walk under it. I was kinda against the idea, since that's what the tree was supposed to look like. But...I think she was right. I'm sure it was okay for the first 20 years, but now that it is 40, it was really encroaching on the entry sidewalk. It looks weird for sure, but one can get to the front door without having to be poked by needles. We've more bundled limbs than the trash truck will take, so it will take several weeks to dispose of them all. And we've got another tree in the back that needs trimmed as well. I'll firewood most of it tho. Now time for random disjointed replies. I think I was lucky on beer in college 20 years ago. Microbrew was readily available at uni, as I went to one of the epicenters of the movement. I have had the good fortune to have never dealt with fishbone charts. Failure analysis isn't a fun process, especially when it's because of something you're in charge of. I'm writing this in Notepad on a Windows tablet. Touch screen. I think I'm not fully awake because I just tried to Alt-Tab to switch back to the screen with the forums on it. Twice! Don't know about foam in a bottle, but I do know about liquid nitrogen in a bottle. It's fascinating debris. I think my youngest still has her piece somewhere in her bedroom. Those wacky lab guys! Double posting seems to be a recent issue. Strange. Now to today's plan. Out for a bagel breakfast. Son got his braces off Thursday, so he is excited to be able to eat those again. Then that branch in the back. Grass needs cut, so I need to change the oil in the lawnmower. Gotta clean the aquarium. Once all of that is done, I'm free to hobby. Muscles might not be in a good state to paint, but there are many other things I can do, so I plan on putting the day to good use.
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    I've read the Harry Potter series but I never got absorbed into it. Don't get me wrong they're well written and the fact they got a lot of people reading again is excellent, but I've never felt the urge to reread them. The Dresden Files however are a different case, even if the wait time to Peace Talks is beginning to resemble the gaps in the Dark Tower series.
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    LOL! Yes, definitely Lava! I took a break from sculpting today to do some painting. I started layering colors lightly on tge base to build up lava. I sprayed orange then orange red then red and like a dope, didnt take pictures during the red phase so heres orange. And yeah, that monstrosity in the back is my attempt at sculpting a jaw with teeth. I needed to make some depth with the lava so I took a dark red and started lining some rocks and edges. I'm still not entirely confident on this step but in hoping that once I go back over and blend, repair OSL and add bright whites and yellows where the lava is flowing the I'll feel better. Painted in the rocks and added a little OSL to them. I wonder if I should pop the rocks more??
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    What would make you happier? What would make the path of your life smoother? Go with that option.
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    My MiniatureMarket order, a box full of WizKids unpainted minis arrived today. I would say they are worth the price, the detail is very good for the most part, very similar to what the site pictures look like. I had to open some right away and slap some paint on them, so I picked the female elf sorcerers. There were some rather annoying mold lines, but I didn't have any issues removing them using a knife (like I always do on every type of mini). They seem to take paint very well, I didn't wash them first, so the primer claim is definitely true. The proportions are more true to life, so the heads are a bit smaller than Reapers heroic proportions. Tiny eyes! I like them and I will buy more of them for sure.
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    I ordered books six and seven, as well as the next Princess in Black book (she reads to me and then I to her every night). Due to arrive Sunday.
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    In general my perspective is that the General Comment so far have been much nicer than they had been prior to the final container details being known and announced. A few negative posts today is nothing compared the storms I've waded into. And let me be honest, we've failed to meet projections, and failed to meet expectations. I understand their angst and frustration, even as I recognize the causes and realities of doing business with partners overseas. So I don't let it bug me.
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    Finally finished this guy up for my current campaign I am running. This was a real labor of love for me. I absolutely love the model and loved working on it even though it seemed as though nearly everything that could go wrong, did. From missing part (quickly replaced because Reaper is awesome) to paint cracking, to one antler wanting to continuously fall off, to problems with the basing (caused mostly by my trying to rush last night to get it done in time for today's session). All in all I am pretty happy with this guy considering my current skill level (not very high). My only regret was not noticing that the right eye socket (left as you look at it) on the helm had a bunch of extra metal debris in it until it was too late. Couldn't get it off without risking breaking the model and unfortunately that prevented me from giving it the green glow that is in the other eye socket and where the nose would have been (to represent magic in the helm). I do wish I had more time to better base the model but I just ran out of time. I also realized the value in basing it first and painting the model on a separate holder (cork, bottle cap, etc.), and will definitely be doing so with future models! Regardless, he can now die with honor this afternoon! At any rate, thanks for looking and as always I appreciate any comments or suggestions for improvements. I am always looking for new techniques or ideas on how to improve my current techniques since I am still so new. WIP can be found here. Special thanks go out to @Xherman1964 for all his suggestions as I was painting this guy up.
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    Speed painting at high noon. Who will be the Fastest Brush in the West?
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    Bank finally got it's stuff together and took the hold off of our money. I didn't have to contact iTunes after all. Trying to decide if I want to paint today. My back is killing me from yesterday but I'm going to have a lot of down time tonight when husband goes to run his ACKs one shot tonight. So that'll give me a few hours to kill.
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    All the more reason to get her painted up then. ETA: Also, thanks for looking!
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    I tried to find if anyone had posted her on the forums before but I was feeling scrambled and my search wasn't clear.
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    Now that's not really fair. Sure most of our Macrobreweries are a bit bleh but we have a lot of Microbreweries and I would say the majority of them are pretty good Honestly though, I've never been that impressed by the imported macros either and so never understood why everyone makes fun of American beer. We make pretty darn good beer. Bad phraseology on my part. Most of the microbrews I've tried, I liked,but not all. When I said American beer sucks, I meant Miller, Budweiser,etc, basically most kinds that you pick up at the local convenience store.
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    No painting of any sorts today. Current model kit is stuck in limbo on the account of a paint mixing for a part. It's not that I can't mix paints I just don't feel like doing it. Also I'm trying to mentally picture what the actual color by looking at the colors. 3 colors used: Gold Leaf, Flat Aluminum & Flat Brown. Thinkin it'll be a brass or bronze. I'll probably do it tomorrow.
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    Started new minis for the first time in over a month. Been sorry of dragging when I havent been travelling. Got primer on 3 Stephenie Law muses a goat swashbucker a mouse fighter a GW Griffin and a Shggoth (I'm calling it Mr Trashbags)
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    You should only have to go to the project page and click on the latest update. No pages. In fact, I'll link it for you. Or link to the link. You get the idea.
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    bats the post around before bounding out of the thread with it
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    Gorgeous day out today, no need for jacket. Pathfinder game tonight. Also, new neighbour has moved in.
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    Talos. An Egyptian themed metal golem. Female Storm giant / male Cloud giant.
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    I really love making minis for our RPG group- and here is a party for one of our campaigns. The group consisted of three trollkin and a farrow (who might have been a trollkin in a previous life- or maybe the next one). Only the first one has no conversion elements. The one with the fell blades was a Fell Caller with Doomreaver levels. Overall, I feel that this was one of our poorer intelligence parties- it was kind of a surprise that they ever got much done.
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    Had a customer walk into my store and request a painted Orc for a Monster Campaign he and some friends were going to be running. I figured send this was going to be a "hero" monster played by a character the armor would be somewhat maintained so I painted it with a small amount of rust as apposed to a large amount like I would normally paint it. I figure a monster trying to rise to power wouldn't let his armor go to waste. I hadn't done one before but I think it turned out great. The skin has more depth then the picture shows the lighting kind of washes all that out. If you like what you see I got more on my FB page. I'll be posting more both here and FB in the future. ( facebook.com/TabletopGlory )
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    I've never put on riot gear, but a lot of the protective stuff I wore in the Navy when I was doing VBSS (visit, board, search, and seizure; inspecting foreign [ and possibly not entirely friendly ] sea going vessels for drugs, weapons, and other contraband ) is similar. I never timed it, but somewhere between 2 and 7 minutes is probably a reasonable answer. Just like with anything else, there are lots of factors that will shorten/lengthen that time: Practicing will make one faster. Using your own gear ( a set of equipment that you have worn previously and is therefore already adjusted to your particular body ) will make one faster. Conversely, using 'off the shelf' gear will take longer, since one will need to adjust several times for proper fit. I hope that helps/makes sense.
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    It's the same sculpt. I have two copies of the set 03495: DHL Classics: Lady Lycanthropes.
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    I do. I have had many fewer than 370 brands. Root Beers, rarely, IBC and A&W mostly. Ginger Beers, nope. Haven't found a favorite yet. I suspect it will turn out to be a Porter or a Stout though. My favorite beer name of all time has to be: "Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout" ...which is actually brewed in the meatspace world (I think by New Holland Brewing Co.) even though it sounds like something only available someplace in Azeroth. .
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    I posted this over on the acquisitions thread, figure I should put it here too: My MiniatureMarket order, a box full of WizKids unpainted minis arrived today. I would say they are worth the price, the detail is very good for the most part, very similar to what the site pictures look like. I had to open some right away and slap some paint on them, so I picked the female elf sorcerers. There were some rather annoying mold lines, but I didn't have any issues removing them using a knife (like I always do on every type of mini). They seem to take paint very well, I didn't wash them first, so the primer claim is definitely true. The proportions are more true to life, so the heads are a bit smaller than Reapers heroic proportions. Tiny eyes! I like them and I will buy more of them for sure.
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    Joke/prank war. That way, it's fun for the observers, too.
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    Question for the weekend of April 8 + 9 What is the silliest way for people to duel that you can think of? Examples: Full Contact Origami, Water Pistols at 8:35am, Competitive Miming.
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    Redrew it to try and make it more like Ma'al, and worked harder on the pattern to be more what i imagining and less laziy and sloppy
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    They are great to read to my six year old daughter.
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    "Junk Food"reading, I am going to have to remember that. I have a few that would fall into that category. I love Michael Crichton and have read all but three of his books. Really looking forward to the release of "Dragon Teeth" as I thought "Micro" was his last.
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    I look forward to fulfilment, and while my husband is impatient and a bit cynical about when that'll be, i'm willing to wait until the arrive. I'm Wave 2 so i know i won't be waiting till the very end
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    more work on the base......only 9 and a half hours in and almost done with one aspect of the base lol.
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    Decided I'd put washes on once I finish everything so these aren't technically done but this is what I did today. Eyes at the end too. Male gunslinger: Male and female Ranchers: Female prospector: And the Nun:
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    Yeah, I felt like it kinda lost itself 2/3 of the way through the series, and the ending is a major downer (and also felt somewhat contrived). But I still like the series, lol. It's part of what I call my 'junk food' reading: tastes good, nice for a quick snack, but not very sustaining, and a constant diet of similar works wouldn't be good for me. I'm going to move onto some Michael Crichton next, I find his books to be intellectually stimulating. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I was going to suggest a non-Earth-shattering kaboom, but... ... this seems cooler. Now, what happens if you fill a pressure cooker with expanding foam? (Answer: Definitely not good things. Don't try this at home, kids. Unless your home includes a bomb range, in which case, you both terrify and fascinate me and I want to watch you from a safe distance.)