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    Hi all! Finished up my Slaaneshi Cult with some cheerleaders! (Inner Circle painting comp) Used the Golden Skin triad with nice results (to me!) Still working on the edge blending, but I'm happy with them for gaming level! Hair is craft store pink with Reaper Punk Rock Pink wash Metals are layering and washes of three different companies (craft, reaper, citadel) Tried a technique I read here for the eyes, using reddish liner/wash to accent the green eyes Drummer's beard is the auburn and redhead triad (Now back to painting my RPG groups characters (yay Bones!)) Chris the Tall
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    I knocked out a few figures over the past few weeks. The Iconic was the 3rd time I painted the model, so she turned out pretty awesome. The other ones were speed jobs and I love how they all look.
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    I gave up on cleaning several hours ago. I had a long hot bath, some much needed Advil, and ice cream. It seems to have helped the pain for the moment. I'm hoping that a long night's sleep will help the remaining pain to subside. And on that note I'm calling it an early night.
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    So many suggestions! Thank you! The only decision now is if I want to smell like Marijuana, Lard, or Lemons. Well in the winter yes I think that it is expected. But its 95 degrees, bright, sunny and blue skies! I am still, even after living here for a year almost now, getting acclimated to this strange climate.
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    I think complaining is pretty normal in this thread. As for dry hands, most "dry skin" lotions will help if you apply a few times per day. Especially before bed. Here in the Pacific northwest the cold wet winter makes my kids' hands chapped, so rain alone is unlikely to solve your problem. .
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    Bagbalm. Comes in a green tin. Stinks to high heaven. Put it on your hands, and put cotton gloves over before you go to bed. It'll help. You guys have made me want foods that I cannot get! You are evil! EVIL! *throws chilis at EVERYBODY*
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    Udder cream. I love the lemony scent, and omg is it ever so awesome.
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    I hadn't really considered the time value per mini and I can certainly understand that if you're investing so many hours to make something look great, you want to start with the best materials. Still, for me right now, Bones means I get more minis to paint, so as to hone my skills. If there is one bit of advice that seems to be completely agreed upon by everyone here is that, to get better, you need to keep painting and learning. Bones provide that for me on my paltry income. One day when I paint like Wren, I will be standing on hundreds (probably thousands) of bones minis who had willing been sacrificed with bad paint jobs to get to that level.
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    Ugh... just looked at the Kickstarter comments... Poor @Reaperbryan having to deal with those... lacking in... Lets just say they need to stop being elfhats.
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    *face palm* Yes, yes. On, not in. I blame autocorrupt. She is safely home and sleeping in bed. She was so very happy to see carpet, couches, and an actual mattress. She's been without those three for three weeks now. Life in Japan equals lots of unpleasantly hard surfaces. I'll post up some pictures soon in the Acquisitions thread, but got a cool little book of Japanese monsters, four 2/0 Raphaels, 2 size 1 Raphaels, a bag of army men gummies, and a little plastic kangaroo with a horrific under bite.
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    Heh, yup. All the things farmers use to keep their cows comfortable; bagbalm is one of that ilk. You get used to the smell, honest. ^^; .. good on minor injuries, too.
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    Ohhhh...I did not know what Udder mean in English. I had to look it up. I get it now.
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    Ok...so...is my English failing me? What is its intended purpose?
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    This happens to me all the time... Damn my Viking heritage! Find some hand cream, I use Eucerin, daily, and it helps....
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    There are comment places outside of these forums? Nope. Not gonna believe that.
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    Depends on what you mean by local area. If you mean within my city then I really can't think of anything. I live in HK and, as far as I can tell, we seem to have every type of cuisine imaginable. If you mean within walking distance of my home, then pretty much anything would be appreciated. I live halfway up a mountain so in order to find a shop of any kind, I have to first go down the mountain. Actually - scratch that. I don't want any restaurants near me as I like having the peace and quiet of living halfway up a mountain in the middle of nowhere.
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    Just finished up Garrick the Bold. Painted with Army Painter matte black undercoat, dry brushed Necron Compund then finished off with Reaper HD paints. Basing done with the Army Painter basing kit. Pay no attention to my paint fingers. comments and critiques always welcome.
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    I used to use it for its intended purpose, before it became humanified.
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    I got an S6 two years ago, and it was my very first smart phone. I still view it as a magic box gifted to me by the wondrous glories of modern technology. ...I may not be the best person to ask for tips. Wow, that's surprising. I'd have figured with all of the awful press they had about it (not letting people with them on airplanes and such) that they would quietly bury that line, or else rename it. Rest well! I hope you're feeling much better in the morning. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I started with bones and now that I've played more with them and felt like it was worth working on more expensive minis (and because of the anniversary event) I've started picking up some metal minis and I was really astounded how much painting metal made me feel like my skills had leveled up. So I'd definitely say that metal is easier to paint well... but bones are good fun to practice on and I love them for getting multiples for gaming. I think a lot of us are GMs who use bones to torment challenge our players.
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    I'm not looking at the comments, I'm not looking at the comments, I'm not looking at the comments......
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    lil bit of soldering in position and i think i have the leds close enough on the runes.... done for the night back to painting next time!
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    Lots of rumbly thunder outside! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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