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    I like the idea of yellow and orange skinned ogres and I've seen a few before. This is my first foray into yellow skinned ogre territory and I liked highlighting Witt a mix of orange and shading with a bit of green. This was a heavy one though, so I'll be looking forward to the bones ones coming soon (tm). I stamped some green stuff for the base and sculpted a couple extra bits while I was at it. It's supposed to be a bit of cloth and some rope. Also there is a pile of round objects that honestly looks like massive deer poo. Well, why not? Painted the cloth red, which maybe makes it stand out a little too much. I'd appreciate any feedback or advice on what to improve before I get started on the bones 3 ogres. thanks for looking!
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    Hey everyone! Just checking in again to show off another paint job. This is the first of my group of 5 player characters that I am painting for my RP group. First off is Twynblade the Rogue, I was able to use the Eli Quicknight figure that came as part of the anniversary promotion. I hope you enjoy! This is my 6th figure and I feel like I'm starting to develop a style. I like going for the gritty realism which is why I like adding details like muddy cloaks and dented/rusty armor and weapons. Because he is a roguish type and the guy who plays him is always hanging out in the shadows I went a little heavy on the dark wash for this character. I'm going to work on being more subtle with shadowed areas for my next piece, but I like how he turned out. I took my first real stab at eyes and boy was this a hard figure to start out on, With the hood and bandanna there is very little room to maneuver the brush. I got the whites of his eyes and liked the effect. There is no way I'm getting pupils in such a small area with a brush. I was wondering if anybody uses pens to apply pupils on any of their figures? Suggestions on that front and any other comments are welcome. Thanks again for taking a look. ~WhatsEcstacy P.S. A lot of my figures came with really bent weapons including this one. I was able to straighten the dagger out a little more after taking the pictures, but any suggestions/tips on good ways to straighten out bent figures would be appreciated.
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    My Dad turns 84 on Saturday. He's past Birthday gifts as such, but he wants to spend the afternoon at a local heritage village followed by going down to the waterfront shops of one of the older sections of town and then heading to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I'll have Birthday cake waiting for when we get home. Should be a good day.
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    ....Oh gosh, I just realized I need to get probably two more tool boxes to store all my new Bones in. This is going to throw off my whole sorting system! D: /drama Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    So I keep feeling sleepy in the afternoon. It happens to most everyone, but now it was to the point that I was dozing off during meetings when they turned off the lights, particularly if I wasn't an active participant. And people noticed. Drinking coffee didn't seem to help much. So I got tested for sleep apnea several weeks ago, and I got the results. I don't have sleep apnea. Whatever it is they measure, I'm not even at half the value where they get concerned. I've had trouble falling asleep for as long as I can remember, though once asleep, I'm good. Now that the sleep apnea has been eliminated as a cause, they'll refer me to a specialist for further investigation. I know I don't sleep enough during my normal work week (average less than 6h a day), but I can't seem to go to bed early without tossing and turning for hours. Now saying this, I think I accidentally stumbled on a possible cause of overall tiredness. Ever since my heart surgery, I've been taking beta-blockers. These slow down my heart rate by dilating my blood vessels. And one day last week I forgot to take them in the morning. And on that same morning, after my regular cups of coffee, I felt *great*! My body and mind were in sync with my caffeine levels, the feeling you get of a good adrenaline rush. I felt active, excited, willing to do more and more work. Something I haven't felt in ages. Now I've felt that my dosage was too high for other reasons. But being heart medicine, I shouldn't skip on them either. So I'll continue them, but will mention it to my cardiologist and sleep specialist.
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    While waiting for water effects to dry (more boring than paint) I finished up a couple minis that have been on the desk for a while. His one here is a favorite. Got all rainbow inspired when painting up a great worm. This was the first mini where I'd used the sand/gravel and glue mix to "sculpt" a base. Had lots of rocks to stick into it as it dried. After a dark primer and light drybrush, I liked the look of it so much I didn't want to paint over it for a few months. Well I finally brought it back to the painting desk about a month ago and have been hitting the rocks with various leftover Browns and grays. I was not entirely happy with he underside until I thought to drybrush a fleshy color (suntan flesh) and it really did it for me. What do you think?
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    The fleet of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick grows: Here are five 100-gun ships at 1:900 by War Artisan. I elected to omit the halyards and backstays, as I couldn't keep the lines tight and they made the ships look messy. PDF by War Artisan. Construction and rigging by me. Yes, I forgot to make a WIP thread.
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    Lots of speculation here without anything solid to back it up. Please be patient people, and be happy that things are really rolling now. You'll be getting your notices soon enough, don't worry if someone else got theirs first. Me, I'm going to make victory bacon in anticipation of my notice.
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    Considering I've seen mention of pledge boxes anywhere from 20-30 pounds...I'm kind of terrified how big ours is going to be. I went back over our pledge(s), and, well, $NNN worth of Bones is a whole lot of minis. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I finally don't have any more training or presentations to do! Now back to real work! Yay!
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    I would love to, but since it is not mine...I doubt @LordJosh would like it when I glittered his car. Davy Jones Crockpot Narwhal's Nosh Cooking Nemo
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    Eh, I'll be glad to get the Bones but I'm used to the wait at this point. Reaper will get them to me as fast as they can I'm confident and that's good enough for me.
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    I have often been saddened by the fact I was unable to participate in this KS campaign. But I also realized the other day that, even if I had, I already have more minis to paint than I know what to do with. I have at least 35 minis that I purchased in the last year, that sit unopened. At the speed I paint, and factoring in a few more purchases, I will be finished with the ones I have around the time Bones IV releases...and I mean for shipment like 3 currently is.
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    I'm saving all these tavern names for possible use later. I also do not care about the KS stuff. It will get here in a bit, and that's enough for me. Considered I only skim most KS updates, knowing I'll get my stuff "soonish" is good enough for me. Besides, it's not like getting it sooner is gonna get them painted any sooner.
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    Good morning all, Who is excited about a long boring day at work?! I know I am not! I am working 10 hours today and it makes me want to cry. I wouldn't be so sad about it, except that my job is so boring that it can really be depressing.
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    That was in Update #99: "In the past, we have taken the first day to fine-tune the system, running a dozen orders, then stopping, setting things up more effectively, and continuing for maybe a hundred more before optimizing the workflow further. So typically the first day's output is relatively small, but those first coupled hundred orders are pivotal in helping us reach our goal of 1,000+ orders per subsequent day. At the end of that first day, we will send out another Update, to share progress and make our last minute "update your addresses" plea. Seriously, you'd be surprised how many times in the past we've had additional delays caused by backers not having up-to-date addresses, so this is very important to us." Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    That might be the initial random grab of orders to make sure the software / export file is working. (Always a good idea, no matter how many times you've done it. Windows updates, mice, Murphy and the flapping of butterfly wings in Asia can all make the file suddenly not export correctly) So I anticipate shipping in earnest to begin Monday. (If the Rando on the FB group isn't blowing smoke.) Try Barrilla Protien Plus. All the good stuff of while wheat, without the limpness and funny taste.
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    Uh, whoops, I just missed five pages, I think. Y'all have been busy the last six hours.
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    Husband just left to go acquire a large tackle box and a set of plastic drawers for storage. Now where we'll put the tackle box I've got no clue. But now I'll have something closely resembling storage for all my minis, including Bones 3.
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    I got my notice today! I'm a little worried about it though... I guess I went more overboard than I thought. Apparently the package is 30.2 pounds. I guess I really need to clear some space in my hobby area...
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    We changed ours to a friend's address when we left for vacation, as we weren't sure if it would deliver while we were gone. We've decided to leave it - better to suck in another friend (or scare them away with the sheer amount?) than let his parents see just how many dragons I bought.
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    He types..........while chewing his toe nails to the quick in frustration :-)