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    I thought I'd removed all of my college photos from teh internets...seems I missed one. Ah well, at least it shows my good side. You missed more than one... Amazing what a google image search will turn up, innit?...
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    Update: The wet palette idea is working well, and the 9 year old has demonstrated a good sense of color and loves the color card I started for her to track what paints she's using. Win! The 7 year old is doing a lot with just two colors, but she's fairly neat. Tomorrow I may even dare to try to paint while they're painting, since they've managed to get me to drag out every bottle of paint I own!
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    Evilhalfling was my exchange recipient for the Spring Exchange. He asked for something with an Asian flair. I chose two minis to paint for him. O-Sayumi was the first mini I picked out. I mean come on, how do you pass up such a great mini? I did some research on geishas - their makeup, the kimonos, their culture, etc. Very fun to learn new things! Her kimono pattern is based on one I liked while doing a Google search. Since Evilhalfling mentioned he might be using the minis in a game, I put little magnets on the bottoms and made a base that either of them can be displayed on. It is my first wooden plinth and my first resin pour. I am afraid it shows but I still think it turned out pretty well. There is a little koi fish in the pool, a couple lily pads I made, a lotus flower, and a tiny frog on a lily pad. (I guess the frog jumped off during transit. ) This is the first time I have posted photos since the board change. Is there no longer a preview button?
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    Apparently my labeling of the garlic mayo as "Anti Vampire Cream" caused some confusion. Had a chat with the prep boss who agreed with me that since certain of our prep cooks have handwriting that is completely illegible to anyone without a degree in sanskrit that this should not be an issue. So I'm allowed to continue as long as I write the terms they expect to see somewhere on the label. I am however banned from labelling anything in tengwar as the cooks mistake elf runes for satanic symbols. Next week I'll begin adding the words "dolphin friendly" to the menus and see how long it takes for anyone to notice. (Technically donuts are very dolphin friendly so while nonsensical it is truth in advertising.)
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    Why is Friday acting like Monday!? Maybe it's because it's Friday before vacation. Mother in law was present when I stumbled out of bed. I almost fell on her trying to give her a hug while she was sitting down. We went to a couple of thrift stores looking for a chair for me. She kept laughing at the way I'd just sit in a chair for a few minutes before saying yea or nay. I found a sturdy red chair I like. And then I had to go to work. Bleh. I had a lady about to pass out from low blood sugar at the same time I had a (very patient) guy whose reservation got lost. And then five check ins while trying to keep the lady awake before the fire department got here to help her. (I love the fire dept around here, those guys are all so nice to people.) I'm glad that part is over and the lady is fine. But sheesh. What a night!
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    Here's another of my vast stash of Bones figures, now splashed with paint. This is a very quick and unfussy paint job, and not really a very good one, but it will do the job. It took me about half an hour. It appears in Reaper's inventory as 77258: Blood Demon, but it seems pretty clear that it's based on an AD&D minor demon called a Babau that I first saw in the MM2, published in 1983.
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    What is it he's avenging? Did someone eat his lasagna?
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    Self driving cars . . . . I understand that computers can have better safety records than humans. And I appreciate that such features can be added to vehicles. However, the "internet of things" is a great big danger. The software isn't allowed to be modified by me for better security, or more efficient use of the vehicle. I, as the end user, can't access the software, even though I rely on it to work properly. Furthermore, all that technology means you're always connected to the web, so you get tracked everywhere you go. Advertisers already do that on your computer. This gives them the opportunity to tailor billboards to your "interests." Going to the store? Hey, there's an ad for Kroger up ahead that let's you know bananas are on sale. No, thanks. (Note that this applies to lots more than just cars. Smart-phones, smart-thermostats, smart-refrigerators . . . all the same problem.) Add on to this that I have an aversion to "experts" telling me how to do what I want to do. Want to go to the store? Well, our self driving vehicle will take you there along the preprogrammed route. No, you can't go down that street. You can't go faster. You go where we tell you to go. It's a short hop from that to "No, you have exceeded your mileage for the month, so you must pay an extra 25 cents per mile as a useage fee." Finally, what happens when (not if) the computer malfunctions and an accident ensues. Studies already show that if you take drivers out of control of their vehicles, their minds wander or they are much more likely to fall asleep. So any override feature is useless. For maximum safety, the driver must remain in command of the vehicle and any computer system acts as an auxillary to the driver's ability
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    I rarely see this mini painted. I can't imagine why, it's a great sculpt. Anyway this is my version of Adowyn and Leryn.
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    I had some problems painting the WizKids kobolds. Ethier the details were cut to shallow, or the primer interfered with the paint. I have a longer discussion in a show-off thread: Here The griffon looked better but, I normally paint wings with a combination of wash drybrush. I' will try different things if necessary strip the primer off one wing and try that. If its terrible I just wont finish it. Hmm cant seem to choose where to post images, so I will do multiple posts. unpainted: Its merging my replies together - okay that will work too. So first I broke out a black ink and did the first feather, then used my normal brown liner on the second and a water thinned black on the third. these would have completely different results on bones.. but here liner vs wash looked the same. I am doing the griffon as a bald eagle. (mostly) black feathers, and a white head. I recently saw someones (unfinished) Kingdom of Death Phoenix with each feather done in 4-5 colors, individually, it looked awesome for that figure but would be silly on a griffon, and make it unuseable in a serious RPG.
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    I'm betting it will be older generations who adopt them first. Get a self-driving car for your half-blind grandma so she can go to her Dr appts and Friday night D&D game safely by herself.
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    Actual serious thought on self-driving cars: Our current legal climate won't allow them. Even if self-driving cars are shown to be 10 times safer than human drivers, the opportunity for a class-action lawsuit against deep-pocketed auto manufacturers at any human fatality involving said cars will make the auto industry, the legislators and the bureaucrats invoke the precautionary principle with extreme prejudice, thus delaying or preventing completely the adoption of a system that has the potential to reduce traffic congestion and save lives. Or maybe that's just my pessimism speaking.
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    The giant, heart-shaped eyes can be a little unnerving, at first, but you get used to it.
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    Being that Friday is a bank holiday, I got my paycheck a day early. It came with a nice surprise. Apparently, since I switched departments they cashed out all my accrued holiday and comp time because my new department doesn't have those two things. That was 64 hours of time at my old pay rate, which gave me almost an extra $1000. Except I don't get to actually see almost any of that. It bumped this paycheck up a few tax brackets, so I got to actually see maybe half of it actually enter my pockets. But oh well. It's better than nothing, and an extra $3-400 is nothing to sneeze at I guess. I'm gonna most likely use it to pay for my Pennsic trip this year. Maybe I'll even buy a new tent. Something bigger than the 4-person dome I've got now... In unrelated news, I've discovered that "The Real Ghostbusters" is now on Netflix. I'm now watching cartoon vacuum cleaners get hit with proton packs.
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    Evilhalfling was my exchange recipient for the Spring Exchange. He asked for something with an Asian flair. I thought this guy had a lot of character and would be fun to paint. I was right....mostly! He had a little metal bump on his right eye that I didn't know was there until I was painting eyes. It kept catching the paint and making him look cross eyed no matter how many times I tried to fix it. So....he got a gnarly scar and a blind eye! That'll teach him! I put a little magnet on the bottom so he can be swapped out with O-Sayumi (the other mini I painted) on the little display base. I wanted to do some freehand on his coat but I couldn't find a pattern or design that I liked and thought I could pull off. He did get a tiny Yin Yang symbol on his belt though! His monkey is a Chinese Golden Monkey.
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    Ahh yes, Mr. Jakubowski. Yes, I can spell that name without looking it up. It has been verified he is no relation.
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    I wouldn't have one or ride in one. I am a technical adviser on a connected vehicle project and have spent the last four years fighting to insure that the devices that send information to the vehicles have some sort of security before they are connected to my traffic signals. The traffic industry is just now beginning to think about security and only reluctantly. Beyond security, the infrastructure has to be in good condition. The current driverless vehicles require good roadway markings to help stay in the lanes. We have had to restripe the roads for google to test their vehicles. After the last week of pot hole filling, I can say that I would not trust any driverless vehicle to safely navigate any roads within a mile of my house as the markings have been randomly obliterated.
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    While I like power windows and locks (I have kids, specifically one who likes to play with windows and opening car doors ) I prefer the manual kind. If I lose power in the car on a hot day, I can roll down windows while I wait for a tow. Handle breaks? Easy to replace. Power window beeaks, costly. Etcetera.
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    This video is the best thing about HeroQuest... Besides the Brow'd Sword of course!
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    I think the technology needs to mature some as well as the previously mentioned part about it not being effective until everyone has one. I like driving, but it would be nice to have the option on the interstate during a long drive. A few days ago I saw an article that raised an interesting point. There was a collision involving a self-driving car and a human-operated car. The question became, who is responsible for the accident in a collision between two automated vehicles? The users would have no control over the operation of the vehicle so it doesn't seem right to hold them accountable yet I envision if the manufacturers are held responsible they would increase the price to cover the expense of litigation making cars even yet more expensive. More importantly, it's 2017...where are the flying cars?
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    At the rate we purchase cars, self-driving may the only option available for our next new car.
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    The problem I have with self driving cars is that I fear they won't really work until everyone has a self-driving car. Mainly because the self-driving car will be too good of a driver by comparison and will be unable to predict the stupidity with which so many people drive. That said, I'd love to be able to just read a book or take a nap during my daily commute.
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    I look forward to true self-driving cars. I will be disappointed if it only ever exists as a supplement to a driver's ability, because I want to be able to take a nap during the 3 hour drive to Miami. As far as hackers and computer errors killing people, I don't see that as a whole lot different from impaired or inept drivers. I'll take 10 thousand murders over 30 thousand "accidental" killings. I also look forward to self-driving fleets putting millions of drivers out of work. Simply because that may be a large enough and sudden enough system shock to force us to rethink the relationship between work and basic survival.
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    The best b-day gift I ever received was from a very dear friend. He made a b-day card which I had never seen before, it used a thick construction paper and all the words and image was sewn on in string. It ranks up in the top 3 things I have ever received regardless of occasion since it was one of the most heartfelt and unique things I have been given. The time and the dedication to the craft was inspiring to my young mind, to the point that when I first read the question that card was the first thing to come to my mind. It stuck with me because of the emotional impact. As for given? It's hard to say as the giver which is the best; however, one does stand out to me. When I was a teenager and first started making jewelry I lacked many tools and materials, but I had some. My mothers birthday was rolling around and I decided the 2nd thing I wanted to make was a necklace for her. scrapped up what I had and chose from them 3 random colored anodized aluminum rings (not the best color match, buuut they worked) I made a byzantine weaved necklace for her that even today, years later, she occasionally wears to work paired up with a business casual summer outfits. In fact she might even wear it again for Easter this year with her spring dress. So, I don't know what would be the best gift, but from my perspective a gift thats still actively in use after a decade is a pretty good gift.
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    Well, the 24th is National Pig-in-a-Blanket Day. Can't expect kids to go to school on the high holy days now can you?
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    Three BONKS! for the elven twonks thinking they're smarter, Seven for the dwarf nerds in their diggy diggy hole, Nine for mortal man thrall to Kickstarter, One for the Dark Bryan and his dark soul, In the Land of Reaper, where the figures lie. One BONK! to rule them all, One BONK! to find them, One BONK! to bring them all And in Bonesium bind them In the Land of Reaper, where the figures lie.
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    I know what you mean. Both my parents have the same surname, and so did my maternal grandparents (you say inbred , I say blue-blooded , everyone was at least second cousin or over). My mom comes from a family of 13 kids, my dad 8, themselves with plenty of cousins. So when I see someone with the same last name as me, I don't need to go back many generations to find the relationship. Next summer, my brother is hosting a family reunion for both my parents' families. If every one comes, it's over a hundred living relatives.
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    "Mom and Dad, we all got you an egg-selent gift."
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    On the plus side... I am painting... Yay! On the other side... it isn't miniatures. I had the hardest time finding something for my parents 50th that would work with what I wanted. I ended up with 8 wooden eggs (one for my wife and I and my brother's family). I'm now painting them white and will add some ivory speckles later. Looks like this is going to take at least two coats and several hours more than I thought... I failed at finding a nest of any kind at Hobby Lobby, so I bought a little metal basket and will line it with some nesting type material. And then I have to decide if I am going with a Nest Egg idea or all the chickens in one basket... probably nest egg... but... all of us will get to personalize our egg and then give it to Mom and Dad for the 50th celebration this weekend. Phrasing will be key to pull it all together, but I'm sure I will think of something. Most definitely about 10 minutes after I give it to them... hopefully before hand though...
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    I used to surprise people when I worked customer service by being able to handle those names. then I explained I was related to a Kulmatycki, a Koproski and a Pucilowski
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    My maiden name is the same, except mine ends in a y because my dad, listening to his eldest brother (there were about 16 kids, not all made it through childhood) believed his dad (my grandfather) signed his name with an "i." Turns out grandpa hooked his i so it looked like a y. With such a large family, and some of my cousins living in Milwaukee, we weren't sure if the crazy man was related or not at first. He isn't.
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    Perhaps each car can come with a game console, and a copy of the latest violent auto racing game?
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    That's not fair; I'm sure Arnie is a great driver!
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    They're an eventuality and will come whether we're ready or not. They may come slowly, or be adopted as younger generations age, but unless you want to intentionally live in a by-gone era, you'll be riding in one at some point. Just look at horse-drawn buggies. Same evolution.
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    It has to be better than the current system of partially trained apes.
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    I think we're overdue for implementing this technology. There are so many poor drivers on the road and half of them are playing with phones. Much of the world already commutes on nearly autonomous trains. I see cars as the next step, opening up safer low-stress travel for the suburbs.
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    I feel like there should have ^ been an announcer doing a voiceover saying, "...but wait! there's more..." At my last contractor position I believe there was no pay on New Years Day, Christmas, etc. Nobody there. Place was shuttered, but I think I got doubletime once... [for working on a Sunday?] ...when they were **moste desperate** to have somethings get finished.
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    Sympathy Red. Glad you found a chair though. Mom reports the medicine is already working. I think Houdini may be fine if we can keep her eating and drinking. She is doing both, but we will likely need to consider a permanent diet of wet food to keep weight on as she frequently has trouble keeping dry food down. She decided she desperately wanted to be on my lap today.
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    <---- My brother gave me the skull for my birthday years ago.... The best gift I've ever given... There was a lady in the Rocky Horror scene who went by the name of Q... She was, to put it mildly, somewhat obsessed with Richard O'Brien (She ran his website for awhile). O'Brien wrote a show starring a character known as Mephistopheles Smith, and Q had her own Meph Smith costume (the pic is from the EC 2000 con in Allentown). Since I'd already made a couple of Rocky Horror-themed teddy bears for people over the years, I bought a teddy bear and some materials and made a perfect miniature version of her Meph Smith costume for the bear - and even used latex to give it a bald head, horns and a tail.
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    Sorry to Thread-o-mancer so hard core.... But I just recently re-watched Weird Al's White and Nerdy: And gotta say.... I totally did not recognize the equation as um... anything.... I EVER knew. I can totally tell I had just re-taken the MCAT. No other way I would have known any sort of physics like that. However, this time, I did recognize Key and Peele rollin down the street in the first part of the video. See how much smarter all that extra education has made me?
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    I literally look like my avatar. Thick black glasses and dyed black Bettie bangs.
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    Hey, the 12th is the 'middle of the month' +/- 3 days. Just kidding! I don't need a tease. I can wait. I'm going to buy it anyways. Why do I need to know anything about it now?
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    Just because one uses Western medicine, doesn't mean you can't use crystals and non-traditional medicine too. I hope they are the usual nodules that we in Kentucky get in our lungs, and not the cancerous kind.