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    I've been working on these two for a very long time. Well over a year I think. It's nice to finally get them off the paint table and into the display cabinet.
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    Hello, I'm a brand new to the hobby and a loving how (surprisingly) relaxing it is. I've never been an artistic person, but i got into it because i liked the idea of creating my "custom" tabletop minis. These two are first I've ever done. I think it went ok for a first try, but definitely lacking and needing A LOT of work; it looks really messy. I would love some constructive criticism. Thank you. Also just a few questions: 1. How long do you usually wait for initial base coats to dry before doing a second/third coat? 2. I'm a little confused on how/when to apply shadows, highlights, glazes, etc. Reaper Bones Kobolds (first ever). Reaper Bones Deladrin (second)
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    I hope nobody left an airlock open again... This part made me smile. Everytime you turn your back on them, their heads pop up, just as you look over your shoulder they dissapear again. *** Do you think he sssaw usss? ***
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    All I can say is *hugs*. Also, here's the best part of my visit to the zoo, which I was saving for just such an occasion: Lion blep! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    One of the Fellow from the Lead Adventure Forum gave me a link to Bog's Miniatures on FaceBook. Their ambulatory Mushrooms were so like my stationary ones that I had to give them a try. This is the result: Emerging from the depths of Heep's Caverns, The Meandering Mushroom Mob: The Lantern: The Wizard: The Flunky: ANDThe Muscle: ...Than Gang with a shot of the setting at Heep's: ...they may not see any games, but the boards are splendid puppet stages for photos. The Fellow seen exercising the better part of valor is a plastic miniature that is part of G.W's plastic Giant boxed kit. He is my surrogate for Sir Forscale. From the bottom of his shoes to the top of his hat, he is 32 mm. I feel he shows the proper appreciation of the situation my World offers.
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    No worries. I doubt the snakes were offended. And I'm really trying to avoid having them as housemates this year. Neighbors is fine, but I don't want to find babies in the washer again. Seriously, it was one snake per load last summer. It's kinda funny. When I was a kid. I looked all over my backyard for snakes and never found them despite them supposedly being all over in the surrounding fields. Living in the city now as a grown up and they are all over my tiny yard.
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    Aw come on. They really are adorable in a snakey sort of way. I just need to plug the hole in my siding so I don't find babies in my washer again and to just keep them out of my basement in general. Particularly since the cats both go down there now and I don't want them to bring me presents.
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    Two copies, primed with Titanium White and a wash of Burnt Umber: This is a Kitsune figure Reaper offers only as part of a set. I got mine from two copies of 03495: DHL Classics: Lady Lycanthropes (which also includes a werewolf and a weretiger). She also comes in the set 02900: Beastmen of the Wyld (which also includes a boar-man and an elk-man (American elk or wapiti, not European elk or moose)). I will confess, I had seen her around in the store and thought her sculpt only okay and kind of flat looking. But then a couple of gorgeously painted examples changed my mind: So I got two copies of 03495: DHL Classics: Lady Lycanthropes, since I knew I was going to need lycanthropes for a game soon and there aren't too many females out there. Just to get a sense of place I sloshed a little drab green, mixed from Burnt Sienna, Yellow Oxide, and a dab of Phthalocyanine Green, onto their bases. I decided to paint one up as a silver fox and one as a classic red fox. Using my standard method of slopping some beginning colors on, I mixed up a neutral grey from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna plus some white and daubed it on one of the figures (plus some pure white on the tail tip). I took some of the straight Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna mix -- which is a transparent dark near-black with violet overtones -- and laid it on the silver fox in the standard places. If you Google silver foxes they are beautiful, almost like Siamese cats, with silver heads and backs and black legs, tail, ears, and face. I did similar things with the reddish kitsune. I mixed a dull rusty red from Burnt Sienna, Yellow Oxide, a dab of Titanium White, and a minuscule amount of Phthalo Green to grey it down just a hair, then I daubed it on the parts of a fox that would be red. I washed her darker bits with that same Ultramarine Blue-Burnt Sienna near-black, and a light brushing of pure white on her tail tip. Then I took some pure Carbon Black and laid in their eyes, noses, and lips. It's really hard to see on the silver fox, but there is a difference between it and the "black" on her face. So they are a real mess right now, but there should be some interesting developments as we go along.
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    I'm sure they are, and these sound about as cute as snakes can get and to be honest I do like snakes and I like to know they are around in the local ecosystem. Something about the "right under my front steps" thing, though, kicked something unfair off in me. My apologies to you and your housemates.
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    I move from "I hate it" - to yeah "close enough" really fast. I may tinker with it a bit more, and I have basing to finish - but this is a near final stage before I move to show-off.
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    I'ld be lion if I didn't say that was super cute!
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    The snake pit under my house seems to have bubbled over onto my porch this afternoon. Got home from some errands to see a writhing green mass wriggling around on the step and then disappearing into the crack as I approached. I had thought that mating balls were in the fall but I'm not sure what else would have been going on there. It was kinda cute how they kept peeking up from the crack as I was unlocking the door. Made it look like they were checking if the coast was clear or not.
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    I had a very critical conversation today. Boss kept doing fly bys of: "You need to not allow yourself to be pulled in 100 directions at once.", "You need to just knock off doing all the 'extra' stuff.", "You need to not get distracted and focus on <blah blah blah which is different than what was said the last time>." These would happen on the phone, while she was almost inaudible from a hands free, or while I was packing up after giving a lecture. Not in a situation where I was able to give my own input. So, I asked to schedule a meeting where we could define my job duties. The conversation was a big success. My goal was not to demonstrate that she was being unreasonable, and being a bully (which she met the definition of), partially because I knew she didn't mean to come off as that. My goal was to continue to define my role, and what was expected of me, and have us all have a clear understanding of what that is, without being spoken to in a demeaning manner, or have my job duties micro-managed. And in that, my meeting was a big success. It did take a key moment from me to say "I don't think you mean to express this, because we are just sitting down today to formalize these job duties, but I feel like you are telling me that I was failing to do my job." Of course they said "No. Of course not. How could we say you weren't doing your job, when we are still defining what your job is." and it was a defining moment in the conversation. I also found the following articles helpful: http://www.wikihow.com/Handle-a-Bullying-Boss https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cutting-edge-leadership/201201/how-deal-difficult-or-bullying-boss https://www.thebalance.com/witchy-female-bosses-the-taming-of-the-shrew-3515721
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    Er, you don't actually want to take paint up to the ferrule of a paintbrush. The ferrule is the metal collar that holds the hairs of a brush to its handle. On the whole best practice is to not get paint more than halfway up the hairs to the ferrule. I violate this all the time on my cheaper brushes, but be aware that it can shorten the lifespan of the brushes, especially if any paint dries in there. On the whole I keep three brushes by my palette when I am working: a good brush (usually at least a size 1) for painting with; a cheap brush kept damp and at the ready to blot away any errors before they dry; and a slightly larger cheap brush to mix paint colors with.
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    Sounds like an appropriate time to post this again (warning, language...) What you need to do is seriously go to the boss an explain to him that Mr. Control is not "tech savvy" and that he's wasting the company's time and endangering the company's bottom line by trying to appear smarter than he is. "You see, Mr. Bossman, I know these things - you PAY me to know these things and to handle them. I went to school for this stuff. I am qualified to decide who knows what they're talking about and who's talking out their elf. Mr. Control DOESN'T know this stuff. He DIDN'T go to school for it. He is talking out his elf and throwing around big words to try to pretend he knows what he's talking about - he'd be of more benefit to the company standing outside in the street wearing a sandwich board and randomly yelling "Database Management!" and "DOS Prompt!" at random passerby, since then he'd at least be somewhere he couldn't interfere with me actually getting things done RIGHT..."
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    I "liked" Morihalda's comment because the Reaper boards lack an "enraged" button. "Jessie's Girl," a song by Rick Springfield, came out my senior year in high school. It was popular. Heard it all the time on the radio. That was way back shortly before Atlantis sank. I still hear it at least once a week during my commute to work. "Jessie's Girl" isn't a particularly deep song, nor does it seem to be a wild favorite. I can only assume that Rick Springfield rigged the royalties so that he gets enough income off it to pay his rent and Top Ramen bills, or whatever. WHY DO I HEAR THIS ANCIENT SONG ON THE RADIO SO FROGGIN' MUCH?
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    For your first, you're doing way better than I on my first. And second. And third... You'll want to start off by: Okay, so don't go overboard like my son, there, but do thin them a bit. This will help with control, layering, blending, washes, glazes and the like. Also, at the top of this forum is a pinned post called "Directory of Tips & Advice Resources." Very very good links to all sorts of good knowledge collected over the years. I'll let you browse for now and not overwhelm you. Welcome to the forum.
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    Well, my father's girlfriend still thinks she can get her phone to work by repeatedly tapping on it harder when it doesn't do what she wants it to the first time, and refers to the Internet as "the Google"...
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    Found Simon & Garfunkel's Sounds of Silence on vinyl at the Goodwill today... Reasonably good condition. Some of the Skylanders figures are almost good enough sculpts to use as minis, although the aesthetic style is seriously cartoonish... I just found out from my brother that my old man and his girlfriend bought one, despite not even knowing what the damn thing was supposed to be for, lol - so they brought it over to my brother's house and asked him to hook it up for them... My brother promptly took it away from them and told them they didn't need another damn gadget since they can't even manage their phones half the time...
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    Thanks! I tend to just... sail on by if the other person doesn't want to use their words, but I'll check it out! :)