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    another Bones mini finished ::):painted for my good friend during a small mini exchange we run with a group of friends Cassius, Clay Golem
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    My niece recently found some of her Dads old D&D minis (don't know what they are) and she now is interested in painting them. Her mom and her are coming out for a short 3 day visit next week so I'm going to go through my paints and brushes to get a starter set together for her. I'm so excited.
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    I painted this figure last year, but I like the model a lot and wanted to give her a different treatment. I chopped off most of her staff and stuck on the blade from one of Tiviel's daggers. I envisioned her as an evil druid, but I figure she's versatile enough to represent a number of classes in D&D.
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    Here is Bronze Age Miniatures 32BAR8. This mini taught me a lot, I'm glad to call it done though. I tried for a more "champagne" or rose gold on the helms wings. Didn't quite get it. All good though, for a 2nd mini, I'm happy with my progress. -As always, thanks for looking! Joe
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    Hi so these are my first non Reaper brand mini's, these are the first 3 of 8 DGS brand mini's that I'm painting. Then I think I will do another round of Reaper mini's when these are done. On these mini's I tried to focus on learning how to paint the NMM look. so no metallic colors were used except on the buckles of the Legionnaire. The Gladiator is my first attempt at painting Black color armor, I wasn't really sure what to do here. I think of the three of them the Knight's armor came out the best.Any tips for painting black armor? Also I made a light box! but the pictures still came out a lot darker than I thought they would. I think it's because I was still using the camera flash.
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    I have one of these which she's welcome to borrow I did my share of following girls around, but I think I was about 13 rather than 25.
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    Decently, I s'pose. Got all the carpet and pad out of the living room. Attempted to chisel the tile out of the entry. Got two tiles done before headed out to Home Depot for an air hammer with chisels. Also picked up a scraper, some cement patch, and... I guess that was it. Ran the chisel through 4 tile before the compressor kicked on, then let it set for 5 minutes before another one minute stretch of four tiles. Rinse and repeat. Son was counting the tiles, and we are about nearly halfway done with breaking up the tile. Still need to move the front loading washer and dryer out, then dismantle the bathroom and break out the tile there. In between air chisel runs, there's the thinset to clean off the cement, so I kept busy today. Did resort to putting the fish tank (35 gallons) just on the floor of the living room. Even with nearly all the water removed, it was still too heavy for three of us to lift. The kitten is enjoying the easier view. Had really good Indian food for lunch, and sort of skipped dinner. Went out for frozen yogurt instead, after walking the dogs about an hour. Oh, and filled up the car without spewing gas down the side. Had the car at the dealership for about six hours getting recall repairs. It no longer spews! It makes me happy. Shower is done, and I'm dead tired. But, it does look like we might actually finish the remodel of the ground floor level of the house (1970s tri level) before the long weekend is over. That'll make the wife super happy. Should mention we have two "living rooms". One on the ground floor where the fish tank was, and another one level up, where the fish tank is. It's more or less at the same elevation as before.
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    Example of the husband's humor: We are making dinner and We are discussing if the cheese has a rind that needs to be cut off. Out of the blue he says: "Did you hear about that new app?" and im suspicious but ask: "What app?" Him: "It's called Rinder, it's an app that hooks you up with the cheese that's right for you." and Im like: "so you swipe right if you're willing to try it, and left if you think it's nasty?"
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    Re: moadain; he balances very carefully. I wouldn't dare use him on the battlefield, except I've drilled it into everyone's heads that they treat my minis carefully. They break the minis, I break them.
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    Glued to the top of a large wooden plinth, more likely than not. He's a great contest piece, but most gaming tables can't go 20 minutes without knocking over a beverage, much less something delicate, top-heavy, and covered in hooks.
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    Let's hope it is just a overzealous guy trying to get attention. We will definitely break up her routine while waiting for the Police to investigate. Still hope it is all rather innocent. Trying not to get too worked up about it. Basically, he rode next to her, talked to her, gave his phone number. It is a small town so him showing up in the supermarket is not really strange,but it doesn't feel good of course. It is probably not allowed to shoot any guys out of precaution, right?
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    Actually, I'm quite glad I didn't join the Navy. At least I get overtime for working ridiculous hours.
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    If this was a democracy you'd get my vote. That's a damn cool frog.
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    The Commander and Jetstream from Sky high. Love this movie Still need a bit of paint touch up but pretty much done
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    Washer and dryer are now in the garage. I am sore from top to bottom, and we are still at least a day away from laying the first tile. I'm getting too old for this elf. I need to be richer so I can hire younger people to do this work for me. Or get into better shape. Hmm. Rather be rich I think.
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    I have studied several forms of Martial Arts myself, and I do own the Black Medicine books myself. I did instruct the girls, but the main problem is, if you're scared and don't dare to fight, you can't. One day I beat a guy in a Kung Fu match, he had a higher belt than me, but he only practiced style before he decided to try a match. Me, I already had fought several real matches and I won, because he got scared after receiving the first real blow. My girl never fought in her life, so despite the instructions, I doubt if she will use it when things get rough. In The Netherlands we are forbidden to carry or posses weapons. I'm a Military Man, and I do need to be careful too how I handle this, putting someone in a hospital can cost me my job. So if need be, I should be very very certain that there is ill intent and that she is in real danger. Right now, it might be handled by the Police. We will hear from them, they said. Maybe it is just a guy who doesn't know how to approach a girl. We will have to wait and see. My main tactic now is to break up her routine so it won't be so predictable when she is at a certain place. Anyway, I hope things will be allright. We may still be overreacting, which I really hope is the case. Thx for the advice.
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    Are those real? I think I want one... I'm glad your daughter is safe. That kind of situation is very scary. From my own experiences, I can say that if she was creeped out by him, there's probably a good reason for it. Also, definitely don't call the guy, that will give him your number, which he can possibly use to get more information about you.
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    Well, I'll second the cane suggestion then. There's a free ebook on Amazon(and Google, and Project Gutenberg) called "Broad-Sword and Single-Stick" that was originally published in the 1890's, when proper fencing with sabers was still practiced. It's something of a modern fechtbuch, and would serve decently enough in instructing her how to swing that cane effectively. But, being in the Netherlands, I'm sure she could also find some medieval recreationists to learn from with relative ease. And no one can really complain to much about someone walking about town with a cane or a sturdy umbrella...
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    Weekend Questions: June 30th, 31st, & 32nd—— 30th) If you could turn into any animal, what would you become? I think that would be obvious...
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    *wanders in, jumps lightly onto the table, and promptly falls asleep on all of the paperwork* Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    These are the Wizkids unpainted pre-primed Elf Sorceresses (SKU WZK72606). I painted these up in April, just got around to adding basing and taking photos. For the price I think they are great, but they are definitely not as nicely detailed as the renders. I decided to paint one up in a druidic color scheme. I had issues with her face, since the faces are true scale, not heroic. Not my best face, but its for tabletop, so it will do. Also her hand didn't have any finger definition, so I painted it as a knitted mitten.
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    Gaming with minis! My oldest was in town and asked to play. So.... Lord Piergeron of Waterdeep pulled four 11th level death row inmates from his prison and forced them into the Fire Giant complex. Barbarian Erik the Butcher, Eldrige the gnome wizard, Father Bertrand the dwarf cleric and the Justicar ( my oldest loves the books). Erik is a mass murderer of priests, father Bertrand didn't know this girls were so young, Eldridge liked to do experiments on folks and the justicar was a vigilante. So at crossbow point they are forced in.... They enter the hall and surprise the first Fire Giant sentry behind the tapestry curtain ( silence spell helped).
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    Yeah, I would use a wide base and weight it down with something. Lead sinkers, maybe. -- When the life and safety of your loved ones is on the line, it's far better to be too cautious than the reverse. I hope for the best, Herman.
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    So they kill the sentry and neutral evil cleric raises Giant to be undead slave ( didn't expect that) . The undead Giant leads them down the hall. Ettin sees them being led by Giant stupid thing walks over to see WTF. Ettin charm monster by gnome wizard. Ettin now friend calls over other ettin into silenced area... undead Giant, friend ettin and party slaughter other ettin. Worked the first time so rinse, wash , repeat... they ask ettin what is down south hall.,, king and queen bedrooms and guard room. Send ettin to get guards for ambush! As soon as they walk thru tapestry curtain ... pow! Surprise round devastating!
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    I'd like to say that I won't be pledging for any more Bones minis. I'd be lying but I'd still like to say it. I'm an mini addict and the support group isn't helping me to break the addiction.
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    Yay! Female creatures that don't look like female mammals!
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    Xherman, My dad used to teach self defense classes. He had a set of books that I think were called Black Medicine. They were supposedly illegal in Canada at the time but he bought them in the US and even now the border guards aren't really looking for contraband books. They were about how to defend yourself with everyday household items. I only remember a bit of it and still shudder. With a bit of practice I could turn a girl into a lethal weapon with simple things like combs, pens, a bar of soap... Don't know what happened to all of dad's karate and self defense books. I went through his house when he went into the nursing home gathering important papers and things but didn't see them. Around here we often use the tried and true old west way of protecting our girls. Clean our guns in plain view, have conversations about the things we've killed and eaten and how we did it, discuss various castration techniques focusing on the painful ones and so on. Of course that assumes you're already in contact with the boy. Last night I broke the bulb in my painting lamp so I started cataloging my paints so I can figure out what new ones I want to buy. Know what I have for Reaper paints and have started cross referencing what I have from other companies into similar Reaper shades. The excitement never ends.
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    so, I didn't notice until after I got some paint on them, but half the lizard man minis from bones 3 appear to be lizard women. The ones with spears and the ones that are looking back over their shoulder all have round lower bellies, while the archers and the other club lizard have flatter torsos and a narrower hip.
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    I think this is the first time I am showing off a miniature on this forum. I've been painting a couple years now and have done a several dozen minis, which I may share here at some point. I'm pleased how the photography turned out on Nuala taken with my iPhone 5. Nuala is a metal model from the Erainn kindred by Mierce Miniatures. She is the first of their models that I've painted. She still has a dagger that needs to be glued to her hip, I just wanted to photograph her before varnishing in case the colors change (and to document whether the colors change). She has such fine features, and my Series 7 brushes are finally starting to lose their sharp tips, I need new ones soon. I've done a number of Bones figures, but the only thing similar to Nuala's scale that I've done were a few models from Red Box Games. I must admit that I shamelessly stole lots of the color choices from MaGie's version of her. I find that copying great painters helps me learn. And yes her left eye being messed up bothers me, but I'm too nervous with my brushes to try to fix it. And in person with my less than perfect eyesight, I can't tell her eye is that bad. She's also the first figure I painted using the new Rathcore Grip from his Kickstarter. Those things are amazing.
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    Pretty... A good sturdy cane works too, though probably some self defense classes wouldn't be amis. Just about to start packing the car for our mini vacation. (Not a vacation with or for minis, that's in October ). My personal preference would be for a primitive cabin, but we've got a house through airbnb instead. At least this way there's ac and WiFi.
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    Dutch.. Mace is prohibited. Basically all weapons are prohibited. I really hope this turns out to be just a young guy trying to pick up a girlfriend in a stupid way. For now I will wait for how the Police handles it and what they come up with. ( like, do they know this guy?) We will break her routine by letting her take the car instead of the bike. Also she will soon go on vacation and after that, her study will send her to internships, so she will not be on the same place at the same time anymore for a while. As I said, We might be over reacting ( I really hope we are actually) I must also be careful not to make things worse or act too quickly, I tend to be a bit over protective of the girls.
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    Have the youngest start carrying mace - both kinds. If he shows up again and doesn't leave when he's asked, have her hit him with the spray and then cave his skull in with the club while he deals with that. Or at least smash a few ribs and an arm, just to get the point across.
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    I feel that I should bring this to everyone's attention: https://www.google.ca/search?q=sazimai+blue+tarantula&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwjT5ZmYnOfUAhWi6oMKHVqVA1EQ_AUIBigB&biw=1680&bih=920
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    Up The IRON! Aren't you glad you joined the NAVY! Not just an adventure, It's a Job!
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    I was never into parties as a youth. The closest I ever got was sometimes they were held on the first floor of the student union we gamed in on Saturday nights.
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    OK, just saw these and thought you might enjoy them. Not the funniest thing I've ever seen but close enough to the truth I laughed a couple times.
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    Nah, we're in Sicily now. My job doesn't change much based on what the ship is doing, I'm just kinda stuck in an endless series of watches anyway. Our schedules are... Byzantine. I was midnight to 4 AM (at sea) yesterday. We pulled into port that morning, and I went to day watch (arrival time of 1000 until 1600). Then we turned around to the midnight watch, which I'm now on (0000-0800). But all of this is on top of a clock change because of the one hour time difference between Crete and Sicily, and right after a busy work day where we replenished XX Navy ships for XX hours, on top of my watches - so, I did a 16 hour day, slept a couple hours, was up for 22 hours, slept an hour and a half, and now I'm back on again.
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    Just hangin' out with a beagle in the kiddie pool. Not the beagle, mind you. No water either, but today is cool. Better pic.
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    Hi, here's another Mousling I just completed. Wendell the Cheering Mousling was sculpted by Gene Van Horne. He's part of the 10034, Mousling Tavern Boxed Set.
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    The one time I decide to answer the "1-800 Service" and screw around with the telemarketer, it turns out to be the wife's appointment reminder for her facial instead.
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    Coincidentally just finishing up the girls weekly karate class... The littlest has a reputation for being "feisty". I'm fine with that.
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    So, I just fiddled a bit with Moandain the arch lich. All I can say is: Jebus
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    I shall contemplate this while cutting the lawn and get back to you
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    Just been squishing on the squishy pillow for most of the day. He's really squishy. Come to think of it, nothing got done today. A whole day wasted. This makes me sad.
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    Admiring my nails (teal holo, very rainbow), trying to shake a headache, and snickering (sorry! I giggled! The mental image was funny!) about cow troubles. Never been fond of cows. ^^; Hot wire might do you better than barbed; no animal much likes being zapped. Chickens will do that too; silly birds. They're safer - more or less - in the yard, but no, they have to go walkabout and get hit or eaten or ... *mutter*
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    We got old. Sure. Every now and then I like to cut loose, but I find it far more enjoyable and refreshing to take my scissors out to my garden and cut all the spent heads off of my pansies. I guess that's what age does to you. Someone desperately wants to sit on my lap... but a computer is taking more of it.