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    Cute puppy found near the corner of Crown Street and Wharf Road. Very friendly and energetic, seems to like people. Brown and grey markings and a long tail. No collar.
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    So I've been painting up this fella for Frostgrave. I went classic blue ice troll with him. After taking pictures I see that I could add some depth to the winter wolf fur he is wearing. If it still bothers me, I may revisit it later. For now, he/she. Is done.
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    For painting to display level and putting a ton of hours in, I prefer metal (well I prefer resin if that is an option). However, even if someone has no intention of using figures for play, Bones are still useful to the display painter IMHO. To do a test paint or practice on a Bones requires me riffling through a few boxes for a few minutes to find something that's in a similar pose or has similar folds or something else related to what I want to test/practice. Then I wash it, if I haven't already, and a few minutes later I'm slinging paint on it, and likely 10-30 minutes after that I've figured out if my test worked or gotten some practice in on a technique before I do it 'for real' on the intended figure, and then I toss it in a box and maybe I'll finish it one day, maybe I won't, but it's no big deal either way. In my previous all metal days, I would occasionally do the same thing, but usually I'd feel compelled to fully prep the mini and file off the mould lines, then wash, then definitely have to prime, and by then I feel like I'm 'wasting' it to just slap some paint on it for a few minutes to test something.
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    Received a few things from Reaper today, thanks you guys. These will keep me busy for the next month or more 01604 Eli Quicknight, 02487 Giant Foo Dog, 02794 Oriental Dragon, 03807 Dragoth the Defiler
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    I received my Windsor and Newton #1 Brush today and I am thrilled! I can already see a difference in my painting! The paint does not dry out nearly as fast as it did on the #0 or #00 AND I can still get really fine details! Looks like I am gonna have to buy 1 or 2 more at some point!
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    Looks more like an unholy union between a mock turtle and a pangolin:
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    Here is a little angel chibi that I painted up a little while back. For whatever reason, I just never got around to posting her before now:
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    My first job I worked as a dietary aide for a retirement home. It was 1989 and I had just turned 16. I remember it real clear, it was a pretty emotional job for being so young. The pay was good for a person of my age then but the older people never got better like they do in a hospital and then sometimes they would pass away. It was hard cause some of the people I made friends with and I would talk to them and listen to their stories, and then the next day they wouldn't be here anymore.
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    I don't eat out too much cause I am poor and spend my disposable income on minis...but when I do, it is a really delicious Pho place called Tasty. Not really anything else worth actually going out for around here. A lot of mediocre, over priced, food for students, but not much else. The Pho at this place though is outstanding!
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    There's at least one other person who regularly attends with a service dog I believe. Though of course every dog is different and you are the person to best be able to judge what you and and your dog can cope with. Some of the artists teach at other conventions, some have teaching projects via Patreon or other companies, or sell DVDs. Many of us either fund our ability to attend conventions or our income through teaching as much or more as by selling painted miniatures. So there is a reasonable concern that to make what we do too freely and too widely available would reduce our ability to do what we do. (I have traveled to 2-4 conventions a year for 12+ years and paid for many, many classes, materials, DVDs, etc. to learn to be able to do what I do, and then a lot of time on top of that creating handouts and painting examples to be able to teach what I do.) There's also the issue that, just as with attendees, many of the artists are super introverted, or would feel highly uncomfortable with being filmed for other personal reasons. I get the impulse for why people would like it to happen, and I completely understand the frustration of not being able to travel to events, I'm just shedding a little light on some of the other POVs.
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    I get the steak tips, eggs and potatoes plate...almost every time I go to IHOP. Also, I always ask them to substitute roasted red potatoes for the hashed browns. (Hashed browns=greasy; Roasted Red potatos=wonderful.)
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    So I went to go painting, but checked my email. I saw that the other person running the graphics boy scout badge thing for college for a day wanted to have kids do some screen printing. I don't know if I have any cool tricks in my bag. My background is in book printing, so I thought about book binding projects. But most of them requiring kids to be poking things with awls, and using needles and thread. Who here thinks I could trust middle school children (Who may or may not be boy and girl scouts) with something as sharp as a pointed sculpting tool, and a needle. There were several projects that I could do with that. However, I am not sure if I can have Other People's Children handling sharp objects. Anyone have any book binding instructions that don't take sharp tools, but also don't need clamps with long drying times with glue? Or other interesting ideas that can be projects to get kids interested in Printing?
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    Will I have a mining partner? That bin was fun to dig through. ^.^
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    China Town, NYC. Don't make me pick just one place... they're all so good... Oh... I'll have to keep this in mind... Post NEMPA paint day dinner? I just watched The Angriest Man In Brooklyn (filmed right around the corner from my apartment!!) and it was heartbreaking... I miss him. And sending these your way@Reaperbryan!
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    "It's worse... it's so much worse!" Survived my first day. Spent most of it reading policies and procedures for things I barely have a clue about... Getting home before 5 and getting out to walk the dogs in the park for 45 minutes, then get home and make and eat dinner? And it isn't even 6:30 yet?? AWESOME!! Next up, pulling out my minis and seeing if I can't do the hangout thing tonight. Probably should hit the grocery store for some fruit for lunches...
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    Question the 15th of May: What is your most recent, favorite place to eat? I visit a lot of restaurants, and I like to cook. A little while ago we dined with friends in the Dutch city of Tilburg, restaurant is named Taste. Awesome dinner, the food tastes and looks like it came out a Masterchef show. Will return there one day!!
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    Thanks. I'm continuing to work on the orc. I'm taking the skin one section at a time and have now just about finished the upper body. Still want to do some fine detail work on the hands, fix some of the scars, etc. And, of course, I still need to do the legs and feet.
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    Hi, they wait three years for painting. When I started miniature painting i fell in love with rackham miniatures but I thought I was not enough skilled to paint them. Now I think I am:). I want to make a freehand on shields of last two skorize warriors but I have to rest a while. Making bases was super fun. All comments are welcome.
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    I painted this guy over the weekend to toy around with the LED Blue paint I haven't gotten to use much since I got the MSP 2014 expansion set last holiday season. I'm not terribly happy with the OSL, and could have spent hours more doing more glazes and highlights, but he's going on a shelf for sale at my LGS and I made myself limit my time for extra details since I've found there's an upper limit on what the local D&D players are willing to spend. Anyway, I really liked the sculpt and had a lot of fun with him. Here's hoping he sets something on fire on a gaming table soon!
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    Sympathy like there tjrez. That's rough Eww! No. I've actually become a ketchup snob. I don't use it much anymore, because I discovered how yummy BBQ sauce tastes on French fries. But I've always preferred hash browns and roasted potatoes with just a bit of salt and pepper and nothing else. Though, hubby recently introduced me to the wonder that is stuffed hash browns. Omg... soooo! yummy!
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    Just finished my Reikland Reavers, now onto the Gouged Eye. Just finished priming with Army Painter Greenskin. I will update as I go on. These will be getting a simple tabletop paint job as I need to get them done and move on to the other 4 teams I have in my collection. So many minis, so little time.
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    Wow. People are just. Yeah. Sending good vibes to you. Also, I feel like there should have been a loooooooot more cuss words in there... The local IHOP I go to does a good job of making the hash browns fluffy, not greasy. I love potatoe.
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    Thanks guys and gals! I did get some work done on this today, between working on The Last Rock and some chores. Here is the bed fully riveted, completing the build portion of the vehicle. Some glamour shots with the boarding planks, driver, gunner, big shoota and wrecking ball in place. I still had some hobby time left so I dug through the orks and pulled the ones to use as the Goffs. Four nobs since they can use up to three in game and for variety, I may have to pull one or two more for a little more variety. I started pulling arms and heads off to get a few more load out varieties, the one without arms will get a 'uge choppa. I am hoping a good dig through the bits bags will give me all heads that have a horned helmet as that is very Goff-like. The boyz are just in a pile waiting for some love...I made sure to grab ones with helmets already so no head swaps will be needed on these and probably only a few weapon swaps as all already have sluggas and choppas, the prefered load out of Goffs. I will do a few different ones just for variety sake but for the most part these guys are straightforward hand-to-hand brutes. That's where this mob stands now, more in a day or two I hope.
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    This is for @OneBoot Behold! The Last Rock! Without the fabled net.... This is where I want to attach the Fabled Net. Behold The Last Rock WITH The Fabled Net! I really only want the net to hang at the end of the wooden platform, enough for two minis to be able to use the net at the same time. The Fabled Net cut to shape and size. I am not even going to hide it, I was a little worried that cutting this was going to make it unravel. Thankfully that did not happen and in fact after really looking at this I would hazard a guess that this thing is actually fully tied like a real net. With the net lying in place I drilled pilot holes into the rock. Pushed skewers into the pilot holes an inch and a half or so deep and cut them flat just a bit above the net. A drop of glue in each corner to hold in place. And a small thin line just above the wooden platform to hold it to the rock face. Leave to sit for a few hours while I do other stuff around the house. When it's all dry and set in place I gave the two stakes a wash of dark sepia and called it good. That's it folks, this terrain project is 100% finished! Thanks everyone for all your feedback, critiques and encouragement along the way. I hope this helps someone in some way someday. @Lord_Bryon Thanks for looking, glad you found something to inspire you here.
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    That's a D'Angelo's... (For those that don't know, the Citadel Game Cellar is located on a section of road known to the locals as "Hamburger Hill" - in a half-mile stretch of road there's a Japanese steak house called Koto, a wood-fired pizza joint called The Rolling Tomato (which also runs a food truck), a Burger King, a McDonald's, a D'Angelo's sandwich shop, a Chinese place, and a Dunkin Donuts, lol) One of my favorite places is Eleni's, a tiny little Italian take-out place in Niantic, CT. Their small grinders are 10 inches long... And these are real old-school grinders, not the inch-and-a-half-thick Subway crap. You can get a 14-inch Philly Cheesesteak for under $10...