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    I made more progress on my Zombicide Survivors. Here is number 4: Amy. I wasn't comfortable with painting up the fishnets from the artwork, so I went with lite pink. Otherwise I went for close to art work. As with my other models, I went with no blood on the survivors. Only problem is the blade couldn't be straightened perfectly, but she is for gaming, so good enough. Here is Amy: Thanks for looking and any C&C you feel like giving.
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    My Exchange Mini has finally reached the destination point so I can show it here Robinh wanted a non-human mini with a shade of orange added here and there. After going through my box with Bones minis I decided to paint a stone golem with orangey NMM. Apparently, copper is the only way to tame the natural power of stone Hopefully it looks like an ancient guardian of even more ancient temple, as this is what I imagined it to be.
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    Finished this guy up finally
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    This guy started out as one of the figures I set aside to practice TMM. such a lovely axe, then a month went by while I painted other things, and I am am tired of practicing TMM. So this guys axe does not have the special care I intended. perhaps I will go back and work on him later ... like after my bones 3 stuff arrives ? hahaha. btw: a weaponized cow skull as an offhand weapon? who thinks of these things?
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    Couple things for Patrons: Anson Durst: Zaal:
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    I just finished ordering flowers for Mother's day, and discovered something interesting about the shipping charges. If I wanted them to be delivered on Saturday, it cost $15 extra. However, to have them delivered tomorrow only cost $5 extra (for Next Day delivery), since it didn't have the Saturday Delivery charge tacked on. Well, okay then. I'm fine with them getting there sooner and actually paying less money for it. Twist my arm already. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    "I'm...not really sure how it happened, since it's not actually in the coding, but according to my quiz, you are literally Darth Vader." Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    "SKELETON HOUSE!" Actually, I took the Harry Potter quiz one time... J.K. Rowling sent me a personal email to tell me that I canonically did not exist in the Harry Potter world...
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    So sorry man... I or something even better shows up soon. Sadly yes. Yeah there are... Too many. I have officially arrived in NYC!
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    Just a bunch of run-of-the-mill undead. Anyone got any brainzzz? Oh, and I couldn't resist doing this:
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    ...and I just found out that I need to be in two different locations at approximately the same time today. You're a dirty elf-smurfer, Monday.
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    So I had this almost guest. He didn't like the credit card policy (that one is required to check in), and left after grabbing my manager's card. What I didn't know was that my manager's personal cell phone was on that card. He called her and screamed at her at one o'clock in the morning. Then he got even more upset that she hung up on him, called the hotel and demanded a corporate number to complain about her. Like, seriously guy. Calm the elf down! No one at corporate is gonna take your side for screaming at a manager at 1am over this. Our credit card policies are viewable on our website and it's not our responsibility what other companies say about us.
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    The two basic strokes are tiny fine lines, and tiny dots. Instead of layering on broad applications of paint to create transitions from dark shadow areas to pale highlight areas, you paint on lines/dots in darker and lighter tones as appropriate to create highlights and shadows while building up the appearance of a texture. You can get a fairly wide variety of textures out of painting those singly or in combination. Fine fur with not quite parallel lines. Crosshatch lines for linen/wool weave. Tiny dots for nubbly wool or a texture like the sleeves on the bust Willen posted. Then combining those gives you a few other options - worn leather is partly scuffs (different dot sizes) and cracks (different lengths of fine lines). Study of the real thing and applying those in the areas that receive wear or are more likely to crack helps the illusion a lot. I've done crushed velvet with a looser dot/dash type application. Again, studying the real material and placing darks and lights where appropriate and in the right kinds of patterns made a big difference. Adding texture is pretty much necessary for interest at the scale of the bust. It can work pretty well at 54mm and up. You can do it on gaming scale, but generally it's going to look better/more convincing for rough/worn type applications than fancy cloth of nobles and whatnot, because of the scale. One key element is a brush. As much as we say you need a quality natural hair brush to paint generally, I really mean it when I talk about this. And contrary to the usual advice/experience, I use a super tiny brush to make the super tiny strokes. The Reaper black handle 20/0 and 40/0 are my current texture brushes for the very fine symmetrical strokes. I have some old and worn W&N 000 I've loaned out in classes that are just about stripped of enough hairs to be fine enough to suit. I _can_ make some of these strokes with a size 1 or 0, but I cannot make them as consistently or without requiring a lot more concentration. (I learned the technique from Kirill Kanaev in a workshop, where he was very dismayed by our enormous 1s and 0s when it came time to do this kind of work. ;->) I have tested a wide number of the brushes I own to see what I can make the finest and most consistent dashes and dots with, and recommend that others do the same. I have also done a quick tabletop experiment using a synthetic brush. In actuality it would be more accurate to say I used the corner of one side of a slightly hooked synthetic brush. I have a lot of brush miles under my belt, that might not be as feasible for every painter. I have also tested a super tiny 10/0 synthetic. It was blotchy and inconsistent. There are other elements, but I went on for 11 pages writing up my class handout on this topic, and I don't think that's feasible to do in a forum! ;->
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    Having consolation bacon right now. Wishing it were victory bacon.
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    What I don't know if I made clear, the first encounter, with the multi-racial skeletons, (in the snow) was actually former adventurers that had tangled with the Red Dragon. The Red then took whatever was valuable off the bodies before animating them. He wasn't interested in a suit of normal scale mail, and a few mundane daggers. But it was a decent haul for a bunch of 1st level characters who are coin poor after outfitting themselves. (They did need to do a bit of maintenance on the scavenged items. ) The skeletons had been pilfered by the minor necromancer, from the Red dragon, but when he left to go back to collect more from the dragon, they got out. (Or maybe he attempted to control to many HD of them, and he lost control of some, and they wandered away from their 'containment'.) These former adventurers then crossed the path of our heros, and thus begins the saga.
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    Watch, and be amazed: I got a bit of a chuckle on the things he rambles on about. This is what happens when you're trying to fill the quiet spaces.
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    Event though I need to finish touching up Alicia and finish her base, I have been distracted by this fine gentleman from Mr. Lee's Minis. Still a lot of work to do, but he's coming along nicely I think.
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    The first non-babysitting gig I held was a paper route. It was a learning experience. The one thing that stuck with me, that I still use today regularly, is the easy way to open strapping.
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    I'm sorry to hear it. QFT. Yay!! Good call. Good for you! Some people are elfs.
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    Sorry to hear this. I do hope you will get a break soon man! Any chance of starting something for yourself? Buying/selling stuff ? Painting Commissions? Keep your chin up!
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    I did an itty bitty bit of painting last night. I have seemingly discovered how to clean my airbrush in a way that it doesn't require me to fully disassemble it, but rather just requires me to remove the needle between colors. I don't know why, but I can never do what everyone else does with airbrushes and just flush the color cup with solvent/cleaner between colors. I have to basically go through my whole clear in procedure or else I get some lingering color mixing in. And I'm using mineral spirits to clean it! It should be wrecking the acrylic paint! So I just touched up some priming on a couple pieces, and then I sprayed the basecoat on my last 2 flesh golems while also using the airbrush to touch up the base coat on the other 3. But it's better than doing nothing.
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    I came back from D&D and took a nap. Then I woke up and ate an entire bag of spinach and arugula salad. Now I'm being fat by making some loaded potato skins that I'm drenching in A-1 because it makes them so much better. Otherwise they're too dry, because they're store bought and frozen and I don't think they load them with butter like I do if I make them myself.
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    And yet, we have 5.3 million job openings right now. I love how HR algorithms can't seem to find the right people for all these jobs. Anyone want to go to school for 8 years (at least), then paid indenturement for another 3? My inbox has like 6 job 'offers' every day. (I went and counted. I have gotten 10 in the last 24 hours.) They were for the following Cities: Several cities in North Carolina Edina, Minnesota Marion, Ohio Lexington, KY (but not for my speciality) Madison, WI Huntington, WV Brainerd, MN Another from the same person for the North Carolina opportunities, but with completely different text and formatting Hampton & Midlothian VA And despite getting a duplicate in the last 24 hours, yesterday's batch had a whole different crop: Harrodsburg KY Daytona Beach 'Region' FL Auburn AL 'Northern' California And etc, etc. I sometimes feel there are 10 recruiters for every opening. Please do. I won't be able to use these ideas on any of YOU guys.
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    Is it okay if I steal some of your ideas? Your campaign sounds absolutely AMAZING!!! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D