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    The Second thing I had to paint once I got my Kickstarter..lol. I am really happy how it turned out.
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    After all the medical issues I started the year with, I've finally managed to finish something! A couple of the Bones Starship Generators. Generator_front by Mckenna35, on Flickr Generator_back by Mckenna35, on Flickr
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    I have gotten allot of kick-starter backlog done in the past few months here are some Orcs that I did last year. First thing I painted in 15 years....It took me a long time and I have to say I don't recomend "army" painting as a way to get back into the hobby. lol. I quite doing it for a couple of months after that. It was so monotonous. Glad to be back in the hobby again!
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    This is a figure from the Goth set from the game "Wild in the Streets" by Slow Death Games. Thanks to FishNJeeps for directing me to them when I needed miniatures of modern people in goth-punk wear for a World of Darkness game. I painted up the figure as a vampire. It didn't originally have any facial hair; that's all painted on. There isn't a WIP thread. So as a quick note, although I have seen people able to do wonderfully subtle and menacing vampires who still look like vampires, I find that unless I paint mine in stark black and white they look like regular people.
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    Just finished up my Benedikt Hellhorn from Reapers Dark Heaven Legends line. Nothing too fancy. A black undercoat with a Necron Compound dry brush. The other colors are a mix of Reaper/Army Painter paints. The base is simple with Citadel texture Lustrian Undergrowth and a bit of dry brushing. I enjoyed paintning this figure, especially the skull on the shield. thanks for looking.
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    My first transparent mini: I wanted to try painting one of the new invisible heroes from Bones III the other day. This is super simple paint job where I first painted the base, then masked it with a solid coat of Brown Liner for opacity. After that, I quickly painted the wizard with a single coat of a mixture of: 3 drops RMS Gloss Sealer 2 drops RMS Flow Improver 1 drop RMS Wash Medium 1 drop Liquitex Phthalo Blue After waiting a day (I was worried the ink might leach out of the sealer or something if I tried to work with it too soon), I painted the exterior of the base with Rainy Gray, followed by a coat of Brown Liner magic wash. To finish, I sealed the entire figure with a coat of Gloss Sealer, followed by a second coat of Gloss on the wizard and a coat of Brush-on Sealer on the base. The result was a very blue, almost candy-like mini. I'm happy with the result, but I'm thinking of pushing back the ink next time by at least half to get a lighter tint. The wash went on pretty well, but I might also try increasing the viscosity just a bit by upping the ratio of Gloss Sealer. Overall, a fun and easy paint job.
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    I finished Reaper's Valloa, Female Elf Thief (SKU 3566), a fun little figure with a lot of attitude. I am very happy with the blond hair on this one. Her face was a bit miscast, so her one eye is a bit weird. There had to be some reason she decided on this career choice...
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    Sorry to not help kill the thread. I had traversed across to Alabama on Friday. I saw Oak Mountain near Birmingham, Cathedral Caverns, Lake Guntersville and it's Lodge and then stayed at Bald Rock Lodge at Cheaha State Park. Yesterday I raced across I-20 to stay ahead of Cindy's crying... My phone had sporadic connection to the internet. I had no computer. I only turned on a TV when I heard that the tropical depression got named. So... for a "work" trip at state parks in another state... it was pretty relaxing and fun! The Lodge at Lake Guntersville... storm not related to Cindy. The view from my balcony looking over Lake Guntersville At the restaraunt on top of Cheaha State Park looking down into Talladega National Forest.
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    Man.... It's been a depressing 3 weeks. So much bleep hitting at once.
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    It's my fault, I told 'em not to until I got the snapper teeth in but then I forgot to come back and say they're done. This is just like the time I told Wormtoes to wait a second I'd be right back but then I forgot about it because I got distracted by a weird noise in the dungeon and then there were adventurers and stuff and by the time I got back to him he was a skeleton with cobwebs all over him. So if any of you are skeletons with cobwebs now, I'm sorry. And also can I have your stuff? And also don't come back to haunt me maybe.
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    The thing is that rather than making fleets for each nation, I just made a whole Goblin's 20 of ships. I have little flags I can stick on the mainmasts to create a nation's fleet on the fly. Thus, names would get into a Bad Data state really quickly. I've so far dubbed my British R1s to be "HMS Lunchbox" and "HMS unsinkable III".
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    When I first came here, this was all swamp. Everyone said I was daft to build a castle on a swamp, but I built in all the same, just to show them. It sank into the swamp. So I built a second one. That sank into the swamp. So I built a third. That burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. But the fourth one stayed up. And that's what you're going to get, Lad, the strongest castle in all of Poland!
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    The players weren't supposed to waken the beast of the reef just yet, but luckily the painted mouth and primer gave him a sufficiently impressive presence. Still haven't decided what colour to make his upper side. The underside is grey-green
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    I got my injections! Now hopefully I won't get an unexpected bill since they were a week early. And now to kill some time watching my painting DVDs since my head hurts too much to actually paint.
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    Based on my 'likes', I'd say that there is a CannuckOtter swimming ever closer to the (current) end of the thread.
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    Wasn't sure if I'd posted these here before but can't find any sign of them. Since I'm on a bit of a sharing kick I took some new photos. This warband illustrates one of my main gaming problems. Frostgrave uses about 10 minis per group. I have 24 because I want all the options. And I still haven't converted minis for additions from the newer supplements. Haven't played in a long time so no work on these for quite awhile. I am painting a couple of Sister's of Sigmar from Mordheim to use in my sigilist warband though.
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    My Reaper Learn to Paint kit just finally arrived after one set getting lost in the mail and the other taking its time. Last night I decided to end a stressful day by painting. Very pleased with how Anirion came out, would still like to refine my photo taking. The light tent I threw together is helping, but the natural highlights and shadows are still obscuring some detail. I think part of my problem is that I need to reconfigure the backdrop so that I can place the mini deeper into the tent.
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    Resin model of Fort Moultrie, which sits at the tip of Sullivan's Island on the Charleston Harbor, SC. The kit is by Brigade Models, and I did the prep and painting.
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    Found something! They had stroopwafels on the flight! It has its moments. Usually when something really cool happens, or things go really pear shaped (and not my fault). Time usually ales it better. Sympathies! Dad is still recovering from his quad-bypass and three valve replacement. Now he has pneumonia as well, so that has delayed him going home by three days. Was four, but the meds are working well.
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    Totally counts! But shouldn't you be giving them names? You're right. Knowing that tonight I get to hug my bride when she gets home? It makes a huge difference!
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    Um. Ignoscite means "Pardon me" or "sorry" Rei veritatem Means "the truth of the thing"
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    I don't hate my job. Some days I like it. Mostly I'm bored. But it pays the bills and I don't really have to exert myself.
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    Looks like my back yard. Ok, make them eastern cotton tails, have a bit more lusher grass and give them each a twin and then you'll have my back yard. If I wasn't working this weekend and preparing for a gaming convention it would be rabbit war weekend. My garden is under seige. *offers hugs* and my inbox is always open.
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    I had seriously expected you guys to have broken this thread like two days ago.
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    Kind of. In theory, all of the desks (and computers) are open to anyone in the shop. In practice I have kind of locked down the one I'm typing this at now. I gues as resident crusty old former Chief guy, no one wants to kick me out of spot. Soon though I will grow too old, and show weakness and one of the younger sailors will challenge me for my position. I will of course have to kill and eat him as an example to the others. A far as decoration, not really. I have my tool bag on the desk, kind off as a place holder. It accumulates various paperwork and junk. Someone cleaned it off for me while I was out sick, so I can't find anything right now. Not I I was using any of the junk, but it's the principle of the mater.
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    This is my rendition of Bombshell 10035, Kaitlin the Archer. Nice and clean mini without too many fiddly bits, so she painted up pretty quick.
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    The key is compartmentalization. You have to practice making your work detail automatic and putting part of your brain on that task so you can function without impairment or anyone noticing you're on autopilot. The rest of it you can use to vividly imagine your co-workers' faces melting like in Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is the secret to work happiness.
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    I painted little numbers on the bases of all my ships, does that count? Also @David Brawley, do not underestimate the positive value of living now in the same city as your wife.
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    Follow on: is the idea of being happy at work/enjoying ones job really a thing, or is it just a pipe dream?
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    Yeah, can't help kill off the thread either. Because reasons. Which I shall not divulge. Until I find something really cool and worth posting. And I'd rather be painting.
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    When I was a working Guy, I never had the sort of job that had a personal area. So I'd have to say no. For the last fifteen or so years I've been working my craft as my exclusive "job" . My work spot it totally personalized. It is a interesting place, although I wouldn't go so far as calling it decorated...it is just filled with lots of strange stuff.
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    I would rather have those as my coworkers, as opposed to at least half of the people who actually are my coworkers.
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    Dude, that sucks. If you want/need to talk, there are plenty of folks around who don't mind. It's hot out, people are going slow to try and stay cool. Or this. Xherman is also not around right now due to work.
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    Platypus that's what we are here for..... I Know the feeling.... Barely getting anything done.... except of course, for flappin my lips at people on the hangouts....
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    The best thing about ReaperCon, though, is the face time with the artists, hanging out after hours. Eating breakfast with them. Rudy's BBQ morning tacos with Julie, Bob, Jason, Sandra, and Bobby was one of the most awesome things my last RCon. Just sitting and chatting. DVDs and YouTube doesn't give you that. Sitting around a fire while Izzy serenades you? Nothing matches that. @Reaperbryan and @ladystorm hugs after permission received? Nothing... absolutely nothing comes close.
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    Almost as hot here in Vegas, but I do have AC in the whole house. Haven't painted anything in a while tho. Going thru a small slump.
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    I needed a peacekeeper (think paramilitary wasteland cops) in a suit of powered armor holding a blast hammer for my warband in the post apocalyptic skirmish game "this is not a test". The corsair was a good fit so I used the warhammer from one of the weapon sprues and Wild West Sophie's sheriffs star base as a shield, the head is an alternate from a peacekeeper mini. Lots of fun to paint the corsairs are great minis. Hope you like him ;)
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    Yes, it can be a thing, to a point. Because even if you love what you do for a living, there will be days where you have to deal with someone difficult and there will be administrative tasks that are irritating, etc. I've had jobs I generally liked but that didn't mean I enjoyed dragging myself out of bed early in the morning. Yes, pollen is nasty this year. My oldest stopped by yesterday and spent some time in the raspberry patch picking berries. Despite taking Zyrtec in the morning he was sneezing and getting a scratchy throat. I gave him peppermint tea with honey which helped take the edge off. It also really helps to have some saline to rinse the pollen out of your sinuses. (Just do saline before the Flonase, not right after.) I hope they have some good news for you soon, waiting sucks so much.
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    I want it to be a thing so bad. But I'd settle for a no physical pain one that I didn't mind working at.
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    Ok life, I'm down; you can stop kicking me anytime now.
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    Perhaps the thrill of racing to the end is just gone? Is this the death of innocence? The demise of naiveté? The end of joy? ... Probably not.
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    Well, in an emergency, yes. Also, they just make for better company.
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    Ub3r has a job where he actually has to work now. That, or his Forum AI is on the fritz.
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    Alright, I've done some more work on the dress. I'm still not entirely happy with it, something just doesn't look right to me. But I've added highlights and adjusted the size of my shadows and I think it looks much better than before. I have to move on though as I've already spent 3-4 hours on the dress alone. I've gotta keep trucking! I went from Brilliant Blue to Sapphire Blue and then up to True Blue. Definite improvements, but not where I would like it to be. Next I will work on gloves, her gun, and shoes. I hope to have her finished by Saturday so I can move on to the next one. I have absolutely no idea how to do her gun, so any tips or suggestions would be awesome. As well as any suggestions, critics, and the like for the rest of the project! Thanks for looking!
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