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    This is the mini that I painted for Fanguad for the Spring Exchange. Got it out late due to life interfering and had to be satisfied with a more simple paint job then originally planned. Please excuse the photo quality, I had no time to get everything out to take proper ones.
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    Hi, Here is my first painted mini from Bones 3: the "Great Maw". I really love the size and weight of this "miniature" (not sure if we can still cal it "mini"). Most of the paint was done with washes on simple black and white primer. I added some high gloss varnish and some 2 part epoxy glue in some places for added slime effect. C&C Welcome. And at least, now, my Mashaaf has a friend to terrorize players with:
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    This is the figure that I sent out for the Spring Exchange. Tracking says it was delivered 5/25, but I haven't heard anything back, so hopefully nothing terrible happened to it. Anyway, my recipient wanted something colourful that could fit in the world of Alice in Wonderland, so I went for a female Mad Hatter sort of look. Sorry for the potato quality pictures as usual. The base gave me a really hard time. The first 2 things that I tried to make it with didn't work out, my original plan had been to have 2 teacups stacked, but I couldn't get the construction to work out, water effect pour went to hell, realized afterward that I should've done more to the sugar cubes and inside of the teacup rim before pouring the water effect and I re-painted the teacup twice and am still not happy with it. The teacup is made from the top of a GW paint pot...one side is thicker than the other, which I really should have shaved down more, but I nearly chopped off my thumb and gave up. I filled it in with greenstuff, which is also what the handle is made out of - I managed to pop the handle off twice, so that was fun. Overall I'm pretty happy with how she turned out, just not the base so much. Anyway, C&C are always welcome!
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    Out for delivery a day earlier than expected! I'm playing with giants tonight after work! my spouse doesn't paint (which is good he can't have my preciousssss minis) but he's a gamer so he is always interested in what I bought and what I'm painting.
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    Good evening everyone. Part of my June hobby goals was to paint more non-human minis so I thought I would start with this one because I really thought it was interesting. I prepped it yesterday afternoon, primed with brown liner and had intended to paint it over the next few days until my June Reaper order arrived. Well, my June order arrived today, several days before I had expected it to arrive. The June order was all metal minis and I was super excited to start painting metal for the first time so I was going to abandon this one and focus on the new minis. After prepping and priming my first metal mini tonight, I knew I had to wait a day or so to let the primer cure on it so I figured I would give myself a fun challenge and see what I could do in two hours with this mini. I hate starting a project and abandoning it so I figured a speed painting session was better than either leaving it undone or tossing it. From first coat to photo, it took 1 hour, 42 minutes. It's noting spectacular but I thought for under 2 hours it wasn't have bad. Enjoy!
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    So, not having painted for a year or so, I was happy to have an excuse with the arrival of Bones 3 to get back into it. After a brief warm-up/practice run on a female cleric-figure, I had a go at Goremaw, whom I decided to do as a fiendish purple worm (purple hues, tinged with red). I love the sculpt and am decently satisfied with how it came out.
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    Our household is like that. My husband thinks they're cool but is not a painter. The kids can paint, but they have other interests most of the time (At Adepticon as my eldest sat laser focused on the mini she held up two inches from her eyes painting with ferociously delicate intensity, some passerby commented "You've done this a lot, haven't you.").
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    I find your lack of tolerance Disturbing.... The inspiration for the piece... Prepare for disintegration.... Link to thread
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    Began blocking in body colors
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    A little backstory: At PaizoCon, there's a fella named Cosmo who runs a TTRPG survival game, where you have to last at least 20 minutes against...killer clowns. Yes, that's right, you get mobbed from all sides by wave after wave of malevolent, monstorous clowns of all kinds. @Reaperbryan paints at least one clown mini for him every year. And if it wasn't originally a clown, he MAKES it a clown. Last year, he and a few forum members (myself included) painted up a whole nightmarish Ronald McDonald clown crew. It was glorious and terrifying and a whole lot of fun. But this year, Cosmo had a special request: he'd gotten Hecklemeyer and Styx, and asked Bryan if he could paint them up. Being a good management type, he delegated the job to me, since he was already working on turning a giant into a rubber chicken-wielding clown (which came out amazingly). I had originally planned on purple and gold, with perhaps some red or green accents. Instead, purple and teal happened. It's almost as though it was inevitable. (pardon my fingers in the picture; it was the only way my camera would show the correct colors. Since I was at the con, I didn't have access to my normal photo-taking setup) Here's a shot that shows the puppet hanging off of his belt. I gave it a clown nose too, of course. Group picture! Cosmo was a very happy Cosmo when I gave them back. He did, in fact, squee loudly (followed by maniacal giggling). It was extremely gratifying. EDIT: I should clarify that when I say Speed Paint, I mean that I painted it in 3-4 hours, not during an actual speed paint event. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Man... this thing is intimidating. I had a little bit of time after work, so I decided to try to get a baseboat down and block out some colors. I know that my greens are pretty good, and I've got a good 'formula' for layering greens up, so I'm starting with the green head. First, I black lined the horns, the eye, the mouth... You know, a mini like this makes you ask yourself weird questions like 'What color is a dragon's gums?' and 'Do dragons gums change color based on the type of dragon' and Id a dragon had five heads, would each head have the same color gums?' I also added a basecoat to the horns. I'm going to take those from brown out to khaki at the tips. I also started the teeth out at a shade of tan. The next step here is going to be washing down the mouth, teeth, and horns, then starting on the bigger scales. I also started adding some color to the wings, just as a test. I wanted to see if the 'fading' idea on the wings would really work... and I think it did! I washed the membranes down with black ink, and brought the bones up to the same color red as the rest of the body. I think that pre-priming with the black 'fade' on the wings was a good idea, in retrospect. Doing that with a brush would have taken forever! Quick tip, if you're going to spray this bad boy, use a good miniature primer, not just 'model' spray paint. I used citadel black and Army Painter red and all the detail's there, and it dried really nice and even. I used Testor's blue on the blue head, and it is no where NEAR as good as the rest of the model. Lastly, I got one more test assembly pic, because pretty soon I'm not going to be able to take these until the end! Hopefully, I'll have some more time to sit down with this model tomorrow.
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    73 years ago today, the allied forces assaulted the beaches at Normandy.... NOT ONE NEWSPAPER I SAW SAID ANYTHING,,,,, Remember...
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    *strolls in gulping down a frappacino* Wut?
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    I received by Bones 3 Kickstarter in the mail Saturday, so I hurried up and finished Wyrmgear from the first Kickstarter and started painting the easy stuff from the Mythos expansion. Here is the Sacrificial Alter, C'thulhu Shrine, Great Obelisk, and two Mi-Gos. Here is the lot with their master. Also, Wormgear. I have not decided if I should drench it in a dirty wash or not.
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    Sorry Beagle, my Bones arrived. Everyone may resume talking about their miniatures. Sadly, I'm staring at the box while waiting for my wife to get home. It will more fun to go through it with her.
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    My favorite cultist. "Back in my days, kidnapping and sacrificing was no problem. Now we have to ask for permission else we get hate spam on [insert social media]" *waves sacrifial dagger to no avail*
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    The last comic book I bought was Death of Superman, and then only so I could tear it violently out of the collectible bag and horrify everyone in the store. I bought the DC "V" series regularly, but it only lasted 18 issues and it was mostly because I was a fan of the show (later rewatching of the series revealed that I had terrible taste). After that I bought G.I. Joe until everybody became a ninja and wore neon for no reason. Like wrestling, almost everything I know about comics only comes from hanging around other people who liked it. Still... ripping open DoS was a satisfying experience. And anyway, after the shock wore off I had one of the few copies people could, y'know, actually read. I was King For A Day.
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    In case Mori isn't able to post a question today, I shall offer an optional alternative set of questions: June 6th: What is your usual choice of footwear? Does it change depending on the season? If you could only keep one pair of shoes that you own, which would it be? Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Thanks guys! I'm on the home stretch now, woo! I discovered that I'd never painted the claws on his wings, and had forgotten the group of spikes near the end of his tail, so I decided to do them in Sky Steel (aka ReaperBryan Steel, another limited edition paint), because it's one of my favorite metallics. Such a purty color. Next, as promised, are Seaweed Head's eyes! I was in a bit of a quandry with his, since for the rest I'd already picked out a colored metallic I own; I don't have any turquoise metallics, though, so with the power of Metal Medium and Spectral Glow, I decided to make my own! FOR SCIENCE! Here's what 2:1:1:1 Spectral glow : P3 Turquoise ink : Vallejo Metal medium : Brush on sealer looks like. I'd originally just done the Spectral Glow + Metal Medium, but it felt like it needed a little something more, so on a whim I added a drop of the Turquoise ink. And here's what my concoction looks like on Seaweed: I think it'll look even better on Ma'al, since I'll be doing more of a verdigris wash on the scales than I did on Seaweed. Lastly, a little half-almond pupil with Adamantium Black: Seaweed Head LIVES! It should look really sharp once I get the gloss sealer on; this is the same method I used on Khanjira's eyes, and the sealer brings out all the sparkly bits in the metallic. It's a really cool effect. The rest of the eyes will have to wait a day or two, unfortunately; there's a small muscle in the base of my thumb that's been twitching on and off the past few days, and while it's mostly just annoying, it does make me hesitant to paint any small details. I'm so close to being done, though, that it's driving me crazy having to wait! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    WINGS! I had so many lightbulbs turn on as I worked on the bottom of his wings, it was amazing. The fact that I was mildly sleep deprived and working on it at 4am might have had something to do with that, lol. Firstly, I basecoated the underside of the wings with two coats of Blade Steel, right over the Brown Liner that was already there: It looked quite different than when I'd put it on over the Bleached Linen on the top parts; here it's a much darker gray, with a hint of blue to it. It's a lovely effect that I'll have to remember for the future. I then pondered over how to shade it, while still keeping it shiny (I tend to have an easier time highlighting than I do shading). I roughly stippled over a fair amount of it with Shadowed Steel, which turned out okay. I then sketched in some of the areas that I thought would be the darkest, using Blackened Steel. I rather liked the effect, so I started stippling it on more thoroughly. As I got into the groove of doing this, though, I had my first epiphany; in order for it to look good, I needed to place it where shading would normally be when painting with normal paints. The fact that the paint is shiny just means that the effect isn't visible from some angles, but when it's not in direct light (as you can see in the above picture), it will show up. My second epiphany was that the metallic flake in each of the paints is pretty much the same (in that they're all just bits of metal); it's the fact that the paint it's suspended in is different colors that gives each of the metallic paints a different look. So basically, I realized that metallic paints are essentially just regular paints with shiny bits in. Truly mind-blowing observation, I know. But it seemed quite profound when the thought struck me. It also helped guide me in placing my deepest shade, which is where Adamantium Black comes in. This is really a fantastic paint; it's a very very dark gray, nearly black, with just a bit of shine to it. So, perfect for what I used it for next. After my mind-blowing epiphanies, I got very excited and roughed in the deepest shadows with the Adamantium Black. The effect is best underneath the "arm" portion of the wing, I think (I know it's hard to see in this picture). I may have gotten a little too excited and overdone it a tad, but it looks substantially less rough in person that it does in the following picture; I had to mess around with lights and camera angles quite a bit to get a shot that showed my shading in all it's rough sketchy glory. Here's a shot comparing the top and undersides of the wings, as close to side-by-side as I could manage: That's not just the lighting, the color difference really is that stark. So, yeah. It was a rather exciting night, all things considered. And just for fun, here's a picture of all the metallic paints I used on Shiny's wings: Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Morning, all. Hope everyone is doing we. Got my dad married off this weekend so hopefully they can start calming down instead of stressing about everything.
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    Well yes and no. The new grey material holds detail exceptionally well but its brittle. As to the rest its a bit of a mixed bag. Some have pretty good detail while still maintaining that soft durability and others are too soft.
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    And Viruses are non-living particles, not another form of life as I was taught in my grade school bio class. When i retook bio in college they were just discussing "The Dino's are alive today, their called birds." And my thought was 'cool.' But when they said viruses were non-living particles, I almost fell out of my chair. It took me a while to accept, but viruses are dependent on living things to reproduce. They don't have the machinery for making there own proteins and therefore not living. So that's my encounter with "the new world" Some of the wolves would glitter/snow bomb each other. If given a chance.
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    Pluto's not a planet. Dinosaurs have feathers. The Bride of Frankenstein had red hair. There's no toys in boxes of cereal or crackerjack. It's like I'm living in some weird alternate universe.
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    It's still around, it just got reclassified as a dwarf planet. I did a report on it in my Astronomy class, since that happened while I was taking the class. I'm...awake. Also quite groggy. I hadn't planned on sleeping for 8 hours, but it happened anyways. Waking up in time for my 9am food preservation class tomorrow is going to be SO much fun. In other news, I'm going to attempt to make jelly for the first time today. This is the second year I've taken the food preservation class (we cover a lot more than just canning!), and it's only just now that I'm feeling brave enough to attempt things on my own. It's going to be pomegranate jelly, so it should be super pretty when it's done! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Last night I had some free time, so I decide to start on my my troll abomination. Quick and dirty, no more than 3 hours (and more like 2 probably). No mold lines were harmed during this painting. Tabletop, and I don't want to try because, well, the mold lines on these suckers are tough.
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    Certainly. Would you prefer to talk about -- umm, not politics. Perhaps Wonder Woman? New Zealand comedy? Paleontological trivia? I saw a neighbor walking a beagle the other day and thought of you.
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    Hugging my husband always makes me feel better.
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    My tracking finally updated. It's in Portland, yay!
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    *sigh* It's a strange universe where the barbarian drinks coffee in the manner of dandelion eating elves, and the hamster Jedi/archmage takes it black! Frogs and otters and tigers all playing together nicely! Mass hysteria!
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    Nothing fancy, just a basic simple paint job. I use and abuse the Necron Compound....lol. Comments and critiques are always welcome.
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    Husband has confirmed bones are at home!!!!
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    ub3r!! Good to see you, if only for a moment. I'm gonna be a barbarian! RAWR. D'aww
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    Yes, definitely need more coffee. Elves being eaten by dandelions is a fantastic mental image through!
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    I spent a couple of evenings now re-organizing my Bones I and II collections into the new ArtBins I bought (mentioned several pages back, pictured below). These things really work great for organizing my collection so that I can find and use them (I often use them unpainted as we game). My old zip-lock bags in a large bin method just wasn't working. But the problem is, I have nearly filled them, and my Bones III order comes tomorrow. So I ordered another one (might need more, we'll see; I still have the big one mostly empty). Thankfully, they are stackable.
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    More coffee for you! Ub3r?! Halp! I was trying to make a joke about dandelions eating elves. That the common yellow weed was turning Venus fly trappy, and ridding the world of those fae pests. I also had an image pop to mind of tall LotR style elves sitting on teensy tiny stools trying to craft toys at Santa's workshop, and trying to stay warm in little coats about 10 sizes too small. But that's just weird.
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    I wonder if we might stop talking about Bones until mine have arrived?
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    @Unruly If you want a source for reliable, safe recipes, I can highly recommend homefoodpreservation.com. It has USDA tested and approved recipes, and I just saw that there's a recipe in there for pickled eggs. http://nchfp.uga.edu/publications/publications_usda.html is also where you can find (and print out if you want) their Complete Guide to Home Canning. The Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving, produced by the Ball canning company, is another fantastic and safe resource; it's what I just used to make my jelly! If you ever have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them (or pass them along to my teacher; she's the person in charge of the Master Food Preserver program for a good chunk of the state of Washington, and has been doing it for many many years). Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Yep, that's exactly what my teacher said! A full sugar jam or jelly is not only fairly easy, but fairly safe as well. Canning low acid foods (like vegetables) and meats, on the other hand, are a bit scarier. I just need to keep reminding myself that as long as I follow the proper processing procedures and times, that it will be just fine. Those procedures are research-based, and science is awesome. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Bearly a mouthful indeed
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    Pluto is still a planet in my personal head cannon.
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    I had a lady call to complain about crows outside her window waking her up. Like, wtf am I supposed to do about that. Then she got really angry at me when I was trying to tell her what I could do about it. I really flippin hate people.
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    And that's why I need to take a class like that sometime. And buy a pressure canner. I like pickled sausages, and I've made them in the past, but they have to be refrigerated at all times because it's not a shelf stable thing. So I don't make them very often, because in order to be cost effective I have to make like 6 quarts at a time, then they need to sit and pickle for at least a month, meaning I lose about half of my bottom fridge shelf for at least that long. If I had a shelf stable version, I'd be much more likely to make them. I could make a bunch of them and not worry. I could also do the same thing with my pickled eggs, now that I think about it. I'd have a shelf in my basement that would end up looking like some mad scientist was living in my house because it would be a bunch of eggs in different colored liquids and chunks of meat floating jars...
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    Easels!!! Like the one in the Artist Sophie limited edition.