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    Next up on the Bones-painting production line is this one, 77261: Bat Demon by Bob Ridolfi. At first I was going to paint him classic devil red, but I went with green in the end to give it a more serpentine look. I don't know why I wanted that; there's nothing very serpentine about the sculpting, but there you are. The heart has its reasons. The wings and elevated position make this figure a bit more imposing than its stature actually warrants. As far as its body goes, it's just very slightly — if at all — larger than the average Reaper bloke.
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    So just got done painting some more old school Ral Partha classics, this time a set sculpted by Dennis Mize in 1996 (if you believe the bottom of the base) called Dark Divide, which was based on a Larry Elmore painting: My original thought was to actually paint it a little more faithfully to the original colors, but I ended up doing the gal's dress in green instead of pink and I made the vampire a lot more pale than he was in the painting. Being that the painting shows them being inside, I also just did a very generic bland base, instead of it being outside with dirt and grass, or even by making them over cobblestones or something similar. After seeing how he came out in the photos, I'm not overly happy with the armor for the warrior, but oh well, not going to change it now. I was going to take these pictures yesterday, but I've been using natural light any more to take photos with and it was so cloudy and rainy yesterday that I just couldn't get a decent photo. Anyhow, great fun to paint, pretty simple models, hope you all enjoy!
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    It was warm here (tied the record high of 86º (30C)... And though I do usually like it warm, I need a bit of time to acclimate. For example last Friday and Saturday morning, we had frost warnings. So I actually had to take breaks today as I was working in the yard. Now have 3 hanging baskets planted, the filled up the planter out by the gazebo∆, Tranplanted the sugar snap pea, water melon, cantalope and romaine sprouts. Tended to the remaining vegetables still in their sprouting infantile stages. Planted the two additional strawberry plants, gave tlc to the begonias I'm trying to sprout, tended to the the heirloom tomato, and early head of lettuce I have already potted. Cleaned up the tree junk that is falling in copious amounts, and moved the plants that have been hardening off in the shade a little close to full sun. And I didn't get a sun burn while doing it. :Beams with pride.: That has been my weekend so far. Tomorrow board games with nerds, and I'm making roast beef with warm potato salad. Should be good times. ∆: Please do not attack my Gazebo.
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    When I lived in central Texas, people were always asking "Where are you from?" and didn't believe I was a Texas native, apparently due to my lack of a Texas drawl. I've lived in Colorado for nearly four years now, and no one seems to find my accent noteworthy at all.
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    Finally got to go see Rocky Horror again - it's been way too long since I've gone to anything that cost money to do, and going out to breakfast afterward was the first time I've left the state of CT in two years... I was going to go see Expose free show at the casino tonight (everybody remember them from the '90's?), but ended up ditching it because I got stuck in Youtube hell. Even with the long weekend, I don't seem to have enough time to get everything done I wanted to do, although a good part of that is time management. Tomorrow is going to be cooking chicken for lunch for the week, and doing homework - I need to study the procedural manual for my job, which I brought home with me this weekend but haven't even looked at yet nevermind opened.
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    I don't actually have anywhere to hang this painting, but it was too cool to pass up for $2.50 at the Goodwill Store... It's done in oil (I think), 15 inches by 20 inches, and as far as I can read the signature, initialed "KW"...
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    Thank you everyone. I was finally able to fall asleep this morning after being up all night. There is guilt, but it is more because i had no money for the vet. I plan to turn it into action. Once i finish this program i am joining i hope to have a job and that vet visits will once again be very common. Also Houdini was a female. She was my little escape artist and so was named after the most famous escape artist I knew. I'll be fine eventually and am trying to replace the image of her seizure with images of her begging for cuddles, food, or to ride on my shoulder.
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    Now its starting to get fun. a bit of advice from the local paint day, and then 3 solid hours of work. added snow shadow to trailing edges of long feathers, increased lining around feathers, raised the highlights (some) then painted the whole other wing. It hasn't caught up with the first wing, but I think its all looking good. Next some gap fill on the strange divot on its back leg, running kind of from tail diagonal to knee. Then to basecoat the lion body.
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    May you all have had a good Harrowing of Hell Day.
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    And for all you strange people out there in forum land, Move to Iceland! It's not really illegal, but they are talking about it....
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    I teach special education. And sometimes, I use Dungeons and Dragons. Why not? It's a great multifaceted tool and addresses a variety of core standards and diagnostic purposes. 1. You HAVE to read and write in order to play. In particular, if you HAVE a thing, but it is NOT WRITTEN DOWN? You don't have it. I don't care if Odin himself showed up and handed you a zillion gold pieces and the Spear of Destiny, if it isn't written on your sheet? Didn't happen. And if I can't read your handwriting? Didn't happen. Be happy I don't make you put it down in complete sentences. There, see? Now you have a plus-three spear that comes back to your hand! Oh, and the wizard handed you a scroll! Here, here's the play aid. What? I dunno what it says, YOU'RE the one holding the scrap of paper I gave you! Better read it CAREFULLY, it might be important... 2. Mental math. You want to know if your roll of 12 plus your +3 for strength can hit AC 16? Figure it out yourself. Afraid you'll get it wrong? Don't worry, I'll let you know... Hell, at some point, I mean to snakehip the James Bond Roleplaying Game to a more kid-friendly version; it uses a multiplication table to resolve skill checks, and it runs on percentile dice! 3. Rewards. Did everyone get their day's work done? Did everyone earn all their points? How many of us had behavior incidents this week? What? We're all lookin' good? Well, who wants to play a game...? It helps that it's a game that requires teamwork, and it's a game EVERYONE CAN THEORETICALLY WIN, which means that one kid who always tantrums if he loses doesn't necessarily have something to go off about. 4. Diagnostics. Roleplaying is nothing new to psychiatric work, but D&D is uniquely suited to creating immersive imaginary scenarios and seeing what a child will do in reaction. Example: "I slay the Orc! Does he have any treasure?" isn't uncommon. "I talk to the Orc, and tell him if he stands aside, we won't bother him!" is actually pretty healthy. "I slay the Orc! And then I keep stabbing him! And I laugh! And I stick an arrow up his nose!" may be indicative of some anger management issues. "I slay the Orc! And then I look for more orcs to kill! I don't care about treasure! Is there any more killing?" may be indicative of feelings of powerlessness or resentment towards someone. "I slay the Orc! And then I yank his pants down and saw off his..." may be indicative of issues I'll need to mention to the social workers. 5. Interpersonal/social relationships. Y'know what? It's a helluva lot safer and easier to manage when two kids' characters get into a ruckus than when the two actual children start pummeling each other. Furthermore, I find that immersive roleplaying is a HELLACIOUS teambuilding exercise, and tends to reflexively teach problem solving and managing interpersonal issues. Sure, you get "If you don't give me your potion of healing, my next character will kill YOUR character!", but compared to some of the scrambles one encounters in elementary school, this is a walk in the park. 6. Narrative Structure. There are children who just want to go find a monster that it's okay to maltreat. That's fine. Every generation has had its version of cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, whatever. But these kids are learning about genre, setting, characters, STOCK characters, protagonists, antagonists, and everything they'll need to know when it's TAUGHT to them... without even realizing it. So, yeah, D&D is a useful thing, the kids eat it up, and it gives us all something to look forward to at the end of the week. And I told you that story so I could tell you this one. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ The Knight, the Warrior, the Ninja, the Cavalier, and the Wizard* have been wandering in the woods for three days. They have gotten good and lost by their own efforts and lack of forethought, and they are now beginning to regret the decisions that led them there. They defeated their enemies in the Red Caverns, but chose to force their way out a new exit rather than backtrack to the way they knew, and are now not even sure which side of the mountains they are on, or how to get back to the Red Caverns. The Cavalier is fairly sure that the town is east, but none of them have any idea how to determine which way IS east. The Ranger would be a handy addition to the party right now -- as a sixth grader, he's the eldest, and knows how to track and find his way -- but since he blew off his math homework all week, he's busy catching up instead of enjoying Friday Fun. The group went hunting three days ago, and brought down a wild boar**, but since none of them have any idea how to preserve meat, the rations they didn't cook have gone a bit high. They have enough bacon and ham to feed the party for ONE more night... and after that, they will begin to find themselves a bit hungry. The party are all Minecraft veterans. They know quite well what happens when your character starts getting... hungry. And so they're on the lookout for food. The lack of the Ranger is keenly felt. Precisely what constitutes wild food? The group has been checking the trees of the forest; none seem to be fruit bearing trees. No apples or pears. Vegetable trees seem short as well; not a single potato tree, carrot bush, or Twizzler flower can be found. The Cavalier seems certain that some varieties of tree can be eaten, but so far, all they've found are the regular wooden kind. Still, hope runs high, although a low level argument is simmering about whether strawberries are plants or animals. Abruptly, the DM begins rolling dice. The Knight warns everyone to stop cold; he is aware that this means SOMETHING, although the DM has refused to explain what. Low numbers on the D6 seem to indicate animals or monsters, and the DM has rolled a one. Then he rolled a D20, twice. "You are not surprised," the DM said. "Meat!" giggles the Knight. "I get an arrow ready. Is it a deer? Or a turkey?" "I hide in shadows," says the Ninja, rolling a stealth check. Successful. "Is there such a thing as a wild cow?" asks the Cavalier. "Cows could mean we're near a town," says the Warrior. "Or is it a buffalo?" "If I throw burning oil on it, will the meat cook itself?" asks the Wizard. "Ew! That would make it taste horrible," said the Ninja. "Just use Burning Hands spell." "You are not surprised," continues the DM, "but neither is HE." He puts a miniature on the table. It is a hideous, warty green humanoid, easily three times the size of any of the players. It is a cruel, monstrous looking horror, all claws and fangs and warts, and it fairly sweats malevolence. The group, uncharacteristically, falls DEAD silent. What IS that thing? They've encountered ogres before, but they weren't this big... or this green. *beat of horrified silence* And then, the Ninja speaks in a small, solemn, eight year old voice: "We are NOT eating THAT." And the game had to stop for a minute because the DM fell out of the chair laughing. *Three Fighters, a Rogue, and a Magic-user, highest level is fourth. Mentzner BECMI system. **It was only after finding out what they were eating that three of the group realized that "boar" is in fact "pig, aka pork." One of the group seemed to think that most breakfast foods came from pigs, and was disappointed that the boar did not also provide toast. The conversion of "dead pig" into "edible foods" was not covered in detail, although the entire group seemed to understand that smacking it with a sword did not simply result in a pork chop floating in midair, like in Minecraft. Education continues.
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    Hello everyone, here's a project that I've been working on for over a year! I actually got Operation Icestorm, way back when it was released, and now it's done, including the CSU, which I had to hunt down since there was a preorder error that resulted in my order not being treated like a preorder by a distributor. Long story short, I didn't work on it for a while, then took my time getting it done! A special thank you by the way to SGHawkins, who helped me track the CSU mini down. I decided to go very naval military on the Pan-Oceania team, dark blue with a few key accents to match the original designs. For Nomads, seeing as they're just basically Australia 2.0 in space with hackers and punk rock, I went with bright orange, purple, white and fun hair. They've also got gloss on the guns, since I was trying to mimic the original IPod for their weapons, and it will help the two teams stand out since this is a starter box so I could teach the game as well. The Whole Box Nomads Pan-o Fusiliers Auguacles ORC Trooper and Mobile Brigada Akalis and Spektr Nisse and Grenzer Reverend Healer and Father Knight CSU Feel free to ask questions!
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    This is from GCT Studios and their Bushido game. A fellow player asked me to paint it, and while I don't normally copy the studio art, that was how she wanted it. Sorry for the bad photo and harsh lighting, my photo booth is off limits right now.
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    Made it to the Colorado paint day. First time in years, as the last time I went they were at Attactix. Had fun but was dry fitting the little 3D house portion I printed and two walls seem off. Didn't bother working on them until I figure out the issue. And I brought the wrong brown, so couldn't touch up anything. Switched to the Gnomic CAV after lunch, which I'll have to update the WIP on. Basically finished, just need to base it. Came home and took the wife to Michaels for their 30% off sale. Replaced the brush I destroyed today, the well tray I couldn't find, and the chocolate brown paint my daughter decided to turn into slime. Overall, I'll give today 8/10. It would get a 9, but had only waffles this morning and no bacon.
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    My cat Inanna passed about 2 years ago, after developing an inflammatory bowel disease and chronic kidney failure. I have learned these are common ailments in older cats. At the time I felt guilty, because I felt like there was something I could have done to prevent it. Or at least delay her passing by 6 months to 2 years. Because looking back, I saw I had failed to recognize a obvious decline, and signs that her time was drawing near. I had made an assumption that she would look really sick if things got bad. Cats usually don't show how sick they are. So just after she passed, I worried I could have done more. That if I had only recognized what she was going through, maybe I could have started her on insulin (Because I assumed at the time she passed from developing diabetes that I had not recognized.), or had gotten her to the vet a week or two earlier. I realize now, I had already extended her life, with steroid injections, and food changes. Taking her to the vet a couple weeks before most likely wouldn't have extended her life much, and it wouldn't have been quality life, even if it could have been extended. Now, my only regret is not recognizing that her end was drawing near, so I could have spent more time making her comfortable, and doing more to accompany her on her transition. However, my vet was right, Inanna had a good life. She was saved from under a bush, in a construction site, with a belly full of worms. Without me, her life would have most likely been hard, and violently short. Instead, she had couches to lay on, and enough food to get fat on, and daily pettings. Even though I did not recognize how ill she was, she was still comfortable, and with me. Things could have been far worse. It sounds to me, that the situation was similar for Houdini. The last hour of Inanna's life was filled with terror. I scooped her up from the comfort of the bed of clothes she had made for herself in the closet, where she looked quiet peaceful. Forced her into her dreaded crate, and whisked her to the vet appointment I had for her. We found her in multiorgan failure, and with a blood pressure so low the vet was almost unable to give her the drugs to put her 'asleep'. If I had to do it all over again, I may not take my next dying animal to the vet to be put to sleep. I think I will prefer to have them pass at home, where they can be surrounded by their family, and in the place they are the most comfortable being. So, Flamehawk, you do have my condolences for your loss. I hope you do not feel guilty, like I had. It sounds like Houdini had chronic kidney disease, and had come to the end of her natural life. She did not suffer, and she passed at home, Loved, and surrounded by her family.
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    This comes from a line of miniatures prior to Reaper taking on the Pathfinder line. Made by Paizo in 2005, you will probably be seeing more of these from me in the future since my friend wants every single one he has painted. At first I did not like this model, but after throwing some paint on...the sculpter proved me wrong. A lot of fun to paint too.
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    Three months ago i started my cygnar army. Here is my Stryker warcaster.
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    Hopefully it is a good one! "Adventure is something that that makes you cold, wet, tired, exhausted, and fills you with pain and terror, that if you survive it, is something that you will talk about to the end of your days...." "Adventure is something that happens to other people...."
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    Here's some pics of Planetoid A which is very much like the moon with craters, etc. I started with the same base of a Plastic Practice Golf Ball and wrapped that in masking tape. Then I coated all of that in a heavy craft glue and waited for that to mostly dry. Then I started layering on black ballast using the same heavy craft glue and spraying down the layer with DullCote between layers and drying times. This is the last plain layer. The next layer after this one, I added a bit more ballast and then went in with a clay shaper and added a few starting craters to get a starting point. Then I took that layer and instead of DullCote, I sprayed it with gray primer. More to come. Stay tuned.
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    spent most of today painting and watching the new mst3k episodes. finished most of a squad of skitarri.
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    Trogs Get Cast 1 Many of you will remember my Trogs WIP that I did on here. I did actually finish them both, but just never really got around to posting them in that WIP. I have been unable to find a home for them, because they do not easily correspond to any typical D&D or PF creature. I had a brief lull in my sculpting projects this past week and decided to try to cast them myself. I started with Smilely, because he is my least favorite (Hugs turned out bad-elf, if you ask me, and I want more experience before I mold it). I cut off both its arms. I probably could have left the left one on, but my abilities aren't great yet, and I was afraid it would complicate things too much. I didn't make a sprue for the arms and just winged it, using a sprue former in the mold, figuring that I would cut channels to the arms. That turned out to be a bad idea and they moved in the liquid rubber mold. I barely had enough space for the wax injector. It all worked out though. Here is the mold and a few wax copies of the arms (I went on to make many more; injecting molds is fun): Then I decided to tackle the rest of Smilely. First, I added a GS and wire sprue and let it cure: Next, I created the rough mold, supporting the model and creating the basic parting line: Here is a shot of the complete stack of unvulcanized mold rubber before peeling the paper and putting it in the mold frame: The mold turned out great, but I cut myself very deeply with the scalpel while cutting in the air gates. It was such a clean cut though I was able to seal it myself, so no ER trip at 11:00 at night. Here is the finished mold: Smilely though wasn't as heal-able as I am and lost several layers of putty in the mold making process, so I guess I'd better cast it right: I'm not used to doing this large of wax casts, and I opened the mold too soon, oops: The next one came out beautifully: I kept making casts. Sometimes air bubbles in the cast really suck: I decided I'd made enough when my "Keeps" bowl started looking like Siri's cave drawing: It will be a couple of weeks before I can invest and cast these, but I got the hard part done. I am very excited that I successfully made a mold for a mini. Andy
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    My condolences, Flamehawke. It's never fun to lose a friend, even the small furry ones. Happy Easter everybody. A special time of year when you can get together with friends and family and swap infectious diseases Stomach bug going through town here. All the people I know with kids about the same age as mine are praying to the porcelain gods. Some of the older people I know like my mom decided that wasn't the thing for them and opted for nasty colds instead. So who wants to come for a nice traditional russian meal tomorrow? Great food with a full gastro intestinal cleansing included. Glad I'm not flat out sick and hoping that I'll be up for at least some of the feast. Also hoping that the wife doesn't get it until after she's done cooking.
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    Indeed. I live in a dumpster. (We call junky unplanned base sprawl a dumpster base)
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    Apparently Nintendo doesn't like money. That NES Classic that they released late last year and which has been selling out way faster than they can produce them? They're discontinuing it. They're doing one last shipment of them, and then there will be no more. Which means I will probably never get one unless I'm willing to give $300 to some jerk that probably bought it just to resell.
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    Adding brown to the small feathers, more highlighting to black ones. I have no idea what I am doing with this wing. Is the front of the feather highlighted or the back? the small feathers are easier its the long ones driving me nuts. What I though was a constant pattern of bright white at the base of these feathers, was a one off lighting effect in the photo I was using. plus it looks bad. okay deep breaths I am going to go watch wing painting tutorials on the tubes,