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    Client from my Facebook page commissioned this big sucker. 10 hours later and he's completed. Lots of over brushing, washes, and then going in with the detail brushes to tidy him up some, and do some lining. Thanks. for looking!
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    Okay, so with that Bones shipment coming, I figured i needed to clear some shelf space. As always, my photography betrays every imperfection. still, not bad for barely touching a brush for 5 years...
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    Since I'm in Wave 1, which will probably be done by the end of tomorrow, that means that our pledge will arrive just as we're heading out of town. At least I've arranged with a neighbor to accept delivery on my behalf (and changed the address in the Pledge Manager accordingly). But man, the thought of that lovely box o' Bones waiting for me at home is going to be highly distracting! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Very annoyed. I was reading another forum (please don't hate me) and was frustrated by a thread where people were complaining about Bones minis. Now I have not been painting a long time, and my first experience has been with Bones, but it seemed to me like these people were complaining about the bones minis because they were unwilling to follow the recommended procedures for painting bones. They were all experiencing problems which I have not once had so far. I understand that bones aren't the Mercedes Benz of the mini painting world, but they're still great! I don't understand how people can complain about the quality of a product, if they are unwilling to use the product correctly! For nearly every complaint they had, there was a simple answer on how to fix it RIGHT HERE on the Reaper forums. Mostly it seemed like they were being elitist, which annoys me. I can understand if one is not interested in bones because one paints for display purpose, but even for table-top play many people were complaining. I don't know why this is bothering me....it really shouldn't. But I like Reaper, their products and their customer service. I appreciate that I can actually afford to indulge in this pleasure because my wallet isn't being emptied. Mostly, I don't like being insulted for being a novice and for enjoying painting, instead of obsessing over perfection (which I do, but not to the extremes it seems some people do). I am also probably annoyed because I have been up since 0300 after our silly cat demanded my attention and sat on my head.
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    Luckily i work from home (freelance illustration) so i'm home all day to stare at the counter, and accept my package and open it immediately xD besides ic an use the distraction, IRL family issues are worsening and i could use something to be excited and happy about
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    We pulled out all our dragons tonight, and sorted by color. Trying to see what we're missing so I know what to paint hte new dragons I'm getting That's preparing, right?
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    While having a signed package would be awesome, I definitely would prefer you to have a seamless and smooth rest of fulfillment. I'm sorry it hasn't been fun for you and the team, and I hope the rest of it goes much better. I look forward to staring at the counter all day tomorrow :P
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    No. Staring at the bones shipping counter will help keep my mind off things
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    Bryan, I'm sorry this project hasn't been as much fun as past ones.
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    I firmly believe this is the only decent, friendly place on the interwebs. I've never seen a disagreement between members not be resolved amicably. On the other hand, I miss a lot of the stuff posted in the Kickstarter threads. Ignorance is bliss.
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    Most places on the internet are terrible. Just terrible. This forum is practically a shining beacon of all that is good! You know, generally... Had such a good time last night, but ye gods, I think everything hurts to one extent or another.
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    The link in the email that says my order has received postage says they estimate my Bones will be here on Thursday. *looks around crafting area* *PANICS*
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    I wish I'd been able to take screenshots of some of the places I've shipped things to over the years, lol - I once sent a package to Hell. Then a few years later I sent another package to a different Hell, lol. Not to mention Electric Avenue, Santa Claus Lane, Indio Muerto Street (yes, "Dead Indian" Street)... I can't even remember what wave I'm supposed to be in... Since it's spring and I don't have to worry about my paints freezing, now that the boxes are shipping I find I still don't particularly have any driving need to know exactly when my package will be showing up. Unless something I've ordered has a specific deadline for its intended use, I rather kind of like forgetting all about my incoming stuff and being able to come home after work to find something in my mailbox or on my stairs and have to stop for a second and check the address label to figure out what it is...
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    I know it's been said before, but Thank you to everyone at Reaper. You guys rock!
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    PaizoCon, this weekend in Seattle. Reaper's running a paint and take table there, and I'm going to be one of the volunteers helping with it. I hope your wife feels better soon. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    More stuff from Mr. TaleSpinner? Woooooo!
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    Just finished this up. Army Painter matte black primer with a Necron Compound dry brush for the armor. Nulin Oil wash. The other paints are Reaper HD with Citadel washes. Comments and Critiques are always welcome.
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    Cool! I will place it next to the CAV:SO KS 1 box that LadyStorm signed! And the other CAV:SO KS box the you signed Bryan! BIG STOMPY ROBOTS! Oops! Wrong thread!
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    It's a hard thing to see people dissing something one enjoys, especially if they are making basic errors, failing to recognize them, and concluding that the thing, rather than their understanding and methodology, is faulty. One of the many reasons I've stuck with the Reaper forums over the years is that this place has a healthy attitude towards miniatures collecting and painting. It's about practicality, enjoyment, and sharing techniques. Critiques are offered if requested. People of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged. We have some really stellar painters around here, and they are admired and applauded. We have people interested in other aspects of gaming, and they are welcome too. Not every place on the internet is like that.
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    80 minutes remaining in my shift, and I've got a killer headache now. I've also walked almost 9 1/4 miles today, and I'm pretty sure I've burned almost every calorie I've put in so far. 2 easy-mac bowls at 220 calories each, a small bag of chips at 300 calories, and 2 cans of soda at 150 calories each, so a total of 1040 calories. My phone says that my walking today has burned 1275... ETA: as of midnight, I had hit 9.6 miles and 1338 calories. I also ate a couple chili dogs by then, so I ate more than I burned, but not by much. Maybe an extra 200 calories, because hot dogs really aren't that calorie dense. Since midnight, I've walked another 1.06 miles and burned 119 calories. So if I can keep myself from eating more now that I'm home(probably not, since I've got a couple tomato soup cups that are calling my name...) I'm going to be almost calorie neutral.
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    Given that it did well with you putting coffee on it every day, that told me it had to like more acidic soils, and lo and behold, when I looked it up, that's exactly what I found. I think why my one azela is doing well, and the other isn't is because I put coffee grounds on one last year. I don't remember for sure which one it was, but I think it was the one that is doing better.
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    You really did give us ample opportunity and plenty of nudges and pokes to check our addresses. I double-checked mine even though I knew it to be correct because that's exactly what everyone thinks before finding out it was wrong. Good luck tomorrow.
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    I used to have a pretty nasty temper. The only positive thing I can say about the old me is that I realised I had a nasty temper and have been working to fix that. Currently, I think that I'm pretty patient most of the time with two notable exceptions. One is when I'm hungry. If I'm hungry, I tend to start losing the ability for rational thought as well as any semblance of patience. The other exception is when I'm tired. When I'm tired, I find it much harder to let little things go. If I'm hungry and tired...
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    If it's a gaming Con, those friends will probably understand. If they don't, just show them a picture of Mal.