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    Hey all, been plugging away at my kickstarter minis. I've done a few so far, but this is the first one I started working. I had to paint up my fire giant jailor, and it ended up taking some weird turns.
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    I will present what information I have relevant to U.K./EU and Pacific/AU/NZ Zone shipping in an update (which I have begun drafting but haven't finished) that will be published 1-3 days after N.Am./S.Am. Zone completion. (Likely the 8,9 or 12th of June) The vast range is because - there is a LOT of information that needs to be in the Update - there is a LOT of work We need to catch up on and that might delay the ability of my bosses to proofread and revise - I'm a monster
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    I got an extra frost giant king and queen, but everything else is good.
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    My ankle is healed! MY ANKLE IS HEALED! It's been 3 months, 3 weeks, and way too much of our savings to heal a fracture I got by tripping. I still have other medical stuff going on that we need to get through, but GOSH is it going to be great walking again!!! I've gotta take it slow so I don't mess it up, so we're starting with a little quarter mile tonight! It will take a few weeks to get back to where we were.
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    Just got back in from the morning's gardening. Our front garden is mostly super hardy prairie wildflowers and the occasional opportunistic good-lookin' weed. There are a few more delicate things, like the asculepias and the lavender and the pie cherry, and the ferns under the porch. But mostly it's things I have to hack away at to keep things clear. Even the weeds mostly get choked out. A neighbor just complimented me on my green thumb and I thought, my green thumbs dual wield a machete and shovel.
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    I have this mini & yes it's a fantastic miniature! It reminds me of this cover from Dragon:
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    Sometimes, you've just gotta paint yourself a fierce rainbow unicorn. Nothing else will quite do.
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    Hmm... I just paid for a DVD with the money I made selling a boxful of DVDs. ...I think I'm doing this wrong.
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    Adding some simple rust effects (ryza rust and typhus corrosion) hard to get a pic of it though.
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    Got him fully basecoated now, and began work on his polar bear snack
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    73 years ago today, the allied forces assaulted the beaches at Normandy.... NOT ONE NEWSPAPER I SAW SAID ANYTHING,,,,, Remember...
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    I'm having so much fun playing with my bones minis I sent a bunch of pictures to my brother, he was most jealous of the mystic circle. Husband voted for me to paint the froghemoth first I love the froghemoth, he's so cute!
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    I got to go tour one of the American beaches when my ship made a port visit nearby. Our tour guide told us that the tide conditions on that particular day were very similar to what they were back then. I walked out as far as I could without getting my feet wet and turned around and looked back inland. It was a few hundred yards, but it must have seemed like a thousand miles to those men back then. I've read a lot about it, and seen the movies, but it was a very sobering experience to actually be there.
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    Ok so now everything is basecoated shaded and assembled, next is touch up highlights and weathering and I did notice a couple of sea stars on the coral I did not pick out so I need to go back to those. A very fun little project indeed
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    A little backstory: At PaizoCon, there's a fella named Cosmo who runs a TTRPG survival game, where you have to last at least 20 minutes against...killer clowns. Yes, that's right, you get mobbed from all sides by wave after wave of malevolent, monstorous clowns of all kinds. @Reaperbryan paints at least one clown mini for him every year. And if it wasn't originally a clown, he MAKES it a clown. Last year, he and a few forum members (myself included) painted up a whole nightmarish Ronald McDonald clown crew. It was glorious and terrifying and a whole lot of fun. But this year, Cosmo had a special request: he'd gotten Hecklemeyer and Styx, and asked Bryan if he could paint them up. Being a good management type, he delegated the job to me, since he was already working on turning a giant into a rubber chicken-wielding clown (which came out amazingly). I had originally planned on purple and gold, with perhaps some red or green accents. Instead, purple and teal happened. It's almost as though it was inevitable. (pardon my fingers in the picture; it was the only way my camera would show the correct colors. Since I was at the con, I didn't have access to my normal photo-taking setup) Here's a shot that shows the puppet hanging off of his belt. I gave it a clown nose too, of course. Group picture! Cosmo was a very happy Cosmo when I gave them back. He did, in fact, squee loudly (followed by maniacal giggling). It was extremely gratifying. EDIT: I should clarify that when I say Speed Paint, I mean that I painted it in 3-4 hours, not during an actual speed paint event. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I am working now on both getting things ready for BaseBoss to start shipping, and to send out the next update. Please don't explode this thread
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    I only got paints this time around...
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    Fully dry fitted, glued when necessary. No more moving parts established so far. I love having a crane with two degrees of freedom though. Had to cut down the breach plug on the door to make it swing freely. Turned out good though. Edit: added an alternate view plus some delicious nikka whisky
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    Mind. Blown. So in "Wonder Woman", the movie, Diana's aunt, Queen Hippolyta's sister, is the bad-backside warrior Antiope ... ... played by the same actor who played Buttercup, the Princess Bride.
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    Expect slow movement (if any) on the tracker before lunch tomorrow. We need to restock desperately
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    With every KS release our community here has grown considerably with many new faces. Bones III seems to be following suit with many new people posting great art and starting to chat, learn, share, and be part of the community. I just wanted to say "Welcome" to all you new faces. I also thought it would be nice if we had a thread where we can all introduce ourselves a bit, old and new alike, so the new comers get to know who we are and we them. I'll start: My real name is Andy Pieper. I've been a member here since the forums opened in the early 2000's. I've been gaming for 35 years, painting minis for 25, and sculpting for 7. In the real world, I'm an XML Information Architect, living in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. I also sculpt minis professionally, having sculpts in Reaper's line as well as several others. I tend to sculpt a lot of animals and natural things, as well as a lot of decor and such. I also really like sculpting monsters and creatures. My painting style tends toward a lot of natural tones. I also love teaching and helping others, so let me know if I can help in any way. OK, enough about me, we want to get to know you. Please share whatever information you feel comfortable sharing (names are certainly not necessary; I only share mine because it is already printed on Reaper's packaging ).
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    This is the figure that I sent out for the Spring Exchange. Tracking says it was delivered 5/25, but I haven't heard anything back, so hopefully nothing terrible happened to it. Anyway, my recipient wanted something colourful that could fit in the world of Alice in Wonderland, so I went for a female Mad Hatter sort of look. Sorry for the potato quality pictures as usual. The base gave me a really hard time. The first 2 things that I tried to make it with didn't work out, my original plan had been to have 2 teacups stacked, but I couldn't get the construction to work out, water effect pour went to hell, realized afterward that I should've done more to the sugar cubes and inside of the teacup rim before pouring the water effect and I re-painted the teacup twice and am still not happy with it. The teacup is made from the top of a GW paint pot...one side is thicker than the other, which I really should have shaved down more, but I nearly chopped off my thumb and gave up. I filled it in with greenstuff, which is also what the handle is made out of - I managed to pop the handle off twice, so that was fun. Overall I'm pretty happy with how she turned out, just not the base so much. Anyway, C&C are always welcome!
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    So, not having painted for a year or so, I was happy to have an excuse with the arrival of Bones 3 to get back into it. After a brief warm-up/practice run on a female cleric-figure, I had a go at Goremaw, whom I decided to do as a fiendish purple worm (purple hues, tinged with red). I love the sculpt and am decently satisfied with how it came out.
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    Thanks reaper peeps A really nice guest came down and I ended up having a nice conversation with her. So, night improved. I'm hungry though. I'm going to have to stop at Hubby's work for some pre-bed breakfast foods. And bacon.
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    Whaaaaat?! You mean we're not supposed to have wet feet all the time?! I I recently got a pair of squishy jelly shoes. They aren't sparkly or pink like the ones I had when I was a little girl, but they're amazingly comfortable. If I lived in a year round warm climate I would keep those as my only pair of shoes. (And who cares if they're blue and don't match everything I own. They're squishy and comfy!)
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    Making some progress... I added a few layers to the green dragon head. Then washed, then layered some more! I've decided to take the necks to a pretty firm transition, then either blend them in later, or airbrush the 'fade' to the red of the body. I'm still on the fence with that one. We'll see what happens when I finish all four heads.
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    I'm moddin up my sledgehammer to have as much flexibility as I can reasonably achieve. So far, I've put the crane on a magnet so it can pivot. I've hinged the breach door. I've put the forward winches on with careful gluing they can spin, and I may add a little guitar string that can spool on and off. I'm trying to think of other silly things I can do to make this more poseable, without too much sculpting. Any suggestions? Also, I kinda wonder if I'm the first person to have a hinged breach door on the sledge.
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    I love that my phone won't make any noise from 10pm to 6am unless a starred contact is calling.
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    Shut up you elfity elf elfin smurfity smurf up you smurfer group text people!!!!! When my phone dings every 3.2 seconds, maybe it ought to be a phone call.
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    Good luck. Every once in a while I just click "mark all as read" and start over
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    I was so excited about my success with Bloodlord that I decided to push myself a bit and do Rusty's eyes before heading off to bed. This is 2:1:1:1 Clear Green : P3 Green ink : Metal medium : Brush on sealer: Woot! I seem to have found the magic formula! Absolutely zero messing around with other paints or fiddling with inks. Again, Adamantium black pupil (I need to remember to add actual shine dots to all of these eyes): Rusty AWAKENS! (the reflection of the lamp light kind of hides the pupil in the last picture there, but I promise I put one in). Aaaaand now I need to take myself off to bed, since I should have done that almost 2 hours ago. 2 heads remain! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I'll go next. I'm InvisibleThumb, Thumb to some, or IT for short. Real world name is Jamie, but that's all you're getting. I have a spouse and two growing children. They and their friends are my gaming group. I play Pathfinder and Frostgrave and lots of board games. I started out gaming in high school with d&d 2nd edition. A group of friends from high school needed a healer for their group. They got a diplomat. Took time off during college. Got back into it in grad school and was turned on to 3rd/3.5 edition and miniatures (preprinted at the time). After finishing the PhD, moved to Texas and became the DM for a great group there for a while. One was quite the painter and I got bitten by the bug but did not have the skills or tools or time really. Then came the children and memory fades for a bit while they were babies and little to no sleep was gotten. Somewhere in there we moved to Delaware and kickstarters and bones and dwarvenite all came together at the perfect time when the kids were getting old enough that I could think about hobbies again. I have been a lurker here for a while and as I got over the initial painting learning curve I finally joined two months ago. I paint for gaming and for fun. Initially I saw miniature painting as serving my gaming interests. Now I see gaming as serving my painting (and terrain making/collecting) interests just as much. In reality they both serve my story-telling and world building interests. Okay that was probably way too long. But it's been a blast getting to know people on here so far and I hope to keep it up.
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    I'm haldir, or in the known world, people call me Randy. I've been a member of the forums since 2003. I signed up on Jan 1st of the year & haven't looked back! I've been involved with rpg gaming since I was 9 & I've been painting minis since I was 13. I'm 44 now so that is very long time. Sadly it's been more off then on as far as both thou, with miniature painting taking the hit more. I'm either really wanting to paint or just eh, I'll paint em someday. My love for the hobby is still the same thou. I'll get em & just store em in a box & get to them someday. I've been to ReaperCon since 2005, missed the first one due to I lost my password here & was too lazy to use the auto-retrieval button the month it happened. It's a fun time. If you love the minis, seeing the people behind Reaper is even more amazing. In real life, I am the freight manager at a local grocery store. I've been doing that for almost 24 years. I work nights & tend to be on the forums here in the day. Anther thing I like doing here on the forum is gamemastering play by post games using either Pathfinder or DD5. It helps fill the void left by having no one locally since 2000.
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    From the Bones 3 thread: Yes, we know. You're a great and terrible monster who breathes radiation and is intent on demolishing Tokyo Denton. You thought we forgot, but we didn't.
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    Physical. Always physical. There's something about being able to feel the heft in your hands, and being able to fine the page you were on by how many pages you had gone through when you left it. Digital isn't the same, the pages are the same no matter how many you go through.
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    June 7th - Physical or digital books?
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    Just wandered into the WIP section. First unread post was in March! I've got a lot of catching up to do.
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    I recommend an emergency dose of Bacon, with a side of Pizza. (There's no place for a bug to hide on either of those comestibles.)
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    Last night I made falafel. I ate them with hummus, tahini, cucumber, and tomato in a whole grain pita. Today, I have been... musical. Now I know why vegetarians and vegans frequently complain of being gassy. It tasted good though, and I have plans to make more in the near future. Possibly with a homemade tzatziki this time. I also made some quick pickles with the leftover cucumber, and they're interesting. I had planned on making them with mild rice vinegar, but I didn't realize I was out of it so I made them with white wine vinegar instead. I think that I will make them again in the future. I will also try to find certain other vegetables to make quick pickles out of for future endeavors. But I'll probably have to find an Asian market, since the one I used to go to closed down. There's another one in town that I've never been to, but I've heard bad things about them so I really don't want to go there if I don't have to.
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    ..........UK-bound boat name if you have a mo Bryan
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    Ok ive been busy today and didn't take pics of every step so here is a bunch of pics of my progress for today.
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    I refuse to participate in group texts. I don't need to know they details of everyone's agenda. And there is always that one person who responds at 3 AM, long after it's appropriate, and annoys you with their idiocy....
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    Morning, peoples. I hope everyone is surviving their mornings. I tried painting last night but all I really accomplished was cleaning the hobby room. One good thing that happened when this happened to me was I didn't have to argue with the bank about overdrafts fees. They were the ones who brought up cancelling them before I had a chance to.
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    Man, there's something wrong with me tonight. Usually I can roll with annoying bs, but tonight I just feel super crabby and want to scream at everyone. Maybe it's cause my knee won't stop hurting...