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    I am SO Proud! Alsnia*, my daughter, Was at NYSSMA trials tonight... SHE SCORED MAXIMUM POSSIBLE !!!!! *her forum name....
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    Thanks! New York State School Music Association sorry I double posted and removed the one with the link
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    Maybe you already have dwarf women blacksmiths and don't realize it. After all, they do look quite similar to the men, what with the beards and all.... Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Huh...I've always been told that synchronized panicking isn't a valid battle plan.
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    Though she's pretty much a Goth, the player requested that she be wearing mostly blue clothes. I started by laying down a foundation of deep, dull blue mixed from Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue. This is a color that looks blue when it is wet but sinks to near-black when it dries. I laid in some medium blue mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White. Ultramarine is a pure clear sky blue, just a little tinged to the violet end of the spectrum. Then I mixed some medium and pale blues from Phthalocyanine Blue and Titanium White and laid them in. Phthalo Blue is an intense, strong peacock blue with a greenish cast. I noodled a little more color on her green hand spider, but I didn't take separate pictures of that. Then, because Phthalo Blue can overwhelm a composition, I glazed softly over her dress and boots with some pure Ultramarine Blue. Ultramarine can get a little grainy looking in washes, but it is a lovely color and softens transitions. I washed a little violet mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta on her corset, and added some white to it to paint the rosette on her right hip. I also laid it in her hair as shadows and painted her hair more carefully, mostly with Quinacridone Magenta and Titanium White.
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    In our house the phrase, "That's Comcastic," is a euphemism. I'm sure you can guess the intent behind the statement.
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    Can you come over when I'm hungover and in doubt as to whether or not I should do something? I think that shot of adrenaline would help me choose. Sometimes I wish I had a severe allergy just so that I could try jabbing myself with an EpiPen for broccolis and giggles one day. Also, wow, I didn't think that people were being serious about changing the profanity filter to return broccoli. Well, broccoli...
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    My girl and me like to hike, stroll, walk... We often follow trails that lead through rural areas, nature, forest or historical sites. I would like to share a few pics, so I can show you what the Netherlands look like aside from the big cities and harbour. Yes...we do have tulips and windmills...but not everywhere. I hope you guys and girls and creatures like it. These were made today, due to Liberation Day I had the day off ( not everyone has a free day but the Military does). An Anthill, A Windmill and Tulips, some nice mushrooms attached to a tree and a statue of BACON.
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    Here is the other Reaper model I did over Turkey day. With this one I'm adding the rear shot because this miniature is my first attempt at NMM. Please let me know what you think about it.. Here's the back shot. I did the dagger without using any metallic paints. Looking to see what you all think. I've been since working on some other figures with NMM and maybe I'll stick those up later. Thanks!
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    Cows from Reaper and a resin sea serpent that was gifted to me a while ago by a kind Forum member. Been trying to clear some of my backlog of unpainted minis
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    My pathfinder Sarenite paladin, Zekir, has picked up a couple of followers. The first is Aysun, an oracle. I did a little conversion and painted up 77217: Mi-Sher by Julie Guthrie to represent this daughter of the desert, diviner of the Dawnflower, and servant of the spirits of her ancestors. I cut off her left hand and scimitar and replaced them with the left hand of 77091: Nienna, Female Elf Ranger by Werner Klocke. I also eventually lopped off her other scimitar, before deciding to keep it after all and pinning it back on. The brooch in her left hand is made from a tiny washer and a rhinestone. She is painted up to match Zekir's color scheme.
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    I've had this pirate on my shelf for a little bit and decided last night to carve off his pistol (since most D&D settings don't have guns) and put some color on him. Now get gets to sit on my LGS's shelf until someone picks him up for their D&D character.
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    So I peeled the mask off this evening, after spraying everything with Dullcote to protect the paint from my fingers Report Here And as I had everything off the nails to more easily rub it off, I dry fitted it together and took some pics.... Sorry that my backdrop isn't big enough for this..... So now to touch up the areas where the mask wasn't right, and start doing some more details and then glazing in shadows and highlights.... Thanks for looking! oh and spray dullcote over the glosscote I used to try and make the mask easier to remove....
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    Possible, but as I also have no man dwarf blacksmiths there is still an odd lack of smithing from a people known only for smithing mining and drinking Also spellcheck does not believe me that "smithing" is a word
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    Well, we managed to avoid doing anything permanent...I'm pretty sure... Good for you!! I too have experienced that evil. The perpetrator did not survive the experience. I'll see your broccoli and raise you a cauliflower.
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    hmmmm it occurs to me, I now have woman blacksmiths for orcs, humans, and an elf on the way, but no dwarves. This seems wrong somehow.
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    Some random pics from different trips.
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    During our trips we found strange mushrooms. It is funny to see how much nature , nice places and such are in your are when you start looking for it. A little pic of me hiking..due to security reasons only a back shot..
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    This is from a trip to Valkenburg. Lots of ruins there, but also a Limestone Cave.
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    These are from several other trips, an impression of our Dutch Empire! A Highlander Bull ( blocking the way out, we had to turn back then, he stayed firm before the gate) A little pond. Some Frogs A Ruin Water , there were lots of frogs there, beautiful place.
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    How come that doesn't say "elf" or "Broccoli" or Cake"????? Everything okay?????